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Polen Allergy,nasal polyp or Asthma??

My son is 6yr old, his problem usualy starts with
*one/two sneeze later, same day or next,
*running nose(transparent/water like) or
*one/short cough,
*his eyes get watery or sensitive too(pink) with
earlier 2 symptoms
*after that, same night or next night when he sleep
his running nose gets block he breath from his mouth
and that is when his condtion gets worse, then he
coughs in sleep too and later coughs increase,
converting sometime into conjestion/ sometime coughs
like an attack, as result he breaths more and more air
in, which also causes gas/air in his stomach (burps)
*after that he usualy vomit or passes lose stool(diahre
*I have also noticed that sometime before all this starts,
the intake of meals reduces too, as if he has no hunger
or desire to eat.
*If i check his nose, the glands look swollen too
sometime both, or only right side.
*he also have this problem when season is changing.
*when problem starts, it usually starts when he come back
from school (nose is running/watery eyes)

My question is what is his actual problem?
1. pollen allergy?
2. Asthama?
3. nasal polyp?
his problem started when he was 2yr old
*first doctors treated as asthama problem.
*later a homeopath said his cough get worse(chronic)
and looks like asthama actually which is not, though
that homepath treated him for about 3yrs but i still
dont know what medicine he was giving my son, he usually
gave him 2 type of medicine
*one for emergency
*one for regular use for 2weeks
because of his medicine my son got rid of antibiotics
(which was very painful experiance for him)but as i dont
know the name of medicine, i would like to give
my son something about which i know.
I started exploring the internet and what i feel is that
my son has an allergy problem(polen or hay fever)
i am convinced from a very long time that he has no asthama.
because that is something very different.

I would like the Doctors of forum to help me understand and
also guide me about his medicine.

NOTE: I consulted your abc software and the result was
NuxVomica3. is it nasal polyp problem?
  Hannah Hannah on 2011-01-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please use the homeopathic patient intake form and give us the appropriate information about your case. Hopefully someone here will help you begin real homeoapthic treatment.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade

Will get back on this in sometime.

Niel Madhavan last decade

- Describe your son in detail. How does he behave? How does he look? Everything you can write about him?

- When this this all start? Any episode you can connect it with?
Niel Madhavan last decade
right now I would like to ask about his
current problem(i'll be back with his details)
Two months ago my son 6yr old, started sneezing
with watery eyes when he came back from school,
in the evening he coughed few times, that was a
sign of trouble for me(as i told you about his
health history)
So for the first time i came across 'abc software'
and the result was Nux Vomica, i started giving him
Nux Vomica 30(4 drops thrice a day)
the result was satisfactory, after giving him the
drops 2days, i stoped giving him, there was no need,
as the guide says, stop medicine as soon as the
symptoms are gone, give again only if they appear
Now four days ago my son was having same problem
sneezing few times a day and few dry short coughs,
it is cold here, fog too, he was on leave from school
too, as parents we try to keep trouble away.
I am giving him Nux vomica again for 4 days(same Fashion)
it seems the medicine is controloing his problem,
but his diet is not coming back on routine.
he have no desire to eat, if he eat he stops after few
*should I keep giving him Nux vomica ?
*is there any problem with the potency?
*or any problem with the dose?
Current Problem:
*sneeze once or twice
*cough(one/twice short/dry)as though coming from
his throat (throat/tounge colour is white)
*his gums seems a bit swollen(pale pink/paler)
*basicly he likes drinking water (not ask for cold
water specificly) I give him warm water.
*as though his throat is dry(may be he has nervous
nature)because sometime he swallow his sliva intentionaly.
I remember when he started schooling he use to do that
*currently he has problem with appitite
*I also notice some time his belly is bigger in size
and sometime go back
*he passes stool regularly.
*one more complain he often has and have it now
pain in back of knees. but he never mention that
in daytime,only when he lay down to sleep at night
till he is not asleep he says i have pain.

Kindly help me sir and also tell me should i send
him school tommorow without fear.

Hannah Hannah last decade

when my son was 2+yrs old
one day in May suddenly he started coughing
so badly that after sometime he was having
difficulty breathing.
he was rushed to nearby clinic, doctor suspected
pnemonea and asked to bring X.ray, meanwhile
he nebolised him which helpful for that time.
in evening doctor said after Xray that there is
slight sign of pnemonea, and injected him i dont
know with what. He is my first child so i was
very worried. for a week he was on antibiotic
and some cough syrups.
from that time he was one week stable and one
week on antibiotic, that was very difficult for
me as i knew this much antibiotics can cause
some other problem, on the other hand he never
recovered completely. with antibiotics doctor
asked to nebolise too, because of that he use to
have shakey hands. almost 2 yrs he was like that
and on his last alopathic treatment when his
cough exeeded 10days doctor finally gave him
'Steron' (which was again very difficult for me
to give him)5 days went by no change.
I decided for homeopathy treatment, we heard
of a homeopath in another city we took him there
that doctor told us that his case is mishandled in
the first place, that his problem is coughing chronicly
that later convert in asthma like attack.
During the 2 years i just mentioned, we took
him thrice in emergency at night where he was
nebolised and once injected again, as after neboloising
4 times his breathing was not stablizing.
*we also took him to an ENT surgeon he said
he breaths from mouth and ask for
'nasal polyp' Xray after that he said that my son
polyp needs to be operated, (again we were not sure)
that was too quick to decide, by chance due to
my second delivery we delayed, later decided operation
is not the only option. we regularly practiced some
home remedies like keeping steam in room at night,
oiling the nose morning+night, warm honey water in
the morning (these thing helped to some extant)
*So when we started his homeopathy treatment after
2 yrs of alopathy treatment there was an obvious
change in his condition,
*he gained weight(previously he had thin legs)
*his diet become good
*his mood became good(he use to get irritated quickly)
the duration of his illness was shortening
(last yr he was sick only twice)
he took homeopathy medicine for 2 yrs but now we
were having problem as we asked for medicine from other
city, and the major problem was that i did not know
the name of medicne.
there were 2 type of medicine
*one for emergency(to be taken after 2/3hrs)
*the other reguler medicine to be taken thrice
a day for 2 weeks.
all medicine packed in pieces of paper.
*Now this yr in September my son became ill
twice with gap of a month and i noticed that the
medicine is no more helping now, as after a period
of i think one yr my son had breathing problem again.
(other wise breathing problem was gone)
both time it lasted after four days(his belly was going
in/out all the time(no wheezing sound)
I believe there was no more effectiveness in that
medicine(i dont know why i try to ask the homeopath the
name but he did not tell) so i decided not to use that
and look for some thing else (something i know)

*He is 6yrs
*White complexion
*normal hieght
*normal weight
*he is social at school +home
*he wishes every person around just listen to him
*like attention
*when he is not well he start crying on trivial
issues/ he wishes for more care/attention but he
dont tell in words, instead he cry or try to gain
*he like cooking with me in kitchen telling me how
to cook
*he likes to drink water(when not well he says specially
in morning on waking up that my throat is dry bring me
*he often complain pain in back of knees before going to sleep.
*his teeth /nails are small
*gums pale when not well

Hannah Hannah last decade
few more points about my son....
*small pimples of skin colour are on his cheeks permenantly now.
very small in size which are visual in light or day light. do not
scratch they are just there(seems like allergy)
*the same pimples started appearing on his hands when ever he had
the attack of the condition i told you, or
may be when ever he started medication for cough attack after tht
these pimples use to appear on his hands, he use to scratch them too.
after homeopathy medication, they vanished with time, but always
appeared with his cough problem.
*now those on hands are gone for long time, but
as if these same pimple reappeared on his cheeks permenantly.
(i think the cheeks pimples are there from almost 1yr.
*he has taken no antibiotic for 2yrs.
*usually sweat a lot(cold sweat)
in summer sweat a lot and in winter too
his feet in socks are wet and cold
*his lower body specially feet are cold usually
(in that way he is like his mother)
*brown eyes
*brown hair
*white complexion
*stool regularly
*shiver once after urination
*his father is mouth breather too(does not feel much when awake
but when sleeping he snore) his nose is very sensitive.
*he usually have this problem in may/june and september/october
*also in very cold weather like we have now.
*during these timmings he one day come back from school with
few short sneeze and running nose(water like/transparent)
watery eyes
*till evening it is so
*after he fall sleep his nose block then he breaths with his mouth
*as result till morning he have few short dry coughs
*which if increase they convert into a cough attack
*no sound no wheezing
*he takes more air in
*he burps
*usually vomit too or
*have lose stool with this attack.

*he likes everything clean, he like to wash his hands.
*he is caring but the way of showing care is sometime
violant as if trying to gain attention.
*he is loving everyone likes adore him.

Hannah Hannah last decade
yesterday I stopped giving him Nux vomica 30
he took last dose 11th Jan night.
as the sneezing and running nose problem is no more and he is eating his meal now, so
i am not giving him the medicine. today he also attended his school and came back normal.
The only thing left is that his gums(pale) and i also checked his mouth/throat is white, and glands in his throat are hanging in big size,
he still breath with his mouth when sleeping, if try to breath with nose then he starts snoring
I hear the sound of some liquid in his mouth, when he breath from mouth, dont know if that is sound of sliva or phlgem.
Kindly reply, i hope what i told you till now about him is satisfactory.
also guide me about Nux vomica
is the potency right?
is the dose right?

Hannah Hannah last decade

Please give him three wet doses of Pulsatilla 200c separated by 3 hours each on a SINGLE DAY ONLY and let me know of his condition in three days from taking the remedy.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Today in the morning i checked his nose
and throat, his current condition is that,
*throat is in very bad shape
I checked it is swollen and red at
the end, but his palate/mouth/tounge are
*gums are swollen too due to which teeth
look smaller(specially upper gums) he
resist brushing teeth as gums are sensitive
*nose is sensitive too, inside the glands
or polyp are swollen, sometime they are big
enough(specially right) to block his airway,
and some time small, colour of nose inside
is red and white at different places.
*last night he had cough after sleeping
I massaged his neck with almond oil and
put one/one drop in nostrils too, after
that he did not cough.
*when massaging i feel his neck is stiff,
specially from his ears to neck can feel
small lumps(on right more)massage give some
*i could here the sound of mucus in his mouth
when he was sleeping, i think that is the reason
of his cough in sleep too, as that maybe blocking
his breathing suddenly.
*and he cannot eat
*inshort his nose and throat are in bad shape.

**Sir this is his latest condition, kindly confirm,
should i start with Pulsatilla 200c ?

Hannah Hannah last decade
Sir, one dose would be..
one drop in half cup of water?
is that right??
Hannah Hannah last decade
Niel Madhavan last decade

I am reporting about my son after 3 days.
*his gums improved very much, the swelling
is gone. the colour improved too but still
need improvment.
*at night sometime he breath from nose(and seems
peacefull) and sometime again from mouth(but
the liquid like sound in his mouth was less)
*the colour of his tounge and palate is less
white now
*his throat is still red and swollen from
both sides
*he is eating but not enough, just few bites,
*his nasal glands did shrink to some degree,
after taking the medicine, but today in the
morning the glands grew back like balloons,
i checked in evening again the condition is
same, skin in the nose looks sensitive too
*THE Reason is obvious for me,
Last night it was cloudy and
clouds are still here
*this change started because of clouds, when
he came back from school today, his eyes looks
sensitive(a bit red), he blinks his eyes/shrinks his eyes
+nose/ and time to time water like nose run.
*one point i missed in his details earlier is
that this happens before thunder storm too,
he coughs or his nose start running with watery
*sir one more thing about him is that,
he usually speaks loudly or shout, that is disturbing
for everyone including his own self, because shouting
also causes him one or two coughs sometime.
*he gets very excited when we have visitors at home,
so much that he starts running here and there, and
speaks loudly, and sweat(specially his hair line and
skin around eyes gets wet with sweat)
*in summer too, we usually have storm before rain,
and then we try to keep him inside whole time till
the storm is gone, but even indoor he gets cough
or nose running.
*I think my son has some sort of weather related allergy,
that causes the swelling of his nasal polyps, which
if not treated well gradually make his condition worse.
*when he is not feeling well, he weeps/or get angry time
to time, he weeps that he dont want to go to school and
that he is feeling tired, the whole thing happens whenever
he is not well.

***Kindly guide me regarding his next dose

Hannah Hannah last decade
Please repeat exactly as before.
Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir, yesterday (19thJan) my son took 3 doses of
Pulsatilla200c, with gap of three hour each.
I have few questions to ask you;
*sir what do you think after reading his problem,
he is suffering from?

*is it something serious?
*will it subside with time?
*or he is going to have such complains through out?
*do you think it is weather related problem?
*which triggers his nasal polyps?
*although he is doing well, eating some meal now,
gums are good, he brushes his teeth without any
problem, But

*his Allergy or pimples(i dont know if i should call
them pimples they are toooo little) on cheeks are
*his nasal polyps grow and shrink time to time
*his tonsils/throat is swollen
*mucus is better than before
*today is cloudy again and he had some nose running
last night(not too much water like, some)
*his eyes looks tired with these symptoms, and sometime
watery/ sometime a bit red

*Important question
before or after sleeping at night some time he coughs
if that cough he can manage, sometime by drinking water,
or sugar, or massage on neck with oil, that is ok, buttt
*Sometime if it converts into an attack which doesnt stop,
and he start weeping or uneven breathing...
*Is there any other medicine too (that can be given while
taking his Pulsatilla) which i can give him only then
(in emergency)to control his cough??
*or if it is pulsatilla only to give him, guide me if it
can be given in that type of emergency and how(dose?)
*his problem aggravates psychologicaly too, when he have
few coughs constantly, i think he gets nervous+frightened
too that i think also agravates his problem
*but as he is growing up he is becoming sensible too,
if he feel sick he run for washroom or tell me atonce.
that is also because he likes clean environment.

Overall Change: Is that he use to be on leave from school
most of the time, his health was usually down, feeling
also down, he was having this problem often, but

NOW: Since he took Nux Vomica and now Pulsatilla
His body seems to be fighting/managing his problem,
I see feel that way because he show all the signs but
then they are under control and he is going school well,
his weight is good, earlier he use to reject eating, stop
eating ...but now he at least try to eat something and
show desire to eat.

Sir, kindly reply my questions I asked you
*also about the medicine in case of emergency?

Hannah Hannah last decade

Sir, The status of my son is that;

*His gums are better and pink now,
lower front gums a bit yellowish

*His nasal polys has shrink today to some dgree
(as i told you earlier too, they shrink n grow,
this is how his nasal glands are)
*The colour of his mouth is better
*His throat is not good yet (red and swollen)
glands are almost the size of an almond/toffee,
hanging down
*his allergy on cheeks is there, but i see that the
texture has changed( pimples a bit shrunk or moving back
into skin) yes yes....prickly heat like pimple would be
more suitable word, to describe this allergy.
before it use to be on upper surface of hands, when ever
he had an attack(cough or polen what ever, or maybe with
medication)but they were more prominant and lasted for long
*he is going school, even in clouds too, that shows
his overall health is under control
*he coughs when ever he speaks loudly (usually he speaks loudly)
or have few coughs at night before going to sleep or right after
falling asleep.

*I noticed he has one more problem for quite sometime,
abdomenal gas, he releases any where any time, i tell him that
is shameful and go to washroom when ever you feel that way,
I also ask him to go for passing stool right the time nature
calls(coz i think kids delay that process while playing which
causes that abdomenal gases later) and he passes stool daily
without any problem, yet his abdomen feels filled with air
that he passes time to time,and often the size of his abdomen
looks big
*kindly tell is that problem related to his other throat/polyp
problem or this is different??
*Does Pulsatilla cure that too??
*one important thing to mention, his Father has same problem,
too much abdomenal gases, though he passes stool regularly/no
constipation, but passes air where ever he is.

Kindly guide about my son's problem next dose??
(today in the evening going to be 3 days after taking
last remedy)
Hannah Hannah last decade

Please repeat Pulsatilla 200 in a manner similar to last time.

Niel Madhavan last decade
*he is going school, even in clouds too, that shows
his overall health is under control

- This is how Homeopathy remedy works. It does improve the overall health in addition to taking care of the presenting complaints.

*I noticed he has one more problem for quite sometime,
abdomenal gas, he releases any where any time, i tell him that is shameful and go to washroom when ever you feel that way, I also ask him to go for passing stool right the time nature calls(coz i think kids delay that process while playing which causes that abdomenal gases later) and he passes stool daily without any problem, yet his abdomen feels filled with air that he passes time to time,and often the size of his abdomen looks big
*kindly tell is that problem related to his other throat/polyp problem or this is different??
*Does Pulsatilla cure that too??

- Homeopathy remedies head inwards out. First, he will feel well mentally. His energy levels will go up. Post that,the physical problems will go away as well. It may happen with Pulsatilla, we may need to follow it up with other remedies. It will all depend on how the response to the remedy is.

Niel Madhavan last decade
And don't reprimand him for passing flatus in public. That may develop a sense of insecurity in him. It will go away on its own.
Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir, the status of my son is that;
*his nasal polyps grow and shrink as usual,
today in the evening he had some runny nose,
*and watery eyes with that, but it subsided
after sometime,
*his throat glands i checked are swollen both
sides (*sir 'Pulsatilla is going to heal that too?)
but he coughs once or twice in a day,
*after taking his last dose he did not cough
at night
*his snore less than before,

**Sir i requested you to tell me any remedy for
emergency too(at night)because he usually
starts coughing at night, so much that it becomes
difficult to catch his breath, or so much cough
that he usually vomit after that.
NOTE: I requested you earlier in a mail at forum,
i guess you missed that...
*he is going to school regularly and he enjoy playing.

Sir, one more question i would like to ask you,
infact that is very big confusion for me,
*i am in Pakistan, is there any difference
between the 'Schwabe' medicines here and abroad??
few days before at this forum, i saw some where
that the standard or quality of homeopathic medicines
is different in every country.
I can personaly give you an example of that,
Last year, I bought Kaloba(Schwabe Germenay)
when i checked its literature in the packing
*it says 'infants can use that too'
after somedays i checked on internet
*it says 'children under 6yrs cannot use that
I asked the doctor at homeopharmecy he told me
that in india Kaloba(Schwabe) is different formula,
in Pakistan is different... but i did not buy that
again i was doubtful
* and i am doubtful even now, you know i asked twice
the doc at homeopharmecy about the quality of 'Schwabe Belladona'
here and he assured me that it is genuin from Germenay
*i was doubtful coz he told me that i can give her 2pills in
one dose, there is no problem with that (i strictly followed
your instructions in that)again he also said that it is no
problem if a child chew it or swallow it if the child cannot take
with water or do not drink much water.
* do you have any idea about this, if so, kindly inform me??

*Sir kindly guide about the next dose of my son tommorow
I am sending you an email too, so you can reply on my address
coz i am comming home late, i can check your reply on mobile too.

Hannah Hannah last decade

Please give hime a single dose of Drosera 30c before he sleeps for three nights. That should take care of the cough.

Niel Madhavan last decade


Your reply is sometime too short that makes me confuse,
*Kindly tell me, if I can give my son Drosera30c, during
the days he is taking Pulsatilla200??
Today i gave him Pulsatilla200 as usual(it was due today)
*I checked your reply about Drosera30c, only to give at
*can i give him Drosera30c tonight before going to sleep?
*where as he is going to take 3rd dose of Pulsatilla200
at 7:15pm(19:15pm)
*he is coughing and have some pain in throat too,
*cough started in the morning before going to school.
*cough sound from throat, not chest, and conjusted or chock type.

*Sir it would be very very nice of you, if your reply makes your
point clear to me each time, coz it is difficult for me to
come online, many problems, specialy Electricity problem here,
and my work these days.


I am sorry i ask too much question but truth is dont want to make
any mistake sir.
Hannah Hannah last decade

I apologize for the confusion.

- Do not give him Pulsatilla now for one week after the 7:15 dose.
- Yes, you make give him Drosera tonight.
- Drosera will clear the cough.

Hope this will make my point clear.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Thank you so much sir,

when you have some spare time,
kindly give me the answers i asked in my earlier posts,
such as,
*what do you understand is the basic health problem of my son?
*Is he going to be cured completely?
*or he is going to necessarily need medicine every year?
*You are giving him Pulsatilla for which problem exactly?

Thanks once again

A concerned mother

Hannah Hannah last decade

Before I answer these questions, I suggest that you read a bit about what Homeopathy is all about. This will help you understand the treatment better:


We shall discuss the doubts in greater detail once you have gone through the above links.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Also read this on diagnosis in Homeopathy:

Niel Madhavan last decade

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