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Frequent Nocturnal Emission

The frequency of nocturnal emission is 3 or 4 times a week. I have my eyes sunken. My face looks like a very very sad person. I am also suffering from Inferiority complex only due to this disease.
  brainwave on 2011-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am sorry to hear about your condition. You are the future world and should not let this disease down your future.

Take the following medicine and write back:

Dioscorea 30 - 1 dose, every morning

Natrum Phos 6x, bio chemic medicines, 4 to 5 tablets, 30 minutes after every food. 3 to 4 times a day.

Every Sunday, take a dose of THUJA 200 - 1 dose only. Dont take on other days. Dont take other medicines on Sunday.

Start your day, with one spoon of ChawanPrash (dabur is a good one) with a little warm water, to build your strength.

Write after a week of 2.

For general instructions, see my Profile.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Respected Dr. Reva
First of all, I am greatly thankful to you.According to your medical advice, I took the medicines that you prescribed.
In two weeks, nocturnal emission happens two times. I mean the frequency is once a week. This frequency is, I think, due to my carelessness because I slept just after eating food in these two times. The suicidal thought are decreasing rapidly. I am very very satisfied with the medicine you prescribed. I could not buy ChawanPrash. My sleep has become stronger now.
Can I carry on taking these medicines for further two weeks. Please guide me Dr. Reva what additional medicine I should take or what medicine I should leave. Please reply me as soon as possible.
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brainwave last decade
Thank you for acknowledging. Please continue the same. After a few weeks, I will give you a protocol to build your strength, that you have been loosing through this. Please write back almost every 2 to 3 weeks.
Reva V last decade
hi mr reva v.

I am 22 year old boy in a pathetic health condition looking here and there for help.

day by day my health is declining.

i read your article about recovering from masturbation after effects.

I am on the verge where i feel my life has come to an end.

i really need some help.

If you are willing to take up my case please check following link.

i shall be very greatful.

21boy last decade

Take Bellis Per 6, in wet dose, around 8AM and 8PM

Kali Bromatum 6x, 3 tablets, twice daily - around 9AM and 9PM. Try for tablet form. If not available, use 4 pellets as one dose

These two will build strength to your nervous system and slightly improve your digestion. Continue for a month and write back. Be confident that you are on right track. These two medicine is effective to do the needed help.

For general instruction (including Wet dose), please see my Profile. It is prefered you buy Bellis Per 6 in liquid to prepare wet dose.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Hi Dr.Reva i am very glad you have replied.

Sir pharmcies in my area provide mostly mother tinctures and they are economical as well can i use them instead of solid form?if yes please guide me which potencies should i use and in how much water?

2ndly i am currently on staph. it is casung some dizziness.should i stop it? or should i take its antidote before starting your course of treatment?

3rd have patients with my kind of ailments ever recovered completely? or do they have to live like that forever? i have been suffering for 2.5 years and sometimes i get thoughts that i should end my life.although these thoughts are gone now but they do come back sometimes.Kindly do reply me asap.

And you dont know how much i appreciate your reply.
21boy last decade
tinctures are in fact better. Buy Bellis Per 6 and drop 5 drops in 500ml of purified water. Take 1 table spoon as one dose, but each time shake the bottle thoroughly. (more details in my profile)

Buy Kali Bromatum 6c or 6x. Take 2 drops in 10 ml of water and drink all the water. This is one dose. Take like this, twice a day.

I suggest you to stop Staph. Give a gap of 3 days with no medicine and then start the above medicines.

It is important to stick to the plan. Have hope. Write back after a month. There are a few follow up medicines required. You should start feeling better soon.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks a lot!

I will start your course of treatment from sunday as i took staph yesterday.

May Allah bless you for your help you are providing to people!
21boy last decade
Hi dr.reva

i have got the medicines you prescribed with great difficulty i was able to acquire the said potencies.

but i wanted to ask if 6 and 6c are same?

pharmacist said that william schwabe (considered one of best in pakistan) write only 6 no 6c.

should i go with bellis per 6 and kali bromatum 6?

i couldnt find anywhere 6c.even it took me a week to find the 6.pls reply asap.i am planning first dose tomorrow.
21boy last decade
yes. both are same
Reva V last decade
21boy last decade
Respected Dr. REVA
The frequency of nocturnal emission is still once a week. This frequency increases if I eat meat or potato or I sleep one or two hours after eating food. Please prescribe me some medicine that strengthen the organs related to nocturnal emission. I mean the relevant organ becomes so much powerful that involuntry nocturnal emission cannot happen in my future. Please reply as soon as possible.
brainwave last decade
with regards to dr reva i advise olive bach floer medicine along with white chest nut bach floer both one drop each twice day for one month along with suggested medicine olive for strenghthing and whitechestnut for thinking on one subject can cause ne j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Dr. Akshaymohi brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to this forum and I have great trust on his advice, although I have not used these remedies in my practice.

In addition to what you are taking from my first post, you can add Bellis Per 6, 2 drops in 10ml water, followed in 2 hours by Kali Brom 6, 2 drops in 10 ml water. This you can do it once in a day. These two will strengthern the kidney and sexual system. Please restrain from masturbation, although you will start feeling sexually strong.

Dr. Akshaymoli's advice to treat mind could be very valuable and feel free to try for a few weeks to see whether that helps.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
i would like to report here that i took staph before starting dr.reva's treatment.

although initially it lowered my bp and gave depression for two days but i took it for only 8 days in wet dose form and its been 24 days since i have masturbated.i am the person who couldnt hold it for more than 2 days. i have never been able to control it for more than 5-6 days.

thanks to staph i am over that filthy habbit.

now i am healthily continuing dr.reva's prescription.its been just a week and i am hoping to see results.the first sign of results i can feel is that i am not as lethargic as i used to be and feeling optimistic.
21boy last decade
thanks dr reva j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
hi dr.reva

i wanted to tell u that my seminal emissions are still there specialy in morning and after i feel aroused for long time i see a lot semen like substance coming out,it doesnt comes volantarily.it keeps causing irritation until i push it out.

now i wanted to ask u if it can cause weakness too?

if yes should i take some medication along with these two to stop emissions to efficiently build up strength?
21boy last decade
keep building your strenght. Bellis Per strengthers every pelvic organs. A week is too early to expect results in every areas for the years of loss. You are in a dependable course of treatment. Remain on it for another 2 weeks, before I take you ot other medicines.

It is nice of you to acknowledge that Staph 30 in wetdose helped you to stop this habit. Please take a few minutes to write back to your previous posting where some one suggested you to take Staph. This is a great reward for him to hear from his patient that he is of help. That is what encourages one to sustain thier motivation to help patients at the cost of thier family time.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
i already have sent my gratitude to him.

Dr.reva i sometimes take vitB complex tablets when i feel very low of energy almost once or twice a week.they usually make my urine very yellow.

ever since i have started taking these two medicines my urine hasnt shown yellow colour.what does this mean?am i not digesting that tablet or is my body using all of the vitB complex?
21boy last decade
take vitamin B complex. It is good. Bellis does improve assimilation.
Reva V last decade
thanks doctor
21boy last decade
Respected Dr. REVA
The medicine available here is bellis 30 not bellis 6. And kali brom is in tablet form and potency is 3x not 6x.
Can I use these medicines.
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brainwave last decade
Bellis Per 30 and Kali Brom 3x are good. Please go for it.
Reva V last decade

[message deleted by 21boy on Thu, 05 May 2011 17:23:08 BST]
21boy last decade
hi dr.reva

in few days it will be almost a month that i am taking these medicines.

i cant say i feel much change.although i get really good sleep now.

my major problems are still persistant.my urine is still cloudy/milky.
after urination feeling of bladder being unempty after urination.feel like something is stuck in urinary tract and have to force it out.if force it seminal fluid is emitted.if i dont force it i get irritable bladder.have to urinate after small intervals.sexually at times i feel i am strong and at times i feel totally weak.i dont get erections until penis is touched by underwear at least.although i get very very strong erections while sleeping.body wise i can say i feel strengthened.i am able to work out much more than i used to.

i cannot say i am feeling much difference.

should i continue these meds for another week or so?

its been 24 days.

kindly respond asap!
21boy last decade

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