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Case of Lycopodium or Thuja...? Plz Help me find a permanent solution to my mental condition...! Page 2 of 4

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes, of course! Hahnemann referred to homeopaths as healing artists! I welcome others opinions, and I welcome others to comment on cases I am recommending for, especially if they aren't going smoothly.

I definitely do use the C potency. I would estimate that about 2/3rds of the people I treat are on LMs, but that's difficult to say because I use Cs and LMs in the same cases frequently.

One of the interesting things I've seen in the cases from Hahnemann's records is that he often uses the Cs and LMs with the same patients! David Little has theorized that Hahnemann might have preferred the LMs in miasmatic cases, and used the Cs in first aid and as inter-currents. To the best of my experience so far, this has worked out very well.

Hahnemann wrote that the LMs cure chronic conditions in 1/2 to 1/4 the time of the C's, and this has been my experience. For this reason I try to use the LMs in most chronic cases. Some time ago, I moved many of my miasmatic cases from the Cs to the LMs, and was very happy with the results, especially the increase in the speed of cure.

Either way, I use the Cs on occasion, and I've often observed an immediate improvement in mental cases. For example, I've often given Ars. in 30c to constitutional Ars. patients in crisis states, and found an almost complete immediate improvement, and continued the remedy for months to complete such a cure.

This is different from palliating a case with an incorrect remedy, of course.

Another thing that is very interesting about the cases of Hahnemann that I've seen translated into English are that Hahnemann used the 197c, 198c, 199c, etc. He used many different potencies that modern pharmacies don't even make! The first generation of homeopaths even had a nickname for the 200c, - 'the great aggravator'! This caused me to explore adding the 100c to my remedies, and I've been very happy with it. Sometimes when a patient needs to move beyond a 30c, I will move them up to a 100c. There is a pharmacy here that I've been able to get 50c and some other intermediate grades from also.

My experience with the Cs is that the patients who get no aggravation do as well as those who do, and so I work to never aggravate anyone.
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What do you mean by 'more like the state I used to have'? When did you have this state?

Yes there is often a lot of arguments here. It is one of the pitfalls of posting your case on a public forum.

No result on 200c does not bode well for the choice of remedy. Even on the wrong potency you will usually perceive some kind of shift.

Would you mind if I reassessed the case - I have been looking over your previous posts and there are quite a few peculiar things in it I would like to examine them more closely.
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You mentioned in your first post that you have been going through this state of mind since the age of 19. What happened then to trigger all this?
Niel Madhavan last decade
I don't want to interject too much in this case, but a fear of lonelyness, combined with a dread of people because of a fear that they are not good enough are key symptoms of Lycopodium, as are so many of the other symptoms. If I were asked to help with this case, I would seriously look into trying Lycopodium in a lower dose.

Another thing is that you might use the patient intake form. There are some things there that could help identify the remedy.

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The patient took 6x, and he took 200c of Lyc. He got relief for a short period after 6x and then felt worse. He took 200c and felt no different. I don't know - will 30c work where both those potencies haven't? It is a possibility - none of us know the remedy for certain until it works.

The problem with this case is that the patient copied out the symptoms of Lycopodium several times rather than give his own symptoms - so I am wary of the description he gives that resembles Lyc. You will notice that he started his posting with 'My Lycopodium symptoms are.... My Thuja symptoms are....'. It always makes me wary of the information given.

What is the 'slight change in the mental state' that you menation Anon?

The fear of a building falling on him was so peculiar, and I know it best in Arg-nit. However, on searching through the materia medica, I notice there are 5 remedies that have this symptom:


This gave me pause in considering Arg-nit the remedy that might suit this state. I know all these remedies.

So I looked again at the rubrics:

Thoughts rapid quick
Talks, talking, confused
Fear of their condition being observed
Want of self confidence
Hide, desires to
Delusion, separated from the world
Delusion, he is being watched
Estranged from society
Excitement as from confusion
Fear something will happen
Hurry, haste, out of awkwardness
Fear of falling
Thoughts disconnected, move in a circle, wandering
Loquacity, changing from one subject to another

This brings up up Chocolate very strongly, with Arg-nit coming up second choice. Arg-nit lacks:

Fear of their condition being observed
Desire to hide
Separated from the world
Estranged from society
Excitement as from confusion
Hurry from awkwardness

And I feel these characteristics are important to understanding your case. For this reason, I have no genuine confidence in Arg-nit as the best prescription for you.

Other remedies that appear, below both Chocolate and Arg-nit are Opium, Stramonium, Aconite, Hyoscamus, Hydrogen, Lycopodium, Nux-vomica.

Lycopodium is lacking:

Fear building or walls will fall on him
Rapid thoughts
Fear of their condition being observed
Separated from the world
Estranged from society
Hurry from awkwardness

If I look at the proving of Chocolate, I find an interesting picture.

'anxious in a self-conscious way, anxious and vulnerable as if being watched or observed by something or someone - the attention was on me - anxiety that something would happen'

'feeling like I don't belong in a crowd. Conscious of all social and economic pressures'

' Felt totally isolated and averse to company. Estranged himself from his family and friends and stopped all communication with them for a long period. Did not reply to letters and left no address. He seemed to hide away and literally disappear. The state of Isolation resulted from feeling that 'I didn't exist as a human being'.

'Thoughts about the 'veneer of civilization' that inhibits how we really feel and keeps us from displaying what we're like beneath the surface. It seems a legitimate layer, but so is the layer beneath it'

'Feeling I don't quite know where I belong and what I should be doing'

'Feeling: I feel ashamed and I want to hide myself. But they were laughing at me. Searching a place to hide myself. Then I find that there is no place on the street to hide myself and I feel exposed to all of them'

So what is the state of chocolate (or the problem of chocolate) and does that problem match this one?

Chocolate feels detached, separated, alone. They feel indifferent to people and estranged from them. Nobody loves them, they have no-one to love. They are very alone, like a child whose mother has turned her back on it. They crave affection, communication, CONNECTION. They crave company and dream of falling in love. They compensate for these feelings by acting independent and self-confident.

Over-confidence with a severe lack of confidence underneath matchs both Chocolate and Lycopodium. Where it comes from is different though. Lyc feels incapable in new siutations (fear of anything new) and so puffs themselves up as compensation - the question is 'will I be able to do what is required of me if put to the test'.

Chocolate feels disconnected from others and so pretends to be sociable. The question is 'can I find someone to connect to when I feel so alone'.

Looking at the issues of social estrangement I might also consider two other remedies - Hydrogen and LSD. I have had quite a few cases of Hydrogen, not a single LSD case to date.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I had a very good result from using Chocolate on a young boy with all those issues of estrangement. I will see if I can get permission to reprint it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David

Like you, I am a little concerned as most of the symptoms look like a copy from our MM. That is why, I would be very interested to know the causality. I suggest that a little more inquiry should be made into those aspects as well.
Niel Madhavan last decade
I agree Niel those aspects should be explored as well.

I actually did not analyze or repertorize anything given in those first few posts, until I felt Anon was speaking in his own words, although one has to remain wary I think.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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I would strongly think of Nat mur in this case, given the effects of a troubled childhood and the feeling that the world may see the hollowness inside. Also, the feeling of hatred is quite representative of the remedy.

Lycopodium also comes up equally strong. But since it did not have much effect last time I would suggest to take a single wet dose of Nat mur 200.
Niel Madhavan last decade
Nat-mur and Chocolate can seem alot alike in terms of their social awkwardness. From the point of view of the rubrics Chocolate shows more strongly than Nat-mur - I will leave it up to you which way you want to go. Of course, until a medicine helps there is no way to know with certainty which medicine is correct.

If you wish to take my advice I will manage each step of your treatment and check in regularly with you.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well it has been two days since my last post. And I have noticed a change in my mindset in these two days. It seems to be Arg. Nit. but I am not sure. This feeling is a bit better than the previous state but there is no complete relief.

The thing is that I am unable to describe the feeling I am having. Usually I used to wake up in the morning all grim and having a feeling of being lost but not from the past two days. Confidence is still low and I don't feel that fragile in my mind.

You can prescribe me and I'd be glad to take your advice. But one scary thing I have noted about Homeopathy is that, the remedy can ameliorate a state but can also bring other symptoms that are not there. For example, when I was using Lyc. it made me feel good mentally for a while but it dropped my libido, which was actually normal before taking Lyc. And if I am not mistaken Lyc. is used for low libido and impotence widely.

So this is my current state, should I wait for a while or go for Chocolate remedy?
anonymous_coward last decade
If you feel the improvement is ongoing then wait.

If Arg-nit has helped, then really you should look at going to 1M before changing the remedy.

I am still not convinced that Arg-nit covers all important parts of the case but I am happy to be proven wrong.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Alright. So, neither am I fully convinced about Arg. Nit. being the correct remedy, but since I have Arg. Nit. 1M with me and as it has shown a bit of improvement, I can try a wet dose of it and see whether it has something in store for me? So when should I have this dose and how many pellets should I dissolve in water, just to be sure that I am doing it right, this time?
anonymous_coward last decade
I pellet, in a 1/2 cup of water, stir and take a teaspoon into the mouth.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I took the dose as you prescribed. So how long should I wait to see a positive change?
anonymous_coward last decade
Typical timetable tends to be:

Aggravation felt within first 3 days.

Aggravation peaks 3-5 days

Improvement becomes noticeable at 6-7 days (although some features may improve sooner)

7-14 days improvement is marked enough to judge the suitability of the remedy/potency.

This is not a hard and fast rule, just my observation over the years with Centesimal potencies in chronic cases. Each individual can move faster or slower than this but most people seem to fit into this schedule.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Its day one after the 1M dose. I am feeling my symptoms are peaking. I am not sure what aggravations are but now I am feeling gloomy and grim, its a weird indescribable feeling. I am not feeling like getting social or interacting with people. My social awkwardness was the only reason I came to this forum which hasn't seen much improvement as of yet. I feel like getting social desperately but I am just unable to do so.

I believe Arg. Nit. is good for social anxiety/phobia and I am desperately hoping that it would work. I guess I will have to be quite patient. As you are saying that this feeling would peak in the first 3-5 days, I'm quite unsure whether I would be able to cope with it.

I'll hope for the best.
anonymous_coward last decade
That does sound like aggravation, which should be a good sign in the long term. Quick sharp aggravation is a particularly good sign when it happens, and such aggravations are usually over sooner.

Aggravation is your current symptoms becoming a little worse.

It is often necessary to find the right potency as well as the right remedy. Hopefully 1M is strong enough to make the changes you need.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well its 5 days I guess after the dose and I don't find any substantial improvement as of yet. I'll wait more because Arg. Nit. seems to act slowly on me.

I'll update more.
anonymous_coward last decade
Hey AC, I'll just say that your symptoms are ones most of us have cured many times with many different homeopathic medicines. I am sure that brisbanehomoeopath, and many of the others here have cured this state many times. I would encourage you to keep faith.

I could give you many stories of different individuals with the same or much worse problems, that were cured with homeopathy. Keep faith. :)
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