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whooping cough in 4 month old

Hi there. I'm just curious about some opinions. My 3.5 yr old son has had whooping cough for 15 days, we are managing through it with naturopathic and hoemopathic support. it's exhausting for all of us but he's doing great. we resorted to using a homeopathic combo from the ND from Reckeweg. Yesterday was he had one especially bad episode where he was choking and gagging like he had something caught in his throat. i think his lips were a bit blue, coughed up some very sticky white/clear phlem. he has no appetite, but has energy, although for the first time in 3.5 yrs i've p[arked him in front of the tv for 5 days.

My daughter is 4 months old, homebirthed as well, no vax, exclusively breastfed but has had a low grade fever for 4 days and the last 2 days has coughed a couple times. the ND has me taking Allicin product to help her as well, but just for 2 days strong so as not to affect my milk supply. this seemed to help.

I have been doing many things to help boost my system as well as hers and my son... ozone therapy, herbs, supplements.

The anthroposophical MD we went to said breastmilk would protect her however I read conflicting stuff that says only for 3 months. He just wants me to call each day, but the guy doesn't remember me. sigh.

She has been in a great mood, she is a very happy baby however she is cranky today this mornig.

Our homeopath supports high potencies and our naturopath does not, hard to know who is correct. I have read where some believe higher potencies have no effect where as others say they are better for babies and children.

regardless of everything i have learned,it's hard not to consider antibiotics for the little one. any thoughts would be appreciated.

  wendypape on 2005-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
No - NO - NO , antibiotics, but know how you feel. Lets get rid of this problem rapido . But while the antibiotic gets rid of the immediate problem - fine .
It only repeat only, suppresses it. Drives it out of sight into the depths of the body .
At some future date that problem will build up pressure and reappear as some different thing at some different site.

Mothers milk aids the immune system for as long as you are able to keep it up. In older times it was maintained for up to 2 yrs.
There is also the point to consider , that anything you take will help the baby.

Potency - Low potencies are broad band and you can be "wide of the mark" in prescribing them and still be effective.
High potencies need to be closely matched to the individual - to" hit the nail on the head" . They are sometimes hard work . But very effective. Although if they are wide of the mark nothing at all happens - to that extent they are certainly safer
passkey last decade
I should mention we've never given the kids anything over the counter and never brought a fever down. we don't have junk in the house, only sugar is honey, maple syrup, son drinks only water or fresh carrot, beet etc juice, sometimes oj and rice milk in smoothies, he has good water habits.

my son is sensitive to homeopathic remedies (homeopath recommends in water), has dairy issues, tried raw dairy-worse (we avoid). ds had a cold in sept of 04 and again when the baby was 2 months old, his cough lingered for several weeks. homeopath gave him Med. 1M in sept- it took the cough and the nose picking away but put him into a full med state! eek. she antidoted with ipec 200c after a couple of weeks. the cough and the nose picking came back.

then she gave him tuberculinum on feb 7th. he was exposed to whooping cough on the 26th of feb. not sure if any of this plays a role. i'm not sure if the teen that was playing with my son had the vaccine before or after she was here or whether she was already sick when she got the vaccine. she is still quite sick and a bit flaky when i tried to inquire.

we have not had a swab done (painful and invasive) so it could be A typical (?) I guess... looks like, sounds like, but isn't. I figure if it isn't its close. He was exhibiting fits every half hour, but yesterday every couple or more and is in a good mood considering. As everyone says he will be stronger for it... I think we all will be. sigh. being confined for 4 wks until we are not contagious will be tough- although if the baby gets it, it will be another 4 wks. Of course, I am exhibiting signs too. Feels like someone is standing on my chest and my lungs burn... a bit of phlem rumbling around this morning and a bit of a cough. ugggh. Breastfeeding for both, lack of sleep, worry are exhausting. I am trying to keep everyone looked after.

It is certainly easier to cope with in a 3.5 yr old then a baby. My SIL dealt with this in her 9 wk old, 3 yr old and 6 yr old back in the spring, although they did the antibiotics. The experience with the 9 wk old was challenging to say the least.

Any thoughts would help.


wendypape last decade
Just a side issue but one of the signs for Sulphur is picking the nose and eating it !.
Difficult to say about the transmission of infection . I think that often you will come into contact with someone who has an illness and that fact will bring to the surface , in you,a different illness .
For yourself - from the description you give - I'd try a couple of Phos 30.
This will work better if you like cold drinks. Ridiculous isnt it!.
passkey last decade
also you can make some tea from thyme (just the garden thyme you use in cooking - use it like tea leaves, just 1/2 teaspoon or so for a cup). This is quite safe as long as you don't drink masses of it - 1 or 2 cups a day for an adult is plenty, just sip from it instead of drinking it all at once. A few sips after a coughing fit for children (give less than for an adult). Thyme helps to soothe the mucus membranes. Don't sweeten or add honey, just drink it neat.
erika last decade
more on my original post...

the baby has coughed maybe 4 times today, and some sneezing. she's had a low grade fever that comes and goes throughout the day for 4 days. (she could be teething too) but that dry cough is weird. it's bang on 14 days since her brother first started with a plain dry cough. (his was 14 days as well)still smiling and happy most of time (as was her brother through most of this) but a bit cranky throughout the day which is unusual for her. she is an amazingly contented baby since birth- quite a surprise..

she hasn't wanted to nurse as much today and yesterday (which concerns me as she is exclusively breastfed) and when i go to put her in position she gags, like she did for the first few months after she was born (except then she would spit up or throw up her milk all the time) if i schooch down so she is more laying down and let her reach for it, most of the time if she can latch she won't gag and will continue to nurse. she was homebirthed with no drugs, no ultrasounds but she had her hand up and was a bit stuck, so midwife broke my water and she came quickly. no doppler except once for this- did monitoring manually. due to bfeeding i cannot eat eggs,raw almonds or oranges (probably dairy as my son has big issues) and i think homemade popcorn which i have issues with, or she really cries, and it is such painful sound. i do not eat chocolate, pop or any other junk- even when i ctave it. i try to stay away from processed, organic as finances allow, i try to stick to the basics and fresh vegetable juices, and to determine which foods trouble her, for her sake.

i would think that if my body is fighting this, i should be supplying antibodies, i can hope breastfeeding will help protect her but am wondering if i have to wait and see if there are more severe sympoms?????????????as i mentioned with specifically pertussis it is believed by some that breastfeeding only protects to 3 months...

incidentally i'm not sure if this is relevant but the day the teen was here playing with my son, after she left we had an accident where a toy flew out of my sons hand while he was on the trampoline and nailed her square in the middle of the forhead. 1/4 inch gash and there was alot of blood and it was quite traumatic for her and her brother and i. thank goodness for arnica, aconite and rescue remedy.

anyhow, thanks for listening. any thoughts?


wendypape last decade
One of the most impressive
[ to me ] is the fact that
- as Kent says -
when a baby has difficulty digesting breast milk and barfs it up then , if the mother takes Silica - say 30c - the baby will be able to digest the milk .

As a logical , reasonable person I am unable to account for this !.
passkey last decade
is silicea the same as silica?

thank you

wendypape last decade
Far as i know its just an alternative spelling.
passkey last decade
Yes - Silica is Silicea.
Minsa last decade
For Whooping Cough, the best remedy that would work instantly is Mag.Phos-3X, one of twelve tissue remedies by Dr. Schussler.

Does not cause any aggravation, does not interfere with any constitution. Safely repeat as symptoms persist.

Incidently, Mag.Phos. is a constitutent of Mothers Milk.

Alternatively also think of Kali.Mur-6X, Puls, Thuja.
HA21 last decade
baby is getting worse. about day 5 since the whoop started. progressing the same as her brothers did and as mine is. Her brothers has been very convulsive and violent- he is managing well and is showing improvement.

night is worse for her. almost every hour :

1:15 am real bad one
2:10 am
3:10 am
3:30 am
4:30 am one then nursed
5:30 am
9:00 am
9;15 am coughed up some snot with yellow in it.
9:45 am one then nursed
10:45 am
11:45 am one then nursed
notes are not accurate in aft
5:40 pm bad one

she has trouble catching breath face gets real red, coughs and coughs, they are getting longer. has a few seconds lull then back into it again. whoops or labours on the inhale, tries to catch breath. very tiring for her. tries to gag and retch it out at the end, hands out or hanging onto mine tightly- sometimes expectorant or throws up milk with slime in it. then SNEEZES!!

in a great mood in between. very happy baby, content, does not need to be carried. possibly getting teeth right now too.

bowel movements are green with slime or sometimes tar like. the more water i drink the better for her.

no fever although the fits make her hot and the back of the head is very hot and sweaty.

I was thinking Belladonna because of the sneezing??? I have 6, 30, 200 and 1M

I gave her a 30c a little while ago and the fit after that seemed really short. coicindence maybe?

any thoughts?

wendypape last decade
try belladonna. this is usually more effective in stage one of whooping cough stage one=catarrhal stage - characterized by listlessness, sneezing, loss of appetite and a hacking cough, cough frequently worse during the night. other remedies in this stage are aconite and arnica.

second stage is app. 10-14 days into the illness and the main remedies for this are coccus cacti, cuprum metallicum, corallium rubrum, drosera (hahnemanns main whooping cough remedy - worse as soon as lies down), ipecacuanha, veratrum album.

stage 3 - convalescent stage (around 3rd to 4th week) main remedies are antimonium tartaricum and pulsatilla.

Of course if another remedy fits better than the above it should be used.
hope this helps :)
erika last decade
1 dose of Drosera 30.
Minsa last decade
If you have any Pertussin, give one dose to see results. Will not harm, and may be the answer.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Never been happy with Pertussin-- unless the problem is a vaccine .

my feeling is that Carbo veg 1m or 10m would be the best -- but there is the odd pointer to Lycopodium . Any way let us know what you do and how it goes .
passkey last decade
is the whooping cough still a problem or is it resolving now?
erika last decade
still working through it- one day at a time.

week 6-7 since first dry cough for for 3.5 yr old still violent/strangling sounding cough 'but' the latest remedy - have given him a few things, the most recent allium cepa 30c as per our homeopath and his mood has improved 1000% and his cough has gotten a little less violent and farther apart and he's mostly sleeping through the night and the runny lip and burning dry lip is gone.

week 3-4 for 5 month old i used ant. tart 30c to start, then cuprum for blue spells, then to move her through the fast rapid cough stage with the blue spells we used corral. rub, now the coughs just go on and on and on with whoops in between with gagging at the end, strangling sound as well, swallows repeadedly and has tgrouble getting breath- throws head back to try and get breath, sometimes she can get stuff out, sometimes not. it is now starting to come out her nose too (my son as well) with bubbles. cries afterwards. worse from sleep. better for outdoors. usually sneezes after coughing. also homeopath had me try lachesis for strangling part and now sambucus for baby and me. oi.

week 3-4 for me.
i am so tired and have been checking in with homeopath daily- it takes so much to observe everyone. my husband did not get this but i think he has a plain cold which i think i have now too... so besides the rib racking cough that puts me on my knees with very little expectorant, usually sneeze too after coughing, i now have a head cold which thankfully does get lots of phlem out through my nose, but my nose is burning. it is stuffy inside, love the nice fresh air of spring. homeopath had me taking belladonna 1m, then causticum, then..hmmm can't remember my head is so thick today.

anyhow at this point everything is probably so darn messed with us because we all did the antibiotics despite knowing they would do nothing and all these different remedies she has us trying.

we will all get through this, one way or another.

wendypape last decade
Hang in there and maybe the antibiotics will not have done too much harm - we hope!
passkey last decade
you are doing really well with this - I know it may not seem like it but believe me you are. when I have treated kids locally for whooping cough I have had to give many remedies as the symptoms changed and it took a long time - BUT and this is a bit BUT - the kids who took this homeopathy were not as ill as the kids who had had the vaccine and still got the whooping cough - the also recovered better. Don't worry now about the antibiotics - find a good probiotic or similar to give now or later, get a vitamin tonic to give and hold on in there. :)
erika last decade
i dont mean to scare u or something but have ur doctors ruled out cystic fibrosis?
lifesuks last decade
not at all. thanks for posting your thoughts. it's not something i had considered.

we do have confirmed swabs for pertussis.
wendypape last decade
How are your children doing? Have you found anything that helps?
navashira last decade
YES. thank you for asking. several weeks ago someone emailed me a link to the archives of discussions on whooping cough at Mothering.com forums. I found a woman in New Zealand who was knowledgeable in megadosing vitamin c in the form of sodium ascorbate. No kidding it turned us around in under 48 hrs. it decreased our coughs by probably 70% and although the coughs themselves were more intense, much phlem started being able to come up and out of all of us. we are now coughing only a few times a day. they still hurt but we are certainly recouping. it was stunning to see the turn around, i wish i would have had that support in the beginning- it would have been much less severe.

i was frustrated with the remedies we were trying because it seemed they would 'dry' up the cough and make it 1000x worse- oh my it hurts tohave a deep wracking cough but if its productive it sure is better then the dry, can't breath cough, so once it was productive again- i laid off the remedies.

homeopathy allium cepa, did help my 3.5 yr old immensley emotionally and some physically and corral rub. helped my 5 month old when she got to the "blue stages" where she couldn't catch her breath.

it's been a long road and it's nice to see the improvement. now to catch up on our sleep ;-)

i hope vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) can help others in this.

wendypape last decade
Could you please let me know how you managed to successfully treat your children for whooping cough, like where did you buy vitamin c, how much did you give you're little girl etc. My 8 month old son has been suffering from whooping cough for the last 7 weeks and it doesn't seem to get any better. Actually, this weekend was worse, with lots of coughing, vomiting, loss of appetite, gaging etc. Day and night........ We're soooooooooo tired! It sounds like you managed to find a treatment and I would really like to know more details. PLEASE HELP!
lvinten last decade
You can buy bulk sodium ascorbate directly from NOWfoods. They have a website or you can special order it through a local healthfood store.
navashira last decade

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