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10 days a go.
stye214 last decade
Sameer Sir,

also plz check you email, with title 'Stye214' i want you to see it so you can have more idea.

Thank you so much. plz dont ignore.
stye214 last decade
Please wait for 1 more week. I will have a look at the video.
sameervermani last decade
Hello, its been week now, as you may have seen the video, spots have gotten bit bigger, and it continues in the same conditions.

No improvement seen at all so far. feeling very tense.


plz advice.
stye214 last decade
I am still waiting for your reply.
stye214 last decade
Will analyze in 4-5 days, travelling right now.

Can you please bump up this thread on Sunday ?
sameervermani last decade
Okay, I will.

Thank you.
stye214 last decade
Dr, Sameer,
I hope you are safely back from Travel,

Please advice, i am waiting for your reply so eagerly.

All the spots are worsen, as i hope you have seen the video. I am very depressed by my condition.
stye214 last decade

Waiting for you reply, Bumping the thread!

Thank u
stye214 last decade
Dr, Sameer

Hope every thing is fine.

Still waiting for your reply.

stye214 last decade
stye214 last decade
Will analyze today.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Stye214,

I have seen your video and re-analyzed the case.

Please take 1 single dose of PETROLEUM 200c, and report after 2 weeks.

sameervermani last decade
Oral Liquid? There is two option oral liquid and oral liquid (teat)?
stye214 last decade
Doesn't matter, you can buy the teat dropper, easier to use.

Put 2 drops in 120 ml water, stir well, and take a spoon ONCE.
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer,

its been 2 weeks now, i took a dose of petroleum 200. i really dont see any improvement on the skin or spots. spots are in the same condition. i am getting a lot of itch on the spots especially on stomach one, they itch all day and night. when i peel of the dead skin sometimes it leaves the exposed skin, it hurts, burns with body movment streching, also after taking the shower. My Anus problem is really driving me crazy and i am so stressed and depressed on this issue. bowel moments are painful, it burns, and itch a lot in the night and fungus/white chessy stuff still produce a lot with strong smell. sleeps are restless, and hard to fall a sleep taked me 2 hours to fall a sleep.

Mental situation is fine, no negative or bad thoughts but very tense of getting rid of psoriasis.
stye214 last decade
Was there any change in mental state after Petroleum ?
sameervermani last decade
I mostly avoid talking to people because of my appearance, i always have in mind that i look ugly and people may comment on me when they see the spots on my ear and head. i am still carrying low self esteem and self confidence.
I am quite lazy and procrastinate, i been making the planning run my own business for that i have to get business card ready and websites, but it has been more then two months i havent done any of this, instant this is not a 1 hour work for me to finish. as well as avoid doing cleaning the room and laundry unless it becomes really necessary for me and leave no choice.
I wanted to be in the crowd talking to people and be social make a lot of contacts and friends but for some reason i avoid or have no ability or very low self esteem or confidence because of psoriasis. that thinking i am not their type, they might not like it, they might think i am not good looking and i dont have anything to talk.
i feel i am very funny, smart and carrying person.
if i am in good mood then i am good to any person, nice, talkative but if i m not in good mood then my answer and talk very mean straight forward which other people dont like.

About negative changes (changes that bring physical or mental hardship), I am a 'change averse' person, I like the things to maintain status quo as long as possible. If I know before hand that some change is about to occur, I try to prepare myself mentally and sometimes I succeed in making myself calm (But I am mostly anxious/worried before a change). After the change event has occurred, I don't easily get to term with it. I crib, I curse, sometimes even cry and I wish things were back the way it was before. It takes me some time to adjust to the change.

I am joyed with positive changes, and how much joyful I am, again depends on how deeply I am attached with the subject.

I don't like unknown changes that come suddenly, even if it is not of much importance, but I adjust rather quickly to these type of changes. For example, I do web site designing and IT support, sometimes my boss wants me to help other department and to follow up with them, i get to anxious/worry that everything is fine, my work is not good, or i have to listen someone else at instant, but after a day or two i get along with it.

(i have to find some description about my self, sorry it just because of my poor vocabulary and when it comes to write a post and something about my self, i cant come up and express my self. so i have to find some of um online.)

Thank you.
stye214 last decade
Sameer, any more question you have for me to ask?

i am waiting for your reply.
stye214 last decade
Dr, Sameer any thoughts?
stye214 last decade
all spots are very thick and dry, while touching feels like to itch more and more.. in head also dryness every where and very flaky. i think after 1m of calc spots are have gotten worsen. anus area becomes sensitive every other day and itchy at night. oozing, fissure, problem on bowel moment, itching , burning, and sometimes bleed if feels like constipation. most of the day my mind thinks of psoriasis and especially anus area, because it makes me itch, when feels like to go bathroom i get worried, that bowel moment comes normal, usually i think that, it want burn, itch, hurt, or bleed.

Please advice..
stye214 last decade
Please take 3 doses of Natrum Mur 30c, and report after 10 days please.
sameervermani last decade
First Day, All day itch on spots, especially 2 spots on the stomach, calm feeling. sleep was better but the waking up in the morning was tough, dint feel like to get up and go to work, wated more sleep, even tho i had 8 hour sleep.

Second Day, Itching contnues on all spots, one spots on stomach left i had cleared all the dry dead skin almost near to regular skin, anus itching continues at night, itching gets really intense sometimes that i would peel off the skin, area becomes very sensitive due to excessive scratching, oozing, fungus/white cheesy stuff with strong smell.

Third Day, spots on the left stomach flared up completely, itching all over the spot during the day. itching in anus/fungus/cheesy stuff with strong smell. have two nail discoloration on left last tow finger nail, clear light yellow discoloration looks like drop of oil under the nail plate, and nail plate seems thick. One small pit on left hand. Right hand last three finger has same discoloration, with one pit on middle finger which is slightly bigger and it hurts really bad when pressing or touching on it. There is small tiny spots on the penis glans with white stuff/fungus covered, when i clean the area penis glan looks shiny with red rash and small spots. also Perineum area is always has been itchy, sometimes thin layer of dry skin also gets a oozing and fungus.

Fortth to Tenth, everything reamins the same. except the spots on leg and stomach i peeled of the dead skin, and it leaves with open expose skin, on 7th day, till then to 11th day flare up progress was slow, but now today they are flared up with medium thick layer looks like a fish skin. not a significant change on the spots over all and the any positive sign.

Please let me know what to do next, should i order the higher dose of NAT MUR?

stye214 last decade
Waiting for your reply.
stye214 last decade
Mentally, do you feel better ?
sameervermani last decade
Confidence level is low, i cant keep my self focus on one thing and work on that rather jump onto other things, being very procrastinator, i want to focus on one idea and to make it work but start looking for many other things and leaves the everything a side and the result no action on anything. no negative or bad thought, just worrying about the skin problem.
stye214 last decade

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