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Hepar Sulphur


I´ve had cystic acne for a long time (maybe last 4 years), and all the medication (for example:Dalacin, Zinerit) I tried didn´t help me very much.
1-2 months ago my homeopathist said it´s enough and put me on the homeophaty. She prescribed me Hepar Sulphur(3 granules a day) and Staphysagria(10 granules per 2 weeks).
She told me that for some time everything that is under my skin will go out and no acne will show anymore after that.
Can you tell me how long it will take(maximum time) and if there is a chance that acne will come back again?

  vincent on 2005-03-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It´s me again,

The precise name of the medicine is: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 15 CH

vincent last decade
I am in the same boat as you with the acne, though i have cleared most of it through diet, cut out all suger, dairy, wheat and eat loads more veggies, fruit and lean meats also eat quinoa things like that.
About the homeopathy medicine it should probabily take about 1 - 2 months for you to be clear.
If you feel any spots about to appear after that, you take another couple of doses.

Hope that helped.
Good luck.
windwaker last decade
thanks for a fast answer and support :)
I´m not doing any special diet, I just eat a bit of everything... About that quinoa things - what´s that?

See ya

PS: Sorry for my not so perfect english.
vincent last decade
Oh, its just a different type of grain which is really good for you.
If you just limit the sugar etc intake im sure things will improve along with the medicne.
Good luck.
windwaker last decade
Oh and your English is great :D.
windwaker last decade
it´s me again...I´m still taking that Hepar sulphur (along with some local antibiotics solution), but my acne doesn´t seem to be improving very much - everything comes out really fast but it won´t stop. My homeopathist told me that it´s ok, because I´ve suffered from acne for quit a long time and it will take some time to clean it all away. But I think it takes too long. Now I have some doubts if this medicine is really helping me.
Can someone competent give me his/her opinion about this?

Thanx for your answer(s)!
vincent last decade
Give it some more time, IF you are feeling generally good. Skin conditions do take time to clear - and the older the case, the more patience you'll need. Definitely anotherr month at least, if you are feeling better on the whole.
Minsa last decade
Thanx for your reply...I do feel generally good, so I guess that it´s my case...I´m gonna see my homeopathist very soon so I´m pretty curious, what she´s gonna tell me. Anyway thanx for your advice - I am ready to win this battle!!!

Bye and feel free to post your opinions :)
vincent last decade
I have successfully treated many cases of Acne with Arnica 30c in the past.

Please see my many posts on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
I´m here again after some time and I wish I could be happy now but unfortunately I´m not...haven´t changed the medicine but my acne doesn´t seem to improve or get lost as it should be. Actually the "big ones" are poping up on the same positions on my face - and they shouldn´t. I went to my homeo doc today and she also think that something is wrong. I guess she´s goona put on other treatment.

I´ve been taking my medicine quite regulary (every day 3 granules of Hepar) but once upon a time I forgot...but I don´t think that´s the reason why it didn´t work for me.

Can someone tell me your opinion about it? Appreciate your answers...
vincent last decade
Hi it´s me again.

I´ve been thinking about giving up the homeopathy and try Roaccutane (heard it really help even there is some risk or danger) because nothing else (lotions and stuff) would help me and now I have my doubts about homeopathy...

So could you tell me your advice about this decision?


vincent last decade
Vincent -

I am not a homeopath, just an interested user, there are many people much more knowledgeable than me on this site.

However, as far as I understand things, use of antibiotics or steroids will simply prevent any homeopathis medication from working. It might be that you need to stop taking everything for a week or so to let things settle down, post a fuller description of your complaints on this site and someone can give you a new remedy. Look at some of the other postings to get an idea of the sort of information needed.

Don't be disheartened, homeopathy works much more slowly than other forms of treatment, but the effects on your overall health should be positive.
kairos last decade
Hi kairos,

So here´s the deal: my dermatologist is also homeo doc so I´m not taking any medicine that will block homeopathy...during my last visit she also found out that´s something is not right - I shouldn´t suffer any more from the big eruptions which are showing again and again on the same spot...not after such long time (nearly 6 months).

I simply do not trust homeopathy as much as before, because it just made things worse...I have to say that I find my homeo-dermatologist doc very good and now that I was on homeopathy she knows my personality very well, so I don´t think she made a mistake by prescripting me bad cure...well but who knows. I´m gonna have a big talk with her on next visit about this.

Until then I´m looking for some other solution of my problem, which I´ve heard is Roaccutane, so I´m pretty curious what is she gonna tell me.

Thanx for your opinion and (anyone) fell free to post some more.

vincent last decade
There's a homeopathic gel for acne made by Nelsons I think. I think it contains arnica (as suggested by Joe de Livera for acne). You still need to try to clean up your diet, keep your face clean etc. as much as possible.
Bodhitshe last decade
I´m washing my face twice a day with a gel which contains tee tree oil and put local antibiotic also twicw a day on appropriate spots. But I´m not very sure about cleaning up my diet...could you suggest what I shouldn´t eat?


vincent last decade
Try to eat all natural "real" foods if that makes any sense. (vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs etc. it you are not vegetarian). Avoid sweets, processed foods, foods with colorings and preservatives etc. If you can't do it perfectly at least try to do it as much as you can.

Presumably there is something that your body feels it needs to get out of itself. Trying to eliminate it through skin, however upsetting psychologically and perhaps painful, is healthier than if the whatever it is that needs to be gotten out gets blocked up inside. so try to help out your body by purifying what you feed it. (also what you take in other ways, like through breathing, drugs, cosmetics etc)

And drink plenty of water too.

You could also help provide another outlet, such as via sweating and working your muscles. For example, some acne is helped by pounding nails into wood (honestly some is, I know this sounds weird), so if you can come up with a project to build, that could be good. and if you let yourself sweat during the exercise and then wash off the sweat with water after that could help too.

The antibiotic itself may be part of the problem.
Bodhitshe last decade
Thanx for your opinion.

About my diet/eating - I like meat (any type) but I always try to eat some vegetable with it, drink a lot of water I think (also like tea - especially green tea)...have some beer sometimes but no extreme
drinking :)

Maybe I should reduce sweets - I like chocolate...

I do sports a lot - football, tennis and squash...also wash my face and whole body after sweating.

And about that antibiotic - it contains erythromicinum, I think my doc wouldn´t give me that if it did some problem with homeopathy...actually it´s the only thing that helps me reduce the spots.
vincent last decade
I have very painful Hidradenitis suppuritiva around anus. It comes and goes off and on. Some one told me to take Hip sulph. Any suggestion?
samiran last decade
Hi, maybe it's a little late, and almost everybody that write on this site solved their problems about acne. But for the ones that they still have a problem I have a possible answer. Go to your dermatologist Doctor and tell him/her that you want an examination, a test of the paste from a pimple, the white stuff that comes from a ripe pimple. They gonna find out that you have an infection in your skin, or someplace else, which can be treated with a special antibiotic which works for that infection. The Doctor suppose to know what to give you after he gets the results of the tests.
I hope this helped someone.
Acne it's an ugly and upsetting condition which is hard to get rid of it. But if we try everything that we can possible do, we got to succeed.
taisia_c last decade

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