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Chronic Acidity And Hypertension

Male 54 years. 5 ft 11 inch. 90 kgs. Married no kids. Smoke about 12 cigs. Alcohol on weekends only, but drink well. Mostly veg. Have a quick temper and get worked up easily, more so lately. Even so, have lots of loving friendships. Work at home trading equity markets.

I have been suffering from acidity for the past almost 4 years now. Also Hypertension for about the same duration.

It had started as occasional burning sensation in the gullet for which I took an occasional gelusil tab. One night after a party, I woke up at 4 am choking on acid reflux which had gone into the nasal passage. I paced around for an hour and took two gelusils, which settled things down a bit. Again a few days later I had a similar attack and this time the solar plexus felt sore and tender. Endoscopy showed an inflamed area where the esophagus meets the stomach. The allopath prescribed Pantop 40mg (proton pump inhibitor), and several SOS kind of capsules. Over a period of time, one Pantop 40mg daily became the routine which I took for more than a year.

Along the way I noticed that I would frequently get little blisters on my feet, mostly along the sides of the heels. I would pinch and drain them but I had new ones almost daily. Each left behind a bit of a scar. I had tests done for diabetes but they came back negative. My normal sugar levels have always been on the lower side of the normal spectrum. These blisters still remain an early indication of an on coming acid attack.

I then went to see an Ayurvedic doctor who diagnoses by taking the pulse reading. He described me as a ‘Pittha’ type, meaning high on the heat element. His medicine did help for some time including the blisters, but I could never really let go Pantop fully. After a few months I discontinued Ayurveda.

Next, I went to see a Homeopath. He turned to my wife and asked where I sweat mostly. Around the neck and chest she said, which seemed to give him a clue. After a few attempts that included Cal Carb and Nat Muir, homed in on Nat Phos. However this was in the form of the usual Homeopathy medicine, tiny globules or sugar balls in which the medicinal liquid is mixed. After browsing this forum the last few days, I discover that it should be the Biochemic Cell Salt kind. Anyway, I took this medicine for almost 15 months, and it did seem to help, but again I could not let go Pantop. I was able to decrease it to one tablet of 20mg every alternate day, but beyond this even one day later I would begin to belch and get gassy etc. So, eventually I stopped even Homeopathy, and over all this time one Pantop 20mg every other day has been the routine. Also, I believe I am over weight by about 6-8 Kgs, but Nat Phos in the Homeopathy medicine form did not help drop weight despite the gym routine.

About 3 years ago I was first discovered with hypertension. At that time the reading was 150/110. After various tests that also revealed slightly heightened triglyceride, the specialist prescribed some medicine which I half-heartedly took for a few days. I had taken up this hypertension issue with the same Homeopath mentioned above and he had prescribed CRATAEGUS and RAWOLFIA tinctures to be taken as a few drops with water. I had no positive results from this either. I believe my BP levels remain the same to date. As an additional note, about 4 years ago, during an eye examination, the ophthalmologist had remarked that the look of certain tiny blood vessels revealed that I had abrupt spikes in BP. He said that there was a certain kind of rupturing of those vessels that was suggestive of BP spikes.

More recently, over the past several months, I started getting sudden bouts low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) kind of symptoms: Cold sweat, sudden weakness, ravenous hunger, slight confusion etc. Again the tests came normal for blood sugar, but there was a noticeable low in the iron levels. Someone sent me off to another Ayurvedic doctor, who after taking pulse reading said no to diabetes but that the intestinal absorption was very poor causing the bouts of weakness. (Low haemoglobin levels?). Anyway, his medicine got me to purge for days on end till he thought the intestines were cleansed. I’ve not had any significant bout of that hypoglycaemic kind of spell since. Here I would like to quote Joe from one of his posts for the reason that I had been on Nat Phos, even if not the right kind, for an extended spell: “Nat Phos seems to work by accelerating the passage of food from the stomach and down the gut. In doing so it prevents stagnation of the food in the small intestine where the majority of the fat content is absorbed into the blood. It amazes me to observe that those who have used NP for weight reduction did not complain of any weakness as a result of the possible non absorption of the essential vitamins. minerals and carbohydrates from the food. This is presuming that my theory of the accelerated digestive process is valid. I can therefore presume that these essentials are picked up faster than the fat, and this results in reduction of weight.” So could the bouts of weakness be on account of non absorption?

In the here and now: Last week there was an extended celebration here. During all the partying, there were excess committed. One night I woke up around 4am with excruciating pain in the solar plexus area. There was no reflux but an intense pain/burn there like hammer blows. I took a gelusil, and a Pantop 40mg. It took a couple of hours for the attack to subside. The same happened again the following night with greater intensity. Now I am on a bland diet with small frequent meals with one tab Pantop 40 mg each morning, and no smoking and alcohol. The solar plexus feels tender and it hurts to bend forward as this puts pressure there. It begins to hurt with a pounding in the chest even if I speak for more than 5 mins, or get excited watching football, or get upset over something. At the same time I am not feeling gassy nor is there reflux. When the pain intensifies, it radiates into the chest, shoulders and both arms, back of the neck and the temples. For the past two days the pain in the head area has remained constant. I tire easily and this too causes the pain to intensify even as it’s there constantly. The pain wells up in the chest especially when I climb down steps.
A few points: By the homeopath here, I was asked to take Nat Phos first thing in the morning and last at night with a half hour gap for any food or drink. The potency was 6 C. I understand now from Joe Sir’s posts that this should be NP 6x Biochem type and that too after meals. Also many years ago while attending a Vipassana Meditation programme, I had expelled a large 6 inch worm, white in colour. At that time I had smiled and thought ‘Ah, the negativities are leaving already’. I mention this here as again I have read at the forum about worms and acidity and mal-absorption. I also have Tinnitus in both ears, like crickets chirping.

While waiting these last several days for the forum to update software, the recent attack is much better, thanks to daily one Pantop 40 mg and entirely bland food. But the pain/soreness at solar plexus remains though less. Even if mistakenly I put the ‘normal’ food in my mouth, the whole mouth begins to burn, and this burning goes down towards the throat.

I do realise and know that I have led a life of excesses. I’m ready to let it go now. I will be very grateful for any help. Thanks.
  zeus_3 on 2010-06-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To Amit

Thank you for alerting me by email and I must state that you have presented your case very well.

I note that you have already read some of my posts on this and the other forums I visit and I note that you are already using Nat Phos 6x which should have helped you but you did not confirm.

Your remedies are as follows:

Nat Phos 6x dose 4 tablets after 3 main meals.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

Stop all other drugs you are using and report your response in 3 days.

Eat small meals. No fatty food. Avoid red meat and sausages, ham bacon.

Exercise is essential for at least 45 minutes daily to sweat.

Drink plenty of fluids daily up to 3 ltrs.

NO ALCOHOL as this will antidote my therapy.

No Smoking. The Arnica you are taking will reduce your craving for a smoke.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle which can be used as a dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe Sir,

My grateful thanks to you for attending to my case.

I shall report in 3 days, unless there should arise a need to do so earlier.

With respect,

zeus_3 last decade
Joe Sir,

It is now my fifth day of taking Nat Phos 6x. My Acidity is certainly better, and I don't get bloated or gassy. For the first couple of days there seemed a mild constipation, but it is better now. This could possibly be due to a very light rice/lentil based 'kichri' that has been my essential diet these days. There is not much roughage there. But over all, yes I feel lighter and better, thanks.

On to Arnica 30c. After looking around, I was able to locate this in 15ml pack. However, the bottle says 'Arnica Mont 30'. Would this be the correct medicine? The chemist says this is it. Kindly do confirm. As I had expressed in my first post, my BP runs rather high at 150/110, and I have still resisted Allopathy,sensibly or not. Is there any other medicine in addition to Arnica that I should also be looking at? Do pardon the question.

Once you confirm this 'Arnica Mont' is the right thing, I shall proceed with it and report back.

Thank you Sir.
zeus_3 last decade
To Amit

Glad to note that your Hyperacidity has responded in 5 days. This condition usually is helped within a few hours after the first dose and I presume that you too would have discovered the difference after you took it for the first time.

Nat Phos 6x is absolutely safe to be used on a daily basis but you will soon discover that you can reduce your dosage down to about 2 tablets after a meal and in a few weeks you will find that you do not need it at all. It is best at this stage to keep it handy for use as and when you feel full after a meal. And do not eat too much as this is a sure way to have a repeat performance of your problem.

I hope that you realize that Nat Phos has saved you from many problems that PPI's (Proton Pump Inhibitors) like Pantop or Pantopresol would have caused you in the long run and you may like to know that a nephew of mine who is a qualified doctor just refused to use Nat Phos which I gave him about 10 years ago when he was showing signs of Hyperacidity. He used some PPI drug after every meal and paid for his refusal of the Nat Phos 6x with a Triple By Pass surgery as his main arteries which blocked and he was in constant pain.

Please check Google for 'Danger of using PPI drugs' and read the many hits that give you all the information you need on how you saved your life by changing over to Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30c.

Please spread the work among your friends and colleagues as GERD or Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease is very common and affects about 60% of the population in the developed countries due to the food that they eat. At least half will be prescribed by their doctors to take PPI drugs and this will shorten their life span by half or even less.

Looking back over my instruction in my first post above, I find that I failed to request you not to drink more than a couple of sips of water after a meal as this causes the gastric juices to be diluted which in turn will be counterproductive and cause acidity. Do not also go to bed for at least 2 hours after dinner to enable the food to digest before sleep when the digestive process slows down and can cause Hyperacidity.

I note that you have been able to locate Arnica in Ethanol only in the 15ml pack. You will not have any alternative but to buy it even though you will only use just 3 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water. Look for the highest percentage of alcohol usually 87% in the best quality as this is the most effective.

You will take Arnica twice daily for the next 2 months or even longer and when your system has stabilized you can take just one capful nightly as I have done since 1996.

Please note that Arnica is not a quick fix of your BP and your Cholesterol and Triglycerides. It will take some months to show its benefits to you but continue with it and report your BP in a month.
Joe De Livera last decade

I have already told a cousin about NT 6x, and he called to say it's working like a charm. I've always propagated alternative forms of medicine, as I'm very aware of the harm modern chemical rugs cause.

No, I don't ever drink water with meals, and I do eat quite early so that's ok.

About Arnica, I had asked you if 'Arnica Mont 30' is the right medicine, as this is what I could find. Please let me know.

For BP, I had read at this forum that Lachisis, and Belladonna are also good. Would you endorse and recommend these? I'm asking as I do worry about the way my BP, high as it is, has not been addressed for long.

Thanks again, Sir.
zeus_3 last decade
'I have already told a cousin about NT 6x, and he called to say it's working like a charm. '

I presume that you are referring to Nat Phos 6x.

Glad to note that you are propagating this remedy to your friends as suggested by me and you will be doing them a big favour and even saving their life.

My apologies as I did not make myself clear to you in my last post.

Arnica is Arnica Montana and you must get the 30c potency in the Ethanol pack.

I have never used Lachesis for Hypertension and I do doubt that it can possibly reduce BP. I have used Lachesis which is the potentized venom of the most poisonous snake in the world, Lachesis Muta Muta in the 200c potency to STOP bleeding in the case of 2 Hemophiliac boys whom I am currently treating. I do not think that Lachesis which controls and stops bleeding can possibly help with Hypertension. Arnica has an incredible property of liquifying and filtering the blood which it does by thinning the viscosity which then dissolves the cholesterol and other debris with the increased flow. It will usually take about a week to do so after which you can expect your BP to drop slowly but surely.

I have no experience with Belladonna for reducing BP.
Joe De Livera last decade

I stand corrected. Yes, that would be Nat Phos 6x and not NT 6x.

I'm happy that I've been able to locate 'Arnica Mont' in the correct formulation. I shall report back in a few days.

Thanks for the clarification on the other medicine.

zeus_3 last decade
Joe Sir,

This is for my understanding only. Please answer when you can.

As I had described in my first post, I had taken CRATAEGUS and RAWOLFIA drops in water for an extended period of time, ostensibly for my BP. I had no palpable benefit from these.
Could you kindly tell me what these really are and what side effects could there be for taking these for a long spell.

Also, further to my ailments mentioned already, there are a couple more issues which I should perhaps bring up once things begin to settle down?

zeus_3 last decade
Both Crataegus and Rauwolfia are used for Hypertension but Rauwolfia is not a remedy used in Homeopathy although it is used in Ayurvedha.

As you have already experienced they are not as effective as Arnica which I have prescribed for you which you will observe in about 3 months to have reduced your Hypertension.

Please note that Arnica is another of my 'discoveries' and it has shown great promise in the treatment of many ailments which you can read on:

Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again, Sir.
Yes I have read through the benefits of Arnica at your thread, and look forward to posting my experiences there.

About another health issue I had mentioned in my last post above, shall we wait for now?

zeus_3 last decade
You may list them if you wish but I would prefer to treat them after your GERD is stabilized.
Joe De Livera last decade

I’m posting a progress report of sorts, but also, would like to bring to your consideration a few points of note.

Thanks to Nat Phos, my GERD problem is doing very well indeed, though I doubt if this is a good description, for, a problem doing very well would scarcely be considered good news!
Seriously though, the difference I experience is very conspicuous and remarkable. The sense of lightness after meals is something I haven’t felt in ages. I still get a few burps, but they are dry and not uncomfortable at all. I feel certain I have at last found a sustainable solution to my acidity.
The pain and soreness in the solar plexus area mentioned in the first post return at times, though very faintly, rather like a fast fading memory. I imagine the injury to the food pipe must have been quite brutal.
I have noticed since starting Nat Phos, the stools have altered in colour and constancy, in the sense that it’s more ‘formed’ and is darker. Although it takes me a while in the mornings to get the urge to go, it doesn’t quite feel like constipation.
The tummy remains sensitive to any dietary imprudence.
One concern is that I have read one of the side effects of taking PPI drugs is rebound hyper-secretion of gastric acid when these drugs are withdrawn, which is commensurate with the degree of acid inhibition the drugs caused.

On to Arnica: As I started taking Arnica several days after starting on Nat Phos, I’m reporting what I noted soon after starting Arnica.
At this time I’m unable to report its effects on my BP, as it’s early days yet.
What I did experience, and still do, is an increase in my energy levels. I’m able to work longer, and my awareness seems more acute. Till recently, as it’s in the nature of my work, I would feel fatigued and weary immediately after hours, with a compulsion to take a longish nap. Not so, now.
On the other hand, this state of being energised is causing me to be ‘wide awake’ even at bed time. I normally have no difficulty falling asleep. But for several nights now I toss and turn for a long time before sleep comes. This is a new and recent pattern. Admittedly though, this sleeplessness is not quite like restlessness. I think I feel calmer than before. But I really must run this by my wife to see if she concurs!!
I have brought up the issue of being wakeful also because I have read in many posts by you that Arnica induces repose and a sound sleep.

And so this deviation (?) from known effects of Arnica brings me to another ailment which I would have consulted you on post the acidity and hypertension:
I believe I have some sort of BPH, which was vaguely visible in a scan a few years ago. The main symptom, these last few years, has been an inhibited urine flow and associated symptoms like difficulty in starting the urine flow, interrupted flow, and dribbling.
Over the last few days, primarily in the first morning flow, these symptoms seem to have become accentuated.
Again, this is not quite in line with your research in Arnica and BPH like symptoms.
On a few occasions I have also felt a mild kind of pain close to my navel. Though this happened post Arnica, it may well be part of acidity. I had not experienced this before even post Nat Phos, the reason I’m reporting this under my feedback on Arnica.

I do hope Sir, that this report will help you determine the road ahead for me.

With regards.
zeus_3 last decade
To Amit

I am glad to note that your GERD is now firmly under control and that you are slowly on the path to a full recovery under my therapy. I note that you started on the Arnica some time after you first started on the Nat Phos and I believe that this is the reason for your not responding more positively as other have done in 2 weeks on my therapy which usually works in a week. Arnica works in the case of GERD patients by rebuilding the inner lining of the Esophagus which has been eroded badly by the gastric juice and is an integral component of my therapy which I can honestly claim is a world's first and qualifies for the term 'Joepathy', even if I dare to state so myself.

The bonus you have observed in your life today is proof of Arnica working:
'I’m able to work longer, and my awareness seems more acute. Till recently, as it’s in the nature of my work, I would feel fatigued and weary immediately after hours, with a compulsion to take a longish nap. Not so, now.'

Your statement that follows the above is unusual for me:
'I normally have no difficulty falling asleep. But for several nights now I toss and turn for a long time before sleep comes. This is a new and recent pattern. Admittedly though, this sleeplessness is not quite like restlessness. I think I feel calmer than before.'

I believe that exercise till you sweat it out is indicated immediately and you are advised to do a brisk walk or even a jog (as I sometimes do at age 81 for about 5 minutes into my 45 minute walk) to create the demand for sleep.

Arnica will help your BPH but it is important that you consult a Urologist and have a Blood test for full Lipid Profile and PSA to observe the status of your enlarged Prostate which is the reason for your:
'inhibited urine flow and associated symptoms like difficulty in starting the urine flow, interrupted flow, and dribbling.'
I shall prescribe another remedy to reduce or shrink your Prostate but shall not do so right now as this can prove to be counterproductive as it is a long time project.

The potency of the Arnica for Prostate problems is 6c as it is more effective than the 30c that I have prescribed for you. However at this juncture I would not like to change it as you are doing nicely on the present therapy and we shall deal with your ailments in an orderly manner.

Please confirm that you are drinking at least 3 ltrs liquids daily preferably water. You will also eat small meals in order not to overload your stomach and must abstain from alcohol and cigarettes which I believe assisted in your path to chronic GERD.

Where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade

Yes, I've been drinking a good deal of water daily and this is an old habit of mine. I've also been eating small meals since this recent aggravation of acidity, and I do admit it feels nice to eat this way.

Exercise is something I need to return to properly in a structured way. I shall do this in a week or two, once I feel better in the solar plexus area, as this still tends to feel a little sore when there is some physical strain. As I had said in my previous post, the acidity caused injury was particularly severe. Anyway, exercise and weight loss is high priority now.

I will continue with your current prescription till you feel satisfied enough with my progress, before addressing any other ailment.

Thank you again for the guidance and care.

zeus_3 last decade

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