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Anxiety and Stomach Problems. Please Help me.

I m from Pakistan suffering on anxiety and stomach problems. my english is not so good therefore i will write in urdu language.
Mujhe anxiety hai since 2007 se pehla panic attack mujhe raat ke waqt howa tha lekin mujhe pata nahi tha ke kiya cheez hai kuch ajeeb si kaifiat thi jaise insan ke jism se rooh jane wali ho. us waqt main bahut tension main tha aur bahut hafa tha tu main waja yeh tha.
dosri jab mujhe stomach ki problems ziada hoti hai tu phir anxiety shiddat se aati hai aur khaas kar gas ke mamle main qk demagh main ajeeb sa khoof rehta hai logo se dar lagta hai aur sir chakrata hai kisi ek cheez ko nahi dekh sakta bas sir movement deta rahta ho.
plz help me by homeopathic medicine.
  ajnabee_4u_2006 on 2010-07-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Lycopodium 200c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily) and report back after 15 days.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thank you so much Kadwa.
i will take Lyco as soon as possible but sone thing ask that can i use another remedy in 15 days duration or not?
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
My age is 22 male and i m a student.
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
What other remedies you are taking?
kadwa last decade
hi thanks karwa.
i m taking arg nit 200 and also taking china and ferrum met 30 for vertigo.
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
but i think my main problem is about stomach because when i have gas problem then i feel vertigo and fear of death and trimbling.
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
You need not take other remedies that you have been taking.
You may take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts daily thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours from second day onwards upto 15th day -
natrum sulph 6x
kali phos 6x

Please take Lycopodium for only one day and not daily.
kadwa last decade
hi Kadwa,
main woh medicine use kar raha ho jo aap ne batai thi us se kafi theek howa ho lekin mujhe head chukar bahut aata hai aur khara nahi ho sakta aur kisi ek cheez pe nazar nahi rakh sakta aur raat ko bahut khauf rehta hai aur jab raat ko kisi bhi waqt ankh khuli tu phir dobara khauf ki waja se soo nahi sakta. plz help me.
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
hi kadwa,
thank you so much,
ek cheez jo main bhool gaya ho mujhe allergy hai. her waqt nose se pani pehta hai aur sath cheenkain aati hai kabhi theek hoti hai aur phir start ho jati hai. help me
ajnabee_4u_2006 last decade
Hi my name is ayaan and i am 29 i am feeling not good from jan i think it was a panic attack and i felt like i am having a heart attack i went to dr and i have done blood test and ECG that was fine after few week i feel same in the night my heart racing and i cant catch my breath i went to dr again and done blood test and ECG again fine and next day i had done eco that was also fine i dont under stand what is that is it heart problem or somthing else and one more thing i take burp all the day and feel dizziness please sugges somthing
I will be very greatful
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Ayaan haider 5 years ago
Check your prakriti online at holisticonline.Com. and report

Yours seem to be vayu prakriti/vikriti

Describe your height weight digestion and other issues in detail
Teupne 5 years ago
Hi my hight is 5.6 and weight 66 kg and i wanted to know is it anxiety, heart problem or somthing else bcoz i dont want to meet any one and when i walk then i feel that i will fall down. Some time i feel heavy breath and vomiting or difficult to concentrate on my work and feeling that i am going to die without any chest pain or anything just feel fear all the time its effecting my daily life and after 4 month i am going to get merried please help me
Ayaan haider 5 years ago
Hello ayan

Describe in detail how the problem started.what do you think caused it.does anything make you feel better.how is your digestion.

Also check your prakriti online at holisticonline.Com

Where are you from?
Teupne 5 years ago

I am from delhi (india)

On 22 jan at 1100 pm i feel heavyness in my chest and left arm then i feel sudden darkness in front of me and my heart racing even i can hear my heart beats so i went to hospital they done ECG and blood test which is normal they sad it's gas don't worry but i think i have heart problem and fear of heart attack no madical history. next day in the morming i was in office and i felt same for just few mint and then its normal i dont know what was that. And i feel it like 6 time from jan but 1 thing is common that is burping and i feel gud when i am sleeping otherwise all the time i feel weard. And my digestion is not good i think because i can't get fresh properly in the morning.

I wanted to know the problem every body says every thing is normal but i am not feeling well now i am going to crazy please help me to find the problem.
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Ayaan haider 5 years ago
Dear ayan

Check out your prakriti and vikriti both at holisticonline.Com ayurveda section.
This seems to be a case of vayu disorder but to confirm check above.

No need to worry.First start with triphla churna in the morning.most diseases as per ayurveda start from poor digestion.

Triphla has no side effects and it will improve your digestion.

Excess burping is causing your panic attacks and other symptoms I believe.
Apana vayu has downward motion in healthy ppl.in your case it is moving upwards hence all these issues.

What all you eat daily. Veg/non veg.

Which tastes you like currently out of pungent bitter astringent sweet sour and salty.

Start with triphla.it will help a lot.but to heal eventually its the diet that matters.

I need prakriti/ vikriti evaluation.
Teupne 5 years ago
Thank you so much for the reply.
Sir, i usually prefer non-veg but i do eat both, and at what time i have to have this churan,? Means before the meal aur after the meal. And Please give me an idea about my problem.

Best regard
Ayaan haider 5 years ago
You have to check prakriti/ vikriti and report.

If your bowels are not getting cleared I suggest stopping non veg till you get better.non veg is heavier to digest so stop.take easy to digest meals.

You can take triphla after getting fresh in the morning .don't take anything till one hour after trifle. Or you can take after dinner .or both.

It will detox your system and regularise bowel movement.anyone can take it healthy or diseased.better if its homemade.

Also you can take it for long periods without any concern.

Further suggestions after you check prakriti/vikriti.
Teupne 5 years ago
Thank you so much for your reply i will apply your suggesion i am very afraid.

Thanks and regard
Ayaan haider 5 years ago
Hi ,
What is your age and height and weight?

What do you eat on an average day?

If drs said it is gas, then it sounds like acid reflux. One can get this thru eating too much acidic food and too much sweets. Especially chocolate.

Acid from stomach backs up into the esophagus. This causes tightness in chest and feels like a heart attack.

You can try nat phos 6x 3 tabs
3x a day for a couple days and see if it helps. You need to look at your diet and stop spicy , sweets, coffee, and eat simple foods for a week or two to get the esophagus tissue to calm down.

This is a common problem and many go to hospital thinking they are having a heart attack.

You can do what teupne said along with nat phos. Nat phos reduces acid.

Write back after you try it.
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simone717 5 years ago

My age is 29 hight is 5.6 and weight is 66 kg and i have tryed many thing but problem remain same and i am having normal food mostly i feel panic in the evening every day now i afread to walk because i am feeling that i am going to fall down is it possible by the acid reflux or somthing else.

One more thing i wanted to tell you that i was smoking and in july i quit smoking is it a side effect of it.

Please sugges
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Ayaan haider 5 years ago
The panic attack is just a response to fear.. you have a thought or a physical symptom of reflux, gas etc and you did not know what it was.

This sets off adrenaline for fight or flight. Since you do not need to run from danger or fight off a predator ?

The adrenaline runs thru your body and makes you feel like you will die,
Pass out etc . Until the adrenalin runs its course. Most people after a panic attack are then afraid of having another one.

So you are in an anxiety state most of the time which is why you feel weird. The panic will shut down your front logical brain and your front brain is where you stop it.

There are two things going on.
Acid reflux /digestion problem. You are going to handle that.

Panic attack is from thinking this is your heart. You are young and the doctors said it is not your heart.
If you start to have another panic attack, it feels terrible but it will not hurt you. It is just adrenaline from
Scary thoughts that are not true.

Meanwhile, go buy some rescue remedy..it is Bach flower remedy they have at homeo shop. You can take it
Whenever you feel too nervous.
simone717 5 years ago
Apana vayu moving in reverse direction (upwards) puts pressure on heart. Hence all associated symptoms.

Root cause must be vata. ...but could be pitta also very small possibility hence other details required.

Ayan can confirm if he is suffering from acid reflux. But what came first panic attack or acidity. If attack came first in most probability then vata is causing it.
Teupne 5 years ago
Thanks for reply

Ya you are right i think its acid reflux but now i feel weird like lightheaded or fall down while standing or walking is it by acid reflux or anxiety. Please reply i will be very greatfull to you.
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Ayaan haider 5 years ago
Anxiety is causing you to feel light headed and fall down. acid reflux, gas etc does not do that.
simone717 5 years ago
Hello Simone

Thanks for your reply

Please sugges me some homoeopathic medicine for anxiety and acid reflu.
One more thing i wanted to ask that will i realy fall down or not ??
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Ayaan haider 5 years ago

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