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Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir, my son took third dose of Drosera 30c on 30thJan,

*His cough came under control after taking first dose
of Drosera, (he took 3 doses 3 nights before sleep)


*his throat is in very bad shape,
swollen from inside, red in colour,
*his face also looks swollen from cheeks to ears,
*after taking Drosera the sudden change i noticed
is that, some allergy(prickly heat like) has appeared
on the upper surface of his 'hands'(the way i told you in his history)
*he feels the need to scratch his allergy not only on 'hands'
but that already he had on 'cheeks' too
*they are becoming red too, coz of scratching
*the sky is not clear from few days, and it is cloudy
today, and he start complaining from yesterday that
*he dont want to go to school he feels tired
*he dont want to eat have no desire to eat
*guess coz of his swollen throat
*yesterday he passed stool three times

Sir do you think Drosera controlled his cough but
Triggered his allergy??
and that did no good to his swelled throat either
except his cough
Sir, tell me the next step

*should i wait till Mon7th(due date Pulsatilla200)??
*or i can give that earlier?
*or you give me another option?

Hannah Hannah last decade

Returning of old symptoms is a good sign.

Please give him three wet doses of Pulsatilla 200 separated by three hours each today.

Let me know his condition tomorrow.

Niel Madhavan last decade

sir, the report of my son is that,
on 4th (day before yesterday)
He took 3 wet doses of Pulsatilla 200,
in that same evening he had loose motions
(Diarrhea), at night too he went to toilet
3 times, after 4/5 loose motions, I gave
him Cupilgite'woodwards' yesterday his
problem came under control. reason of this
problem could be viral coz his sister and
2 more people at home were having same

Now I am reporting about Pulsatilla 200,
*I think that improved his swelling on face
(cheeks to ears)
*he is eating something
*no cough
*nasal polyp better
*throat inside is less red, but still swollen
*mouth white
*his Allergy is there but has changed,
it seems to be drying now,
*still scratch his allergy on face and hands,
*his mood is much better.
*he breaths from mouth, specially at night
*i feel the area under his eyes, is dark in colour
that may because of weakness (i notice that from
quite sometime)
*he was complaining pain(cramp like i think) in area
near stomach from 3/4 days
i think that was because of the problem i mentioned
above(abdomenal disorder)

Kindly guide about his next dose

Hannah Hannah last decade

Please give him each of the following biochemic salts 2 pills thrice a day:

- Magnesium phos
- Ferrum Phos
- Kali sulph

Report back in 5 days. No Pulsatilla for now.

Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir, *one question only, is it neccessery to give
my son these medicines? what are these for?
*I mean if it is for his abdomenal problem,
that is under control.
*if it is part of his Pulsatilla treatment
then it is fine
*one more complain my son just told me now
is that, he have pain in throat when drinking
water or swollowing sliva
the sudden changes in his condition makes me
worry and thats why I ask too many questions.
I am sorry
Kindly reply

Hannah Hannah last decade

Homeopathic drugs heal the person wholly and have a lasting impact. They are selecting after taking into consideration all presenting complaints. In this case, Pulsatilla has been similarly selected.

The body is made of cells. Different kinds of cells build up the different tissues & organs of the body. The difference in the cells is largely determined by the kind of inorganic salts which enter into their composition. If we burn the body, or any tissue of it, we obtain the ashes. These are the inorganic constituents of the body, the salts of iron, magnesia, lime, potassium, sodium, silica etc.

The twelve inorganic salts found in the ashes of the body- all essential to the proper growth & development of the every cell, tissue, organ & part of the body.

They are the,
1. Phosphates of lime, Calcarea Phosphorica.

2. Phosphates of iron, Ferrum Phosphoricum.

3. Phosphates of potash, Kali phosphoricum

4. Phosphates of soda, Natrum Phosphoricum

5.Phosphates of magnesia, Magnesis Phosphorica

5. Chlorides of potash, Kali Muriaticum

6. Chlorides of soda, Natrum Muriaticum

7. Sulphates of lime, Calcarea Sulphurica

8. Sulphates of soda, Natrum Sulphurica

10.Sulphates of potash, Kali sulphuricum

11.Flouride of potash, Calcarea flourica

12.Pure silica, Silicea

They are the tissue builders, therefore, & both the structure & vitality of the body depend upon their proper quantity & distribution in every cells wherever needed.

The theory of biochemic salts suggests that a loss of the power of union with organic matter of any of the inorganic salts of a tissue produces an altered or abnormal condition, which is termed disease.

Biochemic salts are essentially supporting remedies which can be given along homeopathic remedies without the fear of any side-effects.

The salts have been prescribed now because it is too early to repeat Puls, esp after the good effect it had after the last dose. They cover the present issue and will help your son gain proper health faster.

[message edited by Niel Madhavan on Sun, 06 Feb 2011 08:19:39 CST]
Niel Madhavan last decade
Thank you sir for your detailed and satisfactory reply

Sir, the 3 salts you recommend,
*do i have do give him for five days?

the reason behind this question is that should
I buy medicine only for five days or i am going to need that in future too?

Hannah Hannah last decade
Buy sealed packs of each of these salts.

They will needed for future use only.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Thank you so much for guidance
Hannah Hannah last decade

I am 36,female,slim, 5ft3',white complexion,
some freckles(light brown) on nose and cheeks,
light brown eyes(with a touch of green),
light brown hair/wavey hair
small nails (weak nails, sometime break if i dont
cut them before getting long)

urine=transparent white (sometime milky white,
with a white discharge
thirst=i regularly drink water, yet sometime my throat
gets too dry that i feel even water cannot quench.
then i drink more n more water.

Problem Problem Problem

my current problem for which i need imediate attention
is that i have swelling with pus on my left eyelid
(near eyebrow line above the crease of my eye)
the swelling makes blinking painful

i have pain there too

and i feel feverish too as my body aches too

It started about 5/6 days before, i had a small
white head like pimple on my left eyelid(under brow line)
painful from the start, next night my kid accidently
hit on it and some pus came out, but in the morning
swelling started on my eyelid, the area is red too.

two years before i had similar incident with same eye,
then, one week it was there on my eye, it grew bigger
about the size of lemon, and my eye was shut and pressure
started on my eye ball, doctor decided to operate(give a
small cut on it) but before he gave me some antibiotic
and eyedrops, it was not working, but again he also asked
me too keep warm pads on my eye for five five minutes
which may give way to the puss, and that worked.

*the only thing i understand is that i took sweets things for
4/5 days regularly but only twice a day

I am afraid to have same experiance again
before it gets too big i request to suggest
some remedy for me.

Note: it came back after more than one year
before for 2 years i suffered from these
puss pimples(some very big in size+fever)
on any part of body(specially left side of body)

I am sorry but this is urgent

Kindly help
Hannah Hannah last decade

Sir my son is having pain in his throat from yesterday,
today he is speaking in low voice coz of pain.
I hope the salts r going to help his pain 2

Hannah Hannah last decade
Yes, the salts will help the throat pain as well. In case it doesn't, give him three wet doses of Hepar sulph 30c.

Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir kindly check my details at this link ; http://www.abchomeopathy.com/f.php/Hannah+Hannah/263085

Hannah Hannah last decade

Sir, today my son is better,
until last night he had loose motions(water like)
*he look very weak
*he feels weak as well because of loose motions since i last reported you.
*today he is asking for food but that which can cause him loose motions again(naan chunnay)i am giving him yogurt and rice for 2 days.
*i was waiting for your reply but you didnot hope u r well
*today my son also look a bit alert and active(which is a good sign for me now)
*his face looks very weak, look tired from eyes

Kindly guide about his next doses??
he is taking his salts
*what is next step?
Hannah Hannah last decade

Sir, i see you nowhere at this forum, where r you?
are you all right?

Status of my son is that;
*his diarrea is under control
*his face looks very weak
*his allergy is drying, at few places only red spots on skin are left(cheeks)
*on hands because of allergy skin is still uneven, but they seem to be drying too.
*his right nasal polyps are swelled
*his throat is a bit better, red and some swelling
*last night when he was eating biscuit cough started followed by vomiting, his eyes became red, and he vomitted everything he ate in the day(rice/yogurt)
*his throat is sensitve and that is why when he eat his throat gets irritated, that causes him cough

*sir he is taking his Biosalts
You asked me to report in five days but i am getting no reply from you
Kindly guide about future doses and also guide if he need Pulsatilla too

Hannah Hannah last decade

Kindly reply about my son's medicine.

Hannah Hannah last decade

Sir, should I keep on giving him Biosalts?
I hope there is no harm in that.
waiting for reply...

Hannah Hannah last decade

Please continue the biochems for one more week.

Niel Madhavan last decade

Sir, Its good to see you back, I hope u r doing well now.

The report of my son is that, till yesterday morning he was
taking his biosalts(although he is having some abdomenal
problems/pain /diarrhoea/lack of appitite)the food he ask for
is not suitable for him in this condition(spicey)
*yesterday afternoon he complianed about abdomenal pain
*in evening again complained about abdomenal pain,
i asked him to go for stool may be abdomenal gas is
causing pain he had some loose motion, but still complained
about pain which was severe, followed by vomiting
*after vomiting pain was gone for sometime
*atnight before going to sleep and after falling asleep too
he had abdomenal pain time to time+disturbed sleep due to pain.
*finally at 12:00midnight i decided to give him nux-vomica
*after sometime pain was gone and he fell asleep
*till morning 6:00 again he had pain and went for loose motion
*i gave him next dose of nux-vomica30(4 drops)
*when he wokeup at 8:00am he was feeling much better
*did have a loose motion once and flatus too
*but pain is not like before(before it was severe that he holding
his abdomen all the time and he was making noise too as though
he is about to weep)
*i think this pain is like cramps, he cannot tell me exactly but
he prefer to bend him self in pain.
* he took his last dose at 11:00am

*about his throat, i checked in the morning
the size of glands (toffee/almond size)
*colour of mouth is white
*His right nose polyps swollen, in left nostril only one
gland seems swollen.

I hope what i did was right. my kids are giving me hard time,
and i myself not feeling well, and feeling lonely too, angry too,
i guess the pain in my left arm n shoulder causes that ..

I hope you understand that too that, when a kid is sick it is
not possible to sit infront of my PC and ask you about medicine
which gives quick relief. I hope sometime you tell me about
medicines which i can use for emergencies like

*fever+cough+running nose

*vomiting+diarrhea+abdomenal cramps or pain

*Kindly guide me about my son's current problem(he took his
biosalts yesterday morning)
*one more change i noticed from a week is that he weeps
for everything.(which tells me that he is not feeling well inside)

*is it possible that the salts are causing these changes
in his condition? or
*you think it is seasonal?

His final Exams are ahead and i hope he get well as soon as possible.


Note: Sir kindly check my details at this link ;

Hannah Hannah last decade

Since Nux has helped, let us stick with it for a few days. Please give him two doses of Nux 30 in a day(morning and evening) for three days and let me know.

Continue with the bio-salts like before.

Niel Madhavan last decade

My son's Status at night(last night)

*in day time(yesterday) did not complain about pain,
*just before going to sleep last night pain started in the abdomen,
*dont want anyone to touch him
*streches and fold his legs (kick too) when in pain
*pain is obvious on his face too
*do not weep exactly but make sounds with pain
*time to time go to sleep but,
*pain comes back on changing side in sleep and he wakes up,
*he dont know if he want to pass stool or vomit but he
is restless and go to toilet after each pain
*passes stool(yellow/liquid form with pieces of solid stool in it)
*passes flatus before stool
*everything is painful as though it need force dont come out
*lack of appitite
*feeling of nausea just by the smell or thought of eating
*dont want to eat or drink or take medicine, just because
of the fear of vomiting
*once i asked him to vomit if he feels like vomiting
and he vomited at once
*vomiting gave him some relief, he went back to sleep but
woke up again as abdomenal pain came back.

Today morning;

*have no desire to eat
*went to toilet 5 times
*each time passed flatus(not easily)followed by some
stool(half liquid half solid/yellow)
*pain is better than night
*in day time dont make sounds with pain/ just hold his
*do not feel relief after pasing stool
*as though flatus and stool doesnt come completely/ but bit by bit/
as if it is blocked
*expression of pain/uneasiness on face
*feeling of nausea if asked to eat or drink something.
*takes only one bite and says he is going to vomit cannot
eat more.

Sir,*my question is what kind of pain it is which gets better
in day time and worse at night?(well i think i know pain is worse
always at night)
*if same thing happens tonight should i give him some other
*or should i give him something else for his over all condition?
*or stick to present medicines?
*I am sorry, but I am confused and worried specially because of
his pain(specially at night, i think he gets nervous too because
of pain).

Note: Weather have sudden changes here these days
*some day cold some day hot like summer is comming
*even in single day sometime it is cold wind blowing
and some time weather gets hot
Note: Today her sister too is passing small/yellow/half liquid/
half solid stools, after everything she eats or drink,
but have no pain.this could be amoebic problem coz in stool
there is some foam too.

Hannah Hannah last decade

Please give him the following medicines in the order mentioned:

Day 1 Evening - Chamomilla 200, single wet dose
Days 2-3 - Arnica 30, three doses thrice a day.

Niel Madhavan last decade
'God Bless You'

My son is doing well
*last night after taking medicine he slept well
*no pain
*no disturb sleep
*in morning passed stool(solid/brown/as though coated with net/web)
*he is happy n playing
*have some cough(i guess his throat got dry in last few days with out
eating and drinking)

*he is taking his Arnica 30


Sir, kindly check my problem too, i sent you my details twice.
i have dull pain in the area of my liver
[message edited by Hannah Hannah on Sat, 19 Feb 2011 06:53:00 CST]
Hannah Hannah last decade

Last night my son had following complains
*before going to sleep pain started in abdomen
*feeling of un easiness
*slept without eating anything
*same problem nausea at the sight of food
*he woke up time to time with pain
*only difference was that he did not go to toilet(like before)
*moving side to side with pain
*as he was unable to sleep with pain i gave him Arnica 30 at 2:00am(night)
*he took his last dose at 20:00pm before going to bed

*have no desire to eat
*he feels nausea when about to eat
*went to toilet once(loose motion)
*about nausea...I think his senses or nerves has become sensitive
thats why
1. just by thought of smell feels nausea
2. just by thought of unclean food brings nausea
*both things are in his mind(we make sure everything is clean)
*this is in his nature too
*i told you in his history, he is sensitive and likes
*he dont usually like to eat or even drink if he is at relatives
home, unless he is not comfortable
*he has problem of motion sickness too, but not always,
it usually aggravates when he is already not feeling well.

yesterday after reporting you
*he went twice to toilet( yellow/loose motion )but dont pass stool easily, put pressure before release.

I am worried about 'pain' sir,
*do you think its abdomenal gas that is troubling him? or,
*there maybe some other cause of pain?

NOTE: weather is cold here
for two nights we have some rain here
and forecast is about more rain

[message edited by Hannah Hannah on Sat, 19 Feb 2011 21:15:43 CST]
Hannah Hannah last decade

*dont want to eat
*went to toilet twice after i reported today morning
*stool is half solid half liquid(brown)
*complain about pain in abdomen
*as compare to morning complain more in evening
*besides pain,cough seems to be coming back
*i reported about cough earlier in reports but
the sound of cough sound to be changing now
*today he coughed often (dry/congested/short)
*colour of lips from outside (dry look) from inside (deep red)
Reason of cough may be
1. his usual problem of cough is coming back, or
2. his throat is too dry coz he dont eat dont drink enough
(that dryness of throat is causing more cough)

Final report inshort is
*pain in abdomen
*lack of appitite

Sir, two days he took Arnica30
Kindly guide about further medicine+doses

[message edited by Hannah Hannah on Sun, 20 Feb 2011 11:46:30 CST]
Hannah Hannah last decade

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