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Acid Reflux / GRED in 5 month old

My 5 month old daughter is irretable and poor eater. Allopathic doctor has identified as reflux/GERD and advised junior lanzol tablet ½ once a day but it does not seem to help much. Birth weight was good (3.17kg) but since then weight gain is quite poor. Current weight is 5Kg.

Very poor eater. Does not take milk herself except when in sleep during night. Arches backwards. Have to force feed her with spoon. Cries a lot during feeding.
Have to be burped after every 25-30 ml. Cannot take more than 60 ml. Beyond 60 ml she throws out.
Is very cranky during evening till night and expects to carried in arms / sholder. Sleeps with difficulty. Scratches herself and is very restless. Day time naps are short naps of 30 minutes. Spits saliva frequently and hiccups.
Stool is on harder side.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance
  apsingh365 on 2010-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If the diagnosis is GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease) the remedy is Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after a meal. This should help the food and milk to go down without stagnating in the stomach which then causes GERD.

Report response in 2 days after you start this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the response Joe!

One of a local homeo doctor suggested AETHUSA CYNAPIUM 30 (2 drops in 10 ml of water) over Nat Phos.

According to the doc Nat Phos is good but AETHUSA CYNAPIUM is better.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance
apsingh365 last decade
Aethusa C is a remedy used to treat a child who is lactose intolerant and is the standard remedy used by classically trained homeopaths to treat children who are over a year old. You may like to know that I have pioneered in the use of Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic Cell Salt which is absolutely safe in use and works in a different manner by accelerating the passage of food from the stomach into the gut thereby preventing the build up of acid which is the reason for the symptoms that your baby presents and is also an excellent antidote for Lactose Intolerance which your baby suffers from. I have prescribed 2 tablets in my previous post but just ONE will also be effective. If she does not respond with one you can then give her two. You will notice her response immediately after her feed. You will hopefully also notice in a few days that she will not need any medication at all, as the Nat Phos helps her body to readjust itself, like rebooting your computer.

You stated:
'Very poor eater. Does not take milk herself except when in sleep during night. Arches backwards. Have to force feed her with spoon. Cries a lot during feeding.
Have to be burped after every 25-30 ml. Cannot take more than 60 ml. Beyond 60 ml she throws out. '

Do I understand that she is on a Formula feed ? if so you are advised to use some other brand but the best is of course her Mother's Milk.

I am indeed very surprised that your pediatrician has prescribed a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drug Lanzol or Lanzoprazole to your daughter and you may like to know that PPI drugs have in the recent past been found to cause more dangerous side effects than cures. These dangerous drugs work by suppressing the production of HCl in the Gastric Juice which then causes these side effects.

Please visit:

There are references to other websites on this link which are well worth reading.

BIG PHARMA has discovered a fantastic gold mine in these PPI drugs as they don't come cheap and physicians are often bribed to prescribe them to patients who come to them with gastric complaints which are only too common today due to the food eaten and the lack of exercise in the case of adults. The majority of these cases can be treated and CURED by Nat Phos 6x.

You have asked for my advice and I have given it to you and it is up to you to use it or reject it.

In any case DO NOT give her Junior Lanzol as all PPI drugs are habit forming and the patient is hooked on them for life.

At the tender age of 5 months you do not want your daughter to depend on PPI's for life.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe!

Thanks for your time to write in detail. To answer you question regarding feed

You had asked 'Do I understand that she is on a Formula feed ? if so you are advised to use some other brand but the best is of course her Mother's Milk. '

We understand that mother's milk is best and try to pump and feed. She takes about 600 ml per day out of which 50% is molthers milk. Also as per padriatic doc's advice we have recently started toned milk mixed with powdered ragi or nestum rice.

Since last 2 days she has blocked rather running noise due to which she cannot sleep properly.
We have stopped Junior lanzol
apsingh365 last decade
'We have stopped Junior lanzol'

Thank you for this news.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

It has be a month since we are giving her Nat phos 6x. The frequency is one tablet in morning and one in evening. She has shown decent improvement in terms of reflux / GERD symptoms. She is less fussy now.

However she is quite under weight for her age. She is about 5.5 kg at 6.5 months. (Aging her birth weight was good at 3.17 KG). We still have to force feed her with spoon and she mostly cries during feeding.

I have following questions:

1. Should we continue with Nat Phos? is any change in dose needed?
2. Can you suggest any remedy which could help her gain normal weight.

Please suggest

Thanks in advance
apsingh365 last decade
Please read the corrected line as follows:

(Her birth weight was good at 3.17 KG)
apsingh365 last decade
I do not think that you need to give her Nat Phos anymore as it is very likely that she will not have the problems that your pediatrician was treating with Lanzol. You can reduce the dosage by half and it is best to divide a tablet and give it to her and observe how she responds. Remember that the Nat Phos was only a stop gap to help her tide over the problem she faced originally when she was in obvious distress and the pediatrician prescribed Lanzol. She does not need to take it every day as it was only meant to help her body to take over.

You will also have to give her some Vitamin supplement as you are giving her Formula with Breast milk and your doctor can advise you on the brand.

Please keep me posted on her weight which is below what she should be at 6.5 months.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am a father of a 20 month old daughter with gas problems and lactose intolerance. She had a high Bilirubin count and had to undergo blood transfusion when she was only 5 days old.
Since then we had changed lot of doctors in Aloepathy but with almost no proper help. We have started Nat Phos 6x 3 tabs 2wice daily, but need to know how long after a meal has ended will we give her the medicine, and also will we give it directly to her to swallow or in a half cup lukewarm water?
avishek009 last decade
I am very concerned that you are giving your 20 month old daughter 3 tablets Nat Phos 6x twice daily. At that age I would prefer that you give her just one immediately after a meal dissolved in a teaspoonful of water for her gastric problem.

I note that your daughter suffered from some complaint and had a blood transfusion when just 5 days of age. I would like to have more details of her problems up to date to be able to help you better. Also what is her response to the 3 tablets of Nat Phos ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
I appreciate your quick reply. I would definitely get you a better detail of my daughter up to date on my next post. As of now since I don't have much time in hand, but I need the answer urgently I would ask you something:
1. I have been giving Nat Phos 6x to my daughter in the mentioned (3 tabs twice daily ) dosages starting from 6th June' 2011 , and as par her response is concerned, it seems to be ok.
I would like to mention here that, whenever she has gas problems, she will not be able to sleep properly and rolls on the bed during sleep, and also cries out sometimes in her sleep, and at times wakes up completely.
For the last 2 days of our giving her Nat Phos 6x half hour after food, she is not reacting in the same way during sleep.
Now, will I start giving her 1 tablet in 1 tsp water, or will I continue with 3 tabs. And in either of the doses, will I give it to her half hour after food, or immediately after the meal?
avishek009 last decade
I can see that what your little girl needs is Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

She is the youngest patient I have treated with what I feel is GERD and the fact that she responded to the Nat Phos 6x proves that this is indeed her remedy. Let us reduce it to 2 tablets taken immediately after a meal but it is understood that you will not give her more than a total of 6 tablets daily. NP is very safe in use and has no side effects but she is only 20 months old and I would not like to experiment with a megadose of NP as it is unnecessary.

I believe that the Arnica 30c will help her stomach to stabilize and I shall await your report of her response on a daily basis.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thanks a ton for the reply.
I would need some more clarification in the method you suggested.
I will stop Nat Phos and start with Arnica 30c.
I will get the Arnica 30c, and buy a 500ml spring waer bottle. Then I will add 3 drops of Arnica 30c from the arnica bottle to the 500ml spring water bottle. Is my understanding correct?
I would also like to mention a peculiar behaviour of her's towards medicines seen in the past:
If a medication suits her but the dosage is decreased -be it homeopathy or alopathy, and it fails to work for her, she immeidately develops an immunity towards that medication, and even the past higher doses doesn't work for her anymore.
Sorry i forgot to mention this on the last post.
But we were getting her treated by a homeopathy doctor whose initial medication was working awesome well on her, where he had given a powder to be given 3ice after meal, and a liquid drop to be given 2wice before meal. Seeing the positive feedback, he reduced the powder from 3ice a day to 2wice a day. Immediately she stopped responding to the medicatin, and even getting back to that old 3 dose medication didn't help at all. I don't have the prescription with me right now to tell you what was prescribed.
Also I would like to ask that, if in case I am not getting liquid Arnica 30c, will the small globules of Arnica 30c work for her? And if they do, what will be the doses?
avishek009 last decade
You will have to make up your mind about whose therapy you will use for your daughter. I note that you have consulted another homeopath and have used his therapy. In her interest I would suggest that you continue to do so as he has a better chance of evaluating her progress directly by consultation which I cannot do on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Please be sure of the fatc that I do want to continue with your therapy.

I just gave an example of what had happened to describe her nature of reaction to some medications in the past.

I am really sorry if I by any chance had offended you.

Can you kindly help me out with the issues that I asked please?

1 If my description of understanding your prescribed method was correct or did I missunderstood any of the steps to give Arnica?

2 If I am not getting liquid Arnica 30c, if I can take Arnica 30c globules instead and if they do work, what will be the doses then?

I request you to kindly help me out with my little one, since I had been following the previous post of yours with Nat Phos 6x and it did help me a lot.
I have complete faith on you, and am asking for your kind help.
Please reply
Thanks in Advance
[message edited by avishek009 on Wed, 08 Jun 2011 13:46:58 BST]
avishek009 last decade
I can continue to help your child but it will be on the distinct understanding that you will not mix my therapy with the homeopath whom I understood that you had consulted during the past 2 days, while also using my therapy.

Answering your questions:

You will NOT stop the Nat Phos 6x as I did not ask you to do so. I added the Arnica 30 as I felt that the joint action of both remedies would be more beneficial for her.

I do doubt that the 2 remedies I prescribed will fall into the category you have envisaged in your statement:
'If a medication suits her but the dosage is decreased -be it homeopathy or alopathy, and it fails to work for her, she immeidately develops an immunity towards that medication, and even the past higher doses doesn't work for her anymore.'

If you live in India there will be no problem whatever in getting Arnica in the Liquid Dilution in Alcohol.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a Lot for your reply Joe,

I was much awaiting it.
I will keep you posted with further improvements in the treatments.
avishek009 last decade
Hi Joe,
I had one last query for now, if you don't mind.
Once I buy a 500ml bottle of water and mix 3 drops of Arnica 30c in it. Will I continue with that bottle, taking large spoonful for each dose, until the full bottle of water is emptied, or will I use 1 bottle of water for one dose only, and then go for another 500ml water for the next dose?

Thanks You in Advance
avishek009 last decade
You will use the contents of the whole bottle which will last you about 3 months if you use the bottle cap as the dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again Joe,

Also I don't think I will get Spring Water in any of the supermarkets in Calcutta (India), can I use Distilled Water/ Packaged drinking water instead, if I am not getting Spring Water at all?
And will I give the Arnica after meal just like Nat Phos or will it be before meal?

Thanks a lot for the help you are providing me with, and sorry to ask so many questions.
But, I am so worried for my Kid.
Thanks Again
[message edited by avishek009 on Wed, 08 Jun 2011 15:41:45 BST]
avishek009 last decade
As long as the packaged water is free of chlorine it is OK. Chlorine will antidote any homeopathic remedy as you will use just 3 drops and you can also use tap water after boiling and cooling to be on the safe side as you are sure that there is no chlorine in it.

Arnica is best given half hour before a meal.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a Ton Joe for your patient hearing to my issues.
I will surely keep you posted on later improvements.
avishek009 last decade
Hi Joe,

I am following the remedy given by you for my 20 month old daughter.

But, there is a new issue that have cropped up as well.
Our house is extremely hot, and she being very active got cough from constant perspiring and is full with cough. We don't want to go with any Antibiotic dose for her.

And i am asking for a Homeopathy or Biochemic cure for her on this issue, to get the cough out of her system. She has been suffering from some cough and cold for quite some time now, but now it has become too much.

Also i would like to confirm that whether the Arnica 30c liquid dose will be given twice or thrice a day?
Thanks in advance
[message edited by avishek009 on Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:18:36 BST]
avishek009 last decade

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