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3month old baby with acid reflux and milk protein intolerance


I really hope someone can help.

My daughter is 15 weeks old.

My pregnancy was difficult and she was induced at 37weeks due to intra-uterine-growth-restriction. It was a natural (although difficult) delivery and she was born weighing just 5lb8s. She currently weight 10lb12.

She was breastfed for 3weeks and then switched to formula.

From birth she has been a fussy feeder, crying around 23hours a day, a terrible sleeper, poor weight gain and generally an irritable and angry baby.

At first we were told 'colic' and she'll grow out of it but eventually she was referred to a paediatrician and diagnosed with (silent) acid reflux and a milk protein intolerance.

She is currently on LOSEC (Omeprazole) 10mg daily which has made a huge improvement although the old symptoms are starting to return. I am keen to take her off this medication if I can find a natural remedy that works. She is also on Neocate formula which is a 100% hypoallergenic formula in which the protein is broken down into tiny particles and pre-digested so that they cannot cause a reaction in the baby.

Her symptoms are -

Gulping feeds then fussing,crying and refusing the rest although hungry. (improved since LOSEC/Neocate)

Choking and acidy spit up

Back arching and screaming/crying when feeding winding. (Improved since LOSEC/Neocate)

Poor appetite and amount of feeding - generally 1/2 to 2/3 of what she should be taking daily for her weight and age.

Poor weight gain.

Projectile vomiting although not often (once - twice a day)

Crying and unsettled after feeds (Improved since LOSEC/Neocate)

Chesty wheezing after all feeds

Frequent violent hiccups

Terrible sleeping - fights sleep, screams, thrashes around and then eventually falls asleep exhausted quite often to wake again 30minutes later. Always fussing, grumbling and crying out although sleeping and frequently wakes at night for seemingly no reason as she doesn't seem in pain, hungry etc.

Constipation. Stools aren't hard but she has huge difficulty passing them and often only goes every 5days.

Gurgling/rumbling stomach

Please, I hope someone can help, I'm at my wits end.

I've tried chamomilla 6c after recommendation from a friend. I gave two doses yesterday and saw a minor improvement and another dose tonight with no improvement - I think it could have worsened things as bedtime tonight was worse than ever. I have just been doing some research and realised that I shouldn't have given these without consulting a homeopath first so I apologise and hope I haven't caused her more problems!

I'm also having problems of my own with insomnia, postnatal depression, anxiety and nightmares - should I create another topic to address this or would someone be kind enough to help?
  desperatemummy on 2011-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am sorry to hear about your baby and your pain to handle her, without much help.

Give Arnica 30c, in wet dose, every night before putting her to sleep. This is a healer in every aspect and also helps to sleep.

Give for a week and write back about her sleep. I have given to infants and starting to see good response. I cannot find a safe medicine than Arnica to an infant.

Give Silicea 30, 1 pellet every morning for 3 days only (for constipation) and write back. I will follow with Kali Mur 6x (bio)

See my Profile for general instructions and about wetdose.

Continue with other medicines you are giving now. We will address milk allergy next. Postpone any vaccination if you are planning soon.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I'm sooo sorry to hear about this. My baby has cow's milk protein intholerance. she is 8 months old, i found out when she was was 4m.o when we found blood in her nappy. She is still breastfed and i've had to cut dairy from my diet. this has improved a lot. anyway, the dietician recommended keeping a bottle of the non dairy formula in, in case of emergency. i cant remember what it's called. is this the one you have? I personally wouldnt use any medication, 15 weeks is too young. she's probably upset and poorly because of this. i know doctors will say they're 'safe', but they told me not to change my diet! 4 of them, and a paediatrician. if i would have listened to them, God knows what would have happened. Medication works for a bit, then makes it worse. I also tried Acidophylus (the friendly bacteria found in yoghurt). You can get it in capsules, and open the capsule and mix about a third each day with her milk. This protects the gut and digestive system, it cured my friend's baby's colic straight away and helped my baby loads. I hope this helps in any way, sorry for not helping in a homeopathic way. Please contact me if you need to talk.

Also have you tried baby massage? Rubbing her stomach clockwise with some olive or coconut oil helps their pain and digestion.

kind regards, suzi
suzisea last decade
My baby too has the same problem and now she is one year old. We are struggling a lot to feed her. She under weight and weak. Could some one guide us.
Many thanks
Kannamma last decade

Can you please give the following information in respect of your daughter.

1.whether she prefers warm surroundings ie whether she likes to be covered or she prefers cold surroundings and open air.

2.whether she has a mild disposition or an irritable diposition. How is her attitude towards her friends and relatives?

3.What other physical problems, if any does she have.

4.At what time she feels better and at what time does she feel worse like in the morning, evening, late night etc.

5.What do you think is the causative factor for starting her problems.

6.How is her thirst for cold drinks, hot drinks and water?

7.How is the bowel movement? Normal, constipated or loose.

8.Whether the child prefers to move around or prefers to keep still.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for considering to help us with the difficult situation.
Our daughter had normal delivery and was exclusively breast fed upto 2 months. We end up moving north to Sunderland at this point when she started developing extensive skin rash and persistent watery/windy diarrhoea. She also failed to gain weight at this point. She was then diagnosed with cow milk protein allergy, and started on topical steroid and formula feed (nutramigen and Neogate). But she wouldnt take any of this, hence continued on breast fed, but I went on diary free diet. At this point she was commenced on homeopathy (various preparation including sulphur, psorinum, slicea, athesua, and many others). At this point (5motns old) diarrhoea eased much (? Due to exclusion diet) and skin got better. But my milk was not adequate at this point and had concern about her weight. Hence we started weaning at this point using HIPP ORGANIC jar foods. We made sure milk and egg was excluded in this preparation. But for last 7months she is on same jar foods(4 month preparation). I stopped her breast feeding at 7months using cow and gate - comfort( which has partially hydrolysed whey protein. This she tolerated much better than other standard preparation from SMA, aptamil.

Her weight gain steady now, but low for her age and she new dropped her weight.

1.whether she prefers warm surroundings ie whether she likes to be covered or she prefers cold surroundings and open air. 

She prefers cold surrounding and open air. She become agitated in small , warm place. But when we recently been on holiday to India, her skin rash become better and she tolerated yoghurt and egg. When she was back in UK, she developed diarrhoea to yoghurt and egg.

2.whether she has a mild disposition or an irritable diposition. How is her attitude towards her friends and relatives? 

She easy attach to friends and relative. But normally she get easily irritated and bored with anything. She need constant change of entertainment.

3.What other physical problems, if any does she have. 

She has great problem in going to sleep, keeps waking up middle of sleep and crying. She also very crying and irritable when changing nappy. She also get intense itching behind her knees as we expose her for nappy change (she need to be covered with sleep suit all the time.

4.At what time she feels better and at what time does she feel worse like in the morning, evening, late night etc. 

There is no constant pattern about this. She is normally happy after good sleep, 

5.What do you think is the causative factor for starting her problems. 

We are not sure.

6.How is her thirst for cold drinks, hot drinks and water? 

She likes her bottle milk reasonably hot. She is not big fan of water. We haven't tried cold drinks yet.

7.How is the bowel movement? Normal, constipated or loose. 

In good days she open bowel 2 times a day with normal consistency. But can easily get change of bowel habit.

8.Whether the child prefers to move around or prefers to keep still.

She can't stay still for even 10 seconds. Normally crawls around with a toy in her hand. Only time she can stay still is in car seat, where she is calm even upto 3 - 4 hours. She can watch her favourite movie without any problem and sit in one place. Even if you carry her she bends backward a lot and want to be moving all the time.

Kannamma Sunthar
Kannamma last decade
Please give her a single dose of Pulsatilla 200 and see how that affects in 15 days. Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa last decade
Thanks, will get back to you.
Kannamma last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi. Can anybody help my son. He is 3 months old.
He was born by c-section, then had urine infection, about 1 month in hospital, 5-6 antibiotics intravenous. From the beginning lactose, milk protein intolerance. 2 month was a horror to us (colics),sometimes he slept 2 hours per day. I listened to a stupid pediatritian and stopped breastfeeding and changed to Nutramigen (hydrolised milk protein). Now is a little better, but the allergy is coming back :( He is a very irritable baby, best at mornings, happy, smiling and then after every meal turns angry and crying over everything. He is starting to have red cheeks and chin, eyebrows, red skin over all body (a kind of red skin, when you are in a really hot bathtub), red skin under arms like polished, red around anus, and red dots on cheeks, chin and several on tummy. Every day big tummy. He vomits food 5-6 times after every feeding so we are giving him Nutriton - making food more dense - so the food is comming back 1-2 times after every feeding. A lot of gas, causing him pain to get rid of. Stool yellow and very loose. He loves to be naked. Prefers cold outside weather. Poor sleeper except the night - he sleeps well. He is very big 6,5 kg - 3 months, because he is so sick he wants to eat to get better all the time! Choking, back arching when feeding. Frequent violent hiccups. I have tried chamomilla 15 c at 2 month - a little better. But still evenings are the worse from 5 to 8 p.m. - horror, he is like... unsettled, thrashes around and then eventually falls asleep exhausted after fight, like scared or want something i don't understand. A week ago another pediatritian gave me SANUM FORTAKEHKL 5D - after 3 days/3 doses baby is more aware, smiling, better at 'gymnastic stuff', healed one eye (blocked terarducts),better stool (it was more greenish and loose) but after this medicine all the allergy started to come back (red dot polished cheeks and chin). I stopped the medicine several days ago, but symptoms are becoming to get worse. Please help. Ask me anything.
littlewolf 8 years ago
Hi littlewolf,

Please do a new post. Go to the first
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If you wish, you can look over the forum
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simone717 8 years ago

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