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Herpes outbreak all over my body

Please help me. I started getting cold sores on my lips once a year. They were so painful that I did some research on homeopathic medicine and decided to try Nat. Mur. After trying the remedy, I am not sure which potency, I broke out all over my face, chin, ears, scalp of hair and back severely. To the point of scars from the errupting blister or me bursting them. I am severely scarred with black spots all over my face, chin and back and I use to have such pretty skin. That remedy ruined my life. This has been a year now and I get ten to 15 cold sores a day. Not only that, everyone that I go around, gets a cold sore but theirs leaves in a timely manner and does not cause multiple breakouts. I have tried Rhus Tox, More Nat. Mur, Sepia, herpes no more, St. John's Wort oil and anything else that I can to stop the pain, severe itching, embrassement and the on-going scars that I am getting. It like I have a severe disease. My last alternative is to see a Homeopathic doctor to try to get my life back. What in the world went wrong. That Nat. Mur has ruined my life.
Thanks MA
  marapplwht on 2005-05-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What potency of Nat mur did you take.

Kent pointed out that a higher potency will often antidote , and I have used that method.

Homeopathic remedies never do more than cast out what is already inside the body.

There is more to this than Nat mur.

What allopathic treatment have you had ?.

What vaccinations?.

What did the last 4/5 generations of your family die of?.
passkey last decade
Hi passkey,
Thanks for the reply. The potency of Nat mur that I used was 30 x, I believe. I have used so many different potencies, that I have lost track of them. I am not sure what you mean by allopathic. I could not find it in the dictionary. Could you be more specific. Anyway, I have tried St. John's Wort, Herpes no more, Rhus. Tox. and Sepia.

Vaccinations: To the best of my knowledge, I have been vaccinated for Chicken pox. I am not sure of any other vaccinations since I was a baby. The last 4 or 5 of my generations died of Diabetes and heart disease, I beleive.
marapplwht last decade
Allopathic means conventional medical treatment like drugs and surgeries. He wants to know what type of prescription drugs you have taken or surgeries or treatments you have had by medical doctors that may have suppressed the symptoms in your body.
ruth45 last decade
When were you vaccinated for chicken pox? Aha!
Minsa last decade
Thought there was more to this than met the eye.

AS Prof Allen says sometimes we can provoke the latent psoric miasm.

This means that you life force/vitality was holding some hereditary genetic problems in check.

It then gets a little extra problem to deal with and it throws out a vesicular eruption [herpes] .

When you then take something to cure the eruption it lets out a whole lot more.

We need to deal with the Psoric layer.

Do you get hot or cold feet in bed.

Do you have a sweet tooth, dry skin/eczema.Do you avoid confrontation at all costs.

Do you get hungry in the night , do bright lights bother you.

Do you itch much , can you wear wollen garments.

Think we are on the way to using Psorinum,,perhaps.
passkey last decade
Thanks for the messages passkey and Minsa. Yes, I was vaccinated for chicken pox Minsa.

Passkey: to answer your questions. I am a pretty healthy individual, no diseases what so ever. However, I do suffer from chronic panic attacks and when I was younger, I had chronic attacks of vaginitis and tichamonas vaginal infections. That has been about ten years. My feet are always cold in bed; I have a sweet tooth but very oily, acne prone skin. I do not avoid confrontation but if I could, I would. I am a very nervous individual, so confrontations make me nervous and my body does not react well to them; I get hungry at night all the time and I do not like bright light. I just changed my nightstand bulb from 100 watts to 60 watts because of the brightness. I itch all the time to the point where it is chronic; I am not sure what wollen garments are but I do not where tight fitting clothing often.
marapplwht last decade
No doubt about that then you fit Psorinum pretty well!.

Get some Psorinum 10m .

Take one dose at night before going to sleep -- on three sucessive nights.

Do not take any more and wait at least 10/14 days to judge result.

If any pronlems come back at me.
passkey last decade
Hi Passkey,

Thanks for the information. I carefully studied the individual types: nat mur, graphites, sepia, rhus tox, psorinum, and hepar sulp. I itch like I told you but I believe the itching is from the cold sore outbreaks. Anyway, I have come to realize that I resemble or have the symptoms of a Nat. Mur. individual type, even down to when it comes to drinking alcohol. I have outbreaks under my arm pits and I have tones of other symptoms of the nat mur person that it is unbelievable. Is it okay that I ordered the Nat mur 10ml instead of the psorium 10ml.? Can I use the nat mur for 3 consecutive nights to help with these cold sore outbreaks. I have gotten to the point that something has to be done. If I am a nat mur individual, will it help me? Thanks
marapplwht last decade
If you are a nat mur individual it WILL help you -- but nay not take care of ALL the problems -- but go ahead and we'll see what is left after say 3/4 weeks .

may be clear and not need any further treatment.
passkey last decade
A few years ago I was also suffering from herpes simplex (cold sores) on my lips.
I tested lots of crèmes, but they didn¬ít work. Than I tried a homeopathic remedy. After taking it I had no more outbreaks!
As far as I know, the remedy also works with herpes genitalis, because herpes on lips, herpes genitalis or "herpes all over the body" - they all belong to the same type of virus.
ralphjimmy last decade
passkey last decade
Hi RalphJimmy,
What homeopathy remedy did you take to get rid of your cold sores. Plkease help. Thanks
marapplwht last decade
I'm not sure what remedy it was. I think it was a sequence out of several homeopathic remedys.
It is distributed by Bell. Online available (BellLifestyleProducts -> herpesreliefsystem)or may be in health-food- stores.
ralphjimmy last decade
Could you make anything out of the information?
Or isn't it available?
ralphjimmy last decade
Hi Ralphjimmy,
I was able to make out the information that you supplied to me. Thanks. I went straight to the web site and found the herpes remedy. It is a 12 week process but everyone who has tried it has had excellent results, some people did not even have to go the complete 12 weeks before their cold sores were completely gone. Any, I have been working with passkey on some remedies for my serious outbreak. I ordered 10ml nat mur to be taken 3 consercutive nights. I am so nervous because I did take the remedies but not quite every night but I did finish them. My skin is showing a conssiderable improvement.

Passkey: Will the cold sores flare back up like they did in the past. I can feel them coming back on especially under my chin but not as intense. Will the remedy do this or if the remedy works, how long will it take for me to stop breaking out so bad. I am so nervous that I am praying that this one works for me. Please reply, Thanks
marapplwht last decade
Wait until there is an eruption before doibg anything .
Probale next step would be to repeat the Nat mur.

I am away from 10-27th jun
passkey last decade

Have you spoken to a professional physician about possible prescription treatments?

There is a herpes suppressant called valacyclovir that does quite well.

Unfortunately there's no cure for herpes, but if you work with a trained, educated professional he or she should be able to lessen your symptoms.

I wish you the very best. Good luck and good health to you!! :-)
Orume last decade
Exactly -- this woman is suggesting a suppressant!!.

Which will drive the problem

-- which is acting as a vent--

deeperinto the body and end up with incurable chronic conditions!.

Stop DABBLING . Even with the best intentions -- which pave the road to HELL.

[moderated - please keep it civil.]
passkey last decade
Marapplwht --

It never hurts to talk with a competant and educated physician.

As always, make your own decision after you have gotten all the reliable information you can.

I wish you the best. :-)
Orume last decade
Hello Passkey and Orume

Thanks for the information. Well, Passkey, 5 days after treatment with the Nat mur, for the first time in over a year, I have not had a breakout today thus far. It is 6:00p.m. here and I am feeling so good that I can't help but to cry. I did have 3 outbreaks yesterday, one on the forehead and two on my chin but I quickly burst them the most santitary way possible. I can feel a small itch in and around my eyebrows but nothing like in the past. I still have old sores on my scalp because they itch like crazy and are painful but more severe breakouts have subsided. The other parts of my body that feel like it is healing is my back and chest area. Also, the majority of my break-outs occurred on my chin, to the point of me rubbing raw skin from my chin. My chin is in a sort of neutral state. I keep feeling it because it feels like a normal chin. I am in tears now because I have struggled so had with these painful sores and now I can see some light.

Passkey, should I order more remedies now before another breakout occurs. OOPS, I hope this is the end of my breakouts. Is it possible that I am in the stage where they are leaving my body for good. I have spent so much money on treatments so I need to know what to do from this point.

You are a life saver because something seems to be working. I have my life for today. If the sores don't come back, please pray for me, what can I use for scaring and spots?

marapplwht last decade
Lets not get too hi too early.

Lets wait the period of the remedy -- which should be about 30 days . At the end of thet time lets take stock and see where we are .
guest user last decade
Hi Passkey

Day six after the remedy proved to be good for me. One small (very tiny) on my face, forehead. Actually, I have very small bumps, barely noticeable by eye that are coming out. But they don't itch. I have to look close in the mirror and see them there. I will contact you around the end of June and let you know the results. I was wondering, can I still use my old lipsticks and personal items etc. Could they possibly carry the virus and re-infect me.
marapplwht last decade
Marapplwht --

You still have the virus, it is just in remission.

PLEASE continue to use protection during sex! Do NOT share your makeup or drinking glasses/straws with ANYONE! The virus is still transmissable to other people!
Orume last decade
Hi Orume,
I have not had breakouts in my genital areas, they are mainly located on my face area, my armpits, and on my scalp of my head. Is it still not advisable to have unprotected sex. Also, I do not recall my mate having any genital issues from my virus. What do you mean that the virus is in remission? Am I carrying this virus for life and do other people carry it for life. I don't understand and now I am scared to death. Again, I never had a problem this severe. I started getting a cold sore once a year. When I tried that Nat Mur, that was the end of my once a year crisis and it turned out to be a everyday crisis for me with breakouts all over my body. I just don't understand what happened. If only I could understand and know can I live a normal life like everyone else. Or am I doomed. Thanks
marapplwht last decade
Hi ,

I need to fully understand what is an eruption. Passkey, do you mean one, two, three or several outbreaks. That way I will know if I will need the remedy again. Also, Under my armpits are itching intensely even after the initial remedy. This just started tonight. Also, I have 2 or 3 other bumps trying to develop. I will wait until tommorrow morning to see if the bumps on my face go down. I am hanging in there with this horrible nightmare, like I have never in my life seen.

marapplwht last decade

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