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Dear Niel/Dr. Kadwa/Dr.Nawaz Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation

Dear Doctors
I have developed sudden ED and without much of any cause.I was transferred from my location and visit my family on week end now I find out that whenever I visit my wife then I don't get any erection. I am surprised and frustrated due to this sudden change.
My details are appended below for diagnosis of problem . Please suggest:
2.age-40yrs, Strongly built atheletic body, Weight 90 Kg. (body weight was 80 kg even in 20 year age),Height 5 ft 10.5 inches.
4.profession - Private job (sitting-no physical work only mental work).
5.brief description of the problem.

I am married for last six years .For last two months I am facing problem in having erection. There is either no erection or very feeble one.The night time erection is also reduced to once in 3 -4 days and that too doesn't occur strong & full.
Penis appears flaccid , life-less, wrinkled , shrinken, too soft and without sensation and without any response to stimulation and with strange sensation that something is filled/stuck in penile shaft.
I had very good erection everyday earlier although I think the ejaculation used to be premature (happen in 2-3 minutes after insertion while having sex) since start of my married life .

Now there is no erection while still having great desire to have sex,only small sensation in penis even if any porno scene or thought is seen/thought.
Feeling that some thing is filling /stuck in penis shaft is there. Also Urine Bladder doesn't get completely empty after urination and some peculiar sensation remains even after going to Urine frequently. I continue to drink lot of water and hence frequency of urination is large.

I started having problem of Urticaria for last 1.5 years and was taking Levo Cetrazine 5 mg on SOS basis( Once in 3-4 days). For 3 months I stopped taking this and took BAKSONS's Homeopathic Formula 'D' for Urticaria ( 2 tablet in morning and 2 Tablet in Evening). This too I have stopped one month back. The allregy/ hives are occuring once a day and strong itching happenes and I somehow manage this without any medicine.

I got allopathic diagnosis done and there is no abnormality detected in Kidney, Prostate, Urine Bladderin Ultra sound. Also no abnormality in Urine , Blood and

After occurrence of this problem I had intercourse with my spouse but no stiff erection and it lasted only for 2-3 minutes only.

In school/colege time I use to do masturbation once in a day but later on it was done very ocassionally.

5a how do you cope with the disease i.e. what the disease forces you to do?
i feel frustrated, helpless and guilty.

6.any medicine taken or not.

I am taking Argentum Nitrate 30 ( 2drops , 3times a day), Baryta Carb30 (2drops , 3times a day) for last one month but not of much help

I am also taking Shilajit, Chandraprabha Vati & Gokshuradi Guggul

7.do you ever think about your disease or not? if yes what is the thought process.
yes i do think of it and it perturbs me seriously that i am not able to satisfy my partner.

8.write about your nature in general.

I am introvert and take time to mix with people, logical, slightly hot tempered, rigid and straight speaking . I fail to make eye to eye contact knowingly/unknownly with person I am talking or while responding . Otherwise I live in an extremely organised and clean manner. i do Pranayam regularly. i take time in making firends but once friendship develops it is a long lasting relationship with friends.Also due to my straight speaking I get more condemnation than appraisal. I Lack in buttering and even if I try to do that I feel that other people may be realizing it. If I am angry then my facial expression reveals anger and I can't hide my emotion. Also I become emotional when I see any visually handicapped person and have feeling to help him.I like playing but due to job nature doesn't get time otherwise I try to use staircase rather than lift to get some excercise.

9. any change in moods during the sickness pl.explain.
no , just worrying feeling is developed that I am not able to give my partner good sex life.

10.what makes you angry and what do you do during the period anger stays with you.

misbehaviour and manipulative behaviour. I respect rules to extent possible but I get irrated with irrational behaviour. I just reveal my anger and then I avoid getting face to face with that person.

11.any repentence after getting angry. if yes how much time after getting angry you feel repentent.

yes, i think that i should bear with such people. A great guilt is felt by me and thought comes that poor fellow didn't deserve my wrath. In my conscience I feel that even if I was right but I should ask apology

12.liking for music?
yes, soft music, ghazals.

13.your appetite, thirst and sleep. pl. explain in brief.

normal apetite - do not take junk food - like milk .Equally like Vegetarian and non -vegetarian food. Have special liking for Bottle Gordy and Bitter Gordy good thirst. Sound sleep, . I can't remain awake whole night even if small sleep is there then even with less sleep i do feel energetic.I snore some times and can notice that I am snoring some time.

14. speak about your bowel movement.if constipated since when.if any history of pilesor bleeding or pain during or after stool.

Bowel movement is okay but I can't stand spicy things or things high in pepper. I start having hiccups if hot soup or dishes having high content of black Pepper/ Red Chillies is taken.Like drinking hot thing. Can drink hot tea however hot it is.

15. how your body reacts to heat, cold or weather change?

can bear hot season but can not bear extreme cold. Get cold easily if take cold water or get cold easily even in summer also if I move out from airconditioning enviornment.

16 your liking for sweets or saltish.

like sweet, Don't like spicy food.

17.menstrual history (in case of females)
not applicable

18.any other information or symptom which you feel is relevent and connected with the main disease may be mentioned.

It appears to me that my penis now appears flaccid , wrinkled , having no sensation, too soft, reduced in size and strange sensation that something is filled/ stuck in penile shaft. Also earlier I used to get throat infection very easily if I take any thing sour(Khatti)and my throat appeared to be choked. During that period the Uvula gets elongated and tonsills becomes swollen Now a days this is not a problem but if I take Paan or beetle nut then my throat gets choked and Uvula appears elongated.Also even if I try to sit in good sitting position with back bone straight then after some time involuntarily I sit and take position either on one side or other side.

19. whether pregnant or not
Not applicable
20. problems, if any, during previous pragnancy
Not Applicable
21. any relationship problem that you feel is/was weighing heavily on your mind
22. any angery or bitter feelings towards any relation (name the relationship with the preson who you feel is the source of discomfort.)
23. incase of problems of children, mothers please write what was your mental state during the period of pregnancy
24. was the delivery:
ø c- section
ø forceps
ø pre-mature or otherwise

25. please write about your negative emotions, if any, as they will help in the selection of the correct hoeopathic remedy for you
negative emotion - 1.Get attracted to women/Girl with bigger breast.
2. fantasize seeing beautiful women naked.
3. i show my dislike to the people whom i think are rising just due to sheer luck.
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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Dr. Kadwa/Niel Madhvan/Dr. Nawaz Khan

Someone please go through the case and suggest as Problem has occurred recently so if right medication is identified then it may get solved before it get worst.
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guddu70 last decade
Requestabove gentleman again to look into my problem.

guddu70 last decade
Please see a professional homoeopath in your area as your treatment on the forum appears to be a difficult one.
nawazkhan last decade
the cure is very very simple please read carefully it worked 4 me when ur about to ejaculate first squeeze VERY hard lower part of the penis with one hand and top of the penis with other hand when u do this sperm can not come out
imagine you penis is like a pipe you squeeze lower part of the penis very hard with ur fingers around the lower part of the penis the other hand squeezeing top of the penis VERY hard with fingers round the penis head its important u do this when ur jus about to ejaculate with ur both hands squeezeing at the same time
when i say lower part of the penis its very lower part of the penis
when sperm dont come out for few months u will get better its worked for me the advantage is u get the satisfaction but do not lose energy. recovery can be slow but u will recover when u do this breath in and out sometime u have to push the testicals gently down so its easy to wrap ur fingers round the lower part of the penis
when ur getting better please let me know i will be happy vishnu05hotmailcom
vishnu5 last decade

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