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Att: Dr Sameer - allergy

Hi Sameer,

I am so impressed by your skills that I bring you a new patient :-).

My 6 years old son is having allergy symptoms at the moment. I already started antihistamine, but then I remembered you.

His eyes are swollen and from the other nostril a clear discharge is coming out. When he touches the wood, he gets eczema on legs and wrists.

He has a history of atopic eczema and that is because he was treated with Calc Carb at the age of 3.
After that the eczema explodes sometimes. Especially in summer and late summer, when sitting on the grass with shorts.
The eczema is small pots like utricaria, very itchy.

Under age of 3 he had an allergy for raw egg. But now it is over.
Nowadays he gets allergy symptoms of kiwi-fruit and almonds.

Appearance: very blond, blue eyes, big head, shorter than average, but long legs. Very thin hair. Smiles a lot and is very 'cute'.

Cravings: sweets
Dislikes: many things, so many that I cannot recall.
Appetite: eats little bit normal food. Never stops eating sweets.

Sleep: good. But I think he never sleeps all night throuh, but gets awake and falls asleep again. Would like to stay up at nights and sleep in.

Temperature: more warm than cold. But fingers freeze up easily in winter.

Special features:
- he is very techically orientated. Knows all about my gsm, chages pictures, uses blue tooth etc. Also has learned the dvd-players etc faster than the big brother.
- likes gymnastics, but other wise is not keen on sports
- calm and thinks before he acts. Sometimes slow motion
- Likes to stay at home most of the time
- diplomatic with other children. Gets along well. Very easy-going.
- easily scared. Frightened of aggressive children. His friends are also calm.
- If somebody teases, he goes away crying and does not tell anybody.
- the teacher says he is very stubborn and determined (but when I compere him to my other son - no way). The teacher also says his level in mathematics is high. The teacher also says that is is shy and afraid of speaking in a group.
- he has problems in speaking: cannot say 'r' or 'l'. So the speak is not clear.
- learned to read and write early
- as a baby his milestones were maybe a bit late, not much though. He was also very very attached to me.

Waiting for your reply,

  Maria&boys on 2009-04-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please wait for a couple of days.
sameervermani last decade
I will.

His eyes are itching and the eczema is worse. All legs are rough and the hands and wrists are itching, too.

We live up north so the pollen has arrived just this week.

Maria&boys last decade
So, over all you would describe him as mild/yielding in temperament ?

Is he very scrupulous ?

Any fear of pointed objects or pins/needles ?

Does he have any problems with finger nails or toe nails ? Any spots there ?
sameervermani last decade

Thanks for replying.

Yes, he is mild and yielding temperament. He can be stubborn, but it does not last long and he gives up.

He is detailed and careful. He hates it if he won't succeed what ever he is doing. He is a perfectionist. (I see a lot same in him and his father).

No problems with nails.

Maria&boys last decade
Please give him 3 doses of Silicea 30c , and report in 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks, I will. I have thought myself that he is Silica, so I have that already at home.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Sameer,

I gave Silicea 10 days ago.

Day 2: he was weeping all day long. One day only.

Day 3: he got red eczema behind the knees. The next day the redness diminished but did not go totally away before day 9.

Day 5: he said to me 'I will kick your ass off' :-) after I told him to go and wash his hands - really he has never ever said anything rude in his life. That happened once.

Day 6: he was sneezing only for this one day.

Day 7-8: we went for a weekend to a house where are two dogs. This boy loves animals and was carrying them all the time. He has never showed any allergy towards dogs (he has had allergy only against tree pollen and some food) and we have visited this house many times before.
But this time he had clear and strong allergy symptoms: he had eczema on legs and tighs, on wrists and around the neck. The eczema was not very itchy so at night he was scratching himself only a little bit.

Day 9: Back at home. The skin is calm and very good.

Day 10, today: he was violently sneezing this morning. The wheather has warmed up and I the worse pollen time is in hands.

I can't comment his mental state, because this boy is always happy. Weeping is rare. So he has still been happy.

Maria&boys last decade
Let us give this 1 more week to be sure. Please update at that time.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

This is the past week:

Day 1 - meaning after the last mail: legs were sore at night, but that went by (he has had quite lot growing pains during last years. Not for a couple of months).

Day 1-5: weeping a lot. More difficult than normally. Even kicking. Sleeps well and deep, but still tired all day long

Day 4: Tired, not happy and the legs started itching a lot. Dry eczema all legs.

Day 5: Legs are still itching. And at night he got so bad growing pains, that he had to take a hot bath at 3 am. That is the only one that helps.

Day 6: Headache, nose is blocked, very tired. I thought he is really getting sick (also the father and the brother have mild cold symptoms). The night was difficult.

Day 7: Afterall he did not get fever and did not get worse. Today he is quite fine, but the nose is still blocked/running. The skin is a bit better.

What are your conclusions?

Maria&boys last decade
Maria&boys last decade
So, do you think the Silicea is giving him benefit ?

I see a return of old symptoms in your report as a good sign. But maybe you can tell me what your overall impression of Silica is ?
sameervermani last decade

Silicea';s biggest effect is, that it brought up the weeping side of him. He is not still as happy as normally.

The skin was very good at the beginning. Then it became worse. Today it is not as good as in the beginning, but not that bad either.

I have seen with my other son and Medorrhinum, what kind of improvement a right remedy can make! I consider that a 'right remedy'. Silicea has not brought this kind of positive sides out of him. So from this point of view I don't think Silicea is the right remedy - unless it is good that a child, who tries to be as good as possible to be loved, is breaking free?

You ask me a difficult question. I have been active in homeopathy for 5 years, but never been seeing how the classical homeopathy works.

Maria&boys last decade
Is he very routine oriented ?

How important is honesty to him ?

Is he very responsible ?

How does he take 'change' ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes, very routine orientated. On the other hand he wants things to be done always on the same order and same manner and does not like change.

He is honest and responsible. You can trust on him.
Maria&boys last decade
What potency of Calcarea Carb was given to him and for how long ?
sameervermani last decade
Calcarea Carb 200 c. I just cannot remember how long it was given. I remember it was prescribed 200 c three consecutive nights several times about every 6 or 8 weeks. The treatment was stopped because it did not give any effect anymore. At the time I was looking help for bad sleeping and eczema.

Oh, and I remember that when I started looking for a help, the process started with Sulphur and ended up to Calc Carb. Then I lost contact with the homeopath.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

Please give him 3 doses of KALI CARBONICUM 30c in the exact same manner.

Report in 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Ok. We'll try that.

Thanks once again for you help, Sameer!

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Sameer,

I gave Kali Carb 30 c ten days ago.

Day 1-2: The boy was restless and moving all the time. The nose is still running, as it was before.

Day 2: Stopped eating. Legs are itchy. Cranky. Nose running.

Day 3-4: Does not eat. Is very tired. Cranky. Nose stops running.

Day 5: Says he has nausea, but it passes by. Starts eating again. Starts smiling after many unhappy days.

Day 7: Starts eating normally, happy as normally.

Day 8: nose is running again. The night after he was coughing. That all went by in a day.

Today I noticed there is eczema in wrists. Otherwise skin is very good. But I cannot say when the improvement of the skin. Slowly day by day, I guess. In general he is very normal again.

Maria&boys last decade
Good to know.

Please wait for another week then.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Another week is gone. Actually I have nothing to report.

The boy has been totally normal and happy. He has not been weeping that much like during past few weeks.

The wrists are very dry with some dry eczema.

Maria&boys last decade
Okay, please wait another week, and keep Kali Carb 200c at hand.
sameervermani last decade

Another week is gone. The boy is having some cold symptoms: saying he has headache a bit. We all are having the same symptoms. Does that prevent the next dose?

The boy said to me today, that he has noticed of having an allergy towards banana. He has noticed this spring, that when he eats banana, he gets the funny feeling to the throat.
Before he has told this about kiwi and almond. These and banana relate with the allergy of birch.

Maria&boys last decade
You can give the Kali Carb 200c dose, dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml water, and give a teaspoon from there.
sameervermani last decade

It is six days since I gave Kali carb 200.

On day 3 he woke up extremely happy. And has been like that afterwards. Nothing else to report at the moment.

Oh, I also noticed he is having quite big wart in his finger. 2 mm large and 2 mm high in the right hand's middle finger. The boy said it has been there for a month or so already, but never this big. I put acid on it once.
What this wart tells you?

Maria&boys last decade

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