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My MD told me that I had gerd 4 week back. I happened to find your web page on line and started taken 3 tablets of NatPhos 6x 3 times daily after meals & the Arnica 30c in the wet dose 3 times daily before meals. I don't have heartburn anymore just the problem with my throat when swallowing. It feels like something is stuck on my throat. Also, I've been having severe shoulder pains that travel to my upper arms. Could I be taking too much of one of the remedies? I gave up coffee 4 weeks ago but I still like my red wine. I have not given up drinking red wine. The doctor prescribed ACIPHEX 30 MG but I only took it for a few day because I got real bad headaches. I've always gone the natural way but 4 weeks ago I couldn't stop belching; acid reflux & my throat problem. I'm glad I've found you and can now communicate with you via the forum. I live in California. Thanks,

  bobcat07 on 2009-10-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
day 1 and day 2
please take three doses of capsicum 30c at a gap of 4 hours

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

day 3 to day 15
please take one tablet of chelidonium 6x thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours.

please report after 15 days.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Can I replace the capsicum 30c with liquid Cayenne 250,000 H.U.? If not, does abchomeopathy pharmacy have the capsicum 30c & the chelidonium 6x? thanks, bobcat07
bobcat07 last decade
i don't think Cayenne 250,000 H.U is homeo remedy. If you look at the top of this screen, at the left site this website provides link for these two medicines. It means that these are available with abc.
kadwa last decade
I ordered the capsicum 30c & the chelidonium 6x. Do I stop taking the natrum phos 6x & the arnica montana 30c? I've been taking it for about 4 weeks but don't seem to be helping me much. Also, can I drink decaf coffee since I gave up caffene? Thanks, bobcat07
bobcat07 last decade
Do I stop taking the natrum phos 6x & the arnica montana 30c?

Also, can I drink decaf coffee since I gave up caffene?
No. You may drink tea.
kadwa last decade
I tool the capsicum 30c three times daily for 2 days then the chelidonium 6x three times daily for 13 days. today I finished both remedies as you recommended but I still feel the throat problem. Everytime I eat I feel like something is stuck on my throat...like a hair or something similar. Do I repeat the remedies? Please let me know. Thanks for your help.
bobcat07 last decade
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy will be reviewed.

Also report the changes that you observed after taking these remedies.
kadwa last decade
1. My main suffering is the bad feeling on my throat after eating. Some acid reflux as well.
2. Other physical sufferring is poraisis on the palm of both hands.
3. Mental suffering/feeling associated with my problem is I worry that the problem may develop into something worse. e.g. esophagus cancer.
4. When I am at my worst is after eating it feels like the food stays stuck in my throat.
5. It stated about 2 Month ago when I had a speaking assignment and had a hard time preparing for the presentation.
6. Worst time seem to be after the noon meal.
7. Things that aggravated my suffering I belive, is worrying & concern with future events. Worry about my children, grandchildren, etc.
8. Perhaps the time I spent preparing for my speaking assignment had some relation to my suffering. Although, my presentation went extremely well.
9. I feel better during cold weather & dry weather.
10. I am a nervous person, suspicious, arguing, irritating and try to get things done as quickly as possible.
(a) I feel great before & during a thunderstorm.
(b) I like to be consoled during tough times.
(c) No typical habits that I can thing off.
(d) I feel close to my wife, my children, close family & relatives.
11. My fears are that something serious would happen to one of my family members. loss of job. illness. etc.
12. I crave carbohydrates, radish, bell pepper & especially hot peppers.
13. My thirst is Normal.
14. My hunger is Less.
15. I can't stand garlick, or foods that are messey.
16. My sweat is normal. My head sweats the most.
17. My bowel movements are normal. Normal color.
18. I have a hard time sleeping. I wake in the middle of the night and eat something small. I sleep on my left side the most.
19. I need a pill to be able to perform sextually most of the time.
20. I am extremely clean. My wife & grandkids call me 'Mr. Clean'. I also like to get things done quickly.
21. The only medication was for gerd but I don't have the name since I threw the bottle away. I take zantax & all the remedies recommended on the forum.
22. Major diseases in my family were diabetes, heart problems but they died in their late 80's.
23. I am 61 years old. Trim (since I work out daily). Watch what I eat very carefully. I weight 145 lbs. I have hazel eyes. White completed. I am hispanic. And most of all, I crave alcohol.
bobcat07 last decade
Please take three doses of Phosphorus 30c at a gap of 4 hours for 2 days and report back after 15 days.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
I don't get it. You mean take the phosphorus 30c for only 2 days but report to you after 15 days? Or do I take it for 15 days. Also, do I stop all the other homeopathic remedies?
bobcat07 last decade
Homeo remedies in 30c potency and above work as a stimulation to vital force. One should take doses that are sufficient to stimulate vital force.
Therefore earlier also you were asked to take capsicum 30c only for 2 days. Chelidonium 6x being a remedy in lower potency was repeated everyday.
On the basis of symptoms reported by you Phosphorus seems to be indicated. It is a deep acting remedy and it acts for a long period of time. Therefore it will keep acting internally eventhough you take it only for 2 days.
If there is acute problem of acid reflux you should take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours.
natrum phos 6x
natrum sulph 6x
Please don't take tissue salts on the day you take phosphorus.
kadwa last decade
Please continue with Dr. Kadwa's recommendation.

I am sharing my experience, in case if you need to consider:

I have cured several patients for the feeling of lump in the throat with
Ignatia 30c, twice a day, taken for a week will stop the feeling of lump in the throat.

Rarely it fail. If so Asafoetida 6c repeated this way and then taken each time you feel puts an end to this permanently.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I believe that the reason why patients are not relieved by the Nat Phos 6x therapy prescribed by Drs Kadwa is perhaps due to the low dosage of 2 tablets which he has prescribed.

As you are perhaps aware, I have had some experience in the treatment of GERD and I advise the patient to take 3- 6 tablets after every meal to deal with the gastric juice which often refluxes up the Esophagus. Arnica 30c in the Wet dose is also an integral part of this therapy especially if the patient is a chronic case with the inner tissue of the Esophagus eroded by the gastric juice. The Arnica helps to rebuild it fast.

The patient is also advised not to eat fatty food, drink alcohol and chillie hot food. He must eat small meals at each session and not drink any water except for a sip after a meal. The patient may however eat a fourth meal to assuage his hunger and must not sleep for 2 hours after dinner.

I hope you two doctors will not object to my butting into this post which I did because I felt that it would help the patient to recover ASAP.

If anyone is interested in reading more cases on GERD with the response of the patients you can type GERD into the Search Box and read the many cases that I have treated on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe for sharing more clinical tips about Natrum Phos 6x. Thanks again.
Reva V last decade
While we are on the subject of GERD, I would like to copy below the research of Dr Schuessler who was the first person to record his discovery of the 12 Biochemic Cell Salts in the late 1800's.

Natrium Phosphoricum

Sodium and Phosphate ions are to be found in our body in the muscle, nerve and brain cells, in the blood corpuscles and in the tissue fluids. According to Dr Schuessler, Nat Phos splits the lactic acid, which is produced by the work of muscles into carbonic acid and water. The carbonic acid is absorbed by the sodium phosphate and brought to the lungs where it is eliminated in the process of breathing. If sodium phosphate is lacking, there results an excess of lactic acid and consequently a sour taste, heart burn, sour stools, vomiting of sour, caseous matter, particularly in babies who are overfed with sugar and milk. If lactic acid reaches the lymphatic glands, the albumin of the lymph glands coagulates and the gland begins to swell. In the initial stages of swelling of the lymphatic glands therefore, Nat Phos has a healing effect because it can split lactic acid. Nat Phos further assures that the uric acid of the blood which is formed by the splitting up of the albuminous substance is kept in solution and secreted by the kidneys. Should this not be the case, uric acid will be deposited in the joints. The sequels are Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. In the Gall, Nat Phos saponifies the fatty acids which have been consumed with the food. It is hence indicated against digestive disturbances resulting from excessive consumption of fat.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I respect your experiments, bringing practical value (life) to these documented text by the founder.

Although tons of documents are existing, there are still big holes in the Homeopatic treatment approach (other wise, it would have been the medicine of choice in the world today). The system demands both extremely high skills from the prescriber and the doctor is busy with symptom matching with little efforts to know how and where the remedy works.

Your experiments with Arnica and Natrum Phos (guess more remedies) are advancements to Homeopathy to make it more reachable to the suffering humanity.

Let God give you Long Life to continue your research along this direction for the benefit of the suffering human race.

Sincere Thanks!

Happy Holidays...

Reva V
Reva V last decade
To all who have participated in helping me with my gerd problem. It appears that it's gone! I don't have indigestion nor do I feel the lump on my throat when swallowing......only occationally. The only thing remaining is the burning at the tip of my tongue. Thanks for all your help.

bobcat07 last decade
You may take three doses of Arsenicum Album 30c at a gap of 4 hours for one day (not daily) and see whether it helps in your burning tongue. You may also try Capsicum 30c in the same way as you are already having capsicum 30c. There should be a gap of 7 days between capsicum and ars.
kadwa last decade
Hi Reva,

It was only yesterday that I read your post of December 30 which I had not noticed up to now when I clicked on the email alert from Bobcat.

As you are perhaps aware, I studied the science of Homeopathy as it fascinated me after I was cured of my frequent colds, by myself without attending any College and I believe that it is this lifelong mission of seeking for the truth, not only in Homeopathy but in other aspects of Life that guided me to achieve the satisfaction that I derive from my life today at my advanced age of 80 years.

Many years ago, I discovered that my therapy which the classical homeopaths derisively labelled 'This for That' aka 'Joepathy' was far more effective in curing the ailment presented by a patient. You may have read some of the many articles I have contributed in the many Homeopathic Forums that I have been present for the last 10 years and you could have verified how effective my therapy has been in comparison to that prescribed by the classical homeopaths. I have used the same remedies that you and other qualified Homeopaths use but I believe that it is the manner that I use these remedies that has made the difference in their ability to heal and cure any given ailment.

I do not seek to be different in my approach to Homeopathy merely for the sake of being difficult or different but I am convinced that I do have a special gift of helping anyone who suffers and I do so in my own way and the results are all there in the public domain for anyone to scrutinize. I do not consider myself infallible and do appreciate any constructive criticism of my therapy but I do resent the trolls who used to follow almost all my posts in the past who were motivated perhaps by jealousy, and would compel me to waste my time in defending my therapy than I would spend on prescribing it.

As you perhaps are aware I am not a professional Homeopath and I offer my mission of healing both on the web and in Sri Lanka where I help a few selected patients purely on an altruistic basis without any charge for my service which includes the remedies that I give them in the Wet dose. Many feel uncomfortable to not pay me and I often inform them that it is my privilege to do so as my rewards come from my Creator who enables me to help them.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your greetings and good wishes which contribute to the rewards that I enjoy today in my life.

Joe De Livera last decade
To Bobcat

It is rarely that a patient takes the time to confirm that the therapy that we the prescribers on this Forum have advised has cured them. I am glad to note that you have been helped by the Nat Phos and the Arnica which I note you used even before you first posted on this Forum.

You confirm that your GERD has been stabilized but you must be warned that there is every possibility of your suffering again if you eat some fatty food. My advice is that you keep a small stock of Nat Phos 6x tablets handy which you can use if you have that uncomfortable feeling of fullness after a meal when you will take 2-3 tablets to help send the food down.

You are advised to take the Arnica 30 in the Wet dose on a nightly basis for life. You may be aware that I pioneered this therapy and have taken it nightly or more often since 1996 and at age 80 I can categorically state that it is this Arnica that has helped me to maintain my status of wellness without any ache or other medical problem in my body.
Joe De Livera last decade

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