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Dr.Reva please help

Dr.Reva, I have read your posts but I don't understand which draft to follow. There are so many medicines in 1st draft, with variety of potencies. Then in 2nd draft some of the medicines of the 1st draft are not mentioned. I request you to please attend my case and suggest me what to do. Please tell me the sequence of medicines with potencies and duration.
I am a 25 year old unmarried boy and have been involved in severe masturbation since 12 years. The ill effects of this practise are as follows.
Prostatorrhea = Whenever I get sexually aroused, suddenly the prostatic fuild starts flowing through the penis(with or without erection).
Erectile Dysfunction = Mostly there are lack of erections. If at all sometime erection takes place, it is imperfect and doesn't hold for more than 10-12 seconds. Totally decreased libido.
Constipation = I need to go 2-3 times to empty the bowels, but still there is no guarantee that the bowels would get empty. And due to this, gas is another problem.
Urinary disorder = Dribbling after urination, sometimes burning sensation after passing urine.
Hairfall = Hair are also falling since 8 years. This also started after I got involved in masturbation. They have become very very thin. Some of my hair have started greying also. No one in family is bald. All men have black and thick hair. I want them to grow naturally.
Fleshless body = My eyes and cheeks have gone inside, they look sunken to great extent, there is no flesh left on my face. My shoulder bones could be seen.
Acne = Some red papules have developed on my back and hips. They develop regularly. The old ones go leaving stains and blemish, and the new ones keep coming.
Hyperhidrosis and physical weakness = I sweat a lot. I cannot do any physical work for a long time. Even if I walk a small distance, I start panting and sweating through my entire body. My armpits stink a lot.
All these diseases started after getting involved in masturbation, I used to be very healthy before. Please suggest me what medicine to take.
  Jirvankar on 2009-12-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Make sure you understand that the years of drain cannot be magically cured in a few weeks. Based on the extent of damage, it will typically take 3 to 6 months.

Follow Dr. J K Mohla's Advice for 3 weeks and write back. It is a great start:

pl cure yourself mentally then physically .pl have WHITECHESTNUT and WALNUT bach flower one drop of each thrice daily for one month. nux vom 30 one dose every evening time for 7 days along with bach flower. pl stop self medication .

There is no medicine in this world which can cure a person who donot want to be cured. Pl donot live alone .Pl change your company. Pl throw all dirty material and avoid sitting alone in house .Pl treat all ladies like your mother/sisterS and give respectable look to them .Pl donot drain your vital fluid before marriage or if you can afford to marry pl go for that.

Reva V last decade
Dr.Reva, I already took both these flower medicines before and got rid of the malpractise. I am 100% sure of being cured mentally, I don't masturbate anymore. So after reading my case, am I eligible to take the medicines prescribed in the draft(No 4. STOP FURTHER DRAIN) or should I skip that section and start with(No 5. FIRST THING FIRST). I don't have the complaint of NIGHTFALL or SPERMATORRHEA but when I get sexually excited some watery transparent sticky substance comes out of the penis, so I am unable to figure out whether it comes under involuntary loss of semen. Please solve my confusion and tell me which section of the medicine to start.
And yes, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that documentation.
thank you
Jirvankar last decade
dr reva with your kind permission i want to clarify the fluid which comes during erection is not a semen fluid .it is in most of the cases is prastic fluid which is lubricating natural phenomenon so pl donot consider it as fluid loss this is for jivankar
akshaymohl last decade
Thank you very much Dr.Akshay for clearing my confusion. So, should I consider myself fit for starting the treatment mentioned under the draft i.e(No 5. FIRST THING FIRST).
Jirvankar last decade
Hi Jirvankar,

Please follow No.5, First thing First. It is a very valuable prescription that saved several to recover thier health.

Please try to follow Dr. Kadwa's recommendation on Pranayama to further strengthern your recovery.

Reduce your sexual act during this time.

Report after 3 weeks or so.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dr.Reva, I have commenced the course as follows:
10 AM = Acid Phos 6c
2 PM and 6 PM = Biochemic Combination No.16, 6 pills each time.
10 PM = Bellis Perennis 6c
Weekly dose = Baryta Carbonica 200c

I have some doubts, those are as under:
I didn't get Acid Phos 3x in my city so I am taking Acid Phos 6c. I have ordered Acid Phos 3x from another city. As soon as I get it, I'll stop Acid phos 6c and start with Acid Phos 3x. Is it fine or shall I continue with Acid Phos 6c?
According to my case, how many times should I take the Biochemic combination, because you have mentioned that the patient can take it once or twice a day.
The pharmacist told me to take 4 pills as one dose, you said to take 2 pills only, does it really matters if I take 2 or 4 pills?

Please clarify my queries and thank you very much for the attention.
Jirvankar last decade
Please continue with Acid Phos 6c.

Bio Chemic combination: It is prefered to take 2 times a day, if it is not too hard to manage so many doses in a day. Otherwise, once a day is also ok. 6 pills is one dose.

All other medicines (except Bio Chemic Combination): You can take 2 or 4 pills. Both are same.
Reva V last decade
Dear Jivankar,
In another thread, you have mentioned that, your Prostatorrhea problem has now reduced and your main problem is now dribbling of urine. But here you tell that your Prostatorrhea problem is still continue!!
patient25 last decade
Dear Jivrankar,
Plz let me know the history and present condition of your Prostatorrhea problem and Impotency problem. That means, both of the problem started how many days/months/years ago and now what is the condition?
sadeqahmed last decade
Dr.Reva, I am having 3 doubts in my mind.
--> What are the total doses in a week for Baryta Carbonica 200. Is it only 1 dose or 3 doses in one day.
--> (Acid Phos 6) & (Acid Phos 6c)= Are these potencies one and the same.
--> I took Globules of Acid phos 6 for 10 days and then the medicine got over. Then I bought Acid Phos 6(Liquid) by mistake, so can I take the liquid form. If Yes, then how to take the liquid.
Jirvankar last decade
Dear Jirvankar,
Please let us know, which one is your main problem for now. Prostatorrhea, Impotency or dribbling of urine?

Please also tell that, each of the above mentioned disease started when? Which one was seen at first? The disease which was begin first is considered as the reason of other diseases. In homeopathy, history is more important than present condition and medicine is given on the basis of main cause of the disease.

Acid Phos 6 and Acid Phos 6C is same. Acid Phos 6X is different. Usually 'C' potency remedies are available in liquid form and 'X' potency remedies are available in tablet or powder form.

I do not think Acid Phos is helpful for you. This remedy is actually given in case of burning in urine because of excessive presense of phosphorus in urine.
sadeqahmed last decade
Baryta Carb 200 is one dose only, in the morning, once in a week

Yes Acid Phos 6 and 6c are same

Liquid dilution is equally good. Take 1 drop as a dose, in a small quantity (15 ml) of water.

I can understand your ignorance on the action of Acid Phos. You are not alone.

It is like telling Hypericum cannot work for Depression (from the common knowledge of Homeopathy it is used for injuries of nerves), while majority of the people in United States under depression takes Hypericum on a daily basis and is very helpful to keep them survive the competitive and stressful work culture here. (It is sold even in grocery store as tablets).

Reva V
Reva V last decade

If you would like to help this patient (which is appreciated) with the knowledge gained by your hard work, please do not hesitate. I can comfortably step aside.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Dear Dr. Reva,
I just express my opinion, not take the responsibility. So please continue your help to the patient.

Thanks and best regards
sadeqahmed last decade
Dr.Reva, you told to report back after 20 days. It has been about 20 days and there is no visual change in my condition. I am going as per your documentation (No.5 FIRST THING FIRST). I have many problems due to excessive masturbation, like impotency, constipation, hairfall, fleshless cheeks and eyes, acne on back and hips, hyperhidrosis and physical weakness. Details of all these problems are mentioned in the very first post of this thread, please scroll to the topmost portion.

There is something more I would like to add to my case:- Urine is dark in colour and scanty with very weak stream. My armpits, palms are most of the time wet. Sometimes there is irritation in the eyes, they become red and water flows through them. Also, I catch cold quite frequently.

I request you to please go through my case once and tell me what would be beneficial for me. Should I continue with the same medicines or change some medicine or potency. As you said, first general health building and then sexual strength, I would love to follow your advice. Sir, I think if you go through my case and suggest me the medicines personally, it would be more beneficial for me than the documentation, it is a humble request. Thank you
Jirvankar last decade
Hi Jirvankar,

I will do a personal prescription for you going forward.

Please be aware that the medicines you have taken (Bellis Per, Baryta Carb and Acid Phos) for 20 days is important to build the nerve power, which is the basis for any medicine to make a lasting impact.

Before I suggest a personal medicine, please give me these information:

- where do you live (country and city). Do you have access to Homeopathic Pharmacy easily?

- what is your current body temperature. Do you know your Haemoglobin levels (anaemic?)

- Did you ever been involved with an impure sex with a female.

How to Measure Temperature:
- Buy a Professional accuracy Digital Thermometer. (It cost under $10 in US to buy Vicks brand, high quality thermometer)
- Before you wake up from bed, in the morning, hold the thermometer under the arm for 2 full minutes (to heat the sensor). Make you the sensor tip is touching your body, not just the hairs there). Then turn on and wait for it to report the final reading.

- Repeat the above step once or even twice to make sure the reading is consistent.

Report this temperature to me.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
~My location is Maharashtra(India), so I have easy access to homeopathy pharmacy.
~Haemoglobin 16.2 gm/dl (14.4 - 16.3 gms%).
~I didn't understand the meaning of impure sex, but I would like to tell you that I have never done any kind of sex with any girl(neither oral nor anal), not even sexual intercourse.
~Let me observe my temperature for two days as you told to do, then I'll report back. Thank you
Jirvankar last decade
I measured my body temperature from 2 mornings, it is the same i.e 96.6

Rest of the information is posted earlier. Request for further guidance.
Jirvankar last decade
Thanks for sincerity.

First 6 days in a week: (daily dose):
Nux Vom 30c, 2 pills, once in the evening. To stimulate your body to absorb nutrition from food. Your temperature is expected to go higher, but very little.

Bio Chemic Combination # 16 (Named: Nervous Exhaustion, a combination of Phos and Natrum Mur), 6 pills, every morning (around 10AM). This is optional.

7th day of the Week:
Morning: one dose of Sulphur 30, 2 pills
Evening: one dose of Merc Sol 200, 2 pills
(the above medicine is expected to cool and reduce the temperature, but helps to remove toxins from the blood)

Repeat the above medication for 2 weeks and report back with Temperature Measurement. You can take the temperature for one day only (repeat after a few minutes to make sure your first reading is correct)

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Completed 14 days course and took body measurement 6 times with a gap of few minutes in between, so 3 times it showed 96.8 and 3 times it showed 97.0.

One person recommended the following medicine for hair.

Jaborandi Q = Daily 2 doses, Morning and Evening(6-8 drops in one cup of water) & The same medicine(with coconut oil) to be applied in the roots of hair thrice daily.

Can I follow this recommendation along with your course?

And please prescribe me further. I want to build my health. Sunken face and eyes, hairfall, etc is very bad.
thank you
Jirvankar last decade
Temperature getting higher, however small, is an indication of your assimilation power and your body building up. Good.

Please indicate whether you find any difference with your excessive sweating (Merc Sol is given for that). I will suggest the next course accordingly. In the mean time, start with Phos as given below:

Sunday only:
PHOSPHOROS 200, 4 pills, once a week (not daily) to build up nerve strength. This you will continue for nearly 3 months. This will also help to stop hair fall.

Jaborandi is good. Do it.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I do not feel any change in the sweating problem. Actually sir, even in winter season I sweat through my armpits, even if I walk they start sweating, if I talk to someone on the phone the armpit of the hand used in the process, start sweating. This will get worse in summer season, I start sweating through my entire body. And the smell of the sweat is unbearable. When I wasn't a victim of masturbation, I never used to sweat unnecessarily.

Please suggest me something for my constipation. I empty my stomach, but it doesn't happens as it used to happen before. I have to go many times(may be 3 to 4) in a day but still there is no guarantee of emptying the bowels completely, one thing I have observed, the gas problem occurs mostly in the evening. And it continues till morning(even during sleep). In the morning I am able to pass some amount of stool, so I get relief till afternoon but if I eat something in the afternoon, the gas problem starts. I just want it to be like before (be able to empty the stomach once in 24 hours).

My face is so sunken. I wish it gets better with the medicines you are prescribing. I have faith in you, the way you have dealth with the masturbation concept.

One more visual thing that disturbs me is the acne. What is the reason for the acne that get develop on my back and hips?

Please guide me further. And please tell me which medicine to take and what day and time. Please also tell me how to take Jaborandi Q in that course structure. And apart from the doses of Jaborandi, I have to even apply it on my head, is it fine if I apply it at night and shampoo the next morning. It is difficult for me to apply it thrice daily.

thank you
Jirvankar last decade
Please reply.
Jirvankar last decade
Your excessive sweating indicates that your body has build so much toxins and the nature is trying to eliminate. The weakness of the life force has let the toxins to develop. We need to address both.

Monday to Saturday:
Jaborandi 200c, 2 pills, every morning (daily) for 1 week. Do not take Jaborandi in Q internally, but you can apply Q externally in the head. Use Johnson Baby Shampoo only. (This is to address the excessive sweating)

Sunday only:
PHOSPHOROS 200, 4 pills, once a week (not daily) to build up nerve strength. This you will continue for nearly 3 months. This will also help to stop hair fall.

For Constipation:
KALI MUR 6x, mix 5 tablets in 1/2 glass of warm water
and drink before you go to bed. If this does not help in a week, use Nux Vomica 30, 2 pills before bedtime.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
~I will take Jaborandi 200 for one week. After 1 week, should I stop taking it.
~How many days should I take Kali Mur 6x.
~And also, after how many days should I report back.

thank you
Jirvankar last decade

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