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Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy Page 8 of 9

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Okay I will do that
So nitric acid wed evening and Friday evening and stop and see. Correct?.

Because school is open now it's a bit hard for us.
I have been making him take his own bag to bus some resistance and success
I have made him eat dosai/ some upma/ chappati on his own x 5 days now.
I am going to join him in dance class from next Monday.it is for special needs.

He woke up at 4.30 today until 5.15 lot of hyper and laughing . Then slept and woke at 6.30.
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Dhana last year
Dr Reva
We have completed the 2 doses of nitric acid.
He seemed more amenable to things we were doing with him and a bit cooperating
He is eating on his own in the nights now ( reduced resistance) almost one week now
Taking bag to school is so so
Drinking in new water cup

The bad-

It had no effect on sleep . Waking up daily at 2 and wants to sleep in lap and then again between 4 and 5 and then doesn't sleep..3/7 days.

Hyper slowly creeping and genital fondling increased very much yday not sure why..

Should I restart the phytolacca ? I have also magnesium phos cell salt is it worth a try

Thank you
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Dhana last year
May i suggest that you take advice from Maheeru, as he was one of your preferred choices as well?

the source of his problems are external and the medicines are building his immunity to them, while keeping the source the same. The preferred ways is to address the external source as well. I tend to stay firm with this idea, based on the experience gleaned from the experience treating with similar ones. It takes patience from the parents and trust.

May be Maheeru comes from another side.
Reva V last year
Dr Reva
I would prefer to continue with you . I don't see a reason to switch.
If you think any of his idea bares merit then I would try them if you can suggest them .
I think reason to switch should be
1) unsatisfied patient from lack of progress
2) physician preference ( don't have time / refer to another physician etc.

Though there are many ideas about autism
My feeling is it's genetic. We have participated in a genetic study in a nearby University and hope to get some answers soon . Certainly environment can contribute but he is a healthy child. Eats normal Indian diet
Stools are normal.

I am not expecting a miracle and
Progress is good

I know this is a free service offered by you at some personal cost ( time is money) and I am very appreciative.

I also know u have been advising me for almost 11 months now but u have always been assessible to me , and responding despite the long duratiob and slow progress.

For a patient that matters. As an advisor who is doing it without much gain except a personal satisfaction I agree it is hard and if I did not express my gratitude enough then I do here .

If you feel you don’t have the time then I will take a beak. Thanks
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-27 16:39:31]
Dhana last year
Thank you Reva for recommending me.
maheeru last year

By all means you can take a break and you can resume homeopathy. If Reva consents to continue, all good.

As a neutral observer(unless a specific request comes from you I will stand detached from the case) I'd advice you to continue with homeopathy. This is the period where homeopathy can bring about changes in your son. If you think your gratitude towards Reva would not let you take another member's help here, you could also find help off the forum.

It's very important that homeopathy is carried on in these formative years irrespective of what the genetic study finds. My best wishes.
maheeru last year
Dr Maheeru /Dr Reva
My dad dabbled a bit in homeopathy when we were young and visited practioners for us / our mom etc.
For me the very adverse reaction to natrum sulp was significant because it was such a tiny dose to have caused such a change.
I am reluctant to start Western medicine for him as he is not aggressive and I don't want to add problems.
I do have a pending neuro appointment in Nov not sure what will be advised and if we will do it. I am hoping the genetic study will also be out by then.
I know you have good advise in the forum and at the time I started my thread I was happy to hear from Dr Reva or you and so far journey has been positive.
If Dr Reva is too busy and I do not hear from him I would like to continue his care with you if you are open and have time.
In that case should I start a new thread with updated information. ?
I am very thankful to Dr Reva for having helped me so far.
Dhana last year
Do not know what dose of n. sulph was it. But sometimes people with susceptibilities can see some uncomfortable symptoms for a period of time---a better case management strategy would help symptoms/patient calm down. Recently I had an opportunity to help a patient who went to a very top/world famous homeopath(he is considered an authority on homeopathic topics and has more than a dozen titles to his name and the name could make people dizzy with awe) and aggravated severely due to her susceptibility. All the fame, style and the 'knowledge/skills/experience' could not help her, and at last I had to do the firefighting. I adviced simple things like camphor incense, vicks and sauna baths to make her life liveable because her system could not take any remedy whatsoever without aggravating further. Gradually she settled in a few weeks. Sensitive and susceptible people can flare up like anything---appropriate case management techniques will have to be employed.

Whenever I take up a case, would want a write up on current complaints/picture for a major part and history for a minor part. So I'd expect a current update to-date whenever we start. I'll keep a slot open, you could remind me whenever you want my help. You could choose either to continue on the thread or a new thread whichever is convenient for you.

But please keep in mind, that good homeopathy needs to be continued for him in his formative years irrespective of who's in-charge ---even if advanced methods like wet doses or sniff doses have to be used to minimise the side-effects.
maheeru last year

Thank you for your willingness to continue.

Please give him Ignatia 30, once a day, every morning for a few days and write. This bears repetition. Please watch for his response and write.

Reva V last year
Could you pleass give full details of sufferings(Present)?
A huge medicines are applied. I am interested to know.
freehomeoforall last year
yes continue same.

ignatia in the evening is ok
Reva V last year
Just quick update

Continuing every other day ignatia 30c and one drop of castor oil

Sleeping through night about 7 hours ..
Either sleeps late or wakes up earlier but solid 7 hours

Somewhat reduced hyper_ mild effect..
Teacher doesn't notice anything different.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-10-26 19:48:16]
Dhana last year
This week update
Sleep continues to be good with every other day dosing of Ignatia
Some reduction in hyper at home
Teachers don’t notice anything different

He was a bit hyper x 2 days not sure why , but now back to baseline

Have noticed some increase in teeth grinding but we tell him not to do it
Dhana last year
Since how long is he grinding teeth? Is it in the sleep? How can he control by you saying not to do (is it in the day time?)
Reva V last year
Yes it in the day time , either he is sitting near me or playing with his drawstrings ( nada kayiru) and I notice he is often grinding his teeth.. I say no.. well he stops it briefly and then does it again.

It may be behavior also

He doesn’t Teeth grind at night
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-11-08 15:11:44]
Dhana last year
Please give one dose of Podophylum 30c for one day only. (On that day, dont give any other medicine). You can give on one of the weekends (or Friday after school), so you have some safe buffer.
Reva V last year
Teeth grinding was a bit less on the next day, he was also a lot quieter after the podophylum one dose, but effects waned by Tuesday ( we gave on Sunday)
Continuing to give ignatia - good effect at home . He does have occasional sleeplessness didn’t sleep 1-2 days between last and this week. But I can see a difference if if don’t give Ignatia ( I forgot one day and gave it next day )

My husband is saying sleep and sense of calm is improved . He said Hi the other day and hello when someone said hello. But not all times. His attention still has not improved but maybe it will follow I am not sure

Clear difference in taking ignatia
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-11-22 17:56:39]
Dhana last year
Continue the same.
Reva V last year
Give only 3 days in a week, days suggested as per the first instruction in the email.
Reva V last year
Yes I am giving only every other day
So gets 3 doses or 4 depending on days of the week .
Dhana last year
I have been now giving 3 days a week instead of every other day.
I think he has bit more problem with emotional regulation , as well as listening to us and following if I do this as compared to giving it every other day
I will continue as u advised and update
Currently giving Tuesday/ Thur and Sunday
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-12-18 14:22:23]
Dhana last year
His yelling , hyperactiveness etc is quite worse by Sunday morning
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-12-23 21:47:32]
Dhana last year
I am not sure what is wrong with him
He is very hyperactive and not listening at all and lot of yelling
I have been giving the ignatia just like u said _ I got it in pureformulas website this time but last time I got it from whole foods . But both are so from Boiron don’t think it should be the issue
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-12-24 01:26:16]
Dhana last year
Decided to try every other day ignatia 30c again and he is a bit better than the 3x week dosing.
The hyper and not listening is reduced again. His sleep was not great also and we started him on magnesium supplements x 2 days now
As of now he slept good x 2 days and I think we are kind of back to him a bit quieter and listening.
I don't think he can tolerate the 3 x week dosing it caused a lot of fluctuating moods and he was even crying etc..I did it for 2 weeks and it was not good for him or us.
Dhana last year
ok, every other day, if better, is ok. continue.
Reva V last year
I just wanted to update
I am doing Ignatia 30c 3 times a week or every other day depending on how he is
Magnesium supplement by vitality a gummy once after lunch
Smarty pants vitamin gummytwo in the morning ( it’s the adult so reduced )

He has been kind of calm since then for the past months
Sleep is kind of being maintained , still some awakenings about 6 days in a month

Recently more hyper, I think from all this change and mandatory stay in home for most part

I hope he will settle down once things normalise

Thank you
[Edited by Dhana on 2020-04-05 23:45:00]
Dhana last year

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