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Hi Miasan,

I do not understand why KADWA prescribed Nux vomica right after Sulphur. Firstly, NUX is an antidote to Sulphur. Secondly, Sulphur did give some benefit and also brought out bet-wetting to the surface.It is not always wise to repeat the same potency of the remedy, as you did for repeating Sulphur. I think instead of giving NUX, a higher potency or LM potency of Sulphur should have been tried.

SheetalJain last decade
1.Can he wears ties ( as dor example as a part of school uniform ) . Can he wear turtle necks , say in winter .

He didn't wear a tie until now and he has no turtle neck blouses, all these because there are not necessary in his wardrobe ... Sometimes he is playing with a sock for example and he is wrapping his neck in it, pretty tight. He don't seems to bother him..., but if I want to close up the last shirt button he will argue with me. I don't know if this is helping you.

2. How is his mood when his sleep breaks in the morning that is just when he wakes up .
In the morning usually he is in the good mood.
Miasan last decade
Adding to Summarize:
11. constantly talking, if he don't have a talking partner he will talk by himself
12. likes to tell stories and usually when he is doing that he will walk in circles (he can't stay still)
13. has a very good mamory
14. can't concentrate very long and sometimes he can't follow more or two indications at the time
15. has this problem with nasal discharges for almost a year now. The nose is not very stuffy, but during the day has a lot of nasal discharges
Miasan last decade
Hi SheetalJain,

I don't know why NUX was prescribed, but our homeopath told me to give him the same remedy after we tried with Sulphur. Anyway, Sulphur was good for him, but didn't give him full relief.

Miasan last decade
I have gone through your case, or your son's case.
Clearly he needs Starmonium. If you are interested, I can do some more research on this matter.

Sincerely Parakletos.
Practitioner of classical homeopathy
Parakletos last decade
I think Sulphur did help him. Consider following :

1) Problem with the sinuses / nasal polyps (only for a 3-4 days and after that the problem relapsed)
2) Bedwetting (for a week)
3) less hyperactive and more calm (for 5-6 days)
4) He hugs and kiss me a lot
5) He is still very bossy, specially with his younger brother
6) The dermatitis that he had when he was one year old appeared on his right cheek
7) He began to grit the teeth in the sleep (he was doing that when he was younger, but not in the recent years)

Clearly his old and current problems were brought out on the surface like dermatitis, calmness, hyperactivity in control. Any old problems coming to the surface is a very good sign and at the same time he was better mentally. Sulphur is often a remedy which brings out the next remedy quite clearly. I think you should stick to Sulphur at the moment as it did help.

If you wish to continue giving him Sulphur, Please try Sulphur LM3 on him. LM potencies can be repeated as required after giving desired number of succussions.

Hope it helps...
SheetalJain last decade
I'm thinking of Sulphur from a long time, but I talked with our homeopath and I found out that the second dose of Sulphur was 1M. He gave him this when we where to see him for review (I thought that was 200CH again). The effect of this second dose was visible only for 4-5 days. If the Sulphur is the right remedy it should last more than a week, no? Beside that the Hyoscyamus was more effective than Sulphur. Now it is not working anymore...
I think I mentioned before Stramonium, but he has no nightmares or strong fear of dark. We can continue the research on this thread if you want. He has a lot of characteristics from the Solanaceae family.
Please also check the posts of vikas_grower too. There are a few thinks about my son that I think it should make the difference between two remedies. I'm not a homeopath and I think vikas_grower wants to make a difference between Lachesis and Lycopodium. There are a few strong/clear things that point in that direction.

I don't know. I feel that our doctor is stuck too. That's why I need your help very much.

Thank you.
Miasan last decade
Hi Miasan,

Benefit from the remedy depends on how deep it goes and affect the disease. If the disease is too deep and the remedy is not deep enough, you might see a relapse. I feel that you are changing remedies too quickly.

I think lachesis is being considered because he is loquacious and has jealousy towards his brother. I think it is not strongly indicated. Lachesis person jumps quickly from one topic to another.

Lycopodium is being considered based on his bossy attitude and his aggravation times.

In general, You should keep totality in mind and not prescribe on few mind symptoms. If I get time, I will do further research in this case and get back.

To me his case is Tubercular and probably at some point will need a tubercular remedy.

I also see some traits of CALC CARB which often is indicated after SULPHUR.

Hope it helps....
SheetalJain last decade
'Sometimes he is playing with a sock for example and he is wrapping his neck in it, pretty tight. He don't seems to bother him..., but if I want to close up the last shirt button he will argue with me.'

This is somewhat strange .

But pressure on waist is intolerable .

U have mentioned that sometimes he becomes very nice . Can u shed more light on that .

He sweats during sleep . does it happens always irrespectice of weather

Lycopodium & Calcarea have the symptoms

1) Intolerant of clothing around Abdomen .

2) Head sweat during sleep

Calcarea suits chilly and Lyco hot & chilly persons .

Lachesis will come into picture if there is discomfort around throat due to pressure .
vikas_grower last decade
Thank you both for your care!
Yes, I think too, that we used too many remedies and I really want to find the right one for him this time. So, if you have time to investigate more I will be very gratefully.
I will try to give you more details on this: 'U have mentioned that sometimes he becomes very nice'
Sometimes he plays very nice with his brother, have a lot of patience with him, behave very nicely with us and with everybody else. He is still agitated, but he can control himself.

Now I will tell you what I observed in the last few days.
1) He is very provocative. For ex. If a totally strange child is playing near him (not very close) without to interact with him, he will go and destroy the boys game. If the child will play with crayons he will throw the crayons on the floor, if the boy will play with some toys on a table, he will want the same table and he will push the boy toys out of the table... But, if he wants a toy from a strange child he will ask nicely and he will say please. I have the impression (I'm not sure) that he provokes peoples (this is not happening only with kids) only because they are not interested by him... He always wants to be in the middle of attention.
2. He is really afraid of thunderstorms ...
3. He is very anxious but in the agitated way, when he have to go somewhere. When he is going in a new place he wants me to be there with him even he is talking with everybody and he is not shy at all.

I hope this will help you more.

Miasan last decade
Lyco seeks disputes .

I think we should give Lyco a try .

However since u have already given sulphur we cant go to Lyco directly we have to first give Calcarea .

The dosing processdure is as follows

Pour 2 drops of liquid of Calcarea 30 c in a 250 ml spring water bottle.

Alternatively put 2 pellets of Calcarea 30 c in a 250 ml spring water bottle and allow it to dissolve on its own which will take some time .
Once u pour the drops in the bottle/pellets have dissolved , shake the spring water bottle very gently to allow uniform mixing .

Take a capful from this bottle .This makes one dose.

Wait for 30 minutes .

Take another capful . This makes second dose .

Wait for 30 minutes

Take another capful . This makes third dose

Thats it .

No repetition of the medicine .

We now wait and watch her behaviour for 15 days .

Please note that the medicine is not be repeated in these 15 days .

1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands ( not applicable as u have medicine in liquid form ) , tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate.
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

Please also remember as explained that the 3 doses has to be taken once .
No homeopathic medicine should be repeated until the reaction to the initial dose is observed.

Well if the remedy selected is ok then the first sign of improvement will noticed in the first few days , otherwise no effect will be observed .

In case of any confusion please ask.

Ten days later give Lyco 30 c om the dame manner
vikas_grower last decade
Thank you very much. I will try this, but now I have to wait a few days because he vomited last night and now he made a little fever... He is not feeling well. :(
Miasan last decade
It could be because of Sulfur doses you have given earlier. When was the last dose given and what potency.

If it gets better, wait for a few days and see if you notice any improvement on the mental plane. If you do, please do not dose him and keep Sulphur LM3 ready in hand. As I mentioned earlier, return of old problems(bed wetting and dermatitis) is a very good sign and proves that remedy is working in accordance with Hering's law of cure.
SheetalJain last decade
The last sulphur dose (1M) was two months ago.
There are a few kids at the kindergarten with the same problem, so I think is something viral. Anyway I will wait for a few days to be sure that he is feeling better. I will let you know about his mental state then.
The sulphur returned only the problem with dermatitis and it helped him for a few days with the enuresis problem that is a constant.
Miasan last decade
Its been a long after Sulfur doses.

Wait for this episode to be over and then decide.
SheetalJain last decade
Hello again,

after the stomach flu problem, he got sick again... This time he had strep in his throat (tonsillitis). He didn't have this problem since two years (after he got Tuberculinum and Medorrhinum. This acute episode from two weeks ago was solved with Mercurius sol., but today (after a week when he was ok) he is sick again...:( He has swollen tonsils and sore throat. The fever is not very high.
Do you think that Sulphur has something to do with this? He was very resistant in the last two years and now seems to be very weak.
Do you think that Apis can solve his swollen tonsils (There is no mercurius or Hepar sulphur picture now...)?

Thank you.
Miasan last decade
I think again you are giving him remedies left and right. Give him 3 wet doses of Belladonna 30c 30 minutes apart. It will take care of strep, tonsils and fever
SheetalJain last decade
Thank you for your answer.
I tried Belladona, but didn't help.
The main complaints are:
-sore and red throat (sting when he swallow)
-swollen tonsils with big crypts (after the strep from two weeks ago)
-feverish (not more than 37,5 C)
-stuffy nose
Miasan last decade
...I forgot:
-he also have hoarse voice
Miasan last decade
Please mention the modalities, when he is better/worse?
What makes him better/worse?
Any other odd symptom?
SheetalJain last decade
Some thoughts...

Do you know what vaccinations he has had? Do you remember when he was vaccinated? Did the ADHD start at any specific age?

What is is physical constitution? Is he chubby, thin, tall?

Is there any family history of venereal disease? In either parent or grandparents?

What was the response to Medorrhinum?

There is definitely vaccinosis and sycosis in this case. In addition to the suppressed psora from one year old.

There are many symptoms of sycosis in this case...
good memory (Sycosis)
can't concentrate (Sycosis)
nasal discharges (Sycosis)
compulisve walking/can't sit still (Sycosis)
sleeping on abdomen (Sycosis)
jealous (Sycosis)
asthma (Sycosis)
talks by himself... (Calc).
sweat on head and neck when sleeping (Calc.)
clothes, hands dirty, very messy (Sulph)

Most of the remedies you've used are multi-miasmatic (Sulph. Lyc.).
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
How is he at different times of day? Are there any times of day that he is worse than others?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To SheetalJain:
He is ok now with the acute episode of tonsillitis, but he still have very enlarged tonsils and also a kind of hoarse voice. I was seek too and I couldn't answer to your questions in time. Thanks.

Thank you Jewish for your interest in my case. Here are the answers to your questions.

Do you know what vaccinations he has had? Do you remember when he was vaccinated?
This is the vaccination schedule in our country and he had all of them

2 days = pulmonary tuberculosis Hepatitis B
2 months = diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis + Polio + Hepatitis B
4 months = diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis + Poliomyelitis
6 months = diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis + Polio + Hepatitis B
12 months = diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis + Polio + Measles, mumps, rubella

Q: Did the ADHD start at any specific age?
A: It was more visible after 1,5 years.

Q: What is is physical constitution? Is he chubby, thin, tall?
A: Thin and tall

Q: Is there any family history of venereal disease? In either parent or grandparents?
A: Parents NO; grandparents I don't know.

Q: What was the response to Medorrhinum?
A: nothing notable... Medorrhinum or Tuberculinum solved the problems with the repeated tonsillitis.

Q: How is he at different times of day? Are there any times of day that he is worse than others?
A: He is better in the morning until aprox. 11 AM and in the evening after 8-9 PM. I think he is better when the rain is comming and if he sleeps at noon.
Miasan last decade
Miasan last decade
4 ½ of year old son.
Previous history: in his birth he was suffering breathing problem he was in ICU one day. He did not breast feed 12 hours from his birth. Then he normal. Frequently getting cold and flu- 1 year later found that he has whole in heart. 2 months before whole is closed and normal. Habit: is very active and naughty and adamant until reach his likes.

Current problem:

2nd Feb 2013 mid night e he got seizure two times with in 1 hr 30 minutes break. Before that he was having fever. He admitted 2 days in govt hostpital. Check all the necessary blood test. Glugose level was 60, CT scan for head was normal. But EEG test is show up normal.
Sleep records shows; background, predominantly beta activity.
Patronymic B/c, sharp waves
Spike and waves seen,
Intermittently slow waves seen.
Impression: up normal record seizure

They suggested – sodium valproate 200 mg ½ tablet twice a day for 1 month. Neurologist doctor give Methylphenidate Hydrochloride tab 10 mg 1 tablet twice a day for 15 days for Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorders (ADHD)

After this problem his activity is up normal: often getting angry, often changing his mood, repeated the same like watch same movies, songs, jumping, beating and dragging hair of his mum and others, making sound, climbing the window etc., angry face, not obeying, night can not sleep, urinate 2 times in night, asking food in night, fear to go to school. Dr. said that it is symptoms of (ADHD)

Finally, please anyone advise to my son problem through Homeopathy or other alternative medicine. Is it curable by homeopathy? I like to follow homeopathy medicine which I have familiar in this medicine. Please help to rescue my son from this problem through your valuable suggestion.
samycw 8 years ago

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