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Trigeminal Neuralgia Atypical

For special attn. to: Maheeru Sir and Dr. Punkaj


Medical Condition : Dr. P. Prakash

1. Patient’s Name: Dr. P. Prakash
Qualification: D.Sc.(USA), B.Tech.(Hons.), F.I.E., C.E., F.U.W.A.I.
Date of birth: July 2, 1941
Ex: General Manager and Director of DCM Group, and of an American Concern in India, etc.
Designed & Developed many new machines for the state and the country
Now author of: about 15 books including text books for XI and XII, technical and reference books, dictionaries.

2. General Health: as on Sept. 30, 2010
Fair enough
Age: 69 years but quite agile
Ht. and Wt.: 5’ 11”; 97 kgs.


ATYPICAL Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) of the left side

When did it start?

My left lower wisdom tooth (molar) was impacted. Because of this molar, I had started having shooting pains again and again at intervals of first 6-7 months, then 2-3 months. They would start by themselves, stay for a few days then die away. I now feel that these pains probably were due to the so-far-dormant TN which was trying to start full fledged.

This impacted molar had to be taken out by breaking and extracting on 23/9/05. I had tremendous neural pain after the dentist gave the last blow of his hammer on the last remains of this last molar or in its cavity. The intensity of pain was so much that I shivered in the entire of my body although I was under anesthesia.

In the succeeding days there was a lot of swelling and pain. Worst type of pain (as if some electric current flew from the inside of the forehead to left temple for a fraction of a second) started on 13/10/05. This was the start of my present TN, i.e. on 13/10/2005.

Probable causes:

( i ) Above extraction of my impacted molar.
( ii ) Business failure (1970 – 1980) because of which I had to go through very harsh period financially,
( iii ) This period was so bad that my marital life was ruined. Divorce took place. I had one kid only, a daughter.
My wife wanted to live together with my daughter, away from me to which my daughter also consented
to which I gave in although after trying for non-separation with all possible efforts.
( iv ) No contact with them for the last 15-20 years. I certainly have soft corner for them, especially for my
daughter. I never wished them ill. Under all circumstances I wished them welfare, always. I had
always thought (before my marriage) that my wife will be the happiest person in the world. So, this agony
of failure must be somewhere in my system yet, very deep inside – although, externally, I may not show it.
( iv ) 1980 onwards I started jobs, very senior jobs in very highly reputed organizations at top positions but which
I had to leave because of one or other clash with my Managing Directors, although I made record
successes of the organizations during my tenure with them. I still get DREAMS as if I am being isolated
and neglected by my MD in some job or the other and I am feeling awfully lonely, miserable,
insulted and vulnerable.
( v) One other type of dreams also comes. I am flying in air. Just like that without any mechanical aid.
Perhaps by moving hands up & down. Hovering over the place which I belong to. Down below are kids and
persons of the place looking up at me, shouting and wanting me to come down. I am sort of afraid. Don’t
want to come down but I am tired. Perhaps I go to some nearby deserted place to get down.
( vi ) There is yet another type of dreams, kind of which has come 2 or 3 times in recent past. I have come
to a new place/railway station. I don’t know how to get back to my place. I am asking people to guide. But
they too are ignorant to guide me properly. I am sort of panicky and tired.
( vii ) Yet another queer dream which I had rather recently. I have reached to a very lavish 5 star hotel. All
sorts of really beautiful wood works, furniture, walls with drawers inside drawers extremely nicely & smugly
fitted, one in another, statues and some girl-guides. Things having designs and workmanship beyond
compare and imagination. I am not feeling at ease. Somehow I want to come out of it. I am sort of fear-
( viii ) Lastly but probably the most probable emotional cause which could have triggered the present
disease. I lost my younger brother who was 5 year younger to me on November 19, 2004. He had been
living with me for past 10-15 years. He was an M.Stat. yet a very simple and innocent person. Very
intelligent but very reticent also. Was not able to use his intelligence in any practical manner. So always felt
rather suffocated. He was schizophrenic. The first attack of schizophrenia came when he was doing Ph.D.
and his university friend (a girl) showed that she did not love him ( in nineteen sixties ). He was treated
and recovered, but these attacks did occur again and again at some years intervals. Though he was not a
smoker yet his lungs got infected in 2003-04 somehow and he died of lungs failure on 19/11/2004.
He was very dear to me. For quite some time, even after his death, I used to wonder: I had been taking his
care here, who will be looking after him now.


- Very satisfying childhood
- Very satisfying parents and brothers. If required, I will like to be reborn to the same parents again and again and have the same set of brothers.
- My father was married twice. He got two sons from his first wife. Both got expired in early childhood because of TB. After the death of his first wife, he married again. His second wife was my mother. She bore seven children (all sons). However, I saw only five (including me) of them. No real sister. I would have been a happier person if I had a sister. My mother had TB, but she had got cured of it.
- There is history of TB and Schizophrenia in the family. Two of my brothers had schizophrenia. My mother and two of my brothers had TB.

4. AS ON JANUARY 1, 2009

[ According to Kent, they may not be considered as my general symptoms because they were there even
before my present disease. So, they should not be considered as the disease symptoms. They may be
considered to determine my constitutional medicine, if there is one. ]

Tall & bulky, bald-headed
Eye-sight: normal with glasses. Both eyes have been operated upon for cataract
Diabetes: No.
Blood Pressure: Slight hypertension. B.P. = 145 – 155 / 80 on taking Amlopress AT one tablet a day
Urination: Frequency is more than normal. Long time in starting. Slow flow. Satisfaction is not achieved at one go. Enlarged prostrate. Laser treatment was taken but condition did not improve. I, however, do not have any burning sensation or pain during urination
Cravings: for sweets and extra salt in food items

I am a hot person who likes cold surroundings
I am an engineer and a physicist.
Author of 15 books including text books for XI and XII, technical and reference books

Intelligent, very highly ambitious (but a failure yet as per my own standards although some people consider me even a celebrity), perfectionist, leader, very rich imagination, aggressive, introvert, hard worker, clear thinker ( either black or white ), extremely persistent, absolutely religious who is sure that whatever is happening is happening because HE is causing it to happen in this manner, non-drinker, vegetarian , non-smoker


Intensity of pain: If 10 means unbearable pain and 0 means no pain, then the pain ranges from 2 to 10 all the time.

Sometimes there is sudden discharge of electric current from one point to another, at some place or the other inside the left side of face.

Sometimes as if somebody is cutting by saw the joint (angle) of the upper and lower left jaws. Sometimes all normal.

Sometimes slightest touch of the teeth of left lower jaw (even by the tongue) produces excruciating pain while at all other times all the teeth are as normal and robust as stone.

Sometimes as if there is one or two boils on the inside of the left lower lip which give very bad burning sensation on the slightest touch by the tongue. At all other times there is no such boil.

Sometimes some rat sort of animal starts nibbling the flesh beneath the left cheekbone. Sometimes it is all normal. Sometimes there is great burning sensation there.

Sometimes there is throbbing or lightening pain at the left temple. At all other times all normal.

Sometimes there is sparking pain at the left side of the forehead. Sometimes nothing.

Sometimes there is eruption of pain of very high intensity of lightning/sparking/throbbing/piercing type at the left forehead/temple. In such cases I cannot even swallow saliva what to talk of swallowing even some SOS medicine. My left lower lip starts quivering. Saliva starts dripping down; left eye becomes red full of tears. I start running helter skelter, start taking breadth with open mouth in and out in quick succession. This is the WORST CONDITION.

Sometimes I have to wake up even while in deep sleep due to any one of the above types of pain.

So, you can say that I had all the usual symptoms of TN i.e. electric shocks, burning, boring, cutting, lightning, darting, piercing, nibbling etc pains at left temple/cheekbone/inside left cheek/joint of jaws/left lower canine and its root. One peculiar pain is very severe burning boring/piercing pain at one (only one) sharp point on the inside of left lower lip.


Aggravations take place generally

1. In cold weather / winter season
2. during sleep / physical inactivity
3. when empty stomach
4. when constipated or when rectum / urinary bladder is full
5. by overeating or eating one/two day old eatables
6. by eating salted cookies bought from the market
7. trapping of wind inside the body-system
8. when external air (as from a fan) strikes the face even humbly
9. because of eating sugar (by crushing sugar crystals) or “saunf” after meals
10. Talking
11. Eating (while). [ after eating, however, amel.]
12. Most vulnerable time of the day to get an acute attack of TN: Early hours of morning like 3 AM, or just after getting up from sleep, in the morning or afternoon.

Amelioration takes place generally

1. on taking pain killers e.g. Mazetol 200, Tegrital 200, Tramazac etc.
2. by giving light pressure and warmth to the affected part by keeping cupped palm on it
3. on drinking water
4. on walking to and fro briskly and inhaling and exhaling air in quick succession
5. by putting scarf/muffler around the face
6. on doing light physical exercises.
7. After having taken meals


1. Swelling and numbness on both feet without any itching/pain/perspiration. Numbness (or whatever you call it) is so strong that even after taking chappals (foot wear) off the feet, I still feel that I am wearing them.
2. Slightly more than normal itching on the back, more on the shoulder blades. But not much. Mainly after taking bath.

4. AS ON SEPT 30, 2010

It appears only Particular Symptoms have changed.


Type of pain: Burning, cutting, boring/piercing, continuous but generally pulsating/throbbing pain

Place: Either left temple, under the left cheek bone, inside the left cheek, joint of left jaws, inside the left lower lip, left lower canine or its gum

Time: Worst and most likely when I get up from sleep but it can start or be anytime

Main Modalities:
1. Hard pressure and rubbing by right hand ameliorates, but not instantly.
2. Other modalities remain unchanged, more or less.
3. I cannot sleep on the back or on right side. It aggravates.

1. Swelling and numbness of both feet without any pain, itching or perspiration. The intensity has
2. Slight but more-than-normal itching on my back, mainly on the shoulder blades
3. Pain in the wrist of right hand but it must be the residual drug symptom of Calc-C which I had taken last.

Kindly tell me if you need any further info to suggest further treatment to erase the disease from its roots.
  P. Prakash on 2010-09-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First of all take a dose of Tuberculinum 1M in the morning on empty stomach.

Brushing teeth, tea, drinking water etc 45 minutes after taking the dose.

For 24 hours no other med...not even allopathic meds.

For one month ...no garlic, no coffee, no hard drinks etc.

After 72 hours of taking this dose...jot down the symptoms again...'residual' and 'new emerging'... both.

Post details here.

Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pl. note: Tuberculinum is a miasmatic remedy.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dr. Punkaj:

Thanks for the suggestion. I have two questions to ask:

1. As I have informed you earlier also, this time I am treating myself myself strictly as per the established authorities of classical homeopathy like Hahnemann, Kent, Allens, Hering, Vithoulkas etc. with the help of this Forum. I just do not want to deviate. By this I do not mean that I do not have confidence in your suggestions,decisions or judgments. So, please do not take it otherwise when I ask you: have you suggested Tuberculinum just routinely because it is antimiasmatic to my miasms, or it suits me because it suits to my personalty also. If so, how?

2. How much will be one dose of this drug for me?

Awaiting your kind response,

P. Prakash last decade
Dear Prakash,
Are you assuming that I have not read the books of these authors....I have read them over and over again many times and books of many more authors. I am also in touch with many qualified and practicing homeopaths. I have been continuing the study of homeopathy for more than 25 years.

Kindly appreciate ....until the miasmatic med is given...other meds will have minimal benefit.

T.B. runs in your family...so also schizophrenia...for both the miasmatic med is Tuberculinum. One dose is just 7 or 8 of smallest of pills or 4 of large sized pills.

Best wishes
Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Kindly note...I don't suggest anything to anyone in a routine way. I do it only after an analysis of the case..that is why I have so much success on this Forum and in my personal life with homeopathy.

If I am not convinced about the possible benefit of a med...I will refrain totally from suggesting anything.

(One is dealing with the health of another individual..there are no ifs and buts in such matters).

There are others here at ABC who will take up the matter.

Further more, one does not gain proficiency by just reading books. Proficiency comes only after one has handled live cases. Books only give you the knowledge...not the skill.
Yes, it is important to absorb the knowledge from the books ...to develop the skill set. However.... to achieve proficiency...it takes many many years.

Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I should also share with you the information that I am a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I do homeopathic work purely for the benefit of mankind. I do not have any motive of monetary gain from this (homeopathic advice) work.

Sai Baba has been kind to give me income from my other professional endeavors for running my day to day life.

Best wishes,
Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr Livera:

Most welcome! I don't know you. Do you also help patients?

P. Prakash last decade
Dr. Punkaj:

I really don’t know how did I hurt/offend you. You wanted me to take Tuberculinum 1M. I consulted “Essence of Materia Medica” by Vithoulkas. It says it should not be taken by me. So, I asked you – if you want me to take this drug, why? That’s all.

I am still awaiting your answer. Regds.

P. Prakash last decade
homeopathic treatments given to p.prakash for tn

( 31/3/07 to 1/10/10 )

in chronological order

s. no. medicine dates doses remarks

1 aconite 30 31/3/07 - 3/4/07 dr. kumar
2 arnica 200 31/3/07 - 3/4/07 dr. kumar

3 com v 200 8/4/07 - 10/6/07 & 30/7/07 - 23/8/07 dr. k. banerjee
4 hypericum 200 8/4/07 - 10/6/07 & 30/7/07 - 23/8/07 dr. k. banerjee
5 actea r 30 10/6/07 - 24/6/07 dr. k. banerjee
6 dechem 30 10/6/07 - 24/6/07 dr. k. banerjee
7 dynal m 25/6/07 - 23/7/07 dr. k. banerjee
8 spigelia 200 25/6/07 - 23/7/07 dr. k. banerjee
9 anacardium 24/7/07 – 30/7/07 & 24/8/07 – 30/8/07 dr. k. banerjee
10 cuprium metallicum 6 24/7/07 – 30/7/07 & 24/8/07 – 30/8/07 dr. k. banerjee
11 bece 3 24/7/07 – 30/7/07 & 24/8/07 – 30/8/07 dr. k. banerjee

12 spigelia 30 31/8/07 – 6/9/07 dr. bhatnagar
13 hypericum 30 31/8/07 – 6/9/07 dr. bhatnagar
14 colosium 30 6/9/07 – 4/10/07 dr. bhatnagar
15 hypericum 30 6/9/07 – 4/10/07 dr. bhatnagar
16 plantego m tincture 19/9/07 – 25/9/07 dr. bhatnagar
17 mercurious sol 30 28/9/07 – 1/10/07 dr. bhatnagar
18 hyper sulphur 200 28/9/07 – 1/10/07 dr. bhatnagar

19 ignatia 28/11/07 – 6/1/07 & 21/1/08 – 15/2/08 dr. anil k sharma
20 sulphur 28/11/07 – 6/1/07 & 21/1/08 – 15/2/08 dr. anil k sharma
21 lachesis 7/1/08 – 20/1/08 dr. anil k sharma
22 colocynthis 16/2/08 – 28/2/08 dr. anil k sharma
23 magnesia phosphorus 16/2/08 – 28/2/08 dr. anil k sharma
24 stahysagria 1/3/08 – 2/5/08 dr. anil k sharma
25 hypericum 1/3/08 – 2/5/08 dr. anil k sharma
26 ars alb 3/5/08 – 12/6/08 dr. anil k sharma
27 thuja 3/5/08 – 12/6/08 dr. anil k sharma

28 ayurvedic treatment 21/9/09 – 6/12/08 south india

29 causticum 1m 19/1/09 – 27/3/09 11(=70 days) self medication
30 causticum 10m 31/3/09 1 self medication
31 causticum 1m+ 14/4/09 – 25/4/09 5 self medication

32 sulphur 1m 21/4/09 1 self medication

33 lachesis 200+ 28/4/09 - 9/6/09 & 14/6/09 - 22/7/09 53 (=85 days) self medication
34 lachesis 1m+ 10/6/09 1 self medication

35 phos 200+ 31/7/09, 1/8/09 & 7/8/09 – 24/8/09 17 self medication

36 magnesia carb 200+ 25/8/09 – 27/8/09 & 1/9/09 – 3/9/09 8 self medication

37 lycopodium 200+ 29/8/09 – 31/8/09 3 self medication

38 belladona 200+ 3, 4/8/09; 8/12/09 – 14/1209; 19/12/09 7 self medication

39 verbascum 200+ 9/9/9 – 21/10/9, 8/11/9 23 self medication

40 camphora 30 16, 17/9/9; 30/9/9, 1/10/9; 13, 14/10/9 self medication
8, 9/11/9

41 spigelia 200+ 26/10/9 – 4/11/09 5 self medication

42 rhus tox 30 12/11/9 1 self medication
43 rhus tox 200+ 19/11/21/11/9 4 self medication

44 platinum metalli 200+ 23/11/9 – 6/12/9 14 self medication

45 pulstilla 30 15/12/9 -16/12/9 3 self medication
46 pulstilla 200 19/12/9 – 2/1/10 9 self medication

47 nux vomica 200+ 8/3/9, 3/1/10 – 19/1/10 7 self medication

48 alumina 200+ 23/1/10 – 16/2/10, 22/2/10 -12/3/10 & 11+4+2+2 self medication
14-16/4/10 ; 23/4/10 – 27/4/10 = 19
49 alumina 1m 3/5/10 1 self medication

50 calc carb 1m 21/2/10 1 self medication

51 colocsynthis 30 18/4/10 – 26/4/10 10 self medication

52 acon 30 9/6/10, 1 - 2/8/10 3 self medication

53 kali bichromium 200 19/7/10 – 23/7/10 3 self medication

54 ars album 200+ = 1m 26/710 – 29/7/10 3 self medication

55 acon 200 9/6/10, 1 - 2/8/10 3 self medication

56 ars alb 200+ (split) 20/8/10 1 self medication

57 alumnia 200 (split) 10/9/10 1 self medication

58 camphora 30 (3pills) 17/9/10 – 19/9/10 9 self medication

59 calc carb 200 (split) 21/9/10 – 25/9/10 5 self medication

60 camphora 30 (3pills) 26/9/10 – 28/9/10 7 self medication

i have not taken any homeopathic drug since 28/9/10.

if any further info is reqd. pl just let me know.
P. Prakash last decade
To Prakash

Thank you for your welcome to your thread.

Yes I do try to help patients with my 'Joepathy' which does not conform to the tenets of Classical Homeopathy although I can make bold to state that my therapy has helped many cases when Classical Homeopathy could not.

I am 82 years of age and do have some years of experience in helping patients and if you wish to investigate some of the cases that I have treated successfully you are invited to visit my own website:


You can also do a search on Google for my name 'Joe De Livera' and 'Joepathy'

I must admit that I have no experience in treating your case of TNA which my friend and colleague Pankaj will take under his wing.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Prakash,
I already answered your query.

I reproduce my words:

Kindly appreciate ....until the miasmatic med is given...other meds will have minimal benefit.

T.B. runs in your family...so also schizophrenia...for both the miasmatic med is Tuberculinum. One dose is just 7 or 8 of smallest of pills or 4 of large sized pills.

I am amazed at the number of homeopathic meds you have taken in last three years.

I wish...some homeopath had noted down your family medical history and applied the miasmatic theory and theory of layers of disease.

The miasm lies dormant...suddenly when vital force dwindles with age / some virus attacking the person...it pops up in all its strength.

If you deal with it at this stage...after that you give yourself meds like Spigelia, Causticum etc...you are likely to see a lot of benefit.

If you go through the back pages of ABC Homeopathy and read my posts...you will see in many cases I have asked the advice seeker to give details of his family medical history....and then dealt with the case accordingly.

Best wishes

Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dr. Punkaj:

Thanks for the response. It is obvious that we are talking on different wavelengths. I am clarifying my position as below.

Vithoulkas writes in his book – “Essence of Materia Medica”:

“Although Tuberculinum should NEVER be prescribed routinely, it nevertheless is often indicated in patients with a personal history or family history of tuberculosis.”

You are doing exactly this. You are telling me again and again that you are prescribing Tub to me because TB runs in my family.

Vithoulkas writes further in continuity – “Once such a history is uncovered in a case, it is ALWAYS worth-while to inquire about other keynotes….If the confirmatory picture is picture is present, one is then justified to prescribe Tuberculinum.”

You are not doing this. Confirmatory picture is not at all present. In fact, just contrary is the case. Even then you asking me take Tuberculinum. WHY? That is my precise question which you are not answering.


These keynotes do not tally with my case. In fact, they are contra-indicative, as follows:

1. I am not “unpredictable” in my “moods and behaviour”.

2. I do not at all “burn the candle at both ends”.

3. “They are never truly satisfied with themselves, nor with other people” is not me.

4. I am not “full of contradictory feelings’.

5. “He can never be satisfied by anything” is not my case.

6. I am not “intentionally malicious”. Never.

7. “He will find out what your most prized possession is and he will break it (see Break Things in Repertory). Just when you are about to go somewhere, he will throw an uncontrollable tantrum just to spoil your plans. He will do exactly that he has been told not to do merely to be spiteful. He may swear at his mother….a constant torment to their parents. They are capable of disrupting entire families”. No, no, no. I have always been just the opposite.

8. “A similar pathology manifests in the adult. He is dissatisfied. He doesn’t know what he really wants, and no-one else can find ways of satisfying him. He becomes irritable over daily circumstances and he flies (things) to pieces. He swears at his wife on no account. He cannot help himself.” Just contrary is my case. I know exactly what I want. In fact, ‘know exactly what you know’ has been my one-line motto throughout my life. I have written it in the ‘Face Book’ also. I have never sweared at my wife or at anybody else.

9. “Tuberculinum patients are difficult people to live with.” Not at all me. My real eldest sister-in-law (bhabhi) once said (when I was leaving her after attending marriage of my niece)– “I pray to God to let me have a brother-in-law (devar) like you at least in each of my next seven rebirths”. When I wrote to my brother about it, he replied back that that was the sentiment of all of them.

10. “People who have had clinical experience with tubercular patients, will have little difficulty grasping the Tuberculinum picture. These are patients who are lean, quick, muscular – like Sulphur, Phosphorus, Nux Vomica”. I am just the opposite – fat, slow and sort-of-flappy.

If I write out the full list, it will be a long one. But this much should be enough to show as to why I say Tuberculinum MUST not be prescribed to me according to Vithoulkas (also, in fact, Kent). Now, my question is: if you asking me to take it, WHY?

I have already given a fairly detailed picture of my case also. Kindly tell me which keynotes of Tuberculinum tally with mine.

I understand that that is the way a drug is selected in Homeopathy. Isn’t so?

Awaiting your response and with due regards,

P. Prakash last decade

I have lot of answers to your above stated analysis of yourself...based on the posts you have made and life history that you have given. I differ with many of your comments. However, I would not like to print them here on the net.

I wish you the very best for your recovery and wellness.

Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I can only suggest to you to join a program conducted by an organization called 'Landmark Forum' in each major city of the world.

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I am not asking you to join. I am ....suggesting .....it to you.

Best wishes
Punkaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
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PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dr. Punkaj:

Thanks for the suggestion and for the help you extended.

P. Prakash last decade

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