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PCOS and Cyst in th Ovary


My wife is suffering with PCOS, and we recently found that she has a cyst in her ovary. Its about 6 in. She has irregular monthly cycles and if she the periods there are huge blood clots and also unbearable stomach pain.
Her General Condition are:
Lower Abdomen Bulged,
Feet are too hot,
always complains about pain in the back and in legs,
Gets irritated very fast.

Kinldy help with this as my doc suggested for the surgery this month end and we dont want to go for this.

Kindly Please Help me in this.

Thanks and Regards.
  cool guy on 2011-05-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The Cyst that you referred to is most likely a Chocolate Cyst (CC) and if so it seems a pity that your wife permitted to grow up to 6' Ø which would have taken a few years to reach this size.

I shall copy below my default therapy which has helped many fellow patients and she will have to be patient for a few months before the CC is reduced. Please assure her that no surgery will be necessary as this is traumatic and can lead to other complications.

Was she diagnosed with Endometriosis? This is usually part of this Syndrome which includes PCOS, Endometriosis, CC's and Heavy Menstrual Bleeding.

All these ailments can be helped by my therapy.

Her remedies are:

Bellis Perennis 30c
Arnica 30c

Both remedies to be taken in the Wet dose twice daily leaving about an hour between each.

The Bellis Perennis reduces the Chocolate Cysts that are usually present with Endometriosis and also prevent the spread of these lesions internally, while the Arnica will reduce your pain and the bleeding that many patients suffer from, some on a continuous daily basis.

Report your response in a week.

Please type Endometriosis into the Search box on every page and read the many cases I have helped to overcome their problem.

Please follow the instructions below to make the Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply..
on continuation to the post..
I need to tell you more about her conditions and to get some clarifications...

Her bleeding and Pain is only in the period days, so do still need to take Arnica, if so will she need to take only when the pain is or every day, and she previously had pilesalso so will this gets any effect onto that, i mean will this therapy will bring back her piles(Just clarification).

And for how many days do she need to be on medication?

Hope you understand my concerns...

Thanks and Regards.
cool guy last decade
The therapy I have prescribed has and is being used by many hundreds of patients, the majority of whom have confirmed that they have been helped by it. My therapy is absolutely safe in use and you can read their comments on the ABC website and on mine:


Do not confuse it with drugs which usually have side effects sometimes which are even worse than the disease they are prescribed for.

Bellis Perennis is used till the Chocolate Cyst (CC) is reduced but in your wife's case she is advised to take it in just one dose for life to prevent the formation of more CC's which is likely in her case (PCOS) . The Arnica too can be taken for life and the dosage can be reduced to just one teaspoonful taken before bed when she has stabilized. Read 'Arnica the Miracle Remedy' on my website.

Arnica seems to have some positive effect on the menstrual bleeding and the effects will be felt within 24 hours. It has no effect on Hemorrhoids.

If you are not comfortable with my therapy which has helped many hundreds of patients you may consult other classical homeopaths on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
dear dr.joe
thank you very much for your advice which iread on your post for otherpatients which was really helpful for me too. i m taniya i hd 4cm cyst, i read your many post for PCOS(chocolate cyst)i started your prescribed remedies i.e Bellisperannis30 & Arnica30 twice daily I hd started these on 20-4-11 & i can feel the changes in these 25days that my lower abdomin seems to come down in size & my currunt menses is much more clearer & no pain no clots, back pain & leg pain is 80% improved. i will still continue withthese madicines for another 2months for better result which i will check in 2 months time which you generally suggest.
this is the meraculus medicine for women who are suffering from PCOS (chocolate cyst). i dont know how to thank you after God. May god bell you with long life for your to serve for humanity.
Tanx a .................................................. no digits can fill this.
taniya last decade
To Taniya

I am glad to note that you started using the default remedies that I prescribe for Endometriosis with Chocolate Cysts and PCOS on April 20 and that you have already observed a reduction and improvement in 'my lower abdomin seems to come down in size & my currunt menses is much more clearer & no pain no clots, back pain & leg pain is 80% improved'.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to record the improvement you experienced in just 25 days and hope that others like you who are fellow sufferers will also use the same remedies in the manner you have done, which have proved time and time again that they are the Ultimate Solution to your problem which in my experience, seems to affect about 20% of females at some time in their lives.

I must admit that I am simply appalled to observe the standard treatment reported by my patients which is meted out by gynecologists which is largely ineffective and often leads to the patient suffering in silence like one patient who suffered a daily loss of blood for over 12 months with clots and acute pain during those days. She casually mentioned to me that she was entering hospital for a Hysterectomy in a few days as her doctors were not able to stem the flow of blood in spite of their best efforts and had suggested a Hysterectomy.

I requested her to give me just 2 weeks to enable my therapy to help her and she called me excitedly the day after to report that her bleeding had shown a marked reduction within 24 hours and later stopped as if by magic within 4 days without the agony and clots that she had suffered during her period during the past 12 months. She was compelled to resign from her job and was virtually bed ridden as she lacked all energy to move about. All her doctors could do was to give her large doses of Folic Acid tablets and 'Iron Injections' weekly with no effect whatever. They had in desperation decided to do a Hysterectomy as they feared the worst otherwise.

I used to prescribe Bellis Perenis 6c which is the standard remedy given to patients with your condition and is always given in the dry pellets to treat patients. It was much later that I changed over to the Wet dose in 2005 when I added Arnica 30c also in the Wet dose and I was gratified to note the response in patients whom I treated who reported like you that the pain they had suffered with the loss of blood seemed to stop within a couple of days and they also discovered in about 2 months, that the Chocolate Cysts for which many had been advised to have surgery seemed to disappear during that time. This could be verified with a US Scan.

You may like to know that I am 82 years of age and it is reports like yours that keep me active and motivated on this and other Homeopathic forums not only in prescribing remedies which are now accepted as 'Joepathy' which have helped thousands of my grateful patients but also in wasting my time in rebutting the attacks of one Australian 'classical' homeopath who dares to attack me on a regular almost daily basis, for using remedies as I do in what is described as a 'this for that' basis which he states is a non classical manner which according to him, will lead to other more serious problem later.

This has never happened so far and I have reassured him that if his prophesy ever comes to pass, that I shall deal with it at that time with my Joepathy.

Please report your progress from time to time and also spread the good news of your present improvement and hopefully your eventual cure to your friends who may be afflicted with your problem, which you may know from your own experience cannot be treated with drugs nor by classical homeopathy.

Thank you for your good wishes.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
dear dr.joe,
i will definately keep you inform rgdg my health. now since you mentioned, one of my friend has fibroid in the uterus after his first delivary 18 yrs back now she is 36 yrs of age. her menses was irragular from past 5yrs,but now it has been stoped from last yrs. please prescribe your best remidy for her.

dr.also I m very keen to learn homeopathy & practice I hv done Bsc(zoology) if u can gide me if not its ok. thank you.
taniya last decade
I regret to inform you that I have not been successful in the treatment of Fibroids. I have tried many remedies that are prescribed in many homeopathic texts but so far none has worked.

I note that you are interested in studying Homeopathy but I am not qualified to teach you.
If you are interested in following my therapy aka Joepathy you can study the many thousands of cases that I have helped by:

Visiting my website www.joedelivera.com

Googling: Joe De Livera Joepathy Wet dose

Clicking on my name on the subject line above and read some of the 8500 cases that I have treated on the ABC Homeopathy Forum

Visit the Homeopathy and More Forum and click on my name on:

http://www.homeopathy andmore.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=1
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thanks for the clarification, could you kindly clear my one more doubt, my wife is taking contraceptive tablets(Leostrin24Fe), can she continue to take those tablets along with your prescription, or do she need to stop taking those tablets.
cool guy last decade
To Coolguy

The therapy I have prescribed is antidoted by the Leostrin which I presume was prescribed by her doctor to treat her PCOS. It is very likely that the many problems that you listed in your first post of May 14 were all due to the combination of her PCOS and the Leostrin.

You must request her to stop the tablets and let my therapy hopefully take over to help her.

Surgery is NOT the answer.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you very much Joe,

Need some more info.. its regarding the dosage:
once we get the medicine, as per your suggestion we need to add 3 drops of medicine in the 500 ml water bottle and use a cap full of that bottle.
My Question is do we need to throw the rest after the use or do we need use the same for the next dosage, I mean do we need to prepare the dosage every time?

I am still not clear about the days of prescription, for how many days do we need to take this medicine, Shall we take will medicine for a week(on Daily basis) and do an ultra sound to get the results to report you back?

Thanks and Regards.
cool guy last decade
You will have to take Bellis P and Arnica for some considerable time in the future till you are cleared of all signs of your ailment which you can consider is serious as even with surgery it keeps recurring itself with monotonous regularity.

It usually takes about 3 months to reduce a CC and this is the reason why you have to take it for a long time.

You will make just one bottle and use it till it is finished in about 3 months at 2 doses per day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the clarification, and again came up with one more question.

Now My Wife is in her Period days, Do she need to continue this medicine in these days also or do she need to stop for these days and continue after her period's.

Please Suggest.

cool guy last decade
She must take the remedies prescribed irrespective of her period.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Is these remedies are also good for hemorrhagic cyst, or do we need to consider any other remedies.

Please advise..

cool guy last decade
To Coolguy

I have prescribed my 2 default remedies for your wife's Chocolate Cysts On May 14 and have patiently answered many questions which you posed during this time up to now.

You will notice that another patient Taniya has used the same remedies that I prescribed for your wife and has already confirmed that she was helped in a few days and it is most likely that she is cured by today.

I note from your latest post that you do not seem to have given her the remedies that I prescribed as you now refer to a Hemorrhagic Cyst which you did not refer to up to today and can only conclude that you are just wasting my time in trying to help her.

You must understand that the consultants on this ABC forum do a voluntary service to alleviate the ailments of suffering humanity free of charge and the least that a patient can be expected in return is to use the therapy prescribed and report their response.

You have however persisted in not doing so and seem only to be interested in firing questions again and again without following my instructions.

I regret to inform you that you have compelled me to withdraw from your case.

You are advised to consult other members like 'brisbanehomeopath' who will only be too glad to take over your wife's case.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Sorry for the misunderstanding, My wife has started taking the prescribed remedies and we have an appointment this weekend for her radiology.

Coming to my latest question, I did not know which cyst she had and asked doctor to provide a report for that and two days back I got her report from the doctor where the doctor mentioned that my wife has Hemorrhagic Cyst.

I do understand that you are here to help all the people like us who need to an help for the problems.

I never doubted your capability in treating my wife but had too many doubts which I thought of getting cleared from you since I dont know much about this and I dont know to whom I should ask.

I am really sorry for all the things which happened, and hope that you will reply me.

Please Joe, your help is really needed and highly appriciated.

I am asking again the same question, since she has started taking the remedies and she is scheduled to her radiology next week, and I came up with this new type of cyst, Shall she continue taking those remedies or do you prescribe any new remedies to her.

Kindly help us in this.


cool guy last decade
I have read your reply and shall continue to help your wife on one condition.

I must have your confirmation that she will use ALL the remedies that I prescribe without question. If within a reasonable time her condition does not improve I shall then request you to seek help from others.

You must realize that my Joepathy has helped many patients who are fellow sufferers and Tanyia who has also posted on this thread is another example.

You have referred to a Hemorrhagic Cyst (HC). Quite frankly I do not know what this Cyst can be as my reading and past experience does not encompass this Cyst. You will have to inquire from your gynecologist for a definition of this HC and whether it is causing her any internal bleeding. Also inquire how he intends to deal with it. He must provide evidence that it is in fact bleeding internally into the Peritoneum. If this is true, your wife should be in a very life threatening condition and must have immediate surgery to remove the Cyst to stop bleeding.
Quite frankly I do not believe your doctor's statement.
What is her Platelet count?

I would like you to consult another gynecologist for a second opinion immediately.

You will have to take all her reports to the other doctor as she cannot possibly go through her tests again. I presume that you have Ultrasound Scan tests which are usually standard.

The Arnica 30c I prescribed will help to stop the bleeding if any from the H Cyst and your wife should feel the difference in 3 days. She can take the Arnica dose 4 times daily. In other words she will sip a capful 4 times daily.
She will also take the Bells P as prescribed.

You will report her condition daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Tanyia

I would appreciate if you will please let me know how you are today.

Please give full details of your condition today in your own words with regard to bleeding if any, pain level, Chocolate Cyst size and any other factors that will give me and my other patient Coolguy's wife who he states is suffering from a Hemorrhagic Cyst.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Cool Guy

I came across your post of June 6 2011 where I had prescribed my default therapy aka 'Joepathy' for your wife's Cyst which you had designated a Hemorrhagic Cyst.

I had indicated that in my experience this cyst was most likely a Chocolate Cyst for which I had been successful with helping many women one of whom was about to have a Hysterectomy which I had prevented in time.

I noticed that you had not reported your wife's response to my therapy and I would appreciate if you will do so ASAP.

It is my hope and prayer that she is OK today.
Joe De Livera last decade

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