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5 years old boy with ADHD


I need a little help to choose the right remedy for my child. During the last two years our homeopath was give him Medorrhinum 200CH, Tuberculinum 1M (mostly for the physical problems - repeated tonsillitis), Sulphur Iodatum 200CH, Hyoscyamus 1M, LM1 and LM2
and Belladonna 1M. Hyoscyamus worked well but didn't last very long and now it aggravates him. Belladonna also worked well, but when we repeated the 1M dose had no effect.

1) Age 5 years
Height 116 cm
Weight 20,3 kg
Birth weight: 3960 g
Hair color: light brownish hair
Eyes color: blue-grey
Race/nationality: Rumanian

2) Main complaint:
ADHD combined with opposition.
-jealous of his brother (not so jealous after the Hyoscyamus, but he is teasing and hitting him all the time without any reason), wants lots of attention
-do not bear contradiction or physical restraint(cry, yell and strikes)
-he is hitting his parents, brother or even strangers
-is messy and the clothes are disarranged all the time(the clothes and hands are dirty, but not the face)
-he don't care how is dressed, but he don't like the tight pants on waist and the tight socks
-speaks a lot and often when he speaks he walks in a circle (helps to focus?)
-he likes very much to play in the water or with water
-he is not afraid to do dangerous things, but he is afraid of dark and when he was little was afraid of toys/objects who will make laud noises (even if it was music) and lights. Until recently he was crying when a balloon was breaking.
-he has periods when he is the sweetest boy: he is very polite and helpful, he helps and hugs his brother, he is doing what he was told to do, he plays alone and quiet...
-bedwetting also happens regularly - within one or two hours after sleep
-he is a very smart boy: he start to talk when he was one year old and by 2 years old he read all the letters and numbers.

3) When did this problem start? What happened in the child's life around that time? What do you think caused it?
-The problem started when he was 14-18 months old (after he start walking). I don't know what cause it, but I suppose that could be genetic (my husband was quite hyperactive when he was a child)
or may be related to hypoxia that has suffered at birth (born by caesarean section).

4) What makes the chief complaint better?
-light massage on his back, watching TV

5) What time of day is the worst for your child (try to specify a time)?
-11 AM and from 4-5 PM to 8 PM (aprox.)

6) What was the mother's and father's state of health at time of conception? How did the mother feel during pregnancy physically and mentally? Did she suffer any shocks or traumas while pregnant?
-Mother and father was very healthy. During pregnancy I felt pretty good and I was very happy but the time after birth I was very tired due to lack of sleep (he was not sleeping more than two hours once).

7) Did the mother have any unusual or memorable dreams while pregnant?
-I don't remember

8) Did the mother take any drugs while pregnant?

9) Were there any complications at birth?
-He had the umbilical cord around his neck and had hypoxia (APGAR - 8)

10) At what age did the child: crawl, walk, talk, teethe, toilet train, wean?
-He was never crawl, walk at 12 months, talk at 1-1,5 years, toilet train 22-24 months

11) How did the child react to the following situations: vaccinations, birth of younger sibling, starting day care, starting school, spending night with a friend, going away to camp, traveling with the family?
-He had no reaction to vaccination. Jealous of younger sibling. He likes to travel a lot and he is pretty calm in the car.
-Starting daycare/school - he was crying for a week or two, but mostly because the other children was crying. He was not very affected or he didn't show up (I never know if he had a good or bad day because he never tells me).

12) How many rounds of antibiotics has the child had and for what conditions?
-I don't remember - several times

14) Any skin conditions treated with cortisone-type cream?
-Yes - dermatitis when he was one year old.

15) Did the child have an especially severe childhood illness--measles, mumps, croup, etc.?
-A lot of cold symptoms that was always finish with tonsillitis with pus until he was 3 years old. He was also in surgery for cryptorchidism at 2,5 years old.

16. When ill or upset does the child want to cling or be left alone, or something else altogether?
-When he is ill depends... if he has high fever he likes to stay in bed and watch TV, else he will have a normal behavior.

17. How would you describe the child's behavior when playing with other children?
-He likes to be the leader. Everything is very fine if the childrens are doing what he wants, but if they don't he can hit them (specially his brother) or don't play with them anymore. He is not a big fan to play with childrens... He likes to play with adults.

18. What feedback do you get from the child's teachers?
-He is almost like home. He will try to do everything in his way. He talks too much and sometimes you think he is not listening, but at the end he knows how to answer all questions about the lesson. He has a very good memory.

19. How does your child treat animals?
-He likes dogs and cats, but only if the animals are very obedient. If not, he will try to constraint them or hit them. He don't like the big dogs that are barking. In general he likes all animals and I don't know to be afraid of any of them.

20) What foods and drinks does your child crave? What foods is he or she averse to? Are there any foods he or she reacts badly to and in what way? Do the drinks have to be cold (or with ice) or can they be any temperature?
-He likes chocolate, salty foods. coocked food, salami, ham, sausages. He don't like eggs very much. He still dinks a cup of milk in the morning and in the evening, but only with honey. He never liked plain milk and he always drank it sweetened with honey. He drinks almost everything at the room temperature.

21) What fears does your child have?
-He is fear of dark and of thunderstorms.

22)Is the child chilly or warm? Is there excessive perspiration anywhere?
-He is very warm with perspiration on head, chest and neck (mostly when he is sleeping)

23) How affectionate is the child when not sick?
-Not changed.

24) How sympathetic is the child (concerned with the suffering of others)?
-Not very sympathetic... He is laughing sometimes when his little brother is hurt.

25) How is the child affected by music and dancing?
-Not impressed in any way. He don't like to dance at all.

26) What emotion tends to predominate with the child?
-I don't know....

27) Is the child fastidious?
-He is hard to please in general...

28) Is the child sensitive to criticism and reprimand? Give examples.
-Not very much. He can be punished for something that he did and after the punishment is done he will start to do the same thing all over again.

29) Describe the child's eating habits, for example: picks at his food, or eats voraciously, or is full after 2 bites, or can't sit still to eat, or must be fed or he won't calm down, and so on.
-He can't sit still, must run away and do things, gets very messy around him and on his clothes, he likes to be fed and then he will calm down a little.

30. Are there any digestive complaints--waking with stomach pains, or a lot of gas and bloating or burping, or constipation, etc.?
-No, he has no digestive complaints.

31) Are there any problems associated with sleep? What position does he sleep in? Does he throw the covers off? Does he sweat during sleep? On which part of the body? Trouble falling asleep? Nightmares, etc.?
-He is sleeping on abdomen
-He throw the covers off and he will turn the pillow to find a cold spot.
-He is sweating during the sleep mostly over the head and neck / chest
-He will not fall asleep very easy (moves around in bed, talks sometimes...), but then sleeps very well all night
-He don't have nightmares (it happened once or twice, but this is not a problem), but he likes to sleep with some light and with the door open.

32) Any skin symptoms or anything note-worthy about the skin, the complexion, etc.?
-No. He has a nice and healthy skin.

33) How cooperative is the child?
-Not at all.

34) What illnesses run in the family, including the grandparents?
-Mother: nothing serious; Father: a little allergy, and asthma when he was two years old;
Grandfathers: cancer , diabetes and osteoarthritis

35) What does the child really love to do?
-Swim, riding the bicycle, numbers and letters.
  Miasan on 2010-03-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In this weekend I will have a meeting with our homeopath, so before of that I would greatly appreciate a review of doctors from this forum. Thank you.
Miasan last decade
Please consider Nux Vomica, Sulphur and Nitric Acid. i think that Sulphur should help.
kadwa last decade
Thank you very much Dr. Kadwa.

We have tried Sulphur iodatum
CH 200, but we didn't try a higher potency. At the beginning he was ok with it, but now it aggravates him. What potency of Sulphur do you suggest to start with?

I forgot to mention something:
-Sometimes I think that the skin is a little bit yellowish - specially on his face (nitric acid?)
-Since almost a year he has a problem with the sinuses / nasal polyps. He has all the time stuffy and runny nose.

Do you think that Sulphur would help in these cases, too?
Miasan last decade
i think that sulphur should work on the basis of the following...
1. irritability
2. intelligence
3. hyperhydrosis
4. very messy around him and on his clothes
5. bedwetting
6. problem with the sinuses / nasal polyps. He has all the time stuffy and runny nose.

You may give him a single dose of Sulphur 200c and see how he responds in the next 15 days.

Sulphur iod is an altogether different remedy.
kadwa last decade
Thank you again.
I will let you know the results.
Miasan last decade
The first dose of Sulphur 200c helped him with the following
1) Problem with the sinuses / nasal polyps (only for a 3-4 days and after that the problem relapsed)
2) Bedwetting (for a week)
3) less hyperactive and more calm (for 5-6 days)
4) He hugs and kiss me a lot
5) He is still very bossy, specially with his younger brother
6) The dermatitis that he had when he was one year old appeared on his right cheek
7) He began to grit the teeth in the sleep (he was doing that when he was younger, but not in the recent years)
After two weeks we repeated the dose since the effect was visible only for a week and the results was the same.
Now, after 3 weeks from the last dose is very hyperactive, the attention deficit is very high, he start bedwetting again, the sinuses problem is the same, the dermatitis is gone.
I think the Sulphur worked, but somehow not completely...
What do you suggest to do next?
Thank you.
Miasan last decade
Please give him three doses of Nux Vomica 30c at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily) and report back after 10 days.
kadwa last decade
Does his feet sweat
vikas_grower last decade
Let us try to summarize some things

1) ADHD ( Is it medically diagnosed so )

2) He perspires while sleeping on head . But what apart from this makes u say that he is warm person .

3) He is wotse during

11 AM and from 4-5 PM to 8 PM

What makes u say so .
vikas_grower last decade
I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner.

'Does his feet sweat' - Not very much... I think is normal

1) ADHD ( Is it medically diagnosed so ) - YES

2) He perspires while sleeping on head . But what apart from this makes u say that he is warm person.
-He don't want to be covered at night in bed
-He don't like very warm clothing
-rarely wear gloves in the winter
... my impression is that he is a warm person

3) He is worse during 11 AM and from 4-5 PM to 8 PM
What makes u say so.
-Around 11 AM and 4-5 PM he became more agitated and distracted. In the evening (after 8-9 PM) he is more calm and he play more quiet.

If you want more details please tell me. Thank you.
Miasan last decade
For Dr. Kadwa:
I tried Nux Vomica as you said, but I didn't see any improvement...
He was very well when Belladonna and Hyoscyamus worked, so I'm thinking of Stramonium too... What do you think?
Miasan last decade
Are u open to try Lycopodium then we can discuss the dosing method .
vikas_grower last decade
I already tried Lycopodium two years ago, but without results.
And as far I know Lycopodium is usually a shy person and my kid is nothing but shy. He can talk with anybody anytime.
Miasan last decade
Why do you think is Lycopodium? What are the strong indications for it in this case?
Miasan last decade
Some Lycopodium symptoms are :-

1.Avaricious, greedy, miserly, malacious, pusillanimous. Irritable; peevish and cross on walking; ugly, kick and scream; easily angered; cannot endure opposition or contradiction; seeks disputes; is beside himself

2.Nearly all diseases from 4 to 8 p. m

3.Aggravation by cold drinks

4.Externally there is sensitiveness to a warm atmosphere when there are head and spine symptoms. The head symptoms also are worse from the warmth of the bed and from heat, and worse from getting heated by exertion.

5.It has 'wetting of the bed' in little ones, involuntarily micturition in sleep, involuntary micturition in typhoids and low fevers

6.Cannot bear any strong smells. Cannot endure noise
vikas_grower last decade
1) ONLY: Irritable and cross; easily angered; cannot endure opposition or contradiction; seeks disputes
2) It is more agitated in the afternoon, but there are no aggravation when he is sick
3) Cold drinks have no effect on him
5) Only enuresis
6) He is not very sensitive at strong smells. When he was little he was disturbed by loud noises.

I will check again the characteristics of Lycopodium. After the Lyco. on his right cheek (if I remember well) appeared a rash and it lasted aprox one week after the Lyco CH30. It was more visible during and after exercise... This was the only reaction after Lycopodium. Nothing in the mental state.
Miasan last decade
He is worse during 11 AM and from 4-5 PM to 8 PM
What makes u say so.
-Around 11 AM and 4-5 PM he became more agitated and distracted. In the evening (after 8-9 PM) he is more calm and he play more quiet.

This time period is characteristic of Lyco .

However we must explore further
vikas_grower last decade
I really appreciate your help!
I know that these hours are characteristic to Lyco, but I don't know why around 11 AM is more agitated and again in the afternoon. In fact the agitation is from 11 AM till the evening if he is not sleeping after the lunch. This is not happening every day...
There are many indications for Lycopodium (even the undescended testicle after the birth)..., but he don't like cold or hot drinks, he is not afraid of strangers, he is a warm person, our homeopath says that is too agitated for a Lycopodium type.
He loves to dominate and to be the first indeed... I don't know if I have mention that he don't bear tight clothes around his waist and his neck.
The rest is in my first description of the case. I don't know what else to mention.
Miasan last decade
I don't know if I have mention that he don't bear tight clothes around his waist and his neck

Thats interesting . Please explain that in more detail .

Have u also tried Lachesis in past
vikas_grower last decade
he will always pull his pants down below the waist and he will unzip the jacket or other clothes at the neck. We tried Lachesis for an acute condition (CH30), but I didn't see any relief in the mental condition.
Miasan last decade
Which side he sleeps on

Try to see his reaction by gently/very lightly touching
around his neck
vikas_grower last decade
He usually sleeps on his tummy and sometimes on one side. I think more on right side than the left side.
He was tickled by my touching around his neck. When I thied again he had no reaction.

These days was very very provoking at home and at kindergarten. He seems to be a little more violent that he usually is (I think this was happening after the sulphur). Every time when he has an argue with his brother he will hit him at the end. He even try to hit us (the parents) too. If I say him NO when he asks me something, he begins to scream and cry and insist very much on that matter.
Miasan last decade
Lets Summarize ( please add if anything is left out )

1. Agressive/ Violent/ Bossy - Hits sibling , parents

2.Bed wetting

3. Head , Neck/Chest Perspiration duting sleep

4.Difficulty in falling asleep but once asleep then Sleeps well

5.Likes water , not afraid of animals

6. Fears dark , thunderstorms

7. Agitated around 11 am amd calm after 8-9 pm .

8.Thermally Hot .is warm person.
-He don't want to be covered at night in bed
-He don't like very warm clothing
-rarely wear gloves in the winter

9. Does not tolerate tight clothing around waist and neck

10. Intelligent
vikas_grower last decade
1.Can he wears ties ( as dor example as a part of school uniform ) . Can he wear turtle necks , say in winter .

2. How is his mood when his sleep breaks in the morning that is just when he wakes up .
vikas_grower last decade
Hi Miasan,

I do not understand why KADWA prescribed Nux vomica right after Sulphur. Firstly, NUX is an antidote to Sulphur. Secondly, Sulphur did give some benefit and also brought out bet-wetting to the surface.It is not always wise to repeat the same potency of the remedy, as you did for repeating Sulphur. I think instead of giving NUX, a higher potency or LM potency of Sulphur should have been tried.

SheetalJain last decade

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