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Please go ahead with Calc as suggested
sameervermani last decade

Not much changes to be reported for last six days. Overall the first dose of calc LM5 there is not a much nor at all improvement on the overall condition on psoriasis side on spots. excepts there was a spot covering my full forehead, which seemd to be better, i could feel the skin is getting thinner on these spots, responding than other spots. The spots tummy, left and right side they both are getting bigger considerably, in side of the right side spots/plaque there was a one more tiny spot appeared and that is also getting bigger/wider, where the dead skin on spots was thick/crusty they came off easily. I have this habit of peeling offand scratching on the spots. This sometimes leaves the tender skin exposed and it burns during/after bath with itch.
Psoriasis on around the nose is also make very light thick layer dry spot very visible, i have to apply oil everyday to cover it. behind the ear and inner of ear lots of dryness and very thick curst build. There seems to be two small pit on left hand first finger, and slight yellowish discoloration on first and last finger of the same hand. on right hand middle finger very slight discoloration. Left foot toe has also slight dark/brown discoloration with 4 pits, Right side foot toe also has the discoloration.
On left leg two spots was there, they both has grown slightly bigger then before in size. Right side leg spots on middle they seems to be the same and bigger in size white colored thick crusty spots, spot on knee has grown bigger in size, i peeled the dead skin off and its now completely tender exposed spot its burning.

In anus fungus/yeast developemnt is still there, when it moist, i get itch and that becomes so intense after i started itching that want me stop, sometimes my hands get tired, also i clean the white stuff which is produced fungus/yeast not sure, with strong smell. Also, the penis is produces a fungus/yeast, there seems to be breakout on glan small red dots, and two small dry circle spot on penis shaft.

Overall mentally is doing very well, nothing to worried about emotinally/family. i'm worried about future for nothing, basically i have few things need to take care of it, but it will take some time but sometimes i still worry. Like, i have plan for to go india end of this year, so i am worried about saving the money and, if im going to make it or not? and stuff like that. I havent completed my study and i really wanted to be become something asap, but this will definately take time, i know but i still worried about! not always tho when i feel sad/lonely or angey.

would you be interesting seeing some pics? i wish u would say yes to clear out more things.

current situation, overall mental condtion is very well, continues itching through out the day on all spots/head, bloating/farts dry ugly looking face skin.

Thank you.
stye214 last decade
Please continue taking doses as suggested.
sameervermani last decade
Hello sir Sameer,

Three dose of LM5 completing, i dont think that remedy has any positive effect on me, seems like everything is worsening gradually day by day. i have taken some pics this time, as i i really want u to see this, couldn't resist my self. i think this will satisfied me. here is the link. pls consider seeing once.

Where it stareted 7/10 : https://picasaweb.google.com/smileface214/PS792010?authkey=G....

Current: http://s694.photobucket.com/albums/vv304/smileface214/

after seeing the pics you'll know what i have been going through on external part of my body and how deep impact has this on my internal body and day by day life of facing ppl.

Mentally is i don't think LM5 is helping, i really couldn't understand this time what is happening to me. after the first dose i had some calmness for two three days, control on getting angry, irritated on very minor issues at work. good night sleep. but then after that nothing seems to be going right but contrary, some weird dreams, plane crash, bomb barding, My Fathers dreams, i always try to make him quit the alcohol, or trying to make him stay away from it. trying to save him, wanting him to be healthy. i had all this dream last week. now days sleeping is not very well, half sleep half awake, constant thoughts during the night. hard to get up in the morning and make up mind to get ready for to go to work, everyday i get late. i think days by days because of psoriasis i am getting very cautious about my look, now its everywhere and very noticeable, i am trying to stay away from the ppl and friends just to sake of it to avoid conversation and look of my body. i keep my self alone as much as possible coz of ps and always conscious and to look for relief and cure that how fast am i going to be cured by reading the ppls post, what remedies are i am taking is how its helping me and its right for me and stuff like that.

plz let me know if u need to know more and any other details, as i have feeling that i am really weak on writing on details of observation. but i dont know. as i have extreme fear of my loosing my self confidence, facing the ppl and not getting cure or getting any positive result as of now. its really bothering me inside. also, I've been smoking for last few days coz my new room mate smokes and i got an excuse to do it. i dont know plz suggest.

Thank you so much.
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stye214 last decade
I have looked at the pics, please wait for 1 more week without any doses, and report back.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer.

Is there any remedy needs to procure?
stye214 last decade
Hello Sameer sir,

I could not wait to report it because, i am very much worried and tense, There is one more small spot appeared on my left thumb in middle where ring fit.and every time i see i get panic, scared and worried. everything remain the same as seen on pic no improvement at this moment at all. mentally very much of worried and anxious and sad. I was been ignoring and taking things lightly that, i will see improvement and this will be cured soon soon, as of everything was in the same condition but, now there is two more breakout one on tummy as seen on pic, that is also started to growing significantly in very less time and the one just appeared two days a go on thumb.
last time one of the remedy triggered me in positive way and was been showed improvement on leg spots for quest some times. i think it was either Sulphur or MEZ, i think it was a SULPHUR. do you think thats the remedy should do the magic or do you think Arnica will do the help? i am sorry but i am being very hypochondriac here or i think i am'.

Please suggest.
stye214 last decade
Hi stye,

Please take a dose of Mez 200c, in water , dissolve 2 pellets in a 500 ml bottle, give it 5 hard hits, and then take a spoon.

Report after 1 week.
sameervermani last decade
Hello, Sameer

There is slight bit changes on the spots this time, forehead seems bit clear. however, i clean those area so hard to say but no flare up, but skin is waxy dry, scaly with slight itch. both ear seems to be clearing slightly but i also peel the skin off and there seems to be oozing with itch. spots on the tummy seems very stubborn they are in the same size and the same shape as seen on picture but they turned dark in color and itchy and burning time to time.

Spots on leg they seems to be stable same size and shape seen in the pic but they also looks very stubborn, very hard dry, hard to peel of the dead accumulated skin. in colored they also looks brown.

Anus area also still in same condition itching at night, very intense itch, yeast/fungus is still flaring, this time after cleaning the area yeast/fungus there seems to be moisture and oozing.
Penis is shaft has two small spot, and penis head is also breaking up and yeast/fungus is still flaring.

Mentally are doing very well, very much worried of psoriasis.

I was also researching and i think i met almost 80 to 90% of Arsenic Album, just a thought.

Thank you.
stye214 last decade
Please wait for 1 more week.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

6th day reporting. last 4 days i see gradual improvement. spots on the leg has turned dark and has been stable, not seeing any flare up except the spot on the knee, light flare up is there. good improvement on head forehead, not seeing flare up, and has been stable to same condition dark skin around area. ear seems to be bit clear but not much improvement there, flare up there, skin peeling with oozing. spots on the tummy/chest has not effect at all seems to be. patch is very hard and doesnt seems to be fading or clearing. Anus condition is the same also, fungus with itch, while touching and some times during the day and night, not specific time, moisture with oozing. penis glans is same fungus with slight break out.

mentally perfectly fine, no other issues.

i think MEZ is doing some work here. do you think i should take one more dose and then increase the potency or you are prescribing something else.?

Plz advice.

Thank u
stye214 last decade
Please order Mezereum LM1 and LM2 in 30 ml bottles from Helios.
sameervermani last decade
hello sameer,

i got the mez lm1 & lm2.
stye214 last decade
And what is current status ?
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sir Sameer,

Current status has slightly changes then earlier report. few spots has lightly flare up and the shape and size remain the same. spots on the stomach i have as you have seen in the pic seems to be no effect at all they remain in same old condition. everything remain the same except this changes.
i do worried about my skin condition but have little faith on MEZ now that will cure me for good. so kind of excited too.

Uploaded today this might help. : http://s324.photobucket.com/albums/k360/desishangout/4-26-11...

Mentally, physically very well. started gym also.

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stye214 last decade
Take a dose of Mez LM1.

3 drops in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.

Report in 4 days.
sameervermani last decade
Hello, its 4th day now. hard to notice anything, surprisingly not a much improvement at all. everything remain in the same condition, however the spots on the stomach are still getting flares up. all others spots are remain the same.

stye214 last decade
Take a daily dose for 3 days,where for each dose:

8 hits to the LM1 bottle, 3 drops in 250 ml spring water, stir and take a teaspoon.
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer,

taken then daily doses for three days, reporting after 6th day.
Why MEZ isnt showing any positive result. spots are in the same condition. spots are on legs has turned really dark black, same condition as before. spots are on the stomach are in the same condition matter infact they have got some flare up, they are seems to be biggest spots and stubborn, itchy some times. Anus skin is also in the same condition, fungus production are down to 95% but everyday seems to be different act there, itch every night, sometimes gets very sensitive, burns, normal, oozing, fungus, in daily cycle.
PS: also, one of the nail on right hand third finger has got affected, corner yellowish discoloration.

Plz advice.
[message edited by stye214 on Fri, 06 May 2011 20:43:43 BST]
stye214 last decade
bumping.. waiting for your reply Sameer.
stye214 last decade
Please take a single dose of ARSENICUM ALBUM 200c, and report after 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer, Hope everything is well.

reporting after a week of Ars Alb 200c one dose. so far seems to be no reaction of remedy. i feel nothing and nor seeing any changes :( i dont knw whats happening nothing is seems to be working one me?:(spots on stomach are getting really thick and crusty. all other spots also flaring up a little bit. spots on the leg in colored they have been black since MEZ. fungus in Anus is still producing and skin becomes very sensitive, burning, itching, oozing and sometimes every other day it becomes/ feels like that has been scrubbed with sand paper very thin sensitive skin. in head scalp there seems to be a bit flare up. getting worried more cautious about psoriasis. all other thing are going very well with mind and body.

Thank you Sameer sir. please advice.

Thank you.
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stye214 last decade
How hard is the crust ?
sameervermani last decade
The crust is medium hard not easy to peel off, its like fish scales/concrete. anus skin is very sensitive lots of itch at night and after scratch feels oozing, it gets very sensitive that feels skin is cracked.

Thanks you.
stye214 last decade
GRAPHITES 200c, one single dose, report after 1 week.
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer,

Not a much help from Graphites 200c. everything remain same, graphites had no effect on me. spots are really dry and on stomach they are hard and cracked. in anus, i dont knw when i am gonna get rid of this, very intense itch with fungus, very solid white cottage cheese stuff. spots on the leg they remain same hard and thick. after shower they burn some times.
stye214 last decade

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