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4 yr old Adhd & pdd-nos

Good day
My son is turning 4 this month (January 2010). He has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (although I feel like they aren’t sure exactly how to label him), and seems to be moving in the direction of ADHD. He initially had speech delay issues, sensory integration issues, as well as some gross and fine motor skill issues. He received 1 year of early intervention, and is currently receiving speech and OT at school, ½ a week. He received most of his vaccinations, although we had stopped as of a year ago. No major issues after each vaccination other than some fever and irritability. He achieved most of his developmental delays on-time except walking a little late (16 months), and then speaking late, which is what prompted us to look into what was going on with him. We initially got his hearing tested, which was normal, then got him evaluated by a developmental pediatrician and early intervention. In addition to therapy, we have tried supplements and had some success with Omega 3s and vitamin D, no success with B 12 (made him more hyper.) We tried the casein free diet with no success. I give him chamomile with some success (I do feel he is a bit calmer and less edgy). We also tried “Tula Temper Tamer” which is Cina 6C and Chamomilla 6C. I do feel like it helped some but seems to need to be used continually and I thought I might get better results with a single remedy option in 30C. We’ve also recently tried pycnogenol. I don’t know if it’s really helping. Our doctor said it would help him focus better, which is may be doing, but behavior wise, his hyperactivity levels are still very high.
Here is some background. Please let me know if you need additional information
- Very hyperactive.
- Easily Agitated
- Easily Provoked
- Stubborn
- Restless
- Irritable
- Obstinate
- Impatient
- Sensitive to reprimand. Cries and apologizes profusely when I reprimand him or am upset with something he did, until I say it’s ok. Sometimes gets upset at times when another child is being reprimanded, as if it’s being directed towards him
- Explosive Tantrums, although they have improved over time. However, there are still occasions when they last for long periods of time.
- Difficulty with self regulation
- Very animated
- Can be very social
- When he is in a good mood he can be very funny. He says smart things, or purposely says a wrong funny answer because he knows it will make someone laugh. His teachers love him, and everyone that works in the building seems to know who he is, including the janitor, and go out of their way to say hello to him and do extra little things for him. He greets all of them very well.
- Sensory Seeking – He loves water, rough play, jumping, climbing, etc. Enjoys bear hugs, although as an infant he did not enjoy being restricted or held tightly
- Sleeps well at night, although has not taken any naps during the day since he was about 18 months. (after we got rid of the pacifier). Sleeps from about 8 PM to 7:30 AM. Rarely gets up in the middle of the night.
- Loved to mouth objects as a child, still occasionally puts things in his mouth and bites his nails
- Hunger and thirst seem normal
- Currently about average height and weight (about the 60th percentile in both for his age). As a child he was very chubby (90th to 95th percentile) and above average height (about 75th)
- On occasion has pulled hair when unaware (i.e. when watching tv), sometimes to the point of pulling some hair out. Generally strand at a time, not pulling on large clumps.
- Likes to play with strands of hair/string
- Speaks loudly and speaks a lot, all the time. We’ve had his hearing tested and it’s normal. This is one of the issues that they mention at school, and we’ve been trying to work on for ages. Before he could speak, he would just yell or say certain sounds loudly. Like “ahhhhhhhhh” for no reason other than to hear his voice
- Had a number of ear infections as an infant, but no longer seems to have these issues
- Sensitive to sound as a child (other than his own yelling), less so now, but still on occasion might express that something is too loud
- No issues with nightmare/night terrors
- No history of rashes
- Extremely friendly and social as a younger child, so much so that he would go up to random strangers and want to talk to them or sit on their lap. Still social but sometimes initially resistant when meeting new people (usually adults), likes to play with other children. No longer as forward with strangers as he used to be
- Has a large impressive vocabulary, but took a while before he could form more complex sentences and have a give and take conversation. Vocabulary is above his age. Constructing sentences is about age appropriate now. Still struggles with some sounds like “L”, and confuses pronouns. Still has some trouble differentiating certain question words “who” vs. “what” or “how”.
- Has a wonderful memory. Knew his alphabet and numbers by age 2, although had trouble with other verbal communication at that age. Knows logos and symbols and the companies they belong too. Knows how to spell simple words. Knows all the letter sounds, and can identify words that start with the same letter. Knew all his colors, shapes, etc. very early on.
- Great with numbers beginning to grasp some basic early math skills like addition and subtraction. Can count to 100 (and beyond I think).
- Loves pretend play and very imaginative
- Loves the computer and picks things up on it very easily
- Good gross motor skills. We had OT for a year and they really helped with motor planning and his gross motor skills.
- Fine motor skills he still struggles with a bit. Still prefers a fist grasp, trouble with tracing letters and cutting with scissors. However, he can use a mouse on a computer and click properly, or use a touch pad on a laptop with no problem. He can thread beads/cheerios on a necklace, etc. He can put pegs in a peg board with no problem. He can lock and unlock doors as well as turn knobs with no issue.
- He is potty trained, although he wasn’t solely in underwear till 3 ½. He mastered urinating before he mastered defecating, which is the opposite of most children.
- He does not wet the bed except on rare occasions
- He was born 8 lbs., vaginal birth. It was traumatic for me (extensive tearing) yet he was healthy upon birth.
- He’s not afraid of the dark, or bugs. Generally likes animals but likes to approach them at his own pace. If one comes up to him, he tends to be frightened even if they are friendly
- Father is in good health. I am also generally healthy, with some history of anxiety, which I deal with through meditation. Also had post partum depression with my first child (him), and have had on and off issues with insomnia. Maternal grandparents both have high blood pressure. Paternal grandfather has diabetes, paternal grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis.

Please let me know what else you may need to help me. I’d like to try a single homeopathic remedy with him. Cina and Chamomilla as well as Lachesis are things we have looked into but didn’t want to try anything without some guidance. We are trying to find a homeopath in our area that we can consult with that isn’t too expensive but would like to try something sooner than later. Our current doctor is an MD that does integrative pediatrics and is very open to our using homeopathy. He provides us with some guidance but is not classically trained so we still need some outside guidance.

Thank You
  amer0609 on 2010-01-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Can he wear tight clothes
vikas_grower last decade
It's a bit odd. Sometimes he can wear tight clothes and sometimes not. For instance, in the summer, he LOVED wearing hats. Would wear them even in the house. Now, he hates wearing hats. Used to hate socks and shoes, now loves them. Generally, he is fine with regular clothing (pants/shorts, shirts, sweaters, pajamas, including the tight fitted ones). He tends to be on the warm side though. Rarely complains of being cold, but often says he is warm.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest.
amer0609 last decade
Please explain in more detail

1) Speaks loudly and speaks a lot, all the time

2)Explosive Tantrums, although they have improved over time. However, there are still occasions when they last for long periods of time

3)What gets him provoked and agitated .

4)What makes u think that he is hyperactive .

5)How does her get irritated .

6) How does he feels when he gets up in morning .

7) Any particular time of day when he seems to be worse as compared to rest of day .

8) Does his head sweat during sleep .

9) Why do u say that he is obstinate and impatient .
vikas_grower last decade
Here are my answers:

1) Speaks loudly and speaks a lot, all the time

He always has a high tone of voice. Seems like he is yelling his reply. We've checked is hearing and it is fine. He is also sensitive to others being too loud, but doesn't notice his own voice volume. He is constantly talking, singing, etc. We ask him to lower his voice but he jsut doesn't seem to be able to talk softly.

2)Explosive Tantrums, although they have improved over time. However, there are still occasions when they last for long periods of time

when transitioning from one activity or another, or when we ask him to do something, or stop doing something, he starts yelling defensively, sometimes screaming, crying. In the past he used to throw himself on the floor. Calming him down by physically holding him was tough because he seemed so strong. It's gotten better where he doesn't throw himself on the floor much but sometimes once he gets worked up (even over something insignificant) it can take half hour or so of hysterical crying till he is able to calm himself down. Sometimes sitting somewhere alone, quietly helps. Also the more physical activity he gets, it seems to translate to better behavior. When he's cooped up he goes nuts, when he's had a lot of physical activity, he acts up less throughout the day

3)What gets him provoked and agitated .

sometimes small things. asking him if he has to go to the bathroom while he's busy playing, telling him to eat his lunch. Sometimes when you tell him to stop playing a game or telling him not to go so close to his baby brother's face, etc. We try to implement warnings, like '5 more minutes, 2 more minutes, etc'. We also try using if you do this, then you can do that or have that. It has helped to some extent but it's still an issue. He has self regulation issues, particularly when transitioning.

4)What makes u think that he is hyperactive .

he is on his feet all the time, even when watching tv. He doesn't nap, doesn't get tired. He has an exercise game that he can play for 2 hours straight with no effect. he generally stops if because he's bored, not tired. most kids get tired after half hour to an hour. He's always fidgeting. Hands are constantly moving, especially when excited. He used to flap his hands when he was younger. Now it just seems like non stop movement. He can't sit for long, whether it's dinner or a game. He stands and walks around or runs around and goes back. Always climbing and jumping on the couches.

5)How does he get irritated .

he gets irritated when you suggest he do something new, or stop what he's doing, or don't let him have his way basically.

6) How does he feels when he gets up in morning .

he's usually fairly good in the morning, although we have occassional issues of his fighting us when getting ready for school.

7) Any particular time of day when he seems to be worse as compared to rest of day .

it really varies.

8) Does his head sweat during sleep .

no he does not seem to sweat in his sleep

9) Why do u say that he is obstinate and impatient.

he's stubborn, and when he's impatient, even if you agree to do something for him, he wants it now. He has trouble with sharing. His reaction is always much bigger than an issue warrents. It's not just whining or crying for a few minutes, it's a full tantrum sometimes.

THank you for your interest
amer0609 last decade
What is his response to music , does he dance .
vikas_grower last decade
Is there aversion to some colours .

What is the response to music

Does he throws the head from side to side or rubs it against the pillow

Any sensitivity to touch

Does he craves for open air

Any Constipation and skin problems

Any diziness
vikas_grower last decade
My responses are below in parenthasis:

Is there aversion to some colours .

(No he tends to like all colors. sometimes has a preference for blue in clothing, but otherwise, no issues with colors)

What is the response to music

(he tends to enjoy music, likes to dance. At school he prefers to listen more than sing along. Sometimes he will not want me to sing, or others to sing around him. he likes to sing sometimes, but generally alone.)

Does he throws the head from side to side or rubs it against the pillow

(I have not noticed him doing either)

Any sensitivity to touch

(as an infant, he did not like to be constrained. now he enjoys hugs. Sometimes if i'm trying to brush his hair he will fight it. same with brushing his teeth, so i do feel there is some sensitivity.)

Does he craves for open air
(he enjoys playing outside, or going outside in general, but i'm not sure it's any more than most children)

Any Constipation and skin problems

(no problems with constipation. he is pretty regular. No skin problems at all)

Any diziness

(no dizziness)
amer0609 last decade
Please get Tarentula Hispanica 30c in liquid / pellets form and inform to discuss the dosing .
vikas_grower last decade
I will order this remedy or look for it in the health food store. Please let me know of dosing. I will let you know as soon as I receive it. Thank you for your help!!
amer0609 last decade
Good day. I have not been able to find it in stores, so I will order it online. Will I potentially need to get another potency down the line? If so please let me know so I can order it at the same time as shipping costs more than the item itself. Thank you
amer0609 last decade
Please wait .
vikas_grower last decade
He is constantly talking, singing

Can u put more light on that .
vikas_grower last decade
He is constantly talking, singing

Can u put more light on that .

Does he have any fears .

Any food ctavings
vikas_grower last decade
He just talks a lot. a Chatterbox :) Even if he doesn't have an audience. He can be playing in the bathtub and talking, making up stories or scenerios. He can be playing on the computer and commenting, again, even if no one is around to hear it. His volume tends to be loud, especially when he's excited.

He's not particularly afraid of the typical things I see most kids his age are afraid of. He doesn't mind being in the dark, he doesn't mind bugs. If animals scare him or approach too quickly, he would get frightened, and if hr's startled he gets frightened. He LOVES water. He was initially scared of heights when first learning to go up the ladder on the slide and down the slide but he got over that fairly quickly. He enjoys climbing now. I will try to be more observant but there is nothing that sticks out that I know he he is definately afraid of.

he enjoys sweet and salty about the same. he drinks often. he enjoys junk food but i try to keep it regulated. He likes juice, chocolate. I think those are his favorites. He also enjoys cookies and chips. He likes oatmeal and cereal, and fresh veggies. Does not like cooked vegetables, except maybe corn. He prefers eating food in sandwich form. Like if i made pasta and chicken, most times he will not want the pasta, and I will have to put the chicken in a sandwich.

Hope that helps. thank you again
amer0609 last decade
Does he likes/asks/prefers to have water , juices and other drinks COLD
vikas_grower last decade
he never specifically requests it, but most of the drinks are cold, although he does enjoy hot chocolate and tea as well, but he has those things only very occassionally.
amer0609 last decade
What would u single out as best and worst part of him
vikas_grower last decade
worst part is his tantrums and issues with self regulation

best part is that he is very smart and funny, and his good memory
amer0609 last decade
Please get Phosphorus 30c and inform .
vikas_grower last decade
As the parent of a child with severe autism, much worse than you mention here I highly suggest seeking a trained homeopath to deal with your son. PLEASE don't give him high doses either initially. The wrong remedy in too high a dose can change the case and enough of that can render him incurable. Nothing you mention here is sticking out to me. You need more information for anyone to solidly prescribe. Truly, go to a professional. Where are you located?
gencaf last decade
I would ask what are his fears? For my son it is animals and planes. Any foods he really likes or dislikes? Any physical problems? Also, is there anything especially peculiar about him that you can think of? Try to forget about his other conditions for a moment and focus on these things. Homeopaths don't prescribe on a condition, but on symptoms.
gencaf last decade
Thanks for all who have commented.

vikas_grower: thank you so much for looking into this. are you a practicing homeopath? what is the dosage for phosphorus 30c and will it be detremental to him if it's not the right constitutional remedy?

gencaf: I am looking into finding a homeopath in our area. I live in Northern NJ. Have you had success helping your son with homeopathy? The tantrums are just getting overhelming so I wanted to try anything in the meantime

As for his fears, I answered this before for vikas_grower. There is nothign that stands out. He likes water, and the dark. He likes animals, but takes a bit to warming up to touch one, and would get afraid if one approached unexpectedly or too quickly.

He loves chocolate, and lemonade and generally likes junkfood, although we try to limit it. He likes fresh veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, celery). He likes bread, and enjoys food in sandwiches. Enjoys cheeses and yogurt. He dislikes cooked veggies, except maybe corn. Has a love/hate relationship with pasta & rice. A few weeks he loves it, and a few weeks he hates it and won't go near it.

as for physical problems, nothing out of the ordinary. He does have some delay in fine motor skills. trouble with scissors, and writting. But he's very good with a mouse on a computer and a laptop, so it's sort of an odd combination of skills. Gross motor is ok. A little clumsy at times. He has sensory integration issues. Some things he is sensory seekiing, others he is defensive (like with loud noises, or large crowds).

He has a few peculiarities. LOVES numbers and letters. Notices them in the oddest places. He's very good with them but it's a bit obsessive. Sometimes he repeats phrases. LOVES cars, knows every car make (nissan, toyota, etc) just by looking at the symbol. In general great with symbols (chase, mcdonalds, walmart, etc. etc) Knows the brand a commercial is selling from the very start, even if the brand has not been specified in the beginning. sort of memorizes which commercials belong to what product. Knows all the presidents on money. Knew all the candidates for the presidential election just from the commercials. But then he struggles to remember all the words to a song. Just more of a visual learner I guess.

Also, he can be the most loving, funny, chill child, and then somethng just sets him off and he's a madman, and it takes a lot and a long time to calm him. It's really odd and disheartening

anyway hope this helps. Do you think it would be ok to try the phosphorus 30c in the meantime?

Kindest Regards to all
amer0609 last decade
Well the dosage will be given in a way that will not be detrimental to him .

The dosing method is

Pour 2 drops of liquid of Phosphorus 30 c in a 250 ml spring water bottle.

Alternatively put 2 pellets of Phosphorus 30 c in a 250 ml spring water bottle and allow it to dissolve on its own which will take some time .
Once u pour the drops in the bottle/pellets have dissolved , shake the spring water bottle very gently to allow uniform mixing .

Take a capful from this bottle 3 times in one day, spaced by 45 minutes .
This is to be done for one day ONLY. No repetition of the medicine .

1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands ( not applicable as u have medicine in liquid form ) , tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate.
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

Please also remember as explained that the 3 doses has to be taken once .
No homeopathic medicine should be repeated until the reaction to the initial dose is observed.

Well if the remedy selected is ok then the first sign of improvement will noticed in the first few days , otherwise no effect will be observed .

Avoid coffee and any strong smelling cosmetic
vikas_grower last decade
thank you for this information.

I will get the phosphorus 30c this weekend. however, i may have to wait before I give it to him, as he's been sick and vomiting and I'm not sure if he will need any conventional medicine in the interum.

Thank you again!
Kindest Regards
amer0609 last decade
Good day. I've finally gotten my order for the phosphorus 30c, and administered it as told today. (40 minutes apart with no food inbetween). however, after the last dose, around 20 minutes or so I saw my son snuck a few pretzels. I tried keeping everything away from him but he kept complaining he was thirsty and wanted a snack. Let me know if it will nullify the effects of the dosing.

Now I guess I sit and watch. Anything specific I should be looking for? Or just general obvservations? I will report back in a few days. Kindest Regards.
amer0609 last decade

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