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Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy

My son is 8 years old. He is non verbal. He can make approximations of some words - like oa for dosa or over , wa-er for water. . Hugs too hard to everyone. Can exert lot of pressure in his jaws or hugs and presses over you.
Poor attention . Recently has been drinking less water and we now have to insist he drink water many times a day before he will drink some. Poor sleep. Wakes up at 1.00 runs from moms bed to dad , then to sofa. Stays awake from 30 minutes to 2 hours , goes to sleep Then again wakes up by 4.30 am . Frequently try’s to fondle his genitals / masturbation. Tries to be without clothes , but we have been insisting he wears. Very rigid in behaviours . Won’t eat with his hands, we have to feed all his food. We dress him, brush his teeth , put on his clothes. We do everything basically, though physically there is nothing wrong with him. Recently he has some mouth distortions , I notice this when he his too tired and I think it’s irritated brain from lack of sleep. He also has teeth grinding . He is always jumping on the bed. He is a sensory seeker. He can climb on people like he is climbing a tree

birth history
Preganany - was vaccinated against flu and H1N1 . Mom was sick in first month of pregnancy with severe urticaria with rash and itches all over body x 6 weeks and had to be on Benadryl . Also some stress at job and her dad was sick during conceiving but improved soon after .

Conceived by intra uterine insemination. Post term delivery after 41 weeks. mom was given oxytocin drip. There were signs of fetal distress and stained meconium. Delivery by C section

Post Delivery - he did fall from bed to floor about 2 feet when he was about 3 months. Hit head but no injury we could see. he attained good motor skills, sat , walked properly, never said anything. Did not turn to name
But we didn’t know anything was wrong . Got all vaccines.
Continued to be inattentive , very poor progression over all with talking and compliance - will not do what u say
He is a very energetic boy, happy child . Attracted to peculiar sounds like hissing.
Not violent. Can be jealous a little bit in trying to wear his younger brothers clothes but not his .
Always wants to sleep on our laps. Or sits between a nook and us . Wants pressure on him like our hands or blanket. Cannot say Mama - he will say Ava for that. Still cannot make all the sounds of alphabets.

So far
Seen a homeopathic here -
Given phos 200c no change
Thuja 200c - was quieter for like half day , and then was back to his baseline then was given thuja 1M no change
Acromyrmex octospinosus 200c - no change
Cina 30c water dose - no change
Alumina 30c - no change

What we would like to see - improved sleep, improved attention to activities, reduced hyperactivity
We feel most of the manifestation are more of his mind and rigidity in thinking

We have been trying to take him to swimming and he is quite scared of water and is quite resistant

We have been discharged by the homeopathic doctor as they have not been able to help us .
I would like someone with expertise in treating children with autism to help us

Is Hyosycamous Niger a good fit for him ? Can I try 30c x 5 days and see if things will improve - I feel most of this is in his mind, esp now that he stopped drinking water , but that issue is better now as we are insisting he drink it every meal and in the evening and nights after school
Is silica an option as I had the skin issues when I was pregnant at 1 month
Is arnica an option because of his fall from bed at 3 months
His caregiver was also giving rice cooked in aluminum cooker from about 1 year to 3 years ( 2 years)

These are the only things I can think of. Maybe they are not related at all to his autism.

i am in US and it will take me some time to buy the remedy and try anything ,I am quite desperate
and would like some help. We haven’t been sleeping well for almost 1 year now
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  Dhana on 2018-11-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I decided to try hyoscyamus Niger 30 c but he became more hyper , a little aggressive and his muscle twitches and face twitches occurred more after the 2nd dose. I decided to stop it
Dhana 4 years ago
Would like to bump
Dhana 4 years ago
If you are open to stop all other Homeopathic medicine, then please start with the following medicine and write back

Please buy Natrum Sulph 30c and Kali Mur 30c in pills form (Boiron blue tube). This must be available in this site, amazon or grocers like Whole foods, Vitamin Shoppe..

Day 1, 3, 5: Natrum Sulph 30c
Day 2, 4, 6: Kali Mur 30c

One dose is 2 pills. This should be given only in the evening.

Report after this. If there is any change after the doses, please stop the medicine and write back.
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
At present we are not giving any other medications
We got both the medicines and gave the first dose of Natrum Sulp 30 c at 9.00 pm yesterday
He woke up at 1.00 , ususally he is awake or drowsy and tries to sleep
Yesterday he was so hyper, he started to walk back and forth in the house
Yelling, saying bye bye and kept walking
He didn’t sleep until 6 am
He also had some twitches
Should I give the Kali mur 30c today ?

The unusual thing was the walking and hyperactivity at night
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Dhana 4 years ago
Please do not continue any medicine. A single dose of Natrum Sulph 30, if having this reaction, deserves some more study. Please report, if there any changes and continue to wait.
Reva V 4 years ago
He slept okay the next day and he is back to baseline

I don’t know if this was random or from the medicine
Can I try again?
Can I give the 2nd medicine today and the first one tomorrow ?
Dhana 4 years ago
Please do one dose of Kali Mur 30 and then stop
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
No issues with the Kali Mur 30c , not noticing anything different

I was googling natrum sulph and euphoria and came across one article where an elderly lady had it the first day , but then improved after
Really no idea how it will apply to my son , and if even it was related to the medicine in first place .
He did have a bout of laughter the next day but it settled down quickly , and I did not think anything of it
And I noticed the older woman also had it in that review and that’s the only reason I am mentioning it

Not sure what you think about giving it again and seeing. If we do I plan to give it much earlier around 4 pm
I gave the Kali Mur also at that time (4 pm) yesterday

It’s states Alzheimer’s and stroke a grandmothers story

https://homeopathyplus.com/a-grandmothers-story-alzheimers-a.... am not much aware and I will follow what you say

Tonight he was awake from 2 to 4 , but was trying to sleep , in bed

Thank you
[Edited by Dhana on 2018-11-14 11:45:45]
Dhana 4 years ago
One dose of Natrum Sulph 30 and report please.

Natrum Sulph 30 brings liquid balance (wet, dry balance) in the body. This is a very important part in the treatment.
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
We gave the natrum sulph dose at 3.40 pm in evening
He went to bed at 9.30 at night and woke up in 3 hours at midnight 12.30 and hasn’t slept for more than 4 hours
We also gave him melatonin at 2.30 and 3.00 ( 3 ml and additional 2 ml)
Still no sleep , he slept around 5 am , got up at 6 to school ..
No walking today

So ,far

Natrum sulph - D1
No dose D2
Kali Mur -D3
No dose -D4
Nat Sulp -D5

I can give the Kali Mur today as I noticed it didn’t have this issue
Not sure what you think about dosing the natrum sulph in the morning instead of evening and seeing

Thank you
[Edited by Dhana on 2018-11-15 13:39:12]
Dhana 4 years ago
Dr Reva
I gave the Kali Mur today at 3.40
It’s 8 pm now and he is already walking fast in the house , muttering sounds
I am not sure what’s going on

We gave him 10 ml Benadryl as he was very agitated , and at last he went to sleep at 8.30 pm

Of course I am going to hold both medications and wait and watch

Please let me know your thoughts
[Edited by Dhana on 2018-11-16 01:40:49]
Dhana 4 years ago
Please stop all medicines for a few days to settle.
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
He is back to normal
Physically he is perfectly normal to look at , nothing wrong with him
This is why I say everything is in his mind
He has no dietary allergies
We are vegetarian, and he eats normal Indian food , but I hand feed everything
We have to the tell him to drink water like 100 times ( this is new past few months)
And we always had to tell him to drink milk and be after him like 100 times before he will take a sip
But he used to not eat anything other than dosa in past and he was also the same
So I do not suspect any dietary intolerance

Please see your email for a short video of him
Dhana 4 years ago
Dr Reva

Is there any other homeopathic remedies I could try

This year he has been suddenly drinking less water
Always used to hold and not go to toilet..

[Edited by Dhana on 2018-11-28 02:12:20]
Dhana 4 years ago
Please give him one dose of Chamomila 30. After a gap of 30 minutes to 1 hour, give him a dose of Thuja 30.

This protocol bears repetition very well (a daily dose is well tolerated). This is to be given once to start and if well tolerated, can be repeated on a daily basis.

Please write one day after this.
Reva V 4 years ago
Thank you
I have placed an order for both the medications
I will update once I give the first day
Dhana 4 years ago
Dr. Reva
Wanted to check with you regarding further recommendations
Dhana 4 years ago
Please report how did he do after Chamomilla (as suggested in the email, to give Chamo only)
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
No adverse effects with the chamomilla
I cannot tell if he is calmer or like his usual self..
Should I repeat it today also and see

I do think he is marginally calmer but my husband is not sure about that

[Edited by Dhana on 2018-12-09 11:01:47]
Dhana 4 years ago
Please repeat
Reva V 4 years ago
Dr Reva
I think he is calmer on Sunday
( After 2 nd dose )
Can we continue.
If we can, how many days should I give and then message you
Dhana 4 years ago
Please give two more doses of Chamomila, one dose a day for two days
Reva V 4 years ago
Thank you Dr Reva

We have been giving him 2 pills of the chamomila 30c x 6 days now.
We have seen a continued calmness and reduced hyper activity compared to before
He did have a cold. We have been giving some cough syrup x few days now
We are frankly pleasantly surprised by this change and pray it continues

Is there value in adding the thuja and seeing if anything changes ?
I also wanted to ask about anything to improve his focus and attention
I read something about Kali Bromatium 30 c , not sure what you might think about it

Thank yu
Dhana 4 years ago
Hi Dhana. Chamomila and Thuja works in exact opposite direction. Thuja will come to use later to get a backward swing (when needed) for pushing it forward.

For now give Chamomila on alternate days for two days and then reduce frequency.

Thuja plant is a common landscape in US. Do you see them in your neighborhood? If so, please lmk.

Reva V 4 years ago
He has been hot and dry internally that promotes his hyper and ...

Chamomila cools and wets him. You should give enough time for the body to adjust to this new normal. If doses are more then it results in catching cold. Dress him warm (socks at night) and avoid cold exposure. No cold food (summer vegetables like cucumber, squash etc must be avoided).

It is better to stop Chamomila for a few days (so his body will make adjustments) than to give on repeat
Reva V 4 years ago

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