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Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy Page 7 of 11

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Wed - slept from 10 to 4 ,
Thursday - slept from 9.40 to 5.45

A bit hyper today and yesterday

He was calmer on Monday / Tuesday/ Wednesday, however the effect is not like the first time
In general I would say the fondling was reduced a bit since the Beliis / phos trial . His sensitivity had reduced and tolerance had increased to brushing etc . Wednesday he was quiet in the car while we’re driving for about 1 hour and he has never been that way.. however all the behavior/ fondling are back now .

Is it an option to give this alternately like Bellis one day and phos the next day like how we did the Natrum Supl and Kali Mur the first time ? I wasn’t sure. Is statamonium or thuja something you would consider for him ?

We continue to have hope that we might be able to calm him down a bit..
My knowledge comes only from google and reading the forums and we hope you will continue to advise us . We know chance of success is less .

In the past 1 year we got up every 3rd day. This is the first month we have slept so much even with him getting up at 4 or 5 some days.
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Dhana 5 months ago
Bellis Per 30 on Sat and Sunday.
Phos 30 on Monday morning
Reva V 5 months ago
Dr Reva

He is crying a lot since this morning
Not sure what is going on
He is not sick no fever or cough. But keeps crying on and off today.
He was very angry and upset, kept hitting his head. Tried to hit his dad and his younger brother as he was angry.
Walking without clothes and also fondling all the time

Had tried Chamomila 30c
Then gave the Bellis
We gave some magnesium

Sunday is not crying anymore
But very hyperactiveness. Yelling. Hitting Self . Aggressive continues..
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Dhana 5 months ago
You can give Phos 30 today, if this is the case.

Please provide the following information:
1. what is his typical breakfast, lunch and dinner
2. are there black mold in the bath tub or water area, even a trace of it (like under the kitchen sink, due to water leak). Has ever been a water leak under the sink in bath room or kitchen and stayed for a few days
3. does bread and fruits in the home spoil faster than you would expect (any indication of mold in the air). Home depot sells a mold kit (two petri dishes, one to keep inside and another to keep outside and compare whether the indoor mold grows faster)
4. how much does he get fresh air every day
5. In what direction he is keeping his head while sleeping
6. how often the air filter is changed.
7. what is the zip code you live in (this help to see the humidity and temperature and modulate the medicine for the season). Medicine needed in dry cold is different from wet cold and so on.

There is an external factor that is influencing. Homeopathy is great to shift, but to stay there is food, water, air and cleanliness.
Reva V 5 months ago
Dr Reva
My zip is edited
Breakfast - dosa with chili and urad dhal powder milagaipodi
Lunch -rice m dhal, vegetables , sambar , curd rice ,
Dinner - dosa
It is possible there is mold as we had the problem after summer last year
House was repainted. We threw out stuff . Basement had water leakage . Stuff thrown out.
Apartment repainted, got dehumidifier for summer
Food does not get spoilt any sooner
Head is towards north .
Usually goes to school and other programs - out atleast for 7 hours weekdays in winter
Weekends - out 4 to 5 hours

In summer we are mostly out of our home and not in.
Don’t have air filter , dont use it

the second time the phosphorus did not act that long , benefits were see for 3 days regarding hyperactivity. Though he slept fine . First time it was a very long time
I wanted to ask about arsenic album or allium Cepa which are complementary to phos
Is there any benefit In trying them

Still hyperactivity but aggressive is gone
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-03-04 18:30:36]
Dhana 5 months ago
It is understandable that you read and want to accelerate the recovery (hence you are asking about ars. and allium cepa).

to sustain benefits, a complementary action is needed, before relying on medicines only. Please continue to answer the questions.

1. How long are you staying in this appartment? Is the hyperactivity got worse after you moved to this appartment.

2. where were you when you were pregnant with him.

3. When did you noticed the first sign of autism and what happened to him or you/your family when he got the first sign. (a few examples: Did he get sick before that for which you gave some medicine). Please send the list of vaccination given to him in the one year before he got the first sign of autism

Please move his sleeping position. His head in the east side. The second alternate is West side.
Reva V 5 months ago
Dr Reva

1) We are staying in the same apartment now for 5 years . No the hyperactivity is the same. However we are getting older and he is also growing bigger making it difficult for us to control him. In the past we would just carry him / lift him etc . We no longer are able to do it .. we are usually visiting India for 4 weeks in summer every year for the past 8 years . he continues to be that way there too.. there has been no difference in his behavior location wise

2) different zip code in Westchester county, NY at the time

3) he had great difficulty in maintaining sleep even after birth , and that continued for a long time.
We have always had to get up at night but the last year it had worsened terribly.
He never spoke anything , but attained good motor functioning . He was doing inappropriate things like hugging other kids or climbing the rock etc while all other kids are playing . He used to be jumping up and down the airplane seat and switching on and off lights/ fan . And closing / opening things.
Climbing on the fridge, climbing on the doors , windows . He is like a monkey

I will give a list of vaccinations soon.
Our opinion is that he was born this way. He is growing. Has significant problems with attention.
Has mental retardation. Now with anger if he doesn’t get to do what he wants. Sleep problems that worsened x 1 year now, but miraculously by you we are sleeping now somewhat past month.
He was so stubborn he refused to eat anything but dosa for a long time. He still refuses to touch food that is sticky . Etc.. genital fondling is almost now 3 years . We have been struggling with these issues for many years now
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-03-04 18:30:59]
Dhana 5 months ago
Thanks. This helps much more for cause analysis.
[Edited by Reva V on 2019-02-13 01:52:34]
Reva V 5 months ago
Hi Reva,

sorry for disturbing u in this user's forum.

I have some queries i have posted in my forum about my daughter's height in which I was giving yr remedies (calc phos 6x two times daily). pl if u can spare some of yr valuable time can u please give reply to my query in my forum .


punitmittal777 5 months ago
How is your son from Phosphorus
Reva V 4 months ago
The aggression is gone
Hyperactive is still there like usual
Teacher wrote he was yelling etc on Monday in school..
Sleep has still been good so far.
In my opinion first time phos good effect. Second time effect only 3 days. Third time not so much..

My son can also cry some times , and we noticed this past 5 days he has episodes of crying, then he is happy , not sure why.. but he has a tendency for repeating behavior also. Example if he cried one day for say bathing and soap bothered him he can cry everyday at bath even though it doesn’t bother him. ( as a young child he cried one day when his pacifier fell down and about 1 week later we came the same way and he cried , but he did not have pacifier that day at all but he looked down looking for it )
He also developed stomach problems from not eating . We had to give him nexium x 6 weeks last year and it's possible he is crying from stomach issues again as he is not eating in school much except for a few cookies. Rigidity in thoughts and in repetitive behaviour . Won’t eat except if we feed him , won’t eat in school.

Vaccines given before 1 year
DTap, hepB , pneumococcal, polio, rota ,HIB
1 - 2 years
MMR , Varicella
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-02-15 01:15:47]
Dhana 4 months ago

Any suggestions for next step ..

He is now back to how he was when we started. Sleep is still largely good.
He woke up one day at 5 am but next day slept fine.
Dhana 4 months ago
Please order Bellis Per 3x (available in this site) and give two tablets, every evening and report.
Reva V 4 months ago

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