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Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy Page 7 of 9

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Summary so far

Reason - hyperactive and not sleeping

Achievement -
Sleeping_ 4 to 5/5
Teeth grinding _4/5
Mouth distortion _4-5/5

Not much improved
Hyper active _ 1_2/5

Meds so far x

Best successes
Phytolacca - increased sleeping most days of week
Chamomile - some calmness
bellis followed by phos - worked very well initially , but then not so much, sleep Improved

Gelsemium - so far giving along phytolacca , will dose every 2 days and see
Kali Mur - not sure if it had any positive effect as he had adverse with nat sulp

Not good
Nat sulp - very distressed, walking in night which he has never done

No effect
Phos 200c
Thuja 200 / 1 M
Cina and alumina

I really am hoping for some increase in calmness ,
Even the teacher is saying he has poor attention and if it improved he may do well
He also has a lot of repetitive behaviour and sensory - hugging , climbing , not wearing clothes etc
We have now been using trousers with strings and so he has been holding the strings instead of his private parts for most part, though genital fondling is still there

I don’t think there is a miracle fix . Hopefully Dr Reva can continue to help me .
Certainly I am willing to try each remedy one by one and see what helps

I was so desperate last year , I didn’t sleep for almost one year. But after phytolocca sleep has been for the most part good . And that in itself is a great great feeling .
If he can calm down that would be our best goal for him.
Last year I couldn’t handle him for a period of time, this year I can , and I don’t think I am different, I think in some subtle way he is

But if I don’t give the phytolocacca regularly he wakes up , hence my preference to continue it
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-08-28 10:36:52]
Dhana last year
Are you talking about


I did not start the Autism 7 year old. Past treatment was with a local homeopath but it was not successful. Which I have stated at the beginning.
This is my only post regards my son
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-08-28 10:38:43]
Dhana last year
Thanks for the details. Please continue with gels and photo together as suggested. keep the updates.
Reva V last year

I asked for a summary to help you to get an abstracted view. What you provided is complete. Thanks. This helps to understand that you see some benefit and is inching in the right direction

Please continue from here.
Reva V last year
Not much different.
I think if I reduce the phytolacca to once every 2 days he is quite abnormal by the next dose.
Gels has some calming on the day but not subsequently
He has been given on Tuesday and Friday this week
So he sleeps ok on the day and next but he has awaken both times on early Tuesday morning, Friday morning and Monday morning ( the day of next dosing) ebetween 2 and 4 am
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-02 10:32:31]
Dhana last year
I edited my prior post to update

All users - individual or physician who have been in the forum for sometime have email in their profile if you click on them.
As they have been generally responsive to questions and are reachable if needed via email
I did notice yours is not BTW but u can reach Dr Reva if needed if you look at his profile.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-02 11:05:53]
Dhana last year

Mahadev1 is a troll despite getting banned, coming in with different aliases every time. His homeopathic knowledge and skills are scrappy and his personality is highly volatile.

So I will request you to keep off him or to report his posts to the moderator or you can also write to the moderator.

You can decide what you want on your own without taking inputs from such people. I personally do not like using more than one remedy at a time or use remedies in a piece meal fashion but there are multiple ways to achieve results.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-09-02 19:35:13]
maheeru last year
Thank you Dr Maheeru. I didn't know why he was posting despite me saying I was happy with Dr. Reva. I will report in future
Dhana last year
Ok welcome, actually your case carried my username at the title as well. I noticed this much later. If a patient chooses one answerer here and says happy with that person, it's nobody's business to interfere, however patients can also be happy with prescribers based on gratitude and devotion---at those times it becomes imperative for other knowledgeable people to interfere.

But the final decision should be the seeker's.

Besh wishes!
maheeru last year
Yes I think both of you have the best successes in the forum for children like my son.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-02 18:27:41]
Dhana last year
Thanks Maheeru. You are more than welcome to suggest remedies in this thread and it is appreciated.

Please stop Phyto and Gel. Start with Nitric Acid 6, one dose in the night before going to sleep and report on his sleep and calmness every day until he settles on Nitric Acid. It is to be given for a few days only and it should not be repeated for longer than a week. It is very powerful to reach the root. Repeat only after further instruction.
Reva V last year

The person in question has been suspended. And thanks for your kind words about me and Reva. Wish other people also do due diligence before handing over their cases like you.


Thanks for the invitation :) But our styles could differ and leave dhana in confusion if I also started to add my ideas simultaneously.
maheeru last year
Thanks Maheeru. I agree with your comments in differing styles, based on individual experience and the focus.

I want to reinforce that i am open to your suggestions in this or any thread and is welcome.
Reva V last year
Gave first dose last night .
Sleep okay. Back to school
Will monitor regards hyper/ and any school feedback.
Dhana last year
Great Reva :)

Personal experience, focus, our sources and our intuition everything contributes to the individual way of doing things. No doubt.

For instance I was introduced to Dry dosing and Kentian approach of starting potencies with 1M. But with time came in the understanding, that this need not be the norm. I believe in continous learning--but not for the sake of learning new things--to enable me do something better than before. I have a research bent of mind, and do research independently!

Yes in academic interest, I will let my creative juices flow, to recommend something assuming what I would suggest if Dhana approaches me at this point. Should be stimulating. I would not care about reputation. Have never, always have stuck my neck out to give out anything even in cases rejected by other doctors, homeopaths etc. Let's see.
maheeru last year
Dhana could you please point to me to a few posts that are most representative of your child's problems/complaints, history and personality profile. Please not more than three or four posts--they should capture the current symptoms and the issue on hand in the best possible way. If I had time would have gone through the whole thread.
maheeru last year
I think only 2 posts



First one on first page
page 13 where I have summarized, both are linked above .

Physically nothing is wrong with him,

Autism very limited vocalizations
Mental retardation
Some obsessive compulsive behaviors and rigidity of idea.
Will repeat same behavior in same spot even if irrelevant ( may have been relevant first time)
Hyperactive and reduced attention
Sleeplessness now improved
Not independent in anything- still have to feed / dress / sleep with us / tie his shoes/ put on his clothing etc - will not perform even if repeated asking or may do a little bit and stop
Running way / wandering behaviour if something is of interest
Excessive force in hugging, trying to climb people and wants to be carried .
wants to sit on lap or between 2 people to get the pressure and warmth I think

his dad has also some mild ocd and his younger brother also some mild obsessive behaviors. But his dad is otherwise okay and working. Brother is only 5 , but talking and no other issues so far in similarity with first child

He is a very happy child.
Hoping for improvement in attention and reduced hyperactivity. To listen and follow . And to sleep.
I think if he does this he can improve to what best he can.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-05 16:30:03]
Dhana last year
Hi Reva and Dhana

Went about those details. I'm making certain comments here in academic interest.

Nat. Sulph. was a good remedy to start with for his fall onto the bed from smaller height. Some times nat. sulph. does not reach it's potential unless it's preceded by Arnica. Could have been the case.

I find Hyoscyamus a good remedy in my analysis. It could have been persisted with. In these cases there will be ups and downs--they shouldn't be construed as aggravation or as a particular remedy is not suitable.

Otherwise from the responses, I find phos. having good potential.

I have Bell, Stram, Hyos leading my analysis.

I would start with Bell or Stram.

Would not leave the medicine soon. Will employ wet dose or LMs to make the doses register over a period of time.

This complaint can require years of treatment, people who don't have enough experience/arm chair critics can comment adversely without understanding the nature of the disease/prognosis and the complexity.
maheeru last year
Gave second dose of nitric acid.

Should the dosing be earlier ? Have been giving close to 9.30 pm.

A bit calmer after the first dose during Thursday day

Second dose given Thursday night

Woke up 5 am itself and a little bit hyper but could have been from reduced sleep itself.
Dhana last year
Please do not repeat. It was suggested for one day.

Let go for a few days without any medicine and monitor
Reva V last year
He is sleeping from 10.20 to 6 in the night past 4 days - fri/sat/sun/mon
So sleep is okay

Rest seems about the same
He has no worsening of anything
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-10 14:01:40]
Dhana last year
He will respond to change of routine now very well.

Give him some different experience in different places. He needs to erase the routine and the behavior associated to it.

This can change him for the good. Be creative on some ideas, invest your time and behavior changes will come with it.
Reva V last year
Okay will try other things
Dhana last year
We are trying to make him eat by himself in the night , some success partially with it
He used to eat before but not everyday , we are trying to make him do it

I noticed after the nitric acid he was calmer for a few days

No longer calm now , yelling etc are back
Sleep still good

Tried to do some homework today and big melt down crying etc
Back to hyper and inappropriate laughter etc( which he does when he is hyper). Got up at 5.20 today.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-17 16:32:04]
Dhana last year
The changes suggested are change of routine to forget his past memory. If you come home from school for example, take him outside to a park for 30 minutes or more and then take home. There are many examples

Repeat Nitric Acid 6, once a day for 2 days and then stop.
Reva V last year
Okay I will do that
So nitric acid wed evening and Friday evening and stop and see. Correct?.

Because school is open now it's a bit hard for us.
I have been making him take his own bag to bus some resistance and success
I have made him eat dosai/ some upma/ chappati on his own x 5 days now.
I am going to join him in dance class from next Monday.it is for special needs.

He woke up at 4.30 today until 5.15 lot of hyper and laughing . Then slept and woke at 6.30.
[Edited by Dhana on 2019-09-18 11:04:31]
Dhana last year

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