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Interrupted sleep

I am 70 years old and taking no medication. About 28 years ago, I had a hysterectomy. It took 10 hours for me to get out of the effect of anesthetic. I understand that they had to inject different things in me to get me out of it. As a result, I have had problems with sleep. The doctor said back then it had to do with the surgery and that eventually, I would regain my sleep. I fall asleep with no problems but wake up within an hour or two,I am right awake ready to go. Of course, I remain in bed, eventually falling back to sleep to wake up again on and off throughout the night. When I awake around 4AM, I cannot go back to sleep although I remain in bed till around 7AM. Otherwise, I am in good health, exercise in the morning, eat right, etc. Which homeopathy would you recommend and at what potency and for how long. I live in the U.S. Your post reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Fleurs
  fleurs on 2009-11-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take BELLIS PERENNIS 30c, one dose in the evening for a week or 2 weeks.

After this, take COCCULUS INDICUS 30c one dose in the evening for a week. Then write back.

These two medicines are found to give good sleep, especially during the old age. If this does not help much, then medicines like Avena Sativa Q, Passiflora Q can be given.

For general insturctions, please see my profile.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva
Thank you for responding to my request so promptly. I will get these two recommended remedies.
In the U.S, we have a company called 'Luyties' (located in Missouri)they have been doing homeopathy products for over 150 years following Dr. W.H. Schuessler method. August Luytie went to Germany in 1889 to learn from Dr. W.H. Schuessler.
Would you please tell me if this company is reputable and if you have ever heard of them. Boiron is not available near my home for those two recommended products but I can get through the mail.
Thank you,
fleurs last decade
Your symptoms indicate the possibility of Nux Vomica as a likely med. With due respects to dear Reva.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
for on line purcahse of meds in USA...:

Elixirs dot com

1-800-homeopathy dot com


and some more

Go thru Google.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you so much Pankaj Varma. Agreed.

I get my medicines from either BOIRON (well proven to work) thru this website (abchomeopathy) or my second alternate is txoptions dot com (I settled with them after doing careful comparison). They ship from easy coast and very prompt too. They take phone orders and very convenient.

Please include NUX VOMICA 30c along with Bellis Per and Cocculs when you order. I would suggest to start with a few doses of Nux Vomica 30c, once in the evening for 3 or 4 days, then you can start with my suggested remedies, if you did not get enough help from Nux Vomica.

Bellis Per 30c is found to be very helpful for several complaints of the old age and hence I would request to take Bellis Per 30c

Cocculus is another pioneer to help the spinal circulation (which is wanting for old age).
Reva V last decade
Thank you Pankaj and Reva.
It was nice to have two opinions. I have Nux Vomica 30X (I bring this with me on trips, never used it). It is 4 years old, purchased at Lyties 1800 homeopathy dot com. Do you think it is still good? If yes, how much should I take and how often and for how many days. I ordered the two others Bellis... and Cocc... from ABC shortly after reading the post from Reva Saturday. If 30 X is no good, I can easily get 30C locally. I appreciate your answers very much and thanks so much in taking time to help all of us. Fleurs
fleurs last decade
30x you have is good. 4 years is not too old for Homeopathic medicine.

Please take one dose (2pills)in the evenings only (one dose in a day). Please contintue for a few days and then post here.

Pankaj, please suggest more repetitions, if you think so.
I have great regards to your prescription.

Nux Vomica will also help the other two medicines to work well.

For general instructions, please see my Profile.
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva V.

Thanks you again for always checking my post and answering my questions.

I will start tonight with the 2pills and report in about 4 days.

The two other medecines are on their way and should arrive by Friday.

fleurs last decade

Can you please report back your status, after taking Nux Vomica and Bellis Per. Are you able to sleep better than before?

For the benefit of forum readers and me, please respond, even if you are not benefited.

Kind Regards
Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva
I have been meaning to write back but I was gone for 20 days before the Holidays. So, I am happy that you wrote.
I received the Bellis Perennis 30C, cocculus indicus 30C. I took those including Nux V 30x for a good week. I did not find any relief. I have a feeling that the NUX Vo. is too old (4 years) although, I keep my homeo in a cool dark drawer.
I was considering ordering Nux Vo. 30C or 200C.
I read on some post, no coffee. I drink one cup around 7AM. Is this a no-no?
The medecine, I only took at night.
Thanks again and my best to you for a happy and fruitful New Year.
fleurs last decade
Thank you for your feedback. Bellis Per 30 and Cocculus are great preperatory as health improving medicines (nervous strength)

-Are you stressed generally?
- do you have crowded thoughts during sleep less state?
- are you fresh or tired during night?

- do you have any thing to worry, that potentially causing sleeplessness?

These are some common causes. Please write to me whether one of them apply. In the mean time, I request you to try taking Garlic Milk in one or two nights and write back.

- Take 3 pieces of fresh garlic (take 3 pieces from a whole garlic).
- cut into small pieces
- heat the milk and add these cut pieces and simmer it for 10 to 20 minutes
- add a small quantity of honey (if you can tolerate) to it.
- drink this warm milk before going to sleep or at 3 am when you cannot go to sleep (just for one or two days)

If this helps, I will make this process easy for you. This has worked for many and is health too!

Based on your answer for the above questions, I will suggest you medicine that should help you.

Thanks for your co-operation

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva

I am happy to see that you will try to help with my frequent awakening in the night.
As a reminder, this all started after surgery, no problems before. My mother (now deceased) had the same surgery at the same age as me and had the same problem. We are not good candidate for drugs....

Should I start taking the Bellis and Cocculus again, if yes, how many and how often?

No, I am not stress, I am single and have no problems that would cause worriness.
When I awake, I think of general things, nothing specific as I live a very simple and relaxed life.

During the day, I keep busy at all times and I always have relaxing music on
including classical. I watch very little TV in the evening and generally, history or discovery channels.

I am petite, eat right such as vegetables, lots of fruits and little meat.
For exercise, I walk fast almost every morning for 20 minutes while holding 2 pound weight in each hand and I listen to marching music. I also sometimes bike for an hour.
I am retired and can do this.

During the night when I awake, I am not tired at all, I could get up and start my day but I have never done that. (knowing that this is not recommended)

I will start the garlic recipe as soon as you let me know how much milk to boil and take before bed and when awakening.
Not a problem as I have some fresh garlic, milk and honey.
Irronically, I take two garlic capsules a day for well being, have been doing this for years.

Thanks again
fleurs last decade
Thank you for your detailed reply. I will get back with you for the medicine in a day or two.

Milk quantity can be as low as 1/2 glass. Milk is found to be the best agent to extract the goodness of a fresh garlic (by ancient medicines).

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva

I boiled the garlic and honey today but I forgot to ask how much to take each time. Is it 1/2 a glass. Once boiled, the mixture was very much reduced.
I have put the mixture in a plastic container and stored it in the refrigerator.

Please advise.

Thank you,
fleurs last decade
After you boil, you should reduce the flame to absolute minimum (simmer) for 10 to 20 minutes. I suggest 1/2 glass of milk and 1/4 glass of water to begin with.

Drink all the milk. I found this helping several people and the results are permanent.

Please take ARNICA MONT 30c in wet dose, twice a day for 1 month and please report. (morning and evening). this is recover you from surgery and help your old age too.

Mr. Joe (in this forum) has shared his experience of giving natural and sound sleep with this.

To assist it, you can take common Oats before going to bed (AVENA SATIVA Q, 4 drops in 10 ml of water)

Preparing Wetdose: (as described by Joe)
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water (Spring Water only, not mineral or purified water).
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done 'every time before taking' a capful of this water from the bottle.

Thank you for your patience,

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks Reva

I will take the garlic and milk tonight before bed.

As for Arnica Mont. 30C which I have but it is in pellets. Can I use this for the Wetdose (3 drops is what the recipe calls for) If I need the liquid, I will order it.

The same for Avena Sativa, I have 30C also in pellets. Should I order it in liquid.

How many pellets of 30C to equal one drop of the liquid form (if this is possible!)

Thanks again, I want to do this right!

fleurs last decade
For wet dose, it should be in Liquid Dilution and hence I recommend you to order (sorry to add more expenses)

For Avena Sativa, it is common oats and work effectively in 'Q'. Hence you may have to order it too!

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks Reva

I don't mind ordering it. It's just the waiting that usually takes around 7 to 10 days.

Will do it tonight.

fleurs last decade
Please take Bellis Per 30, every night for 4 days and then Cocculus 30c, every night till you get the other medicine.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva
I got the medecine faster then expected yesterday.

I took Bellis Per 30C for only two nights and did not get to Cocculus 30C.

I got a 500ML bottle, added sping water (removed some to allow bubbles for uccussion) added 3 drops of Arnica Montana 30C in liquid. I shooked the bottle many times. I allowed two hours after dinner (at 8:30PM), I shooked the bottle many times to see bubbles I then took one cap full. I took my second dose this morning at around 11:00AM

As for the Avena Sativa Q (mother tincture), I took the 4 drops in 10 ML of spring water. before bed (around 10PM)

I made sure to move the liquid around inside my mouth to absorb for a while before swallowing it.

Please let me know if I am doing the right thing. I really want to follow instructions.

Now, would you be kind enough to tell me what I must not have in my diet during this month of treatment.
I read many different things on the forum. It is confusing.
Is it O.K to have one cup of coffee around 7AM (if not I will switch to green tea, if O.K.)

Thank you so much for putting so much effort in helping with my situation.

Best wishes
fleurs last decade
Please dont be carried by several restrictions on the forum. For you, in the old age, Coffee clogys your kidney and stimulates you to prevent sleep.

I suggest to switch to green tea till you could have a sound sleep.

No other food restriction. Keep away from smoking, if you do.

You are doing every thing right. Thanks for your sincerity.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks Reva for the prompt answer.

I will do as you said and drink green tea which I love.

I have never smoked, so happy for that!

Have a nice weekend and I will return to post in 30 days as suggested.

My very best
fleurs last decade
Dear Reva

It has been one month now since I started taking your recommended medication in regards to my frequent awakening at night.

I want to thank you so much.

There has been a big improvement in the quality of my sleep.
I do not awake as often anymore and when I do, I go back to sleep much faster then before taking the medication.

Should I keep the same regiment?

Again, thank you.

fleurs last decade
Thank you for writing back and I am glad to know.

Please continue the same for one more month and start tapering Avena Sativa Q (skip a day or two or three... slowly, watching the progress). Arnica can be continued for longer time (3 to 6 months)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva

I wanted to acknowledge your quick response and advise for the continuing treatment. I will certainly do what you are recommending and I will report in another month.

Thanks a million!

My best regards.

fleurs last decade

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