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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Name: P. Prakash
Age: 70 Yrs.
Wt.: 97 kgs.
Ht.: 5'11'
B.P.: Slight. One tablet of Amlopress AT per day keeps my B.P. 140/85
Diabetes: No
Suffering from: Trigeminal Neuralgia of left face for the last 5 yrs.
It started 10-15 days after my left lower last molar was taken out which was impacted since birth. But there was one more tragedy about 3-4 months before that. My younger brother had got expired. He was very dear to me and was totally dependant on me although he was an M.Stat. He was a very simple person but had suffered from schizophrenia for many years. One of my elder brother also had it.

About me: I crave for salt and sweets. Highly qualified, an engineer and physicist, author of 13 books, introvert, highly ambitious,divorced, one daughter who lives with her mother - no contacts for thje last 15-16 years. I am a hot person who likes cold surroundigs. But cold air etc. agg while warmth amel, I had a very satisfying childhood with respect to my parents and brothers. Nil sisters.Particular symptoms are usual of TN e.g. electric shocks, burning, boring, cutting, lightning, darting etc pains at left temple/cheekbone/inside leftcheek/joint of jaws/left lower canine and its root. One peculiar pain is burning boring pain at one (only one) sharp point on the inside of left lower lip. Modalities: Agg by Talking, eating(while),sleeping, just after getting up from night sleep in the morning (very bad burning,cutting, darting pain), air draft, cold air.
Amel.: by hard pressure and hard rubbing from right hand, cupping the left face by the palm of right hand. after-eating, warmth, hot drinks like coffee. Concommitants:both feet are numb and swollen, back has more than normal itching.

I have taken and tKE allopathic pain killers like Mazetal200, Tegritol200, Tramazac. I have taken two years of Homeopathic treatments from three highly experienced and reputed homeopaths like Dr. Kalyan Banerjee. Have taken three months of very intense Ayurvedic treatment in South India.

If you need further details, I will provide. Kindly advise what I should do further for permanent cure.
  P. Prakash on 2010-08-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Spigelia 200

Three doses in gaps of half hour each. Then stop.

Allow the med to show its benefit.

Pl. see back pages of ABC Forum...lot of info is there in the pages on Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
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PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Your suggestions do not cover my particular case of TN, left side, warmth amel, hard pressure amel, hard rubbing amel, palm cupping amel, cold agg, slightest air draft agg, talking agg., eating too difficult etc etc. Probably you did not notice that, amongst other, three very highly reputed homeopaths like Dr.Kalyan Banerjee, Dr. Batra have already tried without any positive results. I have already tried Spigelia 30, 200. Right now worst particular symptom is: very severe burning pain at one (only one) point on the inside of the left lower lip at random times. Can you pl tell the medicine which has this drug symptom? Your help will be very highly appreciated by me. Awaiting your or anybody else's response.
P. Prakash last decade
prakash if you have not taken this remedy already, please try it in 30c for a few days and report thereafter.

maheeru last decade
Dr. Maheeru Sir (I hope you Sir, not Madam):

No, I have not tried Mez till date.

I had somehow started another thread on 'lip pain' also side by side. Will you kindly peruse that because I have given a till date account there just a few minutes ago?

Kindly advise.

Thanking you,

P. Prakash
P. Prakash last decade

Seems like you have taken ars. alb. 10M very recently and seems remedy aggravation is there. You need not take any medicine now give some time for your system to settle.

You could have stuck to ars. alb. 200c as it's the potency usually effective in nerve pains.

You need not try Mezerium now. If the problem persists after a month, try Phosphorus. Start from 30c and use upto 200c.
maheeru last decade
I have not taken Ars Alb 10M. I have taken it's 1M potency only, that too in very small quantity one millionth of a drop five times.

As for Phos, I have already tried it.

As suggested by you, I am now going to give myself a break as far as further medication is concerned.

P. Prakash last decade

'Ars Alb 1M (one millionth of a drop)one dose each on 26/7/10, 28/7/10, 29/7/10, 2/8/10, 3/8/10. Then I had very great aggravation of all my trigeminal neuralgial symptoms including lip pain. The culmination was on from 15/8/10 to 17/8/10 when I had to 3 tablets of Tegrital 200 each day. Then I had to take 2 tabs each day from 18/8/10 to 20/8/10. Then I felt I need some suitable antidote. So, without breaking the continuity of Ars Alb I took one millionth of a millionth of a drop of Ars Alb'

The given calculations are wrong. One millionth of a drop is not equivalent to 1M. It's just equivalent to 3C. 1M is equal to one drop in 1 followed by 2000 zeros. Do you have even have a word to call that?. It must be zillionth dilution. :)

Since in your words, you antidoted 1M by a still bigger potency i guessed it's 10M.

Any how even if 1M has been repeated so many times, it's time to give a break.

Phos. you might have tried before, but it will work better after arsenicum and it also covers the causation of extraction and grief.
maheeru last decade
In homeopathy, as the dilutions become greater and greater, the potencies become more POTENT!
maheeru last decade
Dr. Maheeru: 27/8/10

Perhaps my concepts need correction. As per my understanding:

1. If I purchase a genuine sealed bottle of, say, Ars Alb 1M, in liquid form, each molecule of this liquid has 1M POTENCY. Now whatever I do with this liquid of 1M potency, its potency cannot be decreased. It will either remain same, or increase.

2. I, in fact, did the above purchase. Took one drop from it, mixed it in 100 ml of Double Distilled Water, nicely mixed without giving it any stroke or jerk. Then took 10 ml from this medicined water and mixed it with 90 ml of fresh DD water.
Mixed it nicely again in the aforementioned way. This process was adopted total 6 times. From this last medicined DD Water, I drank 1 ml. This way, according to my understanding, I had taken one millionth of a drop of Ars Alb of 1M potency (or, may be, slightly higher than 1M potency).

3. I do not understand how could I have created 3C potency from 1M potency.

4. I never mentioned anywhere which you have written as 'Since in your words, you antidoted 1M by a still bigger potency i guessed it's 10M'. I had written: one millionth of a millionth of a drop of EXACTLY THE SAME POTENCY.

I seem to have committed some mistake somewhere. I await your comments please.

P. Prakash
P. Prakash last decade

1) Yes you're right. One can't decrease the potency with 1M but yes it can be increased either slightly or if proper procedure is followed, it can be increased to any higher potency.

2) I understand what you did to anti dote. But to anti dote, a lower potency of the same remedy is ideal. After taking one drop from 1M and mixing it with 99 drops of DD water and then 10 succussions then it would have given you the next C scale potency i.e 1001C (1M=1000c). But unless you want to prepare potencies(also you would require some preservative), you don't need to do this to increase the potency slightly which is generally called wet dose method. Please refer other threads to see what wet dose is about.

3) You didn't create 3c from 1M. It's never possible. When you talked about, one millionth dilution in general, I clarified that 3C is the potency that has the one millionth dilution of the original medicine.

4) Please read the quote i have given. You didn't mention explicitly it's the same potency that was diluted. So I guessed it. I was wrong. It's not 10M.

Hope that helps :)
maheeru last decade
Dr. maheeru:

Thank you for your guidance. Obviously I did not mention the details in clarity, hence some confusion creeped in. I feel relieved now. Thanks.

P. Prakash
P. Prakash last decade
Dr. Maheeru:

Will you please refer to a new thread entitled 'Wet Dose' which I shall be starting shortly.

P. Prakash
P. Prakash last decade

I have replied to your post. To read more, refer to gavinimurthy's threads on the forum or refer David Little's website, simillimum dot com. (Replace dot with .).

Please avoid Dr. title.
maheeru last decade

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