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High Blood Pressure (For Dr. Joe De Livera)

Dear Dr. Joe,

I was diagnosed with high BP couple of years back. Mostly, my diastolic reading comes little high around 87-93 range.Systolic reading comes around 120 which is good. I take less then recommended dose of allopathic medicine. Even if I increase dose it does not affect diastolic reading much. Therefore, I am continuing with less than recommended dose.

Also, I got burping issue since 4 years recently diagnosed as GERD. I read your forums and started Nat Phos 6X and Arnica 30C as you recommended.

Kindly advice how can I reduce diastolic reading of my BP.
  Overstock on 2011-04-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The therapy I prescribe for Hypertension is:

Nat Mur 6x dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily
Arnica 30c taken in the Wet dose twice daily.

I note that you are taking my default remedy for your GERD and all you should do now is to add the Nat Mur 6x which as you may know is just common salt which is potentized at 6x to equate one billionth of the original crystal.

Do not be concerned at the seemingly high Diastolic level of your BP as I believe that my therapy should help you within about 10 days when you will please report your response.

It is essential that you get a Digital BP Gauge as this will enable you to check your BP on a daily basis. If you do so you should check your BP while seated or preferably while in bed at the same time of day.

Exercise is absolutely essential and I recommend that you sweat it out daily for at least 45 minutes. You will also control your intake of food and avoid fatty food and red meat.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Thanks a lot for reply.

You are doing great service by helping lots of people in help.

While taking Nat Mur 6x, do I need to discontinue my current medication for high BP. Also, is this medication (Nat Mur) going to go life long.

I am doing exercise, walking around 1 mile daily which is around 15 minutes. Also, I don't eat meat and don't eat fatty food. My current age is 33 and weight 68 kgs.

Will update you once I get Nat Mur 6x and take it for 10 days.

Lots of Thanks & Regards
Overstock last decade
It is good to know that you appreciate my involvement in Homeopathy aka 'Joepathy'.

There are some others who do not.

STOP all other medication you may be taking today for your Hypertension as you will not know whether it was the drug or my therapy that helped with your BP.

I hope you get a Digital BP Gauge as this is a small price to pay to know what your BP is.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

I hope you are doing great.

Earlier I got pellets of Arnica 30C earlier.

Based on your recommendation,
I got liquid formula from below website but it does not mentions 30C. Is it going to work?

It says use 5-10 drops in a cup of water


Dry Herb/menstruum ratio 1:10
contains certified organic grain alcohol (66-76%) distilled water & Arnica extractives.

Else, from where can we order in USA? This is also available at http://www.naturebaby.com/us/naturopharm-arnica-liquid-p-164....

But it might be coming from New Zealand

Kindly recommend.

With Regards
Overstock last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Its seems like what I ordered at Arnica-Liquid-Herbal-Extr.." rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.vitacost.com/Herb-Pharm-Arnica-Liquid-Herbal-Extr.... was incorrect.

I was able to find medication on abchomeopathy and ordered the same. Somehow, I thought they sell only pellets earlier.

Thanks for your help.
Overstock last decade
You can order the Arnica 30c from the ABC store. I understand that they can supply it from WHP a manufacturer in the US.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Hope you are doing great.

Can I take following medications at same time?
Nat Phos 6X
Nat Mur 6x

Also, do I need to avoid drinking water few minutes before and after these medications?

With Regards
Overstock last decade
Yes you may.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Jacksparrow

I note that you have visited 2 threads which I was advising on today and you have stated 'Even I was suffering with the same problem but I wasn't having any solution,'

If you would like me to take your case it would be in your interest to start a new thread on the ABC instead of joining this one.

You can then indicate what your problems are precisely and I shall be glad to help you if I can.

Please note that mine is a labour of love which I am expending at my advanced age of 82 years to help suffering humanity with my 'Joepathy' which was once roundly criticized by some classical homeopaths to whom my therapy seemed to be anathema simply because I do not observe the classical rules but deliver the results and that very quickly.

You are invited to visit my website on:

Joe De Livera last decade
That's your greatness Joe that you are trying to help people free of cost and responding to post almost same day or next day. That shows what you mean by your earlier post.

I was looking for homeopathy solution in US for my problems. Came across a lady, she needed $400 for consulting charges and then $125 for follow up every 4 weeks. I have not seen a specialist in US charging above $175 for consulting.

In short, we admire your passion to help people to get cure for their diseases.
Overstock last decade
Thank you for your appreciation of my involvement in Homeopathy on the ABC and the 3 other Forums that I visit on a daily basis.

My sole aim is to make the patient better ASAP and cure the ailment if possible. You may like to know that I do not levy any fees for all consultations and the remedies that I give my patients here in Sri Lanka where I live. I do not however accept every patient who wishes to consult me as I am not a professional homeopath and have my own business organization of which I am the CEO, to control.

In the case of those who charge those exorbitant fees you paid a lady homeopath for a few minutes of her time, it is just a money game where the homeopath does not hesitate to milk the patient for as long as is possible as according to you, you paid her $400 for the first consultation and all follow up visits cost you $125. I know of a famous US homeopath whom I have hosted in my home here in Colombo who charges $750 for the first consultation and every subsequent visit costs $200.

I believe that this is the real reason why a certain professional homeopath on this Forum was so very annoyed with my involvement in helping patients towards a cure as he felt that I was usurping what he considered was his own private preserve by curing patients with my Joepathy. There are many instances of his interference and harsh criticism of my therapy which he recorded on many occasions even after the patient had confirmed that s/he was cured ! I am glad to report that he has since stopped his infernal interference after I responded in the same manner he adopted towards me and you can read the exchange of views on:


Thank you for your admiration of my attitude towards my patients. Your kind words are appreciated as it is so very rarely that a patient stops to report progress after using my therapy, let alone expressing grateful thanks for a cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Hope you are doing great.

I took the appointment with the lady but later on canceled it, and looked for more options on internet. Its not that I could not afford to pay the fee but I felt as if someone was trying to take advantage of situation. If it was around 200$ I would have gone for it.

In general, if we oppose an idea followed by a group even if its right, we should be prepared to face strong opposition. I have seen this myself in a Regional Engineering College in India, when I used to go against 60 students to attend classes when they wanted to stay away from classes for no reason. Its not easy though. I felt strong opposition myself.

I was remembering few words from a great soul from India and I found it on internet, its on second last paragraph. I hope you would like it.

With Warm Regards
Overstock last decade
I cannot understand the reason why you still wish to have a second opinion from your lady homeopath who will charge you $400 for the therapy you have got free from me for your GERD and Hypertension.

If my therapy does not help you in 2 weeks look for alternate opinions.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

I had canceled the appointment earlier with the lady. I am not going to go to her at any cost.

I am trying your treatment. Waiting to get wet dose of Arnica. I hope I should get it in couple of days. In the meanwhile, I have dissolved 6 pellets in 400 ml water and using it. I am having Nat Mux and Nat Phos, as you recommended.

Thanks & Regards
Overstock last decade
Dear Joe,

Hope you are doing great.

I got Arnica 30C dilution liquid, added 4-5 drops to Spring Water after emptying around 100 ml, I did not observe much bubbles after shaking the bottle. Bubbles looks similar if we shake it with ordinary water with no Arnica in it.

Kindly advice
Overstock last decade
When you shake the water by moving the bottle in your hand up and down or away from you and then towards you, you are imparting some mysterious energy to the water as with every stroke you increase the potency by an infinitesimal minute level which I have found helps the remedy to be more effective to cure the patient. The bubbles will appear the same both with or without the drops of Arnica that you have added to the water which is just alcohol.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I read one of your forums, you were advising someone not to drink 600 ml water in morning.

I also drink around 700 ml water daily morning. I used to drink 1.5 litres earlier. If I don't drink 700 ml water, how can I have bowel movement? Kindly advice.

Also, climate here is very bad, for 7 -8 months it stays too cold to go for walk outside. I try to go to gym during those times.
[message edited by Overstock on Sun, 01 May 2011 16:37:31 BST]
Overstock last decade
I have often been appalled that many people gulp down vast quantities of water on an empty stomach at one time in the mistaken hope that it will help them to perform their BM. I cannot imagine how an intake of water into the stomach can help in the output which is about 10 meters distant from the point of entry, the mouth.

The Human Body is just not equipped to cope with a sudden inflow of water which is usually gulped down as this water has to pass through at least half the length of the gut before it can be absorbed from the Vilium or the inner tube that comprises the gutand filtered into the Kidneys and end up in the Bladder. This is all the more relevant if chilled water is drunk as this will reduce the inside temperature significantly.

My advice to heavy water drinkers is to do so in moderation and by that I mean drink just about 100 - 150 ml at any one time. This intake may be repeated every 15 minutes or so but not exceed 500 ml within 30 minutes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Hope you are doing great. Thanks for responding promptly earlier.

Kindly let me know, if I should consume following. I am having lots of gas formation (burping) due to GERD. I am having Nat Phos since more than 2 weeks, started Arnica dilute from 2-3 days back.

(1) Tomatoes, raw and cooked with vegetables/curry

(2) Buttermilk with lunch

(3) Split Yellow Moong Lentils with lunch

(4) Whole Green Moong Lentils,
soaked and boiled, stir fried.

Best Regards
Overstock last decade
If as you state 'I am having lots of gas formation (burping) due to GERD.' it is obvious that you cannot eat anything that can cause your stomach to rebel with acid and gas. This includes all the foods that you listed.

You can consider eating them after your stomach is returned back to normal.

I presume that you are using my default therapy fur GERD.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Thanks for reply. I used to have tomatoes in cooked vegetables, and buttmermilk after lunch and later switched to Split Yellow Moong Lentils with lunch
and Whole Green Moong Lentils,soaked and boiled, stir fried for breakfast and snacks in evening based on someones advice, but realized burping has not reduced.

How about yogurt and cucumber? Shall I avoid it as well?

Also, how long should I wait to drink water after having breakfast/lunch/dinner?

You suggested exercise/workout for 45 minutes for BP. Do I need to walk at fast pace? If I walk too fast and for longer duration legs start hurting.

Please advice
[message edited by Overstock on Thu, 05 May 2011 19:30:03 BST]
Overstock last decade
I am not a dietician and cannot guide you on the response that you can expect from eating the selection of food you listed.

You have added Yogurt and Cucumber and I can inform you from personal experience that Cucumber is a vegetable that I cannot eat raw. I have always observed that my stomach fills up with gas immediately after eating it.

I do not know about Yogurt but my advice is to change your diet completely and observe if it makes any difference to your problem with GERD.

I presume that you have stopped drinking a lot of water at one go.

After a meal I recommend a sip or two to prevent the water from diluting the gastric juice present after a meal in your stomach. You can drink a glass about 2 hours after.

Exercise is essential for the body to maintain it in condition. It must be done at a level which will ensure that you do not hurt your legs.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Thanks a lot for your response. I highly appreciate it.
Overstock last decade
Dear Dr. Joe,

Hope you are doing great.

I have had Nat Phos 6X for around a month.

Acid Reflux/Burping reduced after avoiding lentils, its not gone completely though. Kindly advice if there is an issue if I continue having Nat Phos for longer duration. I am thinking of giving it a try for around a month to month and half more and see how it goes. How long shall I continue having it? Also, I am having dilute Arnica regularly as adviced.

Thanks and Regards
Overstock last decade
I would like to know if your Gastric problems have been addressed by my therapy for GERD.

Nat Phos can be used very safely with Arnica for as long as you feel that they are helping you.

Has Nat Mur helped your Hypertension? What is your BP today?
Joe De Livera last decade

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