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Worry, fear, very low pulse rate, tiredness, cannot tolerate spicy food, feels chilly even in slightly cool weather- Help for my mother doctor Sameer

Dear Dr. Sameer,
As requested by you I am posting my mother's case on weekend.
Many things have been typed weeks back but still hold.
In the end I shall type latest problems.
  arb_all on 2010-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Dr. Sameer, I really need your help in my mother’s case as well. Like I said for my father, she too is suffering in spite of an apparently comfortable situation in life. He suffering is more ‘real’ in the sense that one can immediately see the reasons and the effects. In my father’s case it was difficult to know why he reached the state of suffering.
I will come to the facts faster and try lesser to write ‘here and there’. (‘Beating about the bush’…is not fit.)
I still welcome comments from forum members that would be helpful to my mother.

Next post is the (response to the) questionnaire filled by my mother (with the help of my father) on a printed form. It would be presented as it is with least editing.

Then, like earlier, I shall put my own comments and observations in as short as possible in another post; essential to convey missing information….There are a few key things/words that I always avoid writing (like the name of city where we live) so that our identity is not disclosed. I think disclosing identity fully is not needed.
arb_all last decade
Patient ID: arb2
Sex: FEMALE Age: 62+ years

Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. What brings you to the forum? Describe all your problems, including those that may not exactly be on the top of your mind now, in as much detail a possible.

Feel cold, feverish, body aches whole time. Feel tired after doing some work. Can’t eat anything more at one time. Can’t drink cold water, juices, cold drinks, etc. Can’t eat sour items like curd, etc. All the time I feel my neck is in painful condition. I always feel I am in tension if somebody is ill or some bad news. I feel like weeping for small reasons.

2. How do these problems affect you mentally? How does it affect your family life and inter-personal relations with friends and colleagues?

I feel nervous.
I am not lazy and don’t like others to be lazy.

3. What time of the day your problems trouble you the most? Describe the time modalities properly for all your problems.

Particularly in evening and night times.

4. Normally, when you are in a healthy state, what time of the day you are most active and what time you feel lazy and tired?

In morning I feel healthy. Evening I feel lazy and tired.

5. Generally, is there some time in the day when you feel extremely irritable?

Evening and night.

6. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease? Give proper details.

It started after B.P. problem starts. It is due to illness of my husband and son.

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same?

If somebody goes against me or if somebody do not listen to me

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?

If I go outside the station alone for a weeks time. I feel relaxed. Due to age no menses problem. I am more than 60.

9. Which weather worsens your complaints – wet, hot or cold?

Wet and cold.

10. Which weather do you generally prefer the most?

Hot weather.

11. Describe yourself as a person in as much detail as possible. Discuss general personality traits; the way you express yourself in social settings, family and work environment, with friends, etc.

I am a qualified woman. I used to be clever at school and college days. I am a Housewife. I am very clean and straight forward and outspoken. I don’t like ‘lappan-chhappan’ (Hindi meaning dishonesty/fraud/cunningness, etc. – for non-Hindi members). I am good writer and orator too. I am easy with friends and relatives like sisters, etc.

12. Describe in detail if you harbour any negative emotions.


13. How is your memory?


14. Do you suffer from bouts of anger? If yes, which category do they fall in – frequent, occasional or rarely?

Now-a-days I get angry.

15. Which of the following words describe you the best – Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable, Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Irritable, Lazy, Super-active, Tearful, Vindictive, Confused, etc.

Moody, Mild, Nervous, sometimes aggressive, active, sometimes tearful.

16. Please answer the following clearly:
- Do you tend to weep easily? Yes.

- How is your memory? Sharp.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm? [NOTHING ENTERED].

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times? Yes.

- How sensitive you are to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc? Sensitive.

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless weeping, talking to one self etc? Talking to somebody.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?
Normal behavior.

17. What are your chief fears?

If somebody is ill from the family members.

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?

I sleep well. No particular posture.

19. Is there any pattern in your dreams?

No dreams particularly.

20. What all food items do you crave for what all you simply hate to have?

I like all food items. Hate bitter taste.

21. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal.

22. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal.

23. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand? Chilly (means spicy) things.

24. Is there any time or occasion when you feel an uncontrollable urge to eat? Not such.

25. How would you rank your sweat as– normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs? Normal.

26. How is your bowel movement and stool type? No problem with stool movement. Not hard or loose.

27. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general? Yes.

28. How do you think you are different from others, if at all? Not such.

29. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?

After B.P. problem I started taking medicines. But from my childhood I had headache problem. I used to take medicine for that.

30. Any major diseases running in your family? No.

31. Describe your overall appearance. I am fair and smart.

If you are not having normal menstrual cycles, please answer the following questions:

- Are the periods early, regular or late in general? How long do they last?
- Do you suffer from any kind of physical or mental discomfort before, during or after the periods?
- Is the flow scanty, normal or excessive?
- Is the blood thick bright red or pale watery?
- Do you notice any clots in the flow?

Period started at the age of 12 years ad stopped at the age of 55 years. It was all normal.

1. Describe your main sufferings and other related or unrelated sufferings with exact sensations, locations, modalities and probable causes


2. Write an essay on yourself, your personality, nature, likes and dislikes, thermal preferences, cravings and aversions, fears and dreams, your ambition in life, your inner-most desires, your place in society etc.

Desires – Everything should be normal in the family. I don’t want to be in tension.

3. What is your profession? Do you enjoy yourself at work? Is it a profession you have willingly chosen? If not, what would it be as per your choice?

I am a housewife.

4. What would you like to change in your personality, if at all?

I want to lead my life peacefully.

5. Please pick out the adjectives which best describe your personality;

Nervous, Anxious, Depressed, Weepy, Aggressive, Insecure.

6. Did you have any bereavement in life? If yes, how has it affected you?


7. Do you often suffer from depression? If so, do you prefer company or solitude during those times?

Depression started at the age of 50.

8. Do you get angry often? If not, do you feel the anger inside at least? What are the things / issues on which you get angry the most?

Yes. I feel angry if somebody doesn’t act as per my wishes.

9. Do you have any issues regarding your parenting by your guardians? How were their nature / behavior towards you during your childhood and adolescence? How has it affected your personality and thoughts?

No problems during childhood.

10. Would you say your sex drive is high, low or average? Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires?

arb_all last decade
My own comments/observations about my mother:
Dear Dr. Sameer,
After many writings of these types in the past to get good homeopathic treatment for our family members, I have become tired of writing. So I shall just keep on writing several points and surely the information will be revealed.

First some background. This already contains the main cause of my mother’s problems.

1. She got married early at the age of 18. Before marriage her family’s environment was that of discipline and of early to bed early to rise, etc. After marriage it was a sort of opposite. My father’s family was not systematic and all were slow. Mother in law was chronic TB patient (a lung removed) while father in law could not walk; lower legs had very restricted movement. Things were beyond imagination for my mother. She says, she never saw sicknesses and illnesses in her ‘mayakaa’ (paternal family). She never found her father or others lying on bed, relaxing too much, etc., no laziness so to say.
2. Then, when my father decided and started to do business in another city, unknown, my mother was very uncomfortable. She thought, ‘naukari’ was better. They had no money backup. Even as everything turned out good, she did not enjoy things and kept saying, ‘if it had gone wrong….’, ‘that wasn’t a wise decision (business)’.
3. In 1991, her daughter got married. Was at our house in 1992 when she had to be rushed to the hospital for caesarean delivery. My mother got very frightened by that event. According to my mother, ‘THAT WAS THE FIRST HEALTH RELATED SHOCKING INCIDENT OF MY LIFE FROM WHERE ON I BECAME FRIGHTENED…’
4. She kept having shocks in these 2-3 years. My father got admitted for high bp, then mild heart attack.
5. I started to have viral fevers in 1992. In 1993, everybody including my mother was very shocked when I fell unexpected ill. I had very heavy haematemasis + malena at night and was rushed to hospital. I was operated in emergency and came back from near death. Everything related to this event rocked and shocked her like anything. FROM THIS POINT ON, HER LIFE CHANGED.
6. I had gone to an IIT for M.Tech. but came back without completing due to bleeding of portal hypertension. She was very shocked/stressed by her son’s(my) several endoscopies.
7. She used to cry many times these years, was stressed, tensed, said ‘I do not want to live…’. In the last few years, she has developed hypertension. When this was not detected and there was no medicine, she would get very excited at slightest things, would shout unexpectedly, etc. But when high bp was found and medicine given, there has been improvement. During her excitement in the past and when she would cry/weep, Chamomilla 200 used to help her.

This is how things have started for my mother. Almost all (who know my mother well) will agree that the above are the main reasons for her impaired health.

It is important for me to say that there are two things – Not only the health concerns but also the financial concerns (in earlier part of life) have been the troubling things for my mother.
arb_all last decade
1. All her problems seem to originate from her fear for illness and dislike for illness of any family member or herself.
2. But I see that due to the difficult financial conditions just after her marriage, she also has a great fear of losing money (and consequent status in society). She monitors and discusses every monetary change in our house with that caution in mind. Of course, once confident she allows all spending. Actually she is not a ‘miser’, BUT she has worry about money.
3. Worry/anxiety/fear about what people will say….For example, ‘…he is ill but I want to go out. I don’t want to get tied or bound. But if I go shopping or cinema or programme, what will people say….oh! but I want to go…’.
4. Afraid of future. I have observed that we (she and I, her son) are afraid of new and unexpected situations and works. Does not like uncertainties. Never liked my father’s decision of doing business due to the uncertainty involved.
5. Some time back, say 2 years, when there were excessive health problems and associated fights and quarrels and discussions in our house she used to say, ‘I just want to die’. She cried and wept and when afraid of future of her son, health of her husband, her own health etc., she would say ‘I just want to die’. But she does not suicidal tendency. We, her family, are confident. My feeling is that this is one way of manifestation of quite high BP.
6. Very fast in work. Hence cannot tolerate slow movements and sluggishness of others.
7. Irritable and sensitive to comments about her. This is esp. in the recent years when since last 11-12 years all her complaints started. Also due to her untreated high bp earlier. After starting medicine there is improvement.
8. She just cannot tolerate any opposition when she suggests something in the house. In discussions and arguments she doesn’t have any problem. But her problem is related to the actions and activities. She has been dominating in usual house activities and small decisions of the house (and sometimes large ones). It is also true that she has been correct most of the time. But after her problems picked up the balance is missing. Now she just cannot tolerate any opposition on matters EVEN THOUGH SHE TOO KNOWS IT AND TRIES TO FIGHT THIS TENDENCY OUT. She says, she is just unable to change it.
9. If there is a fight/argument and she gets some mistake of another person to point out, she points out that again and again and cannot leave. The person has to show full acceptance very specifically only then she stops. Many people do not have this prob. I, her son, have it.
10. She is very social and enjoys impressing others. She has been (and is) popular amongst her friends as the one who speaks nicely, interestingly, cracks jokes but doesn’t hurt and such things.
11. She does not like much to go to sick people (but goes as a duty when needed), does not like to see/hear programmes discussing serious diseases like cancer, heart problems, mental problems, etc.
12. Probably she likes to dominate the situation like Ars. (and is meticulous in her own way) but does not seem to be like perfectionist. In fact, she is very practical not wasting time of small petty things and goes on to do the things quickly. She has been the very fast type but also impatient. Actually when she was healthy before 1991, she had a great balance of speed, patience, orator quality, scolding to us (two children), love, and all…
arb_all last decade
1. IMPORTANT. Her pulse rate is low since 2006 end. It is always around 36.
2. IMPORTANT: Tiredness, weakness. Even a little exertion causes the entire body to ache.
3. VERY IMPORTANT: Deafness of LEFT ear. She has this since last 20 years. Totally inherited from her mother’s side. Her mother and mother’s brothers all had ear and deafness problem. Her mother used hearing aid for many years. My mother was however never treated for deafness. A famous allopathic doctor said long ago it needed surgery and other surgeons also said so later. But she never opted for any investigations and treatment and surgery because she was and is very much afraid of surgeries/operations and allopathic methods. Once I gave her Kali Mur 6x in water for few days and then she said that left ear makes some ‘phak-phak’ sound as if trying to open. On a homeopath’s advice I had given her Medorrhinum 200, 1 pill once a week for few weeks.
4. Noise in ears. We call it ‘bhan-bhan’ (rhymes with ‘Ravan’) in marathi. She has had a general tendency (like her sisters) that she cannot tolerate loud noises, esp. when tired. But, in the last 2 years this is not pronounced because I guess there is deterioration, that marked tiredness, so other things do not come up exclusively.
5. Feels cold, chilly most of the time. Presently even in mild winter, she wants to be near heater. She wants to remain in heat of sun. Sleeps/relaxes outside in sunlight in late morning to feel better. Says that ‘I catch cold when I have to take bath over my hair, on the day when I wet hair’. Rus Tox 30 would help. Actually she doesn’t take on cold and develop protective cough. Rather becomes feverish. No cough or choking or running nose. If there is much problem, more infection, then she feels as if ‘sardi sir main fans gayee hai’. Neck pain along with that. Throat problems. (Never had throat and cough/cold probs for many years during age 30 to age 47!) Suppressed cold.
6. IMP: She had lot of dental problems 2-3 years back. She had many teeth removed. The dentist put a ‘bridge’. But obviously that has provided limited help. This is an internal problem of decay of gums and teeth. I feel that there is this ‘common infection’ all around in the teeth/jaws, gums, neck and sinuses causing destruction. So, she never feels comfortable dentally, esp. in last few years. Symptoms match a lot with Staphysagria, ‘great indignation about things done by others or by himself (herself); grieves about consequences’ and also toothache. (As I said neck pain could be due to BP also.)
7. Because of fear of dental problems, she avoids eating a lot of things, esp. hard things. This causes a loss in terms of fibrous food and some other nutritious food. I am confident that if homeopathy brings things in order for her, she won’t have dental problems too even after an already existing damage. Strengthening of gums and bones would help a lot.
8. IMPORTANT: Legs get easily tired. Does not want to walk. Wants me to massage her legs at night and feels comfortable when done. ‘Pair dabwaane kee ichchhaa’, keen desire for massage on legs, esp. feet with pressure.
9. Pain in neck. Spondilysis. Largely associated with her trapped ‘cold’ and sort of suppressed cold symptoms. It may be related to high BP.
10. Digestion problems but all of them can be described as ‘great general indigestion’. Still, some specific points are –
a. VERY IMP: Cannot tolerate ‘mirch’ (chilly) at all (hereditary too). Burning and colic on eating spicy food, food with chillies.
b. Cannot tolerate rich fatty food. Afraid of paneer and such things.
c. Sometimes she points that she feels that she has problem of ‘gases’, ‘pet phoolnaa’ (distension of stomach).
d. Afraid of eating spicy food, rich food. Almost phobia. Afraid to eat properly, always feels even slight extra eating causes fullness, distention, ‘gases’.
e. Cannot tolerate ‘sour’ food. Immediately has throat irritation and some stomach uneasiness.
f. IMP: Cannot tolerate ‘bitter’ food like ‘methi’. Causes ‘pitta’ (biliousness). She used to have problem of ‘pitta’ since her childhood. By ‘pitta’ I mean here that due to moving in sun, or due to missing meals, or due to eating ‘bitter’ taste food like ‘methi’, ‘sarso’, etc. she would have sever headache, nausea and in very acute condition, vomiting, etc. All the trauma would continue for a day or at least 10-12 hours and then only there will be relief. BUT since last 10 years she has hardly had this problem of ‘pitta’. I sometimes feel that it has got suppressed in her.
g. Afraid on uncooked category of food like sprouted. Mania/phobia that even if the food is slightly undercooked there will be indigestion to her and others. Always overcooks, puts a lot of water and cooks things to very soft category. (This psychology has reduced a bit recently.)
h. Nothing like diarrhoea or constipation.
11. In recent years there is aching of right knee. (I thought ‘hereditary like her father…’)
12. I have observed that she never had bad odour of any kind, esp. of sweat. But very recently I observe that when I am pressing/massaging her legs, I feel I smell a little of ‘urine’. I can’t help recall of her father who had problem of increase of ‘urea/uric acid’ for 2-3 years and then died at 78. So I feel is she started to have that at age of 59? This is connected to aching of knees, I may say.
13. She says that she is short of breath if she has to climb stairs, or exert. Expected at this age but then she is very slim and should not have had this problem. But from pulse of 36, high BP, habit of worrying about health and all, it is obvious that this problem would start.
14. Pain in back. My mother had an injury in lower back at the end of spinal cord in her childhood. This gave a very severe back pain to her for long. But during those days nobody used to bother about many such things and remained untreated. She sometimes mentions of this even these days.
arb_all last decade
I arranged ‘online consultation’ for her in 2006-07 from a homeopath who also is the webmaster of famous website of homeopathy.
He first suggested Kali Carb. 30, one drop in a glass of water, one spoon from that, everyday. When I reported of a possible aggravation in 15 days, it was made alternate days.
IMPORTANT: One day my mother’s BP shot up. It was 9 pm. By chance a BP machine was there in house for 2-3 days for my father. I tried to measure her BP. The machine started to give warning!! It was reading 220/160! I thought there was error, so I repeatedly measured but was the same….! Her pulse rate was showing warning and was quickly coming down from 30 to even 20!! My mother was terribly excited at that time. Tensed due to my father’s health. So, looking at the BP reading, I suddenly avoided all arguments with her and told her that her BP was ‘slightly’ high and asked her to take 2 doses of Aten 50. I was very afraid. She agreed and took them.
I called the homeopath in another city and he immediately asked me to take my mother to hospital. But a little later I called a nearby senior doctor at 10 pm who knew mother well and told him of all this. He came home at 11:30 and took a look at her. By that time my mother was sleeping. The doctor asked not to disturb her and made no special comments on pulse rate or BP. Next day he simply asked me to increase frequency of ‘Aten 50’ medicine. He did mention once that if the BP goes too high there is the danger of hemorrhage in brain.
A day later I wrote ‘post’ to homeopath. He stopped kali carb 30. Later he started Arg. Nitr. 30. This went on for 2 months.
Days went by and then months (and then years). I had measured my mother’s pulse at that time only. But from that day I keenly measured her pulse regularly (at her feet) while pressing/massaging her legs. I never found it go beyond 36. Occasionally it would reach 44 but that time she would be a little excited and not too good.
I kept the homeopath informed of pulse rate. 30-40 days after Arg. Nitr. He started her on Ferrum MET 30. Thereafter no matter what I wrote, he continued Ferrum at 30 potency. Once when I wrote should we not bother about her hemoglobin, he put her on Ferrum Phos 6x for one week. After she felt good, he again started Ferrum MET.
The doctor was good in that he gave only one medicine at a time. Also it seemed that he had ‘locked’ Ferrum MET for my mother. But then he stopped online consultation.

In 2008 I consulted a good homeopath in our city. He also gives one medicine at a time and mostly starts with 0/3 potency (LM3). I took my mother to him. He said that my mother was Nux. Vomica and not at all Ferrum and put her on Nux. 0/3. Well, most doctors will say that when my mother tells her complaints in her usual brief manner – Body ache, chilliness, feverishness and problem of ‘sardi’ (cold/catarrh) on bathing by wetting head & hair, general indigestion with aggravation on eating spicy food (food with chillies), cannot tolerate spicy food, etc. My mother does not talk about any mental symptoms except that she adds in a sentence that she is very worried by illnesses in the family, like of her husband, her granddaughter, etc. Then (in my mother absence) I add how my mother is sensitive and irritable and cannot tolerate opposition, etc. and how she repeats things once she starts scolding. It seems that the doctor concludes with ‘Nux Vomica’ or at least this one did so.
It would have been ok had my mother felt lot of improvement. But after 2-3 months my mother did not feel much benefit and was not interested in going to the doctor (and she is anyway never interested). Of course, my mother did not regularly take the medicine (Nux Vomica 0/3) after a month, only intermittently. It seems that she felt ok very slightly initially in terms of digestion but no more.
Because I did not see subtle changes in my mother with a lot of increase in energy and appetite, etc. I feel that she was and is not Nux vomica.

Finally I wish to add that there was time due to illnesses in our house when my mother used to feel that she was ‘bound’. She just wanted to run away. She did not want to fight the problems. My mother has kept on complaining her husband that since he is not strong enough and does not take her for outings like other husbands do and that she is bound for duties, etc. Actually the situation was never extremely bad. But my mother hasn’t exactly taken the ‘stand’ of fighting the problems’ when it came to illnesses. If we have happened to say this to her in some manner, either to encourage her to ‘fight’ or in some anger during arguments, she feels very bad and strongly opposes by pointing out how she has ‘been standing there’ and shown full fighting spirit. She is not totally wrong though but not quite.
(I have already added this in point 3 in ‘mental aspects’.)

Hereafter I will write as and when I recall or as needed.
arb_all last decade
But after posting the prepared text, immediately there is need to post the latest problems of my mother-
1. Since yesterday she is having problem of aching of teeth on the left side. This is due to eating slightly rough things even after being careful. She says the gums feel bruised.
2. She had the usual bodyache two weeks ago. Bathing with wetting of hair was accompanied. I gave her Rhus Tox 30. But more than 10 days have passed. Body ache reduced as usual. But this is not a proper solution.
3. Recently (1 week) there was 'Haldi-kunku' (cultural) programme in house. She got very tired and feverish. So I aksed her to take Crocin Pain Relief.

Due to fear of 'what people will say', due to supressed and expressed anger, due to dental problems (more on left), guilt of having done wrong to family members, I sometimes feel that she is Staphysagria.
But when I had studied Kali Phos, I found such excessive similarities that I undelined them and showed them to that city doctor 2 years ago. He was agreeing as such but after personally talking to her, he had 'locked' on Nux Vom.

Dr. Sameer if possible do suggest something for recent dental problem. I have held her from taking any medicines except Crocin Pain Relief when very necessary.
arb_all last decade
My mother's toothache has increased considerably therefore she took Crocin Pain Relief few hours ago.

There is one more imp incident. Five (5) years back I took my mother to a nearby homeopath. He was gold medalist. But he had no strict methods. His treatment was not too well perhaps.
I 2nd or 3rd visit he measured my mother's BP. He called me separately and told that her BP was very high and that I should take her to allopath. He clearly told that he did not feel that homeopathy would be much effective in treating her. My mother came to know of suggestion and she was no pleased.
Later next day she was extremely excited and angry obviously because of high BP. So much so that I had to phone the homeopath in front of her and tell him how she was furious and talking angrily out of control. He asked me to give Chamomilla 200. I gave her 2-3 doses in few minutes. There was some benefit.

She has taken Chamomilla too. I have seen good effect of Bryonia 3x on her.

Presently as she is getting irritated by pain, Chamomilla is also coming to my mind. I also feel like giving Coffea to her.

Dr. Sameer kindly help.
arb_all last decade
Hi arb,

Please give her 3 doses of NITRIC ACID 30c, and report after 10 days.

sameervermani last decade
I again made mistake in first dosing.
I was sleepy, tired, absent-minded in afternoon.

I first put 1 drop on Nitric Acid 30c in 250 ml water and gave my mother 1 spoon. Then I read old post in father's case.
So I put another drop in that prepared solution and gave 2 more doses to my mother.

Dr. Sameer I am sorry for that. I hope this was tolerable.
arb_all last decade
Thats fine, doesnt matter.
sameervermani last decade
Dr Sameer,
Could you take my case?
I think I have pyloric ulcer. Inflamm. burning on left side, dull chest pain....
Lot of anxiety for coming very imp interview in June with aversion to do work and so many other things.
Long back underwent devascul.+splenectomy.

It has to be another login.
arb_all last decade

I do not need to see your symptoms. I know you from your writing style and expression.

You can take 3 doses of Lachesis 30c, and report after 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
I went outstation for 3 days on March end. I took only a sip or two or cold water and then left it.
Back at home I caught throat problem. After some R&D (probably used Open Rep also) I took 3 piils of Lachesis 30c. I got immediate relief in throat as well as other problems.
I have taken Lach 30 earlier too.

But after 10-12 days I have had chest pain on left. Slowly the there is burning beneath the skin on a line from heart going 2 inch away from navel and below.
Now-a-days when I get tense I have more inflammatory burning on that line and I can sense internal inflammation probably in esophagus just behind last left ribs.
There are other stressful things too.

Kindly comment.
arb_all last decade
It is imp to report about mother.

She had shown some sensitivity in two days. But that's usual.
When she saw swollen lips of father today, she started to get disturbed as usual. She complained,
1. 'Just when things are ok for two days, he comes up with something...'
2. When we tried to make her understand as usual, she said, 'You always ask me to calm down. I too get pain in chest. Why should I always calm down....You people always find fault with me...Yes I am bad....You are all good...
3. '...Ok...let whatever things be...there is no use of my living...'

She continued for very long as usual and cried/weeped also.

Later I felt that she had an aggravation due to Nitric Acid dose. Not sure of course.
arb_all last decade
Dr Sahab
My mother was in 'off' mood throughout the day. Today morning she is feeling very exhausted, I mean abnormally.

There are many things to write about her but not now. May be 10 days after Nitr. Acid dose.

Kindly see two previous posts too. I have to take Pantodac 5 times in a week. If I stop, I start having 'warm' feeling in stomach, then dysentric effect and so many things. Within 10 days, symptoms clearly indicate ulcer (duodenal or pyloric). I feel taking Lachesis cannot stop my ulcer.

Should I post my case then? I shall try to be brief as far as I can.
arb_all last decade
Have you ever taken Lachesis 200c ?
sameervermani last decade

If ever it may be 12-13 years ago.
(Badiaga200 & Lachesis 200 alternately for throat+cold.)

There are headaches and some other things I feel compelled to write.

To allow me to write freely (but hopefully briefly) kindly allow a new thread with 'my' login. Also I find it inconvenient to post my details in this thread for my mother.
(I am sure login for mother/father and one for me is as per rules.)
arb_all last decade
Please take a dose of Lachesis 200c, and report after 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Dr. Sameer,
I respect your method, style and expertise.
So may be tomorrow I shall take a dose.

But may be I shall start a new thread. I am sure you will continue to help.
arb_all last decade

I actually did not take Lachesis 200 yet.

I have posted my case elsewhere. Based on that I request you to confirm if I should still take Lachesis 200.
arb_all last decade
Go ahead.
sameervermani last decade
It is 9 days since my mother took first dose of Nitric Acid 30c.
Yesterday there was a small quarrel over recepies between my mother and me. She was easily upset. It is observation of my wife and myself that my mother is unable to tolerate even slightest opposition be it recepies or TV channel or whatever. This is due to extremely low energy, excessive weakness/tiredness.

My mother's feedback today:
1. Toothache did not trouble her much. She kept stressing that till she did not eat hard food items she was going to be relatively ok. Once she would make mistake of eating coconut, other nuts or 'papad' she would be in trouble.
2. She said she did not have much bodyache. (That is quite good.)
3. As such she is ok.

We have seen same mental state over the week. There might have been slight aggravation.

Sameer ji I am inclined to try Nitric Acid 200c and then only mental changes might be revealed.
Kindly advise.
arb_all last decade
One or two more things.

Her pulse rate seemed same (36) 5-6 days ago.

When things around are ok, she has the habit to keep prodding and nudging family members over finance, FDs or neatness around house or anything. When somehting is wrong 'physically' (fever, bodyache...) she keeps getting irritated and keeps asking for specific things and scolds and repeats statements.
arb_all last decade
Dear Sir,
Kindly read previous 2 posts.

We had called relatives for dinner yesterday. The day before my mother had great anxiety as to how we would manage and that's why on my simple suggestions there was quarrel.
So she has this anxiety (of an upcoming event esp. at home) when we want to call people for dinner.

Surprisingly she is the very lady who used to conduct small parties/dinners at home successfully and out of her own willingness. It seems because of past successes she is concerned of present success.

Kindly advise next step for her.
arb_all last decade

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