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Ear Infection

I hope someone can help. My 3yr old has had 2 colds in the past two weeks. The second cold appeared about 3 days after the first one had completely cleared. His nose was blocked for about 2 or 3 days and then last night he started to complain about his ears. I candled them and he has thick orange wax coming out of them. I have also laid him in the bath with nigari salt to help wash them out. He is suffering greatly, he complains about the pain all the time. His sleep is very disturbed and he has had longer periods of sleep during the day rather than last night. His cold has cleared slightly although he is coughing more, it is a slightly chesty cough. He is exceptionally clingy and sad.He right ear and side of his head is more painful than the left side.

He has a slight frame with a protruding tummy. He is blond with pale skin. He has a strong character and has a great sense of fun!!! He has recently started nursery (where he is learning a new language) and has become very clingy when I take him. He is fine after I put him in the teachers arms, but every morning he says he doesn't want to go. This is the first time we have been separated.

He has never had antibiotics. He is not vaccinated. We do eat diary, but in the form of goats cheese (mostly) and raw, as I've heard it is easier to digest. His bowel movements are normal, although he does like to sit on the toilet and take his time! At night he kicks all the covers off and sometimes takes his pj bottoms off too. I hope this builds a picture for you. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On a different note can you recommend some beginners reading on family homeopathy. I'm struggling to find a good book, as every time I think I've found one someone poo-poo's it thank you.
  Thank-You on 2010-10-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I would like to try and help you.

From what I understand, there are two different medications that fits your son's symptoms.
To know what is right, I must ask some control
when you say that he has strong character, one can also say he is stubborn? like to be in the center of attention?
He kicks off his bed clothes at night, it is because he feels hot?

Another thing: which side are we talking about, or which side it started?

Or you can say that he is weepy and Affection needs and wants To Be carried Slowly and Tenderly? Or similar.

Feels better in open air, cold air? Worse by heat?

Sincerely Parakletos. Practitioner of classical homeopathy
Parakletos 9 years ago
Thank you for your offer of help and your further questions. I would say he is more stubborn than the centre of attention. He tends to just do his own thing.

He kicks his covers off at night and when he first goes to bed, I think because he doesn't like the feeling of the covers on him.

It is the right ear that hurts more than the left.

We are now alternating between good times and bad when his ear is really bothering him. He is a child that likes to be carried a lot!! But he is definitely more weepy now and yes everything is much slower.

Its the end of the summer here and the temperature is lovely, not too hot (mid 20's). We have been inside most of the day with the windows open, he is not venturing outside, so I guess he feels that he needs to be where the temperature is constant with no wind. He is coughing more, a loose rattly cough.

Thank you Parakletos for your help.
Thank-You 9 years ago
Hello again.
The medicine I think you should try, it is called Pullsatilla.
But as a final check, Could it be that your son's drooling at night, or have a 'sick' odor, especially the breath?
If not then you should give him Pulsatilla. Start with potency 30 C, 3 pills, like morning. And 3 pills in the evening.
Do not know if you have taken homeopathy before, but it is important not to take the medicine with your hands. Whole pills in the lid of the container and directly into the mouth. He must keep the pills under the tongue until they have melted, then he can swallow. The alternative is a liquid medicine, then take 3-4 drops in half a glass of clean water, stir and give a spoonful of this water. Again it should be kept under the tongue for a while, before it is swallowed. For example, 15 seconds.
The medication must be given at least a half hour before or after food. Do not drink anything with caffeine, coke or the like. Not camphor or menthol. These can act as an antidote to homeopathy.

If you find that he ear infections get`s better,do not give more medicine. Wait and see what happens. If It gets worse again, you can give a dose. Give a maximum of 10 doses, not more.

Is there anything, just ask. I live in Norway, so you should expect a difference of time. If I do not respond right away.

Then I wish you good luck! :-)
Parakletos 9 years ago
Thank you so much for your help and advice it is so greatly appreciated!!! We have taken remedies before, I actually used them with my Dr for my home birth of my son, so I know the power of correctly prescribed remedies!

Thank you so much for your help! We wish you a very peaceful Sunday!
Take care
Thank-You 9 years ago
Hello Again.
my sons's ear infection is a lot better the remedy made a huge difference.

I'm still a bit concerned as his cold is not moving in any direction. Just when I think it is clearing he sounds more blocked than before! He woke this morning very blocked, more so in the right nostril. But now it is running slightly with clear mucus. He is mouth breathing and is more demanding than normal. He also has a chesty cough with lots of loose phlegm. He is not great at blowing his nose so the build up of mucus is just sitting there. He also has had a slight temperature, and during this time he was more sweaty and clammy. I hope you can help. Kind Regards
Thank-You 9 years ago
Good to hear that the medicine helped. I was a little unsure if I suggested right remdie. Believe that I can see, based on your description, a little sulfur in your son. Thus, the remedy Sulfur.:)
Must say I'm a little unsure whether it is wise to give any more medicine now. You tell that he now has a little fever, (which he did not have before?) It's actually a good sign. It shows that the defense mechanism of his body has taken up arms against the invaders. The dynamic energy is active, very good.
What he needs now is rest, and enough fluid. Do you think you can wait a day and see how it develops?
Should it get worse, you can give a dose of Pulsatilla. And feel free to contact me. Also, check my profile, there is an e-mail address you can use.

Just one thing, has he ever diarrhea, especially in the morning?

Sincerely; Parakletos
Parakletos 9 years ago
Thank you for your advice Parakletos. I will do as you suggest and wait a day or so and see where the cold is going. No my son does not suffer from diarrhea. Thank you once again.
Kind Regards
Thank-You 9 years ago
Hello Jocelyn.
How is your son now? Is there any improvement?
Great if you could give me an update.

Parakletos 9 years ago
Hi Parakletos
Thank you for your message. My son is so much better. His ears have completely cleared up, which is fantastic! His cold has almost disappeared and is now only a sticky irritating cough which really just bothers him more at night. But I have done as you suggested and not bombarded his little body with remedies. If you have any advice for this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you once again. Hope you enjoy what is left of the weekend.
Kind Regards
Thank-You 9 years ago
Hello again.
Just checking, all is well with your son? The medication he had, Pulsatilla, cured his illness, completely gone?

Ask because I want to write this in my files.
Thank you.
Sincerly Parakletos. :-)
Parakletos 9 years ago
Sorry not to reply sooner we have been away! Yes the remedy worked completely.

However, it seems to be a time of colds for my little one and about 5 days later he came down with yet another cold. This has cleared up now. He has also been the victim of an allergy rash so I feel his little immune system has really had a bit of a difficult time!

Thank you for your help.
Kind Regards
Thank-You 9 years ago

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