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Good day. I've finally gotten my order for the phosphorus 30c, and administered it as told today. (40 minutes apart with no food inbetween). however, after the last dose, around 20 minutes or so I saw my son snuck a few pretzels. I tried keeping everything away from him but he kept complaining he was thirsty and wanted a snack. Let me know if it will nullify the effects of the dosing.

Now I guess I sit and watch. Anything specific I should be looking for? Or just general obvservations? I will report back in a few days. Kindest Regards.
amer0609 last decade
lets watch
vikas_grower last decade
DAY 1:

1 - mornings were same as usual. Argued about going to school and brushing his teeth had some tantrums.

2 - Day was better than usual. Less tantrums, less fidgeting. At well. Had a good breakfast and lunch with snacks. Apologetic when I was upset without melting down. Overall calmer/more pleasant.

3- Evening was worse than usual. Did not eat well even though he hadn't snacked in hours and I had made his favorite (pizza). Bath time transition was ok, probably because he used it as a means to get out of eating the rest of his food. HUGE tantrums at the end of bathtime and upon going to sleep which rarely happens. Went to sleep early so not overtired. Very contrary. Would ask for a story and if I read one would start screaming he didn't want one but when I'd stop he'd ask for one again. Same with drinking water, etc.

I know its day one but I figured I would post a daily log so to speak so I don't forget.

Also, I've tried cina and chamomilla (30c) with him in the past with some success but didn't know what to do after the initial dose. I've also used them in a combination remedy in the past, (6c of each in the remedy) which we've had some success with but it needed to be taken regularly to stay effective. Would either be something to consider again down the road? They didn't do too much with the hyperactivity but helped with the tantrums, which are a big issue.

Anyway this was all a while ago. I hadn't tried anything in a while so any constitutional remedy I tried would be more effective or clearer.

Kindest Regards
amer0609 last decade
How talkative was he .

Does he talks incessantly , in general .
vikas_grower last decade
Still pretty talkative. Perhaps a little less than usual though. Still loud volume when he speaks (even when not shouting or upset).
amer0609 last decade
What does he talks about

What are his weather preferences

Does he seems to be jealous
vikas_grower last decade
Good day. He talks about what he's playing with or school. it's generally related to activities he's currently doing. He prefers warm weather, although the cold does not seem to bother him too much. He is not overly jealous no. He has a younger brother (6 months) and has normal amounts of jealousy. Generally he is good to him, although at times might want extra attention when he feels I am paying too much attention.

Wanted to summarize day 2 (yesterday).

Morning was tough, and at school they complained about his behavior. Tantrums, etc. However, he was great in the afternoon. Less hyper, less tantrums. Ate very well at dinner. Good appetite. No problems going to bed.

He was amiable this morning and did well at school. If you try to impose an activity he doesn't want, still tantrums but seem a bit shorter, and generally doesn't seem to be in the 'no' mood, where he says no or does the opposite of most everything i say or suggest.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks again
amer0609 last decade
Is there any thing that u found odd / peculiar about him when he was a baby .
vikas_grower last decade
Nothing too out of the ordinary. He didn't like to be constrained for too long. He was loud, which I think isn't too unusual, even when just making sounds (not crying). He was my first child so I wasn't sure what to expect but nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary. He was fussy, he was very chubby, ate well, liked any new foods you introduced. One thing that was a bit peculiar is he liked to mouth objects even as he got older. Always putting things in his mouth, even now he likes to bite his nails.

Anyway update on day 3:

most of the day behavior was good. A few tantrums but not as volitile as usual. Not as hyper. Still talkative and loud but better than usual. Appetite was pretty good. At well throughout the day. Slept well.

Take care. Thanks again
amer0609 last decade
Is his scalp / neck sensitive too touch
vikas_grower last decade
Not unusually though i don't think. He lets me brush his hair on occassion and sometimes he fights me, but I think it's more because he just wants to get his way than out of sensitivity. He is generally a little sensitive to touch. It used to be very difficult to give him haircuts.

As for day 4 (yesterday) started off great then around late afternoon, tantrums and hyperactivity started again on the usual levels. Today, most of the day he was a hyper with a lot of outbursts and contrary in behavior.

amer0609 last decade
He is generally a little sensitive to touch,

What makes u say that.

Can u put more light on contrary behaviour
vikas_grower last decade
He is generally a little sensitive to touch,

What makes u say that.

Does he moans during sleep

Any craving for smoked meat, sausages
vikas_grower last decade
Well he has sensory issues. He used to dislike being held or touched for long times. he's had occupational therapy so that has improved. Now he enjoys bear hugs, but still sensitive when getting a haircut or took a while to get him to brush his teeth and he doesn't like the vibrating toothbrush.

As for the contrary behavior, I meant that sometimes he will say he wants something, you give it to him, and then he's like NO i don't want it. Or is ina very 'no' mood. everything you say or ask him is no.

He does not moan during his sleep. on rare occassions he will yell and i will go check on him and realize he is sleeping but i assumed it may be from a dream

no craving for smoked meats. he will eat it on occassion but no particular fondness for it.

Also wanted to update on the last few days.

His behavior has been much more managable and he's overall been in a better mood. still a bit loud, talks less than before but still a lot, but hyperactivity is down and tantrums are less explosive and shorter duration, and more willing to listen before exploding

Kind regards,
amer0609 last decade
His behavior has been much more managable ,

Is it attributable to phosphorus .
vikas_grower last decade
Great prescription and help. Honest appreciations
Reva V
Reva V last decade

i am not sure. i think it may be as nothing else has changed. however in the beginning after taking the phosphorus results were inconsistent, so I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for or the pattern of improvement I should be looking for or anticipating if the remedy is successful.

Kindest Regards
amer0609 last decade
For instance, in the summer, he LOVED wearing hats. Would wear them even in the house. Now, he hates wearing hats.

1) Any reason u can think of for above

2) How is his response to warm sunny day

Used to hate socks and shoes, now loves them

1) Does his hand and feet tend to get quite cold .

Please check his sensitivity to touch around throat area
vikas_grower last decade
Good day,

with regard to him wearing hats, the only reason I can think of is he liked wearing them in the summer, and not in the winter. Not sure if it was just environmental or the material of the hats (summer is cotton and generally caps or fisherman hats, winter is knit cotton or wool, and over the ears)

He enjoys warm sunny days. Loves going outside. Loves the sun.

His hands and feet do not get quite cold.

As for sensitivity to the throat area, it's fairly normal. He is slightly ticklish, but does not pull away. No big reactions when I try to touch that area.


Also Mr. vikas_grower, I could use some assistance with my other 6 month old baby who is teething and having trouble sleeping. Would you be able to help me? How best should I proceed as I don't want to overlap topics. Chamomilla was suggested but I am just intersted in knowing proper dosage and frequency.

Thank you again for all your assistance. :)

Kindest Regards
amer0609 last decade
For the baby 6c potency will be ok .Mix 2 pellets in 100ml spring water and give one teaspooful every 3 hours four times a day .
vikas_grower last decade
Thank you,

His teething pains are more managable.

As for my older son, here is an update:

Overall his behavior and tempement have improved, but still have tantrums, although less frequently.

His hyperactivity was better for a while (still hyper but not as much as usual) but has started going back to the way it was before. Having difficlty sittin still, jumping around, etc.

Please let me know how to proceed and much thanks for al your assistace.

Kindest Regards.
amer0609 last decade
please get phosphorus 200c and inform
vikas_grower last decade
Ordered the 200c and should have it by midweek.

Also, not sure if this is related but we had an issue with regression when it comes to potty training (more accidents). I noticed it started around the same time that I gave him the phosphorus. Is it just coincidence or is there any relation.

Kindest Regards
amer0609 last decade
i couldnt understand what exactly u meant , can u explain more clearly
vikas_grower last decade

Basically my son has been potty trained (in underwear) for about a year. I had a baby 6 months ago, and we had no issues with him having bathroom accidents afterwards. Apparently it's fairly common for kids to regress and wetting the bed or going to the bathroom on themselves. However, we didn't really have that issue. However, it started happening a couple of weeks ago. Nothing has been different with our routine. The only thing I can think of that we did was the phosphorus, and it started at around the same time we administered it to him. I was just wondering if this is just coincidence or a side effect of some sort.

Thanks for all your insight.

Kindest Regards.
amer0609 last decade
It is difficult to comment on that .

However keep updating .
vikas_grower last decade

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