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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I am leaving this thread. It has served its purpose. I will catch you on the other thread.
kuldeep last decade
Hi Wilma, I too, became totally emersed in this wonderful discussion.

(except for the fool that calls others fools)

I began to study my own knowledge about lead and pencils. I discovered something. I was mistaken about "lead." When we were children we were taught not to get the pencil lead in our mouth or hands due to the "dangerous" lead. So after an interesting conversation with someone that "knew" I decided to look it up.

GRAPHITES is Plumbago. A form of mineralized carbon. My MM called it black lead. A not entirely accurate comment.

LEAD is Plumbum. A soft grayish-blue metal with poisonous salts. It then goes on to describe 21 varieties of lead types. All these being not good for the body in various ways.

Graphites is a safe carbon for the body.

So I was still under a belief I was taught since elementary school.

Now, in conclusion, NO homeopathic remedy is harmful. There may be uncomfortable responses that SHOW the remedy is working.

AND, the influences of the MDieties misinformation over a century has colored the belief systems that cause certain persons to not be able to decern that an increase of symptoms show that the remedy is working well, and those same people no longer have the desire to "find out" for themselves, but denegrade without any knowledge to base their loud mewings.

So, no need to fear Wilma. No, I wasn't saying you mewed.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra. I owe Dr. Kuldeep an apology.
wilma last decade
To: laura11

I suffered from BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) since 1996 and my Uro after doing the usual biopsies prescribed Hytrin, which is a Beta blocker. The first pill brought my BP which was and even today is 120/80 down to 95/60. This knocked me out and I could not stand.

I changed over to Homeopathic remedies which I had with me at that time and used Sabal S 30 and Conium 30 and stayed with Arnica 30 which I discovered to be more effective in keeping the water works flowing.

In 2002 I flew to the US from Colombo and the long flight with over 21 hours in the air non stop did something to my prostate and caused urine blockage for which I had open surgery in the US. I was fully cured and back to work in 3 months.

I have had some success in treating Prostate problems before surgery and after. In the case of your Dad, who you state has had surgery, he can take Arnica to help his frequent urination. I would like to know what form of surgery he has had so far and I presume that he has not been diagnosed with cancer.

I shall indicate the potency of the Arnica after you reply.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am starting a new thread and leaving this one.

Please visit at


All are welcome to continue the discussion.


Dear Joe De Livera please start a discussion about Arnica. I will love to join you. You made me look deeply into Arnica. Thanks.
kuldeep last decade
Hello Joe De Livera

Today I visited all your words on this site. I am really impressed.

kuldeep last decade
Joe D. please share my other thread also.
kuldeep last decade
Hi Kuldeep,

Thank you for your kind thoughts after reading all my posts on ABC. I am sure that you would have spent some hours to do so as I have been posting on almost a daily basis for the last 2 years.

This Forum does not restrict the posts unlike others that expect those who do so to follow the classical approach used and recommended by Hahnemann. I have pointed out that this approach is not practicable on a Forum such as this and as a result of their attitude this once popular Forum is hardly patronized as can be seen by the small number of posts in it daily.

I tend to specialize in a few areas in which I have personal experience in the treatment of ailments and like Arnica which is my favourite remedy, I have discovered uses for it and other remedies which are not mentioned in the Texts. As you may know Nat Phos 6x is my latest 'discovery' and it seems to be taking off all over the world as a safe remedy to reduce weight, that is if one is overweight. I do hope however that this remedy will not be patented by one of the pharmaceutical giants who can then cash in on it as a Billion Dollar industry as a weight reducing drug.

I am convinced that Arnica is the reason for my sense of wellness today at age 75 with BP 120/80 and pulse 65. I have used it since 1996 every night and it gives me deep uninturrupted sleep which I feel makes the difference in one' s sense of well being during the day. I would recommend its use to all who are over 50 years of age on a nightly basis as I believe that it promotes the free circulation of blood in the capillaries which lead to the cure of the chronic eczema case and the cellulitis case which I have referred to in other posts of mine, both of which had baffled physicians both Homeopathic and Allopathic for years till I used Arnica. In these cases however, I cannot classify them as complete cures as both patients have to take the Arnica at a lower potency of 6c on a nightly basis to stay clear of their ailments.

I would like to mention here that I do not hold any diploma in Homeopathy which I was first exposed to in 1965 when I was catching frequent colds. I was impressed by this branch of medicine and decided to make a study and later got the remedies which now number over 400 which I have used since 1970 to treat anyone who comes to me for assistance, free of charge.

I believe that it is due to my posts on this Forum and other Forums that the International organization, Homeopaths Without Borders contacted me and I have been able to locate 2 French, 1 Swiss and 3 US members of HWB in the many refugee camps in Sri Lanka where their assistance has been found to be of greater value than the drugs that the government doctors have been able to use in the treatment of the survivors of the Tsunami.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr. Kuldeep

Do you have any remedy for Taenia versicolor. I have it and my daughter has it. Our whole neighbourhood has it or half of our city has it. Now my daughter is of marriage age and we find it very difficult for her to find a suitable match. Taenia versicolor caused her neck and arms region full with thousands of floroscent looking marks.

Doctors tell us to use Sodium Thiosulphate and we use it but when we leave it marks come back immidiately. Selsun Shapoo also gives us temporary relief.

We are in Vishakapatnam and climate here is hot and humid.

luxmi last decade
This discussion should be a book.

Kuldeep keep doing good for for the benifit of mankind.
jeniffer last decade
Dr. Kuldeep

This is regarding Taenia Versicolor. We (me and my daughter) are taking Sulphur 2X for a week. My daughter is showing some improvements. Actually we noticed it today, her marks are fading a bit.

We also got water from Sulphur Spring from Orissa. As you mentioned earlier the water from Sulphur Hot Water Spring but this water is not from a hot water spring it is a cold water spring and it also contains Sulphur.

Do you recommend us to use this water as homeopathy medicine?


luxmi last decade
Dear Dr. Kuldeep

Thanks for all the information you are providing us here. I have one doubt about Graphites here and will like your views about it.

I am an MD and use both systems of medicine to treat patients but I am tipping more and more towards homeopathy. I have a circle of homeopaths and we all avoid prescribing Graphites to our patients.

Our experience indicates Graphites aggravates symptoms. As far as eczema is concerned we use Arnica, Sulphur, Alumina or anything else, but never Graphites. I myself personally observed cases where Graphites aggravated symptoms.

I will like to know your comments about it.


jeniffer last decade
Hello Jeniffer

Graphites aggravates for a week or up to two months. I see this as a blessing. Blessed are those who aggravate with Graphites. A clearest indication of Graphites at work.

Whenever Graphites does not aggravate I get worried.

It is not easy to get rid of eczema but people run away from a medicine which aggravates, which was at work, and they think that medicine is causing them harm. That is where real damage happens.

kuldeep last decade
Using Graphites how long it takes to see results on skin diseases. Thanks, Jeniffer
jeniffer last decade
It takes long time. Some times up to an year or even two. For some time there is aggravation. Then there is no or slight improvement for another couple of months. Suddely patient find he is almose cured.

I had a patient with dry skin, dandruff and torn up cracked heels. He came to me for his heels problem. His heels were bleeding and he complained stabbing pain in heels. He said if each day he rubs off the dead skin with a abrasive rock and apply grease he stays fine but the day he stops rubbing off his heals, crack again in two days.

I told him to make a powder of half inch of a pencil lead and add in 1/2 liter of water and take two drops two to three times a day. Patient was very poor and was a labour.

He took the medicine and came back and said he is having strange skin problems like itching, rashes and eczema like symptoms. I assured him to continue using the medicine.

He kept taking the medicine and nothing really happened but he kept taking it. Next winter he found out his heels were not cracking and his skin is not much dry and had a little dandruff.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Sir Dr. Kuldeep

I am bringing this thread on top again to catch your attention. You discussed lots of things about Graphites but you did not mention any Graphites Personality. Inspired by you, I gave Graphites to some people and two are showing improvements.

I tried to find about Graphites personality in Materia Medica but I am not able to understand much.

Thanks. Harsh.
harsh last decade
Tomorrow I will bring some more information of Graphites.

There main things to remember about Graphites Personality.


kuldeep last decade
Graaphites is carbon, like diamond - the only difference between these two is the crystalline structure. Dr Grandgeorge (French pediatrician) says that Graphites are mostly needed by peoople who think they could have done better(they could have been diamonds).
Astra2012 last decade
Graphites Personality

Planets: Saturn & Jupiter.

I assign Graphites to Sun Sign Libra, because Graphites personality is always in indecision. Libra is a measuring scale; it is always in balancing action.

Other day I replied to the post of a gentleman, I felt he was always in indecision so I recommended him to take Graphites as his constitutional remedy; he replied back and acknowledged that he is always in indecision.

Graphites people have dry, unhealthy skin, cracking nails. They are fat and constipated, lazy and relaxed.

Not necessary Graphites people are fat, poor and unnourished people may not be fat.

They are sad, weep without cause, love sad songs, MUSIC MAKES THEM WEEP.

They forget recent events but remember older events. Forgetful and they make mistakes while writing and speaking.
kuldeep last decade
how do you estimate the drops of saliva on your tongue to guesstimate this???????
erika last decade
Erika, I could not understand what you asked.
kuldeep last decade
excuse my answer, i replied to your potency question on licking the lead of a pencil from a page or 2 back-'waht would the potency be if graphites licked??' my computer screen brought up the wrong page when I viewed this question, hence my odd answer to your present question. do excuse, it's friday, end of week.
erika last decade
Once I gave a pencil to a kid and told him to lick its end for many times, he licked it and kept a record of it. He licked it four thousnd times in a day (quick licking). There was no need to resharpen it.

I waited pencil on jeweller's scale and wait loss was not even noticable. Kid had eczema and next day his symptoms aggravated.

This means if a person licks the end of a pencil it is equivalant of taking some reasonably high potency of homeopathy grade Graphites.
kuldeep last decade
I don't assign Graphities to any sign-i have no idea to which!
But I don't think it would be Libra- libra's are rather clean, maybe indecisive at the begining but once they decide-they go for it!

You know libra is to me like nux-only because my father was libra and a typical nux.
he wasn't like graphities. II don't know anyone like graphities!

In Murphy's MM each remedy has planets assigned -but this isn't any indication of a sign (saturn=capricorn, jupiter=sagit. but are Graphities there?).

So are you compiling your book on astrology/homeopathy-based on clinical data?
Astra2012 last decade
Astra you are actually right. My mother is Libra and she is deep in calculations as well as indicisive. If I will write a book it must be based upon facts. So far I am not really sure about any sign but Belladonna is for Cancer and I can bet my life on it. I use Belladonna on all day dreamers (By the way I am Cancer too).
kuldeep last decade

Dr. Kuldeep you are back on this post. Guess how I know????? I got an email.

This time again I am spellbound. My uncle is a Graphites personality, how you guessed it? Fat, constipation and Eczema. By the way he is doing well. He is in Cyprus. He owes you a cup of tea.
silverman last decade

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