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i am a 32 year old guy and was diagnosed with azoospermia couple weeks back. i was not prescribed with any medication but told to wait for a year and go back and go see the doc. i was on steroids for the past 2 years. i also have a daughter who is 4 years old.
my wife and i are trying for the past year for another kid.

recently i completed a spermiogram.

this was the result:
test abn result reference units

semen parameters
=> sperm count l 0 10-250 10-6/ml
=> semen volume 3.0 2.0-6.0 ml
=> total sperm count l 0.0 20-1500 10-6/ml
=> complete
=> liquifaction 20 1-20 min
=> color white grey
=> semen ph 8.0 7.2-8.5
=> viscosity l 1.0 2-2- mm

=> semen culture
more than 3 organisms were isolated. this may indicate contamination of the specimen

=> comment


no spermatozoa were observed in the ejaculate.

plz let me know if there is any other info needed.

  Pydaman on 2009-07-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you may have to fill the following form to get a clear picture of your problem and will be easier to get to a remedy, But why were you taking steriods for 2 years?
1.How often do you get irritated or angry?
a) very often ( )
        b) often ( )
        c) occasionally ( )
        d) never ( )

    2. Very small incidents affect me really badly:
        a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )

    3. Seek consolation from others for my problems:
a) always/ feel better when consoled ( )
b) never/ problems get aggravated ( )
c) makes no difference ( )
    4. Contradiction aggravates me / I don't like to be opposed:
        a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )
    5. I am an extrovert/ i mingle with others very easily.
        YES/NO- explain.

    6. Even minor incidents and happenings hurts me a lot.
a) very often ( )  
b) often ( )
c) occasionally ( )
d) never ( )
    7. Such incidents or happenings stays for a very long time in my mind.
YES/NO- explain.

    8. I think of some bitter happenings in my life and brood or dwell on them.
a) always ( )
        b) sometimes ( )
        c) never ( )

    9. I get resolved of my past experiences and bad feelings.
        a) on my own. ( )
        b) with the help of others/ family/ friends. (  )

    10. I am sympathetic
        a) to my own self or problems (  )
        b) to others problems and sufferings. (  )
        c) to nothing. (  )

    11. I am anxious
        a) to meet other new people. (  )
        b) before a presentation / stage performance. (  )                        
        c) during a presentation / stage performance. (  )
        d) after a presentation / stage performance. (  )
        e) for everything that i have to do. (  )
        f) every morning when i get up and think of the days duties. (  )
        g) never.(  )

    12. My appetite is
        a) good
        b) reduced
        c) poor
        d) very bad

    13.  Thirst/ how many glasses of water you drink a day?
        a) very thirsty
        b) moderate
        c) mild or nil

    14. sweat
        a) profuse
        b) little
        c) which part of the body you sweat the most-
        d) does you sweat has any odor or does it stain you clothes-

    15. Cravings: Those food items which you long for/ which you cannot resist eating.

    16. Aversions: Those food items which drives you away form them/ those which you don like at all.

    17. Disagrees: Those food items which does not agree with your body, if yes then explain what happens when you eat them?

    18. Bowel and bladder: How many times you pass stool and urine in a day? any difficulties associated with that- explain.

    19. Menstrual history:
        a) no. of days of flow:
        b) nature of flow (eg: clots) :
        c) profuse/ scanty :
        d) other aches/ pains associated with menstruation:

    20. Did you suffer form any illness like TB, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac complaints, and Jaundice.

    21. Did you undergo any surgery in the past?
        a) if s for what and how long did you stay in the hospital?

        b) Was there any blood transfusion done before, during or after the surgery?

        c) Were there any complications associated with the surgery?

    22. Please do elaborate / detail the present complaint with which you are suffering from. Like when it started, how it has progressed and when the complaint is more and how do you feel better etc.

Note: Please be true to yourself while answering the questionnaire.
         Try to explain with 'WH' questions ( when, what , where, how and why) were ever necessary.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
I started taking steroids to get better results on my body and to look better.
I have been training for the past 10 years with no results.
1) b2) b
Pydaman last decade
I started taking steroids to get better results on my body and to look better.
I have been training for the past 10 years with no results.
1) b2) b
Pydaman last decade
i started taking steroids to get better results on my body and to look better. i am using low doses.
i have been training for the past 10 years with no results. in the past 2 years i have seen results.
i do get sick very often, (flu, cough, body pains, hedaches, etc)
answers to your questions:
1)b 2) b 3) c
4) a 5)yes 6) c
7) yes 8) b 9) b
10) b 11) e 12)a
13) b 14) b 15)(non food - sand), (food - prawns, lobsters)
16)none 17) none
18)+- 5 times a day - no difficulties - do suffer from bleeding pileswhen i stress though.
19) male - no menstruation
20) march '09 - pneumonia(atypical), and was hospitalised. doc said that could have caused the azoospermia.
21) none
22) wife had miscariage in october '08, where baby was born in philopean tube.
march '09 i had pneumonia.
wife was put on fertomid but did not help.
i sent for a spermogram in may '09.
Pydaman last decade
your problem of infertility may be because of two major things, one could be your pneumonia, but if it was not treated properly then you might get pneumonia, but then the other major reason could be because of the steriods you have been taken, i suggest you stop steriods(what ever kind it may be) to stop immediately and take the following medicines and let me know after 15 days. i don say that after 15 days you will get an increase in sperm count, but it is a continous process atleast for a few months to get into your core problem and the you can go far another test and find out the sperm count again ok.
Now take Nux vomica 200(liquid/pellets) 4-6drops/pellets respectively both in the morning and evening before meals preferably, and inform me after 15 days we will evaluate the case once again and see what happens ok.
All the best.
Dr. Bagyavasan.k last decade
Dear Dr. Bagyavasan.k,
I am 31 Male, being married for 5 years. I have been diagnosed being azoospermia. I am sending my sperm analysis. Please suggest me some medicine. i will be thankful to you. My case history is as below.
I had plueral effusion and took medicine to cure for approx 1 year. Other than this no major clinical history. I had semen analysis 4-5 times and it is varried 2 of the semen analysis showed good results but my last 3 results have shown zero sperm counts. I am an IT worker and oftern have head ache and stiff neck. I was adviced voren and paracitamol for this. Which i take often like 2 in a week depending on condition. My latest sperm analysis is as below.

Quantity 5.0ml
colour: greyish white
transparency: opaque
viscosity: viscous
time of liquidation: 30 min
ph: 7.5
Semen analysis
fructose: positive
wbc's: 01
rbc's: 00

There is no further details in sperm analysis
comments by the doctor are: on initial slide there is no spermatozoa seen in 100 fields suggestive of azoospermia, test is confirmed by spin down method.

Dear doctor, I have sometimes high blood pressure, i dont eat much vegitables, and smoke about 20 cigarettes a day. Now a days i am having problem with erection and my sexual desires are decreasing. Cannot get erection until 48 hours after sexual intercourse.
Please help me, I will be much thankful to you
Best Regards
yasirhameed last decade

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