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14 yr old son with mild autism, weak memory and word recall

Slow to walk and talk,youger years showed mood swings from very sweet to very ugly, difficulty falling asleep, not very social, poor eye contact, mild eye gitters. He has gone through OT, PT, Speech, Music and Art therapy. I have had luck with some homeopathics,chiropractic,melatonin for sleep. We have done chelation and many suppliments. His mood has evened out and most symtoms have improved, but biggest hurdles at this point are weak memory, difficulty retrieving words, formulating thoughts, and easily upset over small incidents such as misplacing a pencil. He can describe an object much more easily than finding a lable for it. At various points over the years his mind has been sharper and his temperment has been much more light hearted, but I cannot pinpoint the reason. He has an 8 year old sister with a mild version of his case, though, she is much more social and sharper. Both children dislike school work very much.
I know there is a homeopathic to help, but which one and what dose.
My 13 year old ADD son needs help too! Posted separately.
  nancysb on 2005-04-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There seems to be a recurring factor emerging here .

The range of disability differs but many factors are common.

Need to know details of ANY vaccinations [with date and type]

Would it be fair to describe the behaviour pattern as "childish" for the age?.

Need to identify the hereditary type...

a] is the hair fine , the eyelashes long and the face heart shaped. Love of travel.
Can sometimes "see red" temper.

b] Did the child at any point sleep with the bum in the air?. Any warts or cold sores . Ever seem to have an awareness of what is about to happen?.

c] Hair uncontrollable , sticks out in all directions. Dry skin dandruff. Love of sweet things. Sweaty palms. Non confrontational.

d] Whites of eyes bluey tinted when a baby , moles easy tan olive skin. Lots of inflammatory complaints .

What did the people of the last 4/5 generations in your family die of?.
passkey last decade
Oh I'm away for a few days at the weekend .
passkey last decade
Skin on legs tacky feeling and rough. Seemed to clear us after Ambrotose suppliment, and or Sulfer homeopathic.
Fine blond hair, eyebrows not even noticable until 12 years old, hair not uncontrollable.
Not a sweets lover.
No sweaty palms.
Very long, fine fingers and hands.
Often childish behavior, will sometimes shake and slap his hands together.
I wouldn't say his face is heart shaped.
Wouldn't say he loves to travel, but does calm down in the car after anger. He'll take my hand and say I'm really sorry. This is ususally after a rush to get somewhere on time.
Has had some warts on feet and canker sores.
No inflammatory complaints.
Very few moles.
I do believe he slept on his tummy with his bottom up.
Always has a runny nose and was on several antibiotics. That cleared when I stopped anitbiotics and went to natural alternatives.
Always had a high pitched voice when younger. Seems better or we have gotten used to it.
Found a rotated atlas when he was 8 years old, and we had that adjusted.
Most common problems in past generations:
Maternal grandpa -heart
grandma - Parkinson
great grandpa -heart
" grandma-cancer
gr-gr grandpa -none
" grandma - TB
Paternal great grandma -heart

Most family members have lived 90 years plus. There has been some heart problems, but only great grandpa and paternal great grandma died of this. Gr-gr grandma did die at 54 of TB.
There has been quite a bit of female cancer, but it has not be fatal.
I will check on the vaccines.
Some of the questions you asked may apply to his siblings.
Thank you very much for your interest in helping!
nancysb last decade
Did want to mention that my side of the family is German, mother's and father's side, and a small part French from both sides.
My husband's side is from Holland, living there through German occupation. My husband's dad had Malaria and stomach problems with milk as a young adult.
Maybe something will trigger a thought.
Thank You,
nancysb last decade
Not often I get a case that has no clear pointer to a miasmatic remedy .

But there is a clear pointer to a remedy that I have often used on autistic cases - usually with some success .

I think we need to use Baryta Carb.

Website : http://www.symbiosis.com/.
Date. 2005-04-14
DIET.. Avoid where possible:- Pepper , spices , use coffee as weak as possible , red meat . alcohol , i.e. keep intake to minimum tolerable . Use unprocessed whole foods without additives or flavourings ; & preferably avoid cow produced dairy products.

GENERAL. This is a 3 day course . I tab at night on going to bed [at 24 hr intervals] . We then wait at least 3 weeks but possibly longer for the body to react in the direction of cure

EXERCISE . DO NOT GET OVERTIRED.Exercise should be in the hands of experts.
Preliminary Course: _ nil -- 30/1m/10m 1 tab at 24 hr intervals. Advise after 7 days.
OTHERS: nil -- 10m- 3 tabs keep in reserve .
Main course Baryta Carb 1m - Dose 1 tab on day 1
Baryta Carb 10m Dose 1 tab on day 2
Baryta Carb Cm Dose 1 tab on day 3
Advise 14 days after completion , before if any query.
[1]Tablets which fall to the ground , or touch other people should be discarded.
[2] Tablets should be tipped from the bottle into the lid and transferred to the mouth, before the lid is replaced on the bottle .
Do not eat or drink for 10/15 min before or after taking a tablet.
Homoeopathic medicines require some special handling and storage - so that they may not lose their power and become inert as a result of contaminatíon. They should always be kept in the container in which they are supplied. They should be kept away from strong líght, from great heat and especially from exposure to strong odours or perfumes, for example camphor, menthol, moth balls, carbolíc soap. The medicines are usually supplied in the form of pills, tablets or powders. The dose should be típped into the container lid and transferred to the mouth, or, if in powder form be tipped direct on to the tongue. No water need be taken to "wash the medicine down". Absorbtion takes place from the mouth - chew or suck the tablets or pills. Sometimes the remedy is needed to be taken in water. The cup, glass, or spoon used should be "cleansed" before further use for another remedy. The dose should be put into a "clean mouth". It should not be taken until the mouth is free from the effects of food, drínk, tobacco smoke, toothpaste, mouth washes and confectionery. An interval of a quarter of an hour should suffice. While taking homoeopathic remedies it is pr-eferable to avoíd use of other medicines including laxatives, nasal drops and liniments.

I am away over the weekend for a few days . If you have trouble getting these potencies I can point you in the right direction.
passkey last decade
I hope that I gave you enough information. I read the info on Baryta-Carb. Sluggish came up a lot. I wouldn't consider my son sluggish. I think more spacey at times. I know that he sometimes gets a thought in his head and can't let it go. Other times he can draw for hours and be focused on that; he's a big drawer.
He is also very tall and thin
90% height and 20% weight.
His skin is light and, usually his hands, can become mottled.
Thank you very much for your advice. I will obtain these remedies and give them a try. I didn't know if the additional info might be of some help.
nancysb last decade
When the hands become mottled are they cold.?
If he can focus for a period drawing - is this the ONLY time he can focus?.

Does life seem "unreal" to him?.
passkey last decade
He can focus on a lot of things such as reading, writing, or homework. He often sings as he does his homework. When he draws, he is very perticular. He will draw a few lines and then toss the paper aside. He knows what he wants. He can be over focused at times... perseverating on things. He sometimes gets thoughts in his head that he can't let go such as something he wants to write about.

When his hand are mottled they are not necessarily cold. This morning they were mottled but quite warm.

I don't know about him feeling as though life is unreal. He sometimes says,"life is so hard."Other times he is unloading the dishwasher saying what a wonderful job it is and what a great day he has had. He can become very frustrated. We had about seven days just in the past week when he was very good: even tempered, unbothered, loving, joking, very in-tuned with behavior and surroundings. He was waking up at 5:30 or 6:00 t shower and begin his homework.
He is already planning to live near stores and the library when he gets older so he won't have to drive.
That prospect makes him nervous.
Hope this was helpful. Thank you for your response.
nancysb last decade
Oh, he does have a flakey scalp. And I may have mentioned this, but he can have very different moods. He can be very happy and friendly or very frustrated and angry.
nancysb last decade
Well , how are his teeth and gums, also his tongue.

Bar Carb still shows strongly and I have used it before .

However also skowing up are Lycopodium--- Pulsatilla and Sulphur. Check them out .
passkey last decade
I am not sure on what information you might need, but his teeth are strong and clear... no cavities,bruises, or marks. His molar teeth are extra wide (I forget the name for that). His tongue has a slight yellowish/white film, and his gums, they seem pink and fine... no bleeding etc.

I just ordered the Bar Carb, yesterday but I don't need to give it if you think it might not be right one.
I will check out the other 3 possibilities tonight.
nancysb last decade
Think I'd go with Bar Car , unless you get a strong pointer from the others I advised you to check
passkey last decade
I just finished the BarCar with my son last night. I will let you know how he is doing is a week or so. By the way, might you have any thoughts on his siblings. His brother is one year younger with ADD, has difficulty reading, great in math, stuffy ears, and is a worrisome sort. His sister is really a mini version of himself. She has word recall problems and struggles with school work. She is more mild than Richard, I think, because she only had a few dpt shots and never received her 1 year shots or any others.
Thanks and talk to you soon,
nancysb last decade
The real keynote here is "childishness" .

If that quality is present in a person of any age [ I have used it on old people] then Bar Carb will be helpful.

If so you can use the same remedy.

BUT if not would need to look at the characteristics of each one.
passkey last decade
It has been 9 days since the Bar-Carb. I have seen no improvements. His art teacher commented that he is not doing as well as he has been in the past. He seems to get stuck on things, overly concerned and fixated on... say a drawing or misplacing a pencil. He has definately seen better days.
I have had very good luck with Stramonium in the past, but with doses such as 200c,1m, LM doses, and I may have tried a 10m. I haven't given it for a few months (6lm or so). Do you think that giving that at the stronger dose would work for him. I know that you didn't mention that one, but might that be a possibility?
Thank you,
nancysb last decade
I have tried other homeopathics as well, such as medorrinum. That brought out a lot of bottom welts. I believe that was the one we gave to stop the bed wetting. It worked! Doesn't Stramonium follow that line?
nancysb last decade
Stramonium may be worth trying again - how long did the effect last when you gave it before.

If it was short term it may be no more than ameliorating.

It would tell us if it is appropriate , if a higher potency was ineffective.

So yes try a higher potency , wait 5/7 days and judge result.
passkey last decade
It would last for maybe a month or more. I definately saw some good things going on.
Should I give the 1M, 10M, 1CM over the 3 days.
nancysb last decade
OK and lets know how it goes
passkey last decade
We are having a very difficult time with Richard. He is angry, mouthy, irritated by most everything, mean, disrespectful, uninterested in participating with others. In the past, he has been much more light hearted, happier, more focused. He has just been exceptionally difficult and miserable. I tend to think these behaviors are not aggravations.
maybe I should look closer into those other remedy possibilities. He has been causing much tumult in this home! Help!
nancysb last decade
Sounds like a good idea.

Does he have a tendency to 'fly off the handle'?, does he like rich foods or not.

Does he have a bowel motion soon after waking.

Is he fair haired, and had any ear problems?.

Does he have a 'low' around 4pm -- eat little and often , hates oysters-- lines from nostrils to corners of mouth?.
passkey last decade
Richard has been doing a bit better lately. I don't know if the homeopathic would take this long to kick-in.
He doesn't like rich food. He is fair haired. He loves tomato sauce and ketchup.
I just received some testing results and he has scores between 1 and 9 on achievement, intelligence, and cognitive tests. His top score was a 37 on letter and word identification. I know these are not indicative of his true abilities.
A few years back, when he seemed to be comprehending better, he got to a point when he knew he was beginning to forget information.
Thank you,
nancysb last decade
The following article 'Max's story - a carcinosin cure' by Amy Lansky and the bookRitalin-Free Kids
by ROBERT ND ULLMAN, JUDYTH REICHENBERG-ULLMAN are recommended reading on autism and homeopathy.

to find the link to arcle go to renresearch . com
vlohia last decade
Thank you for the information. I will check it out. I appreciate any suggestions I can get.

nancysb last decade
just quick comment here. Baryta carb is used for a dwarfish mind. So, I do aggree with Passky on that remedy, but on the other hand. If your child had a reaction to vaccinations, Baryta well not work until it has been treated with silica or thuja. In the Book of Amy Lansky- her story on her son Max; That is a great, great story. Carcinosin is used for vaccination reactions. A helpful website. www.homeopathysnc.or/nosodes_and_autism.htm On this website, it goes over the different nosodes. It is helpful.
brightlights94 last decade

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