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Help with constitutional remedy

I want to find a constitutional remedy for myself. I used the online Remedy Finder, read about the remedies in MMs at homeoint.org, but I'm not sure which one to choose. The top 2 are Pulsatilla and Lycopodium, but the Remedy Finder suggested also Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Sepia, Calcarea Carbonica, almost all of the most known and used homeopathics :)

I'm a 25 yrs old female, blue eyes, fair hair, fair skin, easily tanned, but I do not like frying on the sun, so I'm pale. I live in central Europe.
I was one of those weak, ever sick kids - bronchitis, tonsillitis, coughs most of the time, usually with high fevers. My mom was a nurse and a easily frightened, so every time I coughed, I was taken to the doctor and got antibiotics :/ About the third year of my life I was again treated with high doses of ATBs, that damaged my hearing (might be another cause, but this is the highest probable - in early eighties strong ATBs were used and most of these drugs were toxic to inner ear), so I'm hearing impaired.

About my 5th year the respiratory problems ceased; we moved from a big house, where there was a central heating and very dry air, to a smaller and damper one.
I'm allergic to pollen since I was a kid - I have hay fever from May to August, with sneezing, watery discharge from nose and itching eyes, and I usually feel very tired and exhausted. The itching gets better when I wash my eyes and face with water. I'd say the allergy is milder now than in childhood.

I was always sick in cars and buses (vomit stops on every kilometer : ) ) and am till now. It is better when sitting in the front seat and when I don't eat before the ride. I'm not sick in trains.

I do not like fruit compotes, I was forced to eat very disgusting compotes in kindergarten, usually I threw them up and was told off. I also hate minced meat. I do not like too much fat, tomatoes and peppers; garlic disturbs my stomach. As a kid I loved sweet foods and sweets as chocolate, now I have "sweet weeks", when I eat more sweets, and then a longer period (3-4 weeks) almost without sugar. I like simple foods.
I almost don't drink coffee, I like tea; I do not smoke and drink only occassionaly and never spirits, only white wine or black beer. But even a simple glass of wine gets immediately into my head and starts buzzing there, so I don't drink much.
I have bad teeth, sensitive to frozen or hot foods, all my mollars are already filled. Wisdom teets came with a bearable amount of pain and are ok now, excluding the lower right, which troubles me 1-2 times a year till now.
I have irregular and painful period; sometimes weak and brownish with bad nausea, sometimes normal with cramps, diarrhea and usually a wolfish hunger before the period.

And now to the important things. I am very anxious, insecure and uncertain. Through the past ten or so years I managed to develop something like panic attack syndrome - all my emotions and mental symptoms go through stomach and abdomen, when I'm nervous, anxious, scared or stressed, I have nausea, diarrhea and cannot eat. So when I'm to go somewhere - an exam, visit, museum, cinema, anywhere, I don't eat three hours prior to the event, because only with an empty stomach I feel secure :( I also have a phobia of vomiting - I hate even the though of it. The worst scenario is going after a meal to an important event, where there will be a lot of people, I will have to stand or sit in a place not close to the door and the air in the room will be hot and motionless. During the attack my stomach retches, my hands and feet start shaking and I am restless, I want to get out to open air as quick as possible. Eating in a restaurant or with my friend and his family should be a joyful event, but instead it is a punishment for me.
Sometimes I'm nauseated before stool, the nausea comes suddenly and is relieved shortly after stool. It also gets better when lying down and worsens in a warm room.
I'm afraid of crowds, of overfilled public transport, of dark and sometimes - don't laugh :) - of ghosts. Or, more precisely, that a ghost will jump at me from the dark. When there's someone near or I can light a lamp, the fear goes away.

Almost always I have the feeling my stomach and the whole digestive tract is weak and not working well; I get easily bloated, easily nauseated, when hungry, a small amount of food fills me. Sometimes I get nauseated during eating and have to stop, sometimes after eating, sometimes I'm ok. All the time I know it's psychosomatic, my intestines are all right, but my mind isn't.
I feel tired and weak often. I usually go to sleep after midnight and wake up about 9 a.m. I hate early waking. After waking up it takes me some time to persuade myself and get out of bed and I am pretty unusable in the morning. Around 3-4 p.m. I get sleepy and need to rest.

I can't wear tight clothes, I hate the feeling. I'm sensitive to noises, I like silence. I like listening to music, but only when I choose to. I like reading books about various subjects. I'm studying at university and I think I am an educated and intelligent young woman ;) I do not like cities, a small town or a village with lot of trees and open air is the right place for me. I'm happier in a sunny weather and do not like cloudy weather (I don't mind a few days under grey sky, but too much of it worsens my mood).

I'm pretty indecisive and sometimes impulsive. I am very sentimental and sometimes tearful - it worsens with stress and also before period. Sometimes I want to cry and don't know why; but after crying I feel better.

I hope I did not forget anything important. Could anyone please help me choose the remedy? Feel free to ask any questions.
  Selina on 2005-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am very new at all of this and by no means know anything, I have almost all of the same things that you have with feelings, and irritations, I am also tired alot and seem to be in pretty much the same situation as you. I did a search to find my constitutional remedy online and took the questions and I also got pretty much the same results as you, but lycapodium scored highest, although I dont know how accurate those things are and it would probably be better to go to a homeopath but I thought that the info might help, as I know any info on finding my constitutional remedy would help me.
MartinaRae last decade
Try this link: http://www.homeoint.org/books3/kentmm/index.htm it's Kent's lectures on materia medica, find the remedies you need to choose from and read about them. There are very detailed descriptions that may help you choose the right one.

What does one do in such case, when two remedies seem to be equal? Try one and wait? I'm almost sure about the Pulsatilla for me, although I do have much of Lycopodium...
Selina last decade
I tried that link, thankyou, its full of great info. It didnt have agnatia though, erika replied to me and says that it might fit my symptoms, and I looked at it here and it seems to fit me well, except it doesnt have anything about acne. There is another homeopathic forum I am on too, its pretty good, its at www.homeopathyhome.com there are some usefull posts there, they might help you.
MartinaRae last decade
Hiya - lots of good info here - as said to MartinaRae I don't really do constitutional! But I'll read thru your symptoms and get back to you. It's the weekend now so can't promise to get back before Monday - sorry! Put anything else you think of on here and it will all be useful....spk soon, :)
erika last decade
Thanks, Erika. I thought constitutional meant something like "I'm one big condition from head to toe and I need to heal it all" :)
I want to get rid primarily of the anxiety, depression, uncertainess, tearfull moods, panic and my stomach and digestion problems - these trouble me most. Allergy, day drowsiness - I'm used to these, I can cope, everything is better when one is happy :)
Selina last decade
okeydokey!!spk soon :)
erika last decade
Some add-ons:
I like animals very much. I hate to see animals - and people - suffer. But I'm not the messiah kind of person, I know I can't save all animals in the world or whole Africa - I know I can make a difference for some and that's what I am doing.
I have phobia of worms. I don't mind snakes, frogs, spiders, mice and such.

I'm depressive and tearful and sentimental, but I'm not pesimistic. I know world is not black and I generally believe people are good. I know some problems cannot be pushed to quick solutions, sometimes you just have to wait and do nothing. I'm open to peoples' advice. I try to view all from different angles, I believe everything bad is good for something.

I'm afraid of aging - I just cannot imagine myself having wrinkles and being old and slow and ill... I believe this has to do something with my need of freedom. I do not like to be dependent on anybody. As I said, I like open air and when I'm afraid or scared or anxious, I think of running. Fear does not paralyze me, it makes me restless and frantic. I like holidays in nature. Freedom generally means much to me.

I'm fascinated by big, high buildings and by bridges over wide rivers and by big water surfaces. When going over a wide river, I feel afraid, but yet I'm excited and fascinated :)
I often dream of travelling by train. In these dreams I usually do not know where am I going to, but I'm not afraid, I just travel and enjoy it.

I rarely get headaches - when I'm very tired, or drink too much coffee or wine or eat too much chocolate, I get a headache; also too much noise is not good for my head (an evening on a party or one day in the noisy capital city makes me tired and sick). But the pain is never unbearable, I do not take any meds, I just lie down and sleep it off.
Selina last decade
This may be important: I almost always have cold feet and hands.
Selina last decade
Hi Selina - just popped in to ask a question ....I had a bit of time this weekend and need to ask you what happened about 10 years ago to start the anxiety developing? Did you suffer a bad grief or shock or anything? Also, when was your first, or your worst, anxiety attack? Was there an occasion when you actually did need to be sick in an embarassing moment or is it just the fear of it?
are there any other sensations during the attack such as extreme heat or cold, or perspiring?
How irregular are your periods?
doyou get very hungry at times other than before your period or are you ok going without food?
The nausea before stool - is this also with anxiety or just nausea?
what other sort of things make you nervous and uncertain?
When you do care to listen to music what sort do you choose and why? does the music effect you in any way emotionally?
How are you alone in the daytime? is this ok or do you need company?
a lot of questions - but they may trigger a bit more info to get nearer a remedy. :)
erika last decade
It was pretty weird 10 years ago... I was 15. As I wrote before, I've been always sick in car. We were returning from a visit one evening and I was sick again, but it did not get better after I left the car at home, actually it got worse. I don't remember any shocks or griefs... Only my puberty was starting and maybe there was some little drop into the cup of patience, a small argument with my mother or something like that... I must say the communication between me and my mother was never perfect - I love her and she loves me, now when I'm adult we understand each other much better, but in my teen years I had a very strong feeling she did not understand me. Yes, every teen girl knows this :) but maybe I was too oversensitive to this and did not manage it and it surfaced in my psyche.

Back to the car sickness. I did not manage to sleep it off and next day I got sick in school and was sent home. I stayed home 3 days with "stomach flu", then I returned to school, got sick again (I think it was the first panic attack - in the middle of math class a thought popped into my mind - "I don't wanna be here, I wanna go away, I know I will be sick again" and here it was :/ ), was sent home and then it began - some examinations, more days at home, then hospital, another examinations, home, hospital, then psychiatry - somebody got the idea I have an eating disorder, because I did not want to eat, only a little - I did not want to lose weight, I was (and am) satisfied with my body, but my poor stomach was sick all the time, immediately full after some bites and so oversensitive. The psychiatrist examined me and found no sign of anorexia or bulimia, so she diagnosed me as depressive and sent me to a hospital for kids with slight mental disorders (eating dis., slight depressions, hyperactive kids and such). I got some rest there, some psychotherapy and in a month I improved so much I could be sent home. I don't think they cured me - I think it was the isolation from outside world and the resting that got me better - I gathered some strength and learned how to cope with my new problems (and yes, my stomach stopped being oversensitive all the time) but none got away - depressions, panic attacks, digestion problems, sensitivity, all stayed with me.

4 years after this the problems returned, I had to visit the psychiatrist again and do the psychotherapy. It was not as bad as the first time, I pulled myself together quicker.

I think I never needed to be sick. It always bothered me, never did me any good. In fact, nothing really embarassing happened to me in front of people, I always managed to avoid it or get away from the situation. But sometimes it was very close, so I am very afraid of it.

During the attacks I tremble, first hands and knees, then the whole body. I feel cold when trembling - it's like a chill. I have dry mouth, I feel like I'm gonna vomit. Usually in the beginning I feel heat in my head and face - as if all the blood came into my head. I do not perspire, or only a little.

My period usually comes after 24-40 days. Sometimes after 28 days from the last one I feel like it is coming, but maybe it's only from the wish :/

I'm ok going without food, actually I never eat much, especially in the hot months of the year - when I am hot, I am not hungry. That big hunger comes only before period (not before each one).

Nausea before stool is just nausea. If there's no other reason for anxiety, I'm not anxious.

I can't find any other things that make me nervous... I think I wrote it all.

I usually listen to songs sung by female voices, sometimes I choose slow music, sometimes quicker. I like almost all genres, I just need an interesting voice, big register and a singer who's not afraid to use it - I don't care if it's mainstream music or unknown local singer. I also like "ethno" music. Sometimes prolonged high tones - usually found in pompous romantic ballads - make me wanna cry (no irony - it's like watching a heartbreaking scene in a movie).

I'm ok alone in daytime. Actually I'm a loner, I mean I like people, I like beeing with my boyfriend or my close friends, brother or family, but I need time just for myself and I need it more than other people.
Selina last decade
Hi Selina - I would suggest that you take Arsenicum or Thuja. Nat Mur is also a possibility. Have a read of them and see what you think....let me know? :)
erika last decade
actually, rereading I don't figure so much with the Arsenicum as you would need a lot more company - this remedy would probably only help you as an acute remedy to take when you get the panic attack....:)
erika last decade

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