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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Sabra

My sole intention is to share my experience. I will feel myself blessed if even one person gets any relief based upon the facts of my experience.

I myself joined this forum to gain more experience. It is like sitting with many Doctors and patients.

Homeopathy medicine book is named "Materia Medica" means the medical characteristics of the material and that’s what I am discussing here, medicinal properties of Graphites. Everybody has access to Graphites this means this medicine is freely accessible, if there is a Graphites patient he has it.


My next question to all homeopaths is:

Assuming a pencil's lead is Homeopathy grade Graphites

If one licks black lead of a pencil (just once a day) what potency of Graphites could it be equivalent?
kuldeep last decade
Well if we put up some mathematics in this puzzle. If we lick the black lead of a pencil and I believe we have to lick it for several thousand times to see a measureable weigh lose even that would be a fraction of a gram.

I will safely say the potency is above 10 (atleast) or in any case no less than 10. While licking it, a person will take some molicules. Unless a peson chews upon it, just licking means atleast 10 C.

By the way thanks Kuldeep, the story is very interesting and ignore what abc says. You are welcome to tell more stories. You are a material medica teacher here.

For the last 6 months I am a silent member here but today I stood up to tell you that I am with you.
harsh last decade
I too agree that Homeopathy is best served by those of us who are dedicated to helping others to share our experiences on this Forum with each other as by this means others can benefit.

My own experience with Arnica to cure so many ailments like Eczema and, Cellulitis and for keeping the waterworks flowing in the case of BPH and more recently to help in urinary control after TURP surgery and of course my latest 'discovery' of using Nat Phos 6x for Obesity are examples that I feel are of interest to other Homeopaths as they are not recorded in the MM's and Repertories.

It is this spirit of give and take of information that I feel is vital to the progress of this science which is unfortunately frowned upon by the Allopathic medical fraternity. I feel that as a result of us Homeopaths banding together, we will be able to promote its wider use in helping others.

You may be interested to learn that I have been able to get the services of 3 Homeopaths from the US, one of whom is a Phd in Endocrinology with a Diploma in Homeopathy, and all members of Homeopaths Without Borders, free of charge to the survivors of the Tsunami, who are living in the camps near the now world famous Train disaster with the loss over 2000 lives when the train was derailed by the force of the Tsunami and the passengers drowned in the carriages while the other villagers who climbed the roof of the carriages were washed about a mile inland.

These survivors are very grateful for their help and all feel that the Homeopathic medicines used are far superior to the Allopathic drugs that were given them after the Tsunami when I too feel that the immediate use of Antibiotics to stop Pneumonia was essential in the case of those who had taken in water to their lungs and escaped death by a whisker.

3 other Homeopaths from Homeopath Sans Frontier, 2 from France and one from Switzerland left Sri Lanka a week ago after about a month in other areas on the eastern Sri Lanka which were worse affected by the Tsunami.

We are very grateful to these Homeopaths who took leave from their practice and came to help the survivors.

This is the true spirit of Homeopathy at work in helping the afflicted.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera, I am happy to your words. There are so many experiences to be shared and so many thing which we have in our environment we can use. Once I cured about 2/3 population of a village in Punjab by just simple material costing not even one penny. Well I will save that story for next time. I am quite impressed of your using Arnica and actually it prompted me to look into it more deep.

Thanks again.

kuldeep last decade
Hello Harsh

If you use a 2H pencil and draw small lines about 1/3 centimeter each by softly pressing the pencil, how many lines you can draw with a pencil without stripping the end again.
kuldeep last decade
Oh I tried just now, I drew 2000 lines but I think I can draw 2000 more. I used pencil very softly.
harsh last decade
So if you just lick a pencil end for a moment or just touch it on the tongue it will transfer the amount of Graphite which is 1/1000th part of a 1/3 centimeter line drawn by the pencil.

I will conservatively say just licking the pencil is as effective as taking Graphites-30 or above.
kuldeep last decade
Here is the feed back from my uncle, He had intense itching on his whole body last night which was the day one of his medicine. He was determined not to use any lotion but he later on he gave up and used Calamine Solution over the worse affected areas.

Second thing is that he refused to buy Graphites medicine from the market. He said he will stick to the formula in the story. He visited several Homeopaths in the past and he visited all kinds of doctors. Two years ago he brought a local doctor from Etheiopia. He arranged visa and travel expanses for that person but his problem only went worse.
silverman last decade
If Graphites does not work, may I suggest that your uncle uses Arnica 30c ? I helped a chronic case like your uncle's which had been treated by physicians both Allopathic and Ayurvedic with no success and in just 3 days the Arnica 30 worked and the weeping dried out. The dose is 2 balls to be placed under the tongue twice daily. The last dose at night to be taken just before he retires for the night, He will also notice that he sleeps very soundly with the Arnica.

If as I hope the lesions dry up he can then change to the lower potency of 6c as he will have to take it throughout his life. Arnica is very safe to be used and I have been taking it daily at night since 1996 and at age 75 my BP is 120/80 Pulse 65. I am convinced that it helps the body to recover better as Arnica is known to dialate the capillaries thereby promoting the flow of blood which is perhaps how it helped to cure the eczema by promoting a greater blood flow into the skin around the lesions.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Mr. Joe De Livera, I will email him your suggestion.
silverman last decade
Attention Sir Kuldeep,

My nephew has severe allergy from Peanuts. He is just 8 years old and anytime he eats peanuts he gets rashes over his whole body espacially behind elbows, neck and rather I can say on all skin folds.

We try to avoid any peanut but accidently he eats peanut and some times he shares meals with other kids at school and each alternate day is a diseaster.

Can I try Graphites on him.


harsh last decade
Dear Harsh

Do you have courage to repeat the old man's experiment. Just replace the pencil with peanut. Scratch the smallest possible mark on the rock and .......

Caution: Smallest possible scratch.

We all will be happy to see the result.

kuldeep last decade
Harsh: don't do it. Our kids are not Laboratory guinea pigs.
wilma last decade
"Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand mediocre minds appointed to guard the past" Maurice Maeterlinck

Be a light to your self.
Be Hahnemann yourself. He faced brutal opposition and repression and was even fined for each dose he gave to his patient.

Be a light and move homeopathy further a step.
kuldeep last decade
Giving a child a substance that he is known to be alergic to is highly irrisponsible to say the least. God knows there are enough fools around who think they know what they are doing, and you, Kuldeep are one of them.
Licking a pencil is the mother tincture, it also needs succussion and dilution to make a potentised remedy.
Theorise as much as you like, DON'T ADVISE.
parachute last decade
Dear Sir Kuldeep

My brother who is this child's father is MD (Pathology). He has agreed to take your advise. First he likes to talk to you regarding child's medical history and also child is on many antihistamines.

Child is been treated by many leading homeopaths and all other MD's but so far there is no result.

My email address is hwadhwa1 at hotmail dot com


harsh last decade
1/3 Eczema cases can be solved by Sulphur

1/3 Eczema cases can be solved by Graphites

Rest of 1/3 Eczema cases are very difficult to solve. One must try hard to find a suitable remedy out of thousands.

One day I was walking in the street in Delhi and saw a small kid. He has eczema on the elbows. Kid was with his sister both were coming from school.

I stopped the kid and asked him about his Eczema. Kid asked can you heal me? Can you cure me? He had tears in his eyes. His sister also had tears in her eyes.

I gave the kid a slip with my phone number and asked him to tell his parents to call me.

His parents called me. I told him to try Graphites-200 on the kid. He said he took the kid to many homeopaths and the gave him sugery pills but there is no relief. He said he lost his faith on homeopathy.

I advised kid's father to tell the kid that he should lick his pencil two times a day. Kid's father agreed to it.

Today kid is totally eczema free.

Mr. Parachute, do be land on the conclusion by adopting the theories guarding the past. I am talking my practical experience.

I have currently nine patient in 4 countries who took are taking this advise and their eczema is half cured. My own brother got rid of his eczema (He had eczema behind his right ear)

Hundreds of people treated this way.

Graphites is not poisonous. Small kids chew their pencil ends.
kuldeep last decade
Kuldeep you are weird, aren’t you. Well I give you one credit; you made me study about Graphites. My own son may need Graphites he has eczema in the folds of his skin worse in the heat and cracks in the winter.

Sabra if you are visiting here please advise me about Graphites, is it safe for my son and which potency and where to get it?

I don't see any virtue in experimenting any with my own kid or with just any kid.

wilma last decade
Ms Wilma

I will be very happy if your son gets treated. If you will be using Graphites on him and see any improvement please don't stop the medicine in any case, not even for one day. Do it for at least one year (may be two).

Again I tell you if you are traveling with your kid and you are out of medicine, no harm in licking the pencil lead to maintain the dose.

Go ahead, treat him and make my day. All kids are my own kid.

kuldeep last decade
I have made my email address public in my profile.
kuldeep last decade
you advised replacing pencil lead with peanut, without it at least being made into a potency, did you not? This is isopathy, not homoeopathy, and has nothing to do with graphites. Again I say giving allergic substances to someone who will react to them is WRONG. Certainly not homoeopathy.
parachute last decade
Dear Parachute

If you read carefully this whole forum you will see I tried my best to potentize the medicine.

What other chance this poor kid has, he been to homeopaths and his father is pathologist?

If you read Material Medica it recommends you potencies also.

We are here not operating a manufacturing shop to make homeopathy medicines, I want to treat all kids walking on the road, poor or rick (you see only poor kids on the road).

Dear Parachute I am doing my best to follow basic principals of Homeopathy. Your views as well your suggestions are welcome here to potentize the medicines or allergins.

I joined this post to learn more but I decided to share my experience also.

Hahnemann used poisons and allergins to make medicine. He picked any thing which gave a harm and proved the same thing could be used to treat the same condition but in extremely dilute form.

kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr. Kuldeep

You said you won't be visiting our other thread. It is nice to find you here. My Pa wants some homeopathy medicine to cure his enlarged prostrate condition. He Pee's a lot and too frequent. He had a surgery but no imprvement. He is 53.


laura11 last decade
Dear Laura

I have no success in treating Prostrate Condition. So far the result is zero.

Please seek advise from others here.

But I can tell you a a recipe to reduce the prostrate problem a bit. Your Pa will get about 20% relief.

He should eat a handful of almonds each day. I told about 20 patiens to try taking a teaspoon of Almond Oil also but I am waiting for the facts. It takes atleast 30 days to get relief (if he eats almonds)

Sorry Laura, I have no instincts to cure prostrate problems. Either you can start a new thread or browse other threads or may be someone visiting this thread will advise you.

I will recomend you to start a new thread.

And I read your other thread, you are unable to obtain Phytolacca Berry Q. For the time forget Phy. Q. Stay with your Silica.

kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr. Kuldeep

I must follow your complete treatment. My Aunt is an MD but she refused to prescribe me Phytolacca Berry Q. She says she can prescribe but she needs some information on it. She wants to make sure if it is not harmful to me.

What do I do Dr.

laura11 last decade

I am leaving this thread. It has served its purpose. I will catch you on the other thread.
kuldeep last decade

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