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I have a 14 year old girl, 160lbs, and have tried many homeopath remedies, with no prevail. I have no access to a homeopath doctor in my location, and am crying for your help please. She is rude, angry, selfish, has no common sence, lacks empathy for others feelings, speaks without thinking and always hurts peoples feelings, or gets into trouble daily at school, makes bad choices ALL the time. She fears nothing, believes she is mature, but is extremely immature, she writes like a 5 year old, cannot concentrate at school, and yells in class, she cannot keep a friend, but believes it is not her fault. I am terrified if I do not find the right remedy, she will get beat up or raped at her new high school. Please will you assist me in finding the correct remedy? Thank you and God Bless. Mamma
  Mamma on 2009-07-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please start her treatment with one dose of SYPHILINUM 10M on a single day morning.

please write more about the likes, dislikes, fears and dreams about your daughter.

also, does she have any peculiar habbit or idiosyncrasy..

how does she look like... does she have any peculiar feature in her face which makes it easy to describe her.
rishimba last decade
Thank you so very much for your help in this matter. Here is some more information which may help us. She likes to believe she is normal and that everyone likes her, but it is not true. She love to eat, the minute she wakes up, she walks to the kitchen and eats until bed time. She never urinates in the morning, sometimes until noon. She has a canine appitite and gets VERY angry when told that is enough, or there is no food left. She hates any form of exercise and activity, never takes gym class and fails. She fears NOTHING, which is very scarey for me. She is a BIG DRAMA QUEEN, screams and squeils at every little thing to get attention. She never sleeps and walks the house until around 2am every morning. Her face is round like a pumpkin. We love her very much, and my husband and I are so kind to her, but she speaks to us with hate in her voice. I am so lost for what to do, but I will try the Syphilinum, I have not tried that yet. Thank you. Mamma
Mamma last decade
Sorry, I forgot to mention. She is extremely intelligent, receives excellent marks in school, BUT needs me to sit with her to do homework everyday and I must show her where to look for the information, and how to write properly, compose sentences, etc. She loves math and biology.
Mamma last decade
please write something about her obsessive thoughts or actions..

is she attracted to anything in particular, how does she behave with animals, insects etc.

this is just the start of the treatment and syphilinum is just an anti misamatic remedy assuming the possibility of miasmatic inheritance of syphilitic miasm as manifested by her personality.

however, based on more and more inputs from you, the constitutional remedy will be found out and once its administered, she will gradually become normal... but this will take time.
rishimba last decade
She believes that she is an amazing pianist, as she has taken lessons, but quit, she plays the Titanic over and over everyday now for two years. She is very dramatic, with words and body. She loves animals, she has had a horse, only to eventually get mad at her and yell, hit it, we sold it. Then it was a dog, she needed a dog she said, never watered or fed it. She is very impulsive, but we try to believe that maybe she has come around, so we try to comply with her (needs). She believes she is mature enough to baby sit (because everyone is baby sitting mom) so we let her. BUT I always have to help her, as she looses interest and doesnt pay attention. Insects make her scream loud, so neighbors hear. Thank you, again.
Mamma last decade
how does she responds to hearing the news of anybody's death. does she have any obsession of keeping dead animals or insects.

was she ever obsessed with the thought of having dirty hands and thus would wash them frequently.

what does she crave in food, sweet, sour or salt.

does she like to live in cold or warm rooms.

can you tell me if you had undergone any shock or trauma during pregnancy or did she receive any shock when she was an infant.

describe the family health history of her father and mother's side.

was there any case of alcoholism, murder or suicide in either families.

was there any case of ulcers in the families which were not treated homeopathically.
rishimba last decade
When she was a toddler, she wased her hands quite often, more than needed. We thought she just like to see the water fall, and liked the feel of it. She craves sweets, and greesy foods. She never wants to wear a hat, mitts or even a coat in the winter. I always think she must be cold, and sometimes tell her please wear warmer clothes, but she wont. I had three ultrasounds when I was pregnant. Normal pregnancy, natural child birth, no trauma while pregnant, or while she was an infant. Health on fathers side, they all are quite healthy Europeans, and most live well into their late 80s. Mother (me) adopted, but have heard that grand mother died of ovarian cancer. Never alcoholism, murder or suicide in either families. Just this past year I was diagnosed with H pylori, but treated it naturally with Manuka Honey, and now the H pylori test was negative. I never even took the triple therepy offered by traditional doctors.
Mamma last decade
Responding to death, if people are around she will be the drama queen, fake cry, and pretend to faint, shake, etc. to get attention. But when told about a death or heart attack etc. in the privacy of just herself and parent, she will say oh that is too bad, he was old anyway. When a teacher was diagnosed with cancer, her response was, oh well its not like she is going to die. She has no obsession of keeping dead animals or insects.
Mamma last decade
She hates brushing her teeth, and must be told to shower and brush her teet now. The dentist cannot believe a teen can have such plaque and gingivits build up. But daughter does not care, nor has she changed her habbits. She locks the bathroom door, but we think she just turns the water on to make us think she is taking care of her hygeene, when in fact she is not.
Mamma last decade
after SYPHILINUM 10M please wait for a month and note changes.

if no change is observed, give a dose of ARGENT NIT 10M.

wait for a month and if no change is observed, give SULPHUR 10M.

the remedy lies in one of the three remedies.

if any one works, you can repeat it in infrequent intervals whenever the mental symptoms seem to return.

gradually, she will get cured.

if repeated doses of the same remedy bring partial change, you should then go for 50M and then CM potency of the same remedy.
rishimba last decade
Thank you for your help. At what dosages should I give her each remedy, and for how long, once a day, once a week? Please be more specific, I have sulphur at home, but not the other two, this site does not carry Syphilinum right now, so I must find it first. Again, thank you so much for helping me so quickly, Mamma
Mamma last decade
just one dose has to be given for each remedy at intervals of 1 month at least.

one dose consists of 4 drops of the remedy in 10 ml of water sipped up in the morning in empty stomach and clean mouth. no food or water for the next 1 hour.

if you notice improvement after any one of the remedies, you can repeat it once a month based on the return of symptoms.
rishimba last decade
Please indicate to me where I may purchase these products. I cannot find them in liquid form, only pelets, and not the syphilinum at all. I would like to start this process as soon as possible. Thank you very much again. Mamma
Mamma last decade
Starting with 10M is totally uncalled for and is a recipe for aggravations, and starting the case with the nosode is also totally uncalled for. And, what's even more bizzarre is that the nosode (in an extremely high potency like 10M !!) was prescribed even before knowing about the case completely.

Also, there are never pre-conceived plans which work. Give remedy A now, B one month from that... this is not how these remedies are to be given.

This prescription can cause long term problems, and I would advise you a word of caution here. Be careful, and do your own research before you do anything.

And, I would add that the dominant miasm is NOT syphilis here.

Good luck.

sameervermani last decade
Hello. I have only little experience with homeopath, but I too, wondered as to why syphilis. No history for that, if history and family have anything to do with this. Please as I commented that I cannot find these products, and am only familiar with the pelets, are you in a position to give me more input, other than to be cautious? I am taking all information, and researching, so I appreciate any and all of the peoples help on this site. I live in a tiny little town, with not even regular hospital facilities, let alone homeopath doctors. Thanks so much. Mamma
Mamma last decade
If you can wait for a day or 2, I will analyze this in detail, and get back to you.

sameervermani last decade
the dominant miasm is a combination of psycosis and syphilis. its not purely psycosis.

you need not have a history of syphilis to get it in your nature..

to alter personalities, the minimum curing potency is 10m and one dose doesnt bring any aggravation. either it would bring cure or wouldnt matter at all.

mama, its up to you..

i wouldnt waste mine and my patient's time by slowly increasing the potency to 10m knowing very well its a case of a personality disorder..

however, i am off..

mama.. if you have doubt on my prescription, please find out any patient of mine in this forum who has complained of long term aggravation.i have always prescribed high potencies for mental disorders..
rishimba last decade
What ever be the disease, before knowing patient's sensitivity and without being sure of the remedy, (as you yourself said that remedy is one out of the three) prescribing a potency as high as a 10 M is not correct.

You can see patient's improving with even 30c (there are many cases even on this website) even in mental disorders, and just blindly throwing a nosode in 10M is certainly not a wise piece of advice.

Nosodes are only given under the following conditions:

a) The indications do not correspond to totality of any remedy
b)Well indicated remedies fail to give benefit

Neither of a) or b) hold true here, and hence, the prescription of a nosode is incorrect.

One dose of 10M doesnt bring any aggravation ?? Why would you say so, there are people who would aggravate , even with a 30c let alone a 10M (which is 10,000 c).

Anyways, I do not want to argue here but I could not help but intervene in this indiscriminate piece of high potency prescribing without any knowledge of patient's sensitivity based on incomplete case analysis and sparse indications.
sameervermani last decade
My gratest appreciation goes to both of you for helping me, as I know that your expertise here is much better than my amature hope and trying different remedies. I have tried cina 15ch, before with little improvement. So although every hope is to find the right remedy first, I know it is mainy times not possible. I am willing to wait by all means, plus, I cannot get the first remedies mentioned. All I can find are pelets, so I am not sure what to do in that case. I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart, and please dont give up on helping me help my daughter, just because your ideas differ, please. I respect that you both are coming from different thought processes, education in homeopth, and are trying your hardest to help. God Bless, Mamma
Mamma last decade
I am so sorry, this whole time I forgot to mention, she gets nose bleeds quite frequently for no reason at all. She also was diagnosed with scoliosis one and a half years ago. Three points of curves, one 35 degrees to the left, one 25 degrees to the right, and the bottom one now at 17 degrees to the left. She wears a hard plastic back brace 16 hours a day. Have a beautiful day, and I do thank you so much for taking the time to help. Mamma
Mamma last decade
Hi Mamma,

Please describe this in more detail..

'She is a BIG DRAMA QUEEN, screams and squeils at every little thing to get attention.'

Does she even feign sickness ?

Any threatening behavior ?

Fear of insects is there but is it worse with any particular kind of insects ?
sameervermani last decade

You prescribed first and asked later.

What kind of prescribing is that?
Dubai2009 last decade
In addition to the questions I asked above, also describe her response to music.
sameervermani last decade
the first post of mama indicated that there is a combination miasm which is definitely syphilitic interfacing with other miasms.

thus syphilinum was prescribed. its a usual procedure to stage wise prescribe the antimiasmatics to remove inheritance problems.

well, people out here will take another 5 years to understand that personality disorders cannot be totally CURED by lower or medium potencies..

i am off..

reading literatures and vomitting them here is an old game of showing superiority in the forum..

mama, please come back to me after 3 months and report if you could treat your daughter fully with lower potencies.
rishimba last decade
Hello there, the Drama Queen, is like she always looks to see if someone is around to see her reaction or action to ANYTHING. Clothes shopping, the arms are waving, loud voice, embarassing comments, rude, etc. She is always rude or ignores her family if she has friends over. She even says thank you and i love you in such a rude way. She never fakes being sick, she has no threatenning behavior, or loud, rude yelling from morning to night, EVERYDAY. Insects are really not an issue, but if it means allot to homeopath, she will scream if someone is within ears reach, but if no one is around she has no reaction. She screams and laughs in excitment inappropriately, and does not know how to behave in different situations. Library voice, school is for learning does not apply in her world. Even when trying to make new friends, she is rude, boasturous, over exagerative. I love her deeply, but she is just very hard to get along with. It is like I am taking care of a four year old who doesnot listen to guidance from her parents, and needs help accomplishing everything. She is getting meanér and meaner as the months go on.
Mamma last decade

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