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Chronic Problems and Constitutional

I have chronic anemaia that i get an iron infusion every year for since 2001. I also have a lot of digestive problems that have gotten worse from doing as the doctors have told me. I have now quit listening to them. They found nothing wrong with me to cause the anemia. they treated me for h-pylori and about killed me. I now follow only homeopathy but am not so successful in doing it on my own. I went to a homeopath in Finland when i lived there but there are none here where I live in the USA now. Well maybe I have too many problems to treat but really would like to know my constitutional. In Finland they said it was Sepia but I think now it might have changed.

Can you help me figure it out?
Appearance: Female
Dark brown when yournger /now salt and pepper color.
hazel eyes
over weight but smaller long waistline, shorter legs -do not carry the weight in my middle
pale olive skin
sad look people say.

feel sad a lot
anxiety over what will happen in future or next day
do not like being in a crowd.
sensitivity to the grief or injustice that others suffer
love to read and talk one on one but not in a group
sisters say i was always the quiet one stayed to myself
struggle with inner anger over many things
mild tempered outwardly and patient
like to help people
sometimes jealous and suspicious
after talking with people, other than family, i keep going over and over conversation
very passionate and mood affected easily by music
like thunderstorms and lightening although i get a bit frightened

trouble sleeping often up 1 -2 hours a night
many digestive problems
muscle pain most of the time -more after activity
heat help the pain
feel cold often and hot often
very dry skin
often itchy very small bumps on skin and itchy scalp
Chronic anemia many tests reveal no reason.
get regular iron infusions.1 every year since 2001
eyelid infection-blepharitis will not clear up-right outer eye corner
  juniebug09 on 2009-07-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pl get your thyroid function test if not done in the past during this problem
akshaymohl last decade
I just had blood taken and quite a few tests done. i will go this coming week to see the results. They were checking my thyroid and for something to indicate an auto-immune disease
juniebug09 last decade
Hi juniebug,

Any events in life which left a profound influence on you ?

sameervermani last decade
Yes, too many.
Shocking information from my childhood that changed my life to very core of me back in the lated 80s. It took me many years to recover a measure of balance from that. During that time a divorce, Then in 97 went to a foreign country, married, and stayed there 5 years,Finland. Came back to states in 2001. In the last 2years I have lost two sisters in Death. One to Leukemia. I stayed with her an took care of her. Then about 7 months later my oldest sisterr died of a heart attack.
My husband and son are Citizens of Finland but now are here in the states and they do not like it very much but feel stuck here for now.

So many stressors.
juniebug09 last decade
Sameer, I want to thank you for taking time to answer my email. I am trying to help myself and get on top of my health problems. I do not trust medical doctors at all and only use them as a means to an end.(to get needed info) but since i have so many varied health issues do not know how to mix the homeopathic to treat all. Or if you address one at a time. Thank you for any help.
juniebug09 last decade
Hi juniebug,

We will do it one remedy at a time, as homeopathy is all about finding a single medicine to cover the totality of symptoms. We never mix homeopathic remedies.

So, do you dwell on past disagreeable events ?

Is your behaviour very thoughtful and dignified ?

Are you very sensitive to criticism and rudeness ?

sameervermani last decade
I am a thoughtful and agreeable person. One would never guess what I have been through. i get along very well with people. I am not easily offended for the most part. Occasionally my past comes to the mind and I might cry but then I just put it away. When i remembered my abuse as a child my trust went so far away that I thought I would never trust again. But my husband now is so mild and I have regained most of it back but it is fragile.
I am my worst critic. If i receive criticism then i analyse it and think it is probably correct but if someone is unkind then i am ready to write them off and I have to start all over again building that trust. So i often do not try to build so many relationships as it has been quite painful. I feel like I am too different to fit in with People.
Thank you for answering.

When i did not get a response when i first posted i was so sure that I was not worthy of getting help.
juniebug09 last decade
Hi ,

3 doses of Natrum Muriaticum 30c, equally spaced by 30 minutes for 1 single day ONLY.

Dissolve 2 pellets of Nat-m 30c in a 250 ml spring water bottle. If you leave the pellets in water for 30 mins they will melt. can turn the bottle upside down a few times for the pellets to spread after dissolving.

1 teaspoon from here using a disposable spoon is 1 dose. Three such doses are to be taken for one day only. Then just wait and watch from next day.

Let me know in 10 days after this.

1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets (in your case the liquid) with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be AVOIDED during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

sameervermani last decade
is this Natrum Muiaticum the same as this
Natrum mur (Sodium chloride).If so then i have it given by the homeopath in Finland but it says D200 so is it too strong?
I can purchase the other if it is not usuable. I have many things they gave me there in Finland.
juniebug09 last decade
How many doses of Natrum Mur were given ? Which potencies ?
sameervermani last decade
One thing I thought I should mention as I just got this medicine, Nat Mur out yesterday and took two under the tongue and today I took two under the tongue but maybe not 40 minutes after I ate lunch. I think it was sooner.
juniebug09 last decade
he had me on many things as it was 1999 and I was in quite a bad state. I took Sepia, igatia. Aurum Metallica, , spigelia combination, and two others that really do not have names, they just say FIN11 and FIN9 all tablets or pellets. There were 3 more but they were for my asthma.
I took two of each morning and night. The Sepia was my constitutional so I didn't take it regular. But just last week I took a small sprinkle of the crystals.
juniebug09 last decade
The only Potency was the 200D which I think is the same as the 200C
juniebug09 last decade
the aurum was D30, the combinations were all ingredients were D6, the ignatia was a D200,
4 of the combinations were from scanfarma AB in sweden and they are
spigelia metoplex (which had spigelia d6,Adonis vera D6, digitalis d6, helloborus D6,spartium scop D6)
Lupulinum Metoplex(which has Lupulinum D6, Hypericum D6,Valeriana D6, Avena sativa D6, Anethum grav D6)
H 3 FIN (has Calcium Fluoratum D6, Calcarea phos D6, Ferrum Phos D6, magnesia phos D6, Dinatii phos dodecahydricus D6, lycopodium clavatum sporae D6, ) the H 111 FIN (has ambra grisea D6, Belladona D6, Calcium Phos D6, Coffea cruda semen D6, Ignatia D6, Kallium Phos D6, Zincum Valerianicum D6, )
Well none of these i am taking now as I do not remember what they are for. I am sure that i was not taking all at the same time. maybe he was trying different things.
juniebug09 last decade
200D is not same as 200c, and you should never take combinations as this is not the way these remedies are to be taken. Single, similar medicine in minimum dose is the way to take these remedies. These are not pills that you take this for asthma and that for something else.

So, you took Natrum Mur D200 today and yesterday ?
sameervermani last decade
yes, I did take the D200 2 times, once yesterday and once today.
juniebug09 last decade
Please wait and watch for 10 days now. NO FURTHER doses.

Update me at that time as to the changes you see.

sameervermani last decade
I will do just as you say, and thank you so much for giving so much time for me.
juniebug09 last decade
Dear Dr Sameervrmani,

I have done as suggested and know you were not to hear from me for 8 more days but I must write as I am suffering with a sever headhache at the base of my skull and to the left including my left ear and did not want to take an allergy medicine in case it mésses up my homeopathy treatment. Also since i took the Nat Mur I am crying several times a day and it comes it seems for very little reason. I was not sure if this is supposed to happen. If you could tell me that I can take one small pill for my headache that would be great. the crying I can put up with for 8 more days.
juniebug09 last decade
Hi juniebug,

Try to wait as there can be aggravation from remedy many a times in the beginning which is often followed by curative response.

Please bear with this for a few days if possible, this should not last very long.

sameervermani last decade
I will wait, thanks for the encouragement. Juni
juniebug09 last decade
Dear Sameervermani

my headache was some better today but am struggling with my Asthma. I usually start a steroid inhaler when it gets out of control. I am having to do my albuterol inhaler every 3 to ´3.5 hours. Is there something i can take for this or do you think this also will improve. I must seem like such a cry baby. I am just so used to doctoring myself and want desperately for the homeopathic to work for me.
Please advise. sincerely, Juni
juniebug09 last decade
Steroid is a bog no . Please avoid other inhaler if the situation is not very severe.
sameervermani last decade
I meant 'big' no above.
sameervermani last decade
i t is morning and i made it through with no steroid. The other inhaler I cannot not go without but when I lived in Finland I was able to get away from it by using homeopathy. but here I live the number one city for allergies, literly. my city has been rated the number one for breathing problems. We hope to move within 2 years if I live that long :-). But I use this inhaler only when i just have to but it has been top allergy time here and i am struggling because I have not done the steroids. I hate them and never want to do them . but I do want to breath. My headache is getting better, also nausea better and sleeping some better.
juniebug09 last decade

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