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Homeopathy International 1 - Please help my ADHD daughter 6.5 years old

My daughter is 6.5 years old and we live in Wellington, New Zealand which is a windy city. She has just been diagnosed with ADHD which we have suspected for some time as it is also in the family. Here is some information on her:

Blonde hair, bright sparkly pale blue eyes, dark lashes, freckles, very slim, average height, red lips, very pretty. Big hands and feet. Weight, 20kg.

Primary problems

- Tick/twitch - puts both arms in the air and keeps flexing fingers, also keeps jumping from squat position, then does the finger flexing. Like a ritualistic behaviour. Says she hates it and can’t stop herself. (This has started within the last 3 months).
- Poor impulse control, inability to be able to think through the consequences.
- Poor focus and concentration. Very easily distracted, needs to be given one instruction at a time.
- Screaming tantrums - usually when transitioning from one thing to another, I.e. leaving someone’s house, (she is managing this better now) or turning the TV off, even when given warnings, or if plans change, or she is told no and she doesn’t think it’s fair.
- Still wets the bed at night.
- Extremely argumentative and persistent, won’t take no for an answer, persists and persists and persists.
- Unable to organise her thoughts and make herself understood, speech very confused which frustrates and angers her immensely when we don’t understand her.
- Very irrational.
- Hyperactive, constantly fidgeting with her hands, climbing and jumping over furniture, talks non stop - though does have periods of calm.
- Desparate for attention, negative or otherwise.

Other characteristics

- Inability to recognise social cues - doesn’t know when to stop, even when asked to.
- Often felt she has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, can have days of calm and eagerness to please, then suddenly switch - can not identify a pattern.
- Inappropriate behaviours - pulling brother’s trousers down in a playground
- Unable to wait her turn, constantly interrupts.
- Loves to play rough though doesn’t know when to stop.
- Physically very confident, learnt to ride her bike quickly. Has very little fear, consequently unaware of possible dangers.
- Very tactile with hands, loves putting things in her mouth, especially if she thinks she will get a reaction.
- Not overly cuddly, never has been, only when competing for attention with her younger brother. Then cuddles don’t feel very genuine.
- Class clown, enjoys playing tricks, excels at her reading. Doesn’t tend to have a best friend, will play with lots of different kids.
- Very jealous of her younger brother, if we pay him any attention, we have to do the same to her.
- Started to self harm when in time out, biting her arm or making herself fall down the stairs.
- Very clumsy, always hurting herself and covered in bruises.
- Over reacts, heightened emotions, but then when she really does hurt herself, is often very brave. Gets over things very quickly, generally doesn’t need much comfort and never has.
- Confident in new situations, will approach a shop keeper and ask for something.
- Often very untidy in her appearance, always has food on her face, messy eater. --
- Very messy, changes clothes several times, never thinks to put anything away.
- Can be quite hurtful, saying I hate you, or I love daddy more than you - but then might say she is just joking.
- Always snatching from her brother, can be quite mean to him, pulling his hair, hitting him or taunting him.
- Talks very loudly.
- Obsessed with food, and is always asking for it, when I put her to bed she wants to know what we are having for dinner the following night!
- Very honest, even to her own detriment I.e. “I said that rude word again mum” even if I haven’t heard

The good stuff

She is cheerful, bright, funny, very expressive, mischievous, generally very sweet with younger kids or babies, loves to mother them, sociable, eats just about everything, though does take ages to eat and generally has very small portions. Loves fish and chips, sushi and soy sauce, chilli with flour tortillas, olives, salmon, green vegetables, bacon, anything sweet, peanut butter and jam, most fruit. Not keen on bananas or mayonnaise or avocados.

Other stuff

Says she hates the rain, “it’s a horrible day!” Not sure that it depresses her though as she would be happy to go out in it and splash in puddles if we suggested it. Loves the sunshine, loves to be outdoors in nature, loves running and riding her bike, loves being in the water. Will sit and watch a movie, will sit down to draw and colour in, very sloppy and rushed with it though. Likes music, likes to dance and role play, very vein, always looking at herself in the mirror, often argues about what she wants to wear. Sleep walks, grinds her teeth and often wakes up sweating. Born frowning and coughing, a seal like bark, diagnosed with laryngomalacia when she was a few months old, eventually cleared up around the age of 2 yrs. Suffered from baby eczema. Had a number of skin complaints during her first 2 years, which cleared up. Scared of dogs and ducks, though is now ok around animals she has become familiar with. Suffered from ear infections as a toddler, also has excessive ear wax which we have to have regularly cleared. Whenever she gets a cold it goes straight to her chest, croup like cough. Very aware of sexual organs, touching and showing her bottom and trying to insert things into her vagina (when she was about 5). Sensitive to smell and bites nails. Sucks her fingers in bed - used to do it all the time, started at around 6 weeks of age. Has to be encouraged to drink, often comes home from school and hasn’t drunk anything all day, then at dinner time and in the night often wants to drink. Often favours sleeping on her tummy and often on her back with her arms flung out. Never had any particular attachments to toys, goes through phases. Thinks the world revolves around her, often lacking in empathy, emotions often seem put on. Wouldn’t swim in a friend’s pool recently as she said there might be sharks in it! Went through a phase of morbid curiosity, asking a lot about dying, what happens to the body, what would happen if we had a car accident. Emotionally immature when compared to her peers, can get very excitable.

Previously used remedies:
Herbal remedies:- tissue regenex and Digestive-zyme.
Tissue salts:- Kali Salph
Homeopathic remedies in the last year:-
-Medorrhinum Am, 1M - 6 drops 1 x week for 7 weeks.
- Typhoidinum 1M - 1 every 10th day for 3 doses.
- Homeo botanical Marina - 2 drops twice daily for 4 weeks.
Omega 3

No difference was noticed in her behaviour at home, though her reading at school improved significantly to the point that within a few weeks she was reading above the national standard level.

I hope the information I have laid out is helpful, please let me know if there is anymore information I can provide. I look forward to hearing from you with your reply, any help will be much appreciated, sorry this is so long.
  MrsKJsings on 2011-01-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I wasn't planning on taking on any new cases. However, I think in this case the remedy may be very clear.

A few things to clarify...

On what remedy did you find her reading level improving?
Does she prefer it to be hot or cold in a room? Does she like or dislike any particular temperature?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thank you for your quick reply. She started the Medorrhinum Am, Kali Sulph, tissue regenex and Omega 3 at the end of July last year all at the same time, and looking back at her homework book her reading was greatly improving gthrough August September prior to starting the other remedies.

Our house is a constant temp of around 20c - 22celcius and she seems happy in that temp, sometimes in the morning when it is cooler she feels cold and likes to put on her dressing gown and shivers. We have had some very hot weather lately and at night she has wanted to put on some new long sleeve pyjamas, I have told her she will be too hot and have put her in short sleeves, not without some convincing. Also have tried putting a sheet on her at night because it has been so warm, but she still wants a duvet. On the beach in the sun she feels the cold very quickly and is often shivering and gets quite blue lips and her teeth chatter, even when it is very warm. So yes I think she definitely prefers to be warm.

Thank you for helping and sorry that this has obviously come at a busy time, much appreciated.
MrsKJsings last decade
Just a thought, the episode with the pyjamas was probably because they were new, not because she wanted to feel warm. Thanks.
MrsKJsings last decade
I'd like you to make sure that you stop any of the other homeopathic remedies. The Omega 3s are not homeopathic, and you can continue them.

Please get her Arsenicum LM1. Please add to the discussion when you've bought it and I can give you instructions.

It is possible that she will see some improvement soon after starting it, but a complete cur in two months might not be realistic. In general, there should be an ongoing improvement until the symptoms are completely cured.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thank you, yes I had already stopped everything else. Would you like me to get the remedy in liquid or pill form?

No need to worry about the 2 months, have talked extensively with my husband and he is ok to hold of the meds for at least another 6 months with close monitoring of her school work and obviously how she is.
MrsKJsings last decade
Something else to add, she is generally quite emotionally detached, often doesn't seem very genuine in her affections. Her brother will come up for a cuddle and enjoy the closeness - whereas she doesn't seem to be 'present' eager to get off and do stuff. Struggles to live in the moment, always wants to know what is happening next.
MrsKJsings last decade
All of these symptoms are very much Arsenicum.

You can get the Arsenicum LM1 in pill form. When you get it, put just one pill into a container of about 10oz bottled water, and let it dissolve.

For the first dose, give her one tablespoon and then report the effect here.

Not sure if you are familiar with the homeopathic idea of suppression. Homeopathy believes that any kind of skin treatment put on a condition such as eczema causes much worse emotional and physical problems later on. No matter what comes to the skin in treatment, you must never use any kind of skin medicine on this or any other patient.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Hi there, have been reading about the arsenicum personality and it talks about fastidiousness, orderliness, neatness, detail - all quite opposite to my daughter who is extremely messy and sloppy - is the arsenicum child quite different to the adult? I noticed it talked about the anally retentive stuck in the terrible two's. It doesn't feel like I am reading about her when I read the profile - though obviously you have access to much more information than I do, just wondering? She also can be quite generous - wanting to give toys away to friends - perhaps because she doesn't have much attachment to stuff. She loves to receive gifts, even if it is something I have made for her and she loves to do craft work, sticking and cutting up paper, leaving a trail of debris after her. Does this change your picture at all? Sorry to be questioning you, just so desparate to get it right. Can certainly see the arsenicum personality in some of my family though.
MrsKJsings last decade
The arsenicum personality can be very fussy if something is not exactly the way that they want it. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they keep things neat and organized. Each patient is different. For example, you might make a small comment to an Ars. that they might clean their roon, and they could throw a temper tantrum. I've seen children who are cured with Ars. who's rooms are absolute pigpens and who sleep on the floor wrapped in a blanket on a pile of dirty clothes! Anything but neat and organized!

Even these new things you are mentioning are still confirming Ars.

Some of the strongest Ars. symptoms are self-harm thoughts, the desire to be wrapped up warmly in clothing and bed, the non-affectionate nature, not liking to be hugged, and a general lack of thirst.

I feel very confident of a perscription of Ars. LM1 based on the information you've given.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Hi there, I have managed to order the remedy, however they don't do it in pill form only in liquid. It is the arsenicum album that I ordered, they wanted to know which one and said that is the most common, I hope that was the right one. If not I can always call them back. It should be with me by Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks again for your time.
MrsKJsings last decade
Hi there, just wondering why you raised the issue of suppression and skin treatments in one of your previous posts? Was it because I had talked about skin complaints in my daughter's history?

Thank you.
MrsKJsings last decade
Liquid is fine. Just be sure to say how much liquid it is in when you get it.

Understanding not to suppress skin conditions is a key part of homeopathy, and needs to be explained to all patients, especially parents. Often on homeopathic remedies that are curing the case, some skin conditions return, and they must not be suppressed.

It's wonderful that you're treating her at such an early age. The younger you begin homeopathic treatment the faster a cure is generally.

I look forward to finding out her response to the first dose of Ars.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Hi there, the remedy arrived in the post this evening, it is in 20ml of liquid. It is titled Arsen alb Q1 - not sure what Q1 means, although I did order what you said.

Would you still like me to put it in water? If so, how much? Surprisingly my daughter's behaviour has actually been a lot better these last few days and that's before taking anything!

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again.
MrsKJsings last decade
Q1 is the same as LM1. Take a container of bottled water, approximately 10oz. Put 10 drops of the Arsen. Alb. Q1 in it, and let it dissolve. Then give your daughter one tablespoon of this.

Mark it as Ars. Alb. Q1 and keep it in the fridge, where you are sure that nobody will use it.

Please describe anything you notice that is different after use.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thank you, should I shake it and can it be tap water?
MrsKJsings last decade
It can be a measuring cup, or anything that you can measure 10oz in. Tap or filtered water is fine. Put 10 drops of the Ars. Q1 into this, let it dissolve, and then give one tablespoon as a dose.

Then dump the rest of this water out on plants outside. You don't need to keep anything in the fridge.

You don't need to shake anything on the first use. After that I'll give instructions.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thank you for your advice, have given her the first dose, will keep you posted of progress.
MrsKJsings last decade
Dear Mother ,

What are her weather preferences.

What is her reaction to colours .

Any sensitivity to touch or tight clothing.
vikas_grower last decade
Hi Vikas and thank you for your interest. She seems to prefer the warm weather - might say oh it's a lovely day today. No specific reaction to colours. She likes and wears many colours. Not particularly sensitive to touch - in fact she often quite likes it if I give her a neck massage. She might squirm away if her grandma gives her a cuddle. But has generally been a very hands on child. No particular sensitivity to tight clothing.

H.Int 1 - hi there, been thinking about the affection thing and remembering that she was often very cuddly with her friends, throwing her arms around them - not so much now - she is very affectionate with her brother though and won't leave him alone, saying he is cute - then getting upset if he rejects her. Often throws her arms around her dad and grandpa - interestingly often shows grandpa more affection than grandma - who is the one who does everything for her.

Have also noted that her behaviour deteriorates later in the day - probably due to tiredness though.

Also wanted to update you on the last 2 days.

Day 1 - No noticeable changes, still chatty - though sensible not silly, quite eager to please, though has been like this for the last few days. The ticks and twitches haven't changed. Several references to death - 'do some daddy's die?' being knocked over by a car. Several minor accidents in the house - with some over reactions.

Day 2
Nice compliant behaviour this morning, apart from a bit of an outburst when asked to come and have a shower - didn't want to as she was watching something on TV and threw herself on the floor. Had a calm word with her and she came. First day back to school today after the 6 week summer break - was greeted with a smile and a hug - very unusual. Had her swimming lesson - could see she wasn't listening as she was the only one in the class who kept doing the wrong thing. Twitching with her hands very bad in the pool, kept letting go of the float all the time. Left the pool with no major drama - usually have problems. During ride home, she got very cross because she couldn't explain something - was over reacting and making herself cry. Rough play with her brother when arrived home - banging her head on his tummy pinning his arms down - he ended up sustaining an injury to his inside elbow to which he is very susceptible - ended up having to go to the hospital. She showed no compassion or empathy and when my husband was trying to understand from her what happened, she kept acting very strangely, just repeating what he was saying and not answering. At dinner time she was acting up, fell off the bar stool purposefully and cried crocodile tears, saying at the dinner table that she was a horrible girl and that she had had a horrible time at home as we were all mean to her. Managed to get her out of her grump. When asked things she also keeps saying No loudly, followed by yes.
MrsKJsings last decade
Oops, hadn't meant to send but that was pretty much it. So in summary the positives are the hug and smile when greeted from school, the sensible chat, not silly talk, on the morning of day 1 and leaving the pool with no major drama - though she had been allowed to play in the toddler pool for about 15 mins after her lesson, so that could have been why there was no drama. Hope this helps and look forward to hearing your response.
Best wishes
MrsKJsings last decade
Please look up the remedy 'Hyoscyamus Niger' and revert.
vikas_grower last decade
HInt 1 - I forgot to mention that my daughter was prescribed Hyoscyamus 1M previously - I didn't really notice a difference - though possibly wasn't observing to the same degree as I am now. I was reading one of Vikas Grower's previous threads 'please help my 9 year old' who had very similar traits to my daughter and he was prescribed Hyoscyamus from Sameer Vermani - it reminded me that I had tried it for my daughter too.
MrsKJsings last decade
Hi Vikas, our posts must have crossed. Will do. Thanks for your interest.
MrsKJsings last decade
Oh , let me again thinkover.
vikas_grower last decade
Interesting remedy - here are some notes I made in response to some of the characteristics of Hyoscyamus Niger:

'Easily startled during sleep' - not true she is a very heavy sleeper
Fear of water - not true - loves it.
Weakness of memory for what has heard - yes true for things just said, she couldn’t repeat - but will happily remember something that happened a long time ago.
Shameless - true - telling other children that she still wets the bed at night - no thoughts about keeping this to herself.
Periodically suffers from dry cough
Definite obsession with genitals - showing her bum - bending over and pulling cheeks apart - or saying look at my ‘bits’. Said today that she kept pulling her pants down to reveal the top of her bottom in school assembly whilst sitting on the floor.
All the things it says relating to speech and twitches, mind, emotions and behaviour are very accurate. Hope this helps.

Hom Int 1 - what are your thoughts?

Thanks for your help Vikas.
MrsKJsings last decade

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