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Primary Hyperaldosteronism / SEVERE Hypertension

Just diagnosed with Primary Hyperaldosteronism. I am 39yrs old had HBP since age 20.In the last 5yrs Dr's can not get it under control. On average it is around 170/110 at night it will reach 200/120. My heart has lots of damage now. 90% of my time is in bed,i can not go outside in the heat,i sweat severely,and find it hard to breath. I was always active,hiking,bike riding,but not anymore. I have just been diagnosed from two specialist in hypertension and adrenal gland disorders. They say i have Primary hyperaldosteronism. They say that my adrenal glands are producing to much aldosterone.But they could not see an adrenal tumor on CT or MRI scan.,and my adrenal glands are NOT enlarged. They started me on spironolatone,this medicine has not lowered my BP, and i feel worse on this medicine.I ware a HBP patch,and take other hbp meds. I have never took any homeopathic medicine before. Is there anything that will help this problem? Please help,i feel like i am dyeing soon.
  ckrich1 on 2010-06-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You may take a single dose of Arsenicum Album 200c for only one day (not daily) and see how that affects you both mentally and physically in the next 15 days.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa 9 years ago
Magnesium is controlled by aldosterone, high aldosterone will waste magnesium and magnesium is an intracellular mineral and loss of it will raise blood pressure. I do not know anything about homeopathic treatment so what I am recommending is using magnesium as a supplement.

Magnesium Chloride (SlowMag) is a good form of magnesium as is the product from Source Naturals called UltraMag. Go to mgwater dot com.

Vitamin E will protect the cardiovascular system. Unique E is a superior form of vitamin E.

Did they check other adrenal hormones? If so did they check with a 24hour urine sample?
LLLINE 9 years ago
If you google 'magnesium aldosterone' you will see many helpful articles.
LLLINE 9 years ago
Sorry to keep posting, but I keep remembering key points. Serum magnesium levels are lousy indicators of true magnesium stores this is due to certain homeostatic principals in the body. So you can have normal serum levels but have very low cellular levels which is dangerous. The only accurate way I know is 2 tests 1) Exatest 2) traceelements dot com. I prefer the latter.
LLLINE 9 years ago
No,Please don't be sorry,any information you can think of that might help me is greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure about what test were done on the other adrenal hormones,but i do remember them saying my cortisol is o.k.? which what is OK to them! have done two or three 24hr urine collections,each for a different Dr.So not sure what they showed. Along with the Primary Hyperaldosteronism, i was told several years ago i had insulin resistance,along with fibromyalgia,then in 2007 i was told i had diabetes. I take 800mg 2x day of metformin for that. I take nothing for the fibro. I'm not sure if there is any Holistic? Dr's in my area. I live near Johnson City Tn,but i could travel in the tri cities area/Bristol/kingsport...ect
I am about 3 hr one way drive from Knoxville Tn. I could drive there also. I 'm not sure what kind of Dr. to even look up. I have been to two Endocrinologist, One in Bristol,Tn,the other at Duke. I went to Nashville to a hypertension specialist at Vanderbilt Hospital.That's another 5 hr one way drive. He could not get my BP under control. So this past year is when i went to Duke Hospital in NC.I saw an Endocrinologist who was more on the adrenal glands. But i feel let down,she only said i had over active adrenals,producing to much aldosterone,sent me back to my family Dr. for treatment which was only to start the spironolactone.I feel there were a lot more test she could have done,or at least sent me to someone else with greater understanding of the adrenal glands. I'm not sure what to do,where do i go from here? I have also noticed i have become very salt sensitive,i started using sea salt,but can only use less than 1/4 teaspoon all day,and this still will raise my BP.I can not cook with salt and i have had to stop eating out at any resturants,no caned foods..etc anything with MSG or any drug with norepinephrine,.Anything with this drug will shoot my BP out the roof.I was given cymbalta for depression,ended up in the hospital 3 days, BP was 234/132 for 3 days. Also As soon as i eat food with salt,within 30 min my pulse will race,and my BP will jump up 20 or more points both top and bottom number.I was always an outdoor person,now the heat will make me severely sick,my skin will get hot to the touch,i sweat profusely and get sick to my stomach,most of the time i will throw up,and this is all from just sitting in the shade for 30 min or so.I stay sick to my stomach alot evan in my house which i keep at 68f.

I know this is alot of info and

I hope it's OK,but i have several questions, Thank you for your info.

1.What type of Holistic? Dr do i try to go to?

2.I'm not sure where to go to have the cellular levels for serum magnesium done/could my family Dr do this?

3.If i go ahead and take the Magnesium without having the levels checked would it be OK?
4.The spironolactone i take to block the production of aldosterone/which is not working well is a potassium-sparing diuretic.Will taking the magnesium raise potassium?
ckrich1 9 years ago
No worries about the questions, glad I can help.

I would be curious to know about the onset of the aldosteronism. You can visit my adrenal test results here:



You will see my hyperaldosterone results.

But you will notice that there were other hormone test results such as Corticosterone which is a hormone produced to fight infection. I developed full blown Cushing's and the reason was due to a parasite infection.

You mention Fibro which is the same as chronic fatigue syndrome. Did you feel ill first then develop the adrenal problems? Did you develop a sore throat, gastrointestinal problems, lymph gland swelling? Sweating, chills?

I am leaning towards the idea that the adrenal condition is due to an infection of some sort. There is documentation to show the adrenal activity in infections.

The issue with magnesium is important. Magnesium is a naturally occuring mineral that is vital for health. And it will be lost (among other minerals such as potassium) when the aldosterone is high. The reason for this is aldosterone interferes with the absorption of magnesium in a specialized part of the kidney.

I cannot diagnose or treat you but I would say that if it was me, then I would try magnesium for sure. I would also intake as much potassium as I could.

Sodium competes with magnesium and potassium. Sodium constricts the cells where potassium and magnesium EXPAND the cells. So intake of sodium will reduce the availability of potassium and magnesium. So that is why sodium intake leads to high blood pressure, so the antidote is potassium and magnesium.

If you would like to communicate via email let me know.

Concerning the insulin resistance/diabetes, this is going to be natural since the adrenals are pushing so hard. There is a group of adrenal hormones known as glucocorticoids which raise blood sugar by triggering the pancreas (glucogan and insulin). This is a resistant hormone involvement. In other words the body is trying to resist something, which I think is an infection of some sort.
LLLINE 9 years ago
I don't see post a reply at your post you sent me for the primary Hyperaldosteronism.
Can you tell me what the Arsenicum Album 200c will do for HBP? or does it work on the Adrenal glands? I have looked it up on Answers dot com I agree with most of what it says about the profile of the person who needs it except for the part Symptoms are improved by heat. I can not stand any heat, i used to work outside all day in the heat with no problem,in the past 5yrs with the HBP,i sweat profusely, get sick to my stomach from hot weather,and have trouble breathing. I keep my home at 68f and sleep under a fan. Also what kind of improvement will i need to look for? lower Blood pressure? Thanks for your reply.
ckrich1 9 years ago
INFECTION of some sort?
Yes i can't believe it,i have been telling every Dr. i went to all of this started 5yrs ago after having strep throat it went to my joints and i came down with Rheumatic Fever,i was in the hospital 11 days,my feet swelled up and i couldn't walk,now i carry the strep germ in all my joints. One year after that they told me i had diabetes,the next year fibromyalgia.I also started having gastrointestinal problems around this time.Now if i become exposed to someone with strep it will flare up the rheumatic fever,and cause my joints to swell and hurt. My blood pressure was controlled by one pill now no matter how many i take nothing is enough. And also i never had any body pains and did not sweat or have any trouble in any heat. Now i can't stand to get hot,my skin gets red and hot to the touch. When i told them that having the rheumatic fever triggered something in my body, they would look at me as if i was crazy. Email me at tr_rich at hotmail dot com
ckrich1 9 years ago
Well it proves the complexity and the simplicity of the body :(

My feeling is this:

1) You contracted some type of bacterial or protozoa parasite.

2) Part of the response to defend itself is to provide steroids. Steroids act as agents to defend the body from attack of the pathogens. One of these is the glucocorticoids which stimulate the pancreas to increase blood sugar. Blood sugar is needed to provide fuel to the cells to fight the invaders. And the interactions go on and on. You can google HPA axis which will help you understand the endocrinological responses in infections.

3) The strep throat probably isn't strep throat, or I should say that the infection is not rooted in your throat, but the tonsils (throat) is inflammed and red. Which is part of the immune response.

4) You are having an inflammatory response which is also known as rheumatism where the joints become inflammed. It is not so much of an issue that the joints are the source of the infection (could be) but the joints suffer as a result of the immune/inflammatory response.

5) I think the problem is in the gastro intestinal tract, the infection is in there. Do you have nausea, tenderness or pain in the abdomen area? Are your stools normal or are they loose, are they pale? Any vomiting? Any GI studies like a colonoscopy? IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), colitis, crohn's? Any stool studies?
LLLINE 9 years ago
Did they rule out rheumatoid arthritis? Have you ever been checked for mycoplasma infections? Are the blood studies of the immune system (WBC - white blood cells, immune) normal? Did the sore throat coexist with the gastrointestinal problems, or did the gastro problems start after the sore throat, and if so how long after. Have you been checked for Lyme? Have you been checked for STDs? Did they check Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
LLLINE 9 years ago
At times i have severe nausea 3-4 times a week that will last all day,not so bad this year but last year i was so sick i could hardly eat anything,i became severe anemic. I do have tenderness in my abdomen,my stools are loose,like baby food,i go at least 3 times a day sometimes 5.Pale sometimes, mostly brown sugar color. I vomit sometimes, mostly just nauseated,no GI study yet,i am going to a gastroendocronologist soon. Also no stool studies yet. Rheumatoid arthritis was ruled out. Never been checked for mycoplasma infections,never even heard of that. Blood studies are not normal. The gastrointestinal problems got worse after the strep infection,started within a year after. Never been checked for lyme,been married 21yrs faithfully,i had standard aids test on my last two pregancies.Not sure if they also checked for STD'S, I would think so. I don't think i have been checked for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,which it and Lyme would be something very possible to have,i live in the mountains of Tn.The Nolichucky River is in my back yard i do a lot of walking near it. I had my tonsils taken out at the age of 4yrs.I always took strep 4-5 times a year so my mom and Dr. decided to take them out,which did not help,i still to this day get strep at least 2-3 times a year.
Plese email me i'll send you copies of these test.
ckrich1 9 years ago
email was sent.

What I am trying to get at are the symptoms at the beginning of the problems. Did it start with the gastro problems? Did the sore throat occur with the nausea, loose stools, abdominal tenderness?

Describe as accurately as you can, what other physical symptoms occurred before the aldosterone problems.

Where do you get your drinking water from? Do others drink this water? Did you ever drink water from a non-sanitary source like a well or springs? Did others drink this water? Are you the only one sick? Did you swim in a pond before getting sick? Did others swim in this? Did they get sick?

Do you have a sensitivity to light? If you go out in the daylight, does it cause fear or paranoia, depression?

See this link for Rocky Mountain spotted fever which can occur in Tennessee


Have you taken any potassium or magnesium? Also look at this product which may be helpful http://www.amazon.com/Alive-Rice-Ultra-Shake-Vanilla-Powder/...
LLLINE 9 years ago
I know this is an old thread, but i also have this disease. It is the cuase of the High BP. High aldo causes the kidneys to hol don to Sodiaum and waste potassium. The part that is destroying your heart is the Aldo/Salt combo. Spironolactone blocke the receptors in teh body, but the salt is what does teh damage. You have to cut the salt. Look into the DASH diet along with spirno and potassium suppliments. Join this group yahoo group on hyperaldosteronism.
Dr. Grim worked with Dr. Conn who discovered Primary Hyperaldesteronism aka Conns Syndrome. he has help alot fo us and our doctors figure this thing out. Anyway, maybe this will help others who stumble on to this thread.
Synetos 9 years ago

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