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Paralyzed dog with Giardia! I need help as soon as possible, PLEASE!

Hello, we have a dog from a rescue. She has been hit by a car in February and is now paralyzed in her rear legs. She has no control about her bladder and bowel.

I have read about Causticum 30C which could help her. Any suggestions about the dosage? Is Causticum a good choice?

The next problem is that she has GIARDIA since some weeks and nothing helps. We gave her Albendazol but it helps only for a few days, then the symptoms of Giardia come back (diarrhea and cramps).

Please help the little dog, she is suffering very much.

Thanks in advance for help!!!
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  Finchen on 2011-06-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is the paralysis a direct result of injury to the spinal cord?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes it is. The backbone (vertebrae) is affected. Thanks for your reply.
Finchen last decade
I would actually suggest using Arnica first, before moving to other remedies. Can you get hold of Arnica 200c?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you for your reply.

I can order Arnica 200C online along with other homeopathic remedies (if any?).

I have Arnica D6 (which should be the same like Arnica 6X) at home, but I assume this wouldn't help, right?

Could the Arnica 200C help with the Paralysis or with the Giardia?
Finchen last decade
Have you tried the low potency of arnica yet?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
No, I have not.
Finchen last decade
Why not give her some daily doses while you wait for the 200c?

You need to get a small bottle with a dropper. Dissolve 2 pillules or 2 drops into a mixture of water and alcohol in this bottle (5 parts to 1 part).

For each dose, hit the bottle firmly against the palm of the hand twice, and place a single drop in her mouth. Do this once in the morning and once in the evening. Stop if you notice any worsening of her symptoms or if anything else unusual happens (such as new symptoms).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks a lot for your answer.

I should receive the Arnica 200C by tuesday. Somehow I do not understand the dosage: How much water and how much alcohol should I use to dissolve the 2 pillules?

I have a small bottle which can hold 30 ml, so I could fill this bottle with 25 ml of water + 5 ml of alcohol + 2 pillules of Arnica D6. Every morning and every evening I hit the bottle firmly against the palm of my hand twice and place a single drop in the mouth of the dog. Is this correct?

And is this remedy to help with the paralysis or with the giardia or both?
Finchen last decade
We are focussing on the result of the injury. There are many remedies that might come up for this problem, but Arnica is always a good place to start where there has been a physical blow.

This is not a constitutional treatment for her however, and it is not certain that her other problems will be helped, unless the accident precipitated all of them.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for your reply.

1) Please comment on the dosage (25 ml of water + 5 ml of alcohol + 2 pillules of Arnica D6). Is this correct?

2) As regards the giardia, this has nothing to do with the accident. It came weeks after the accident. Any homeopathic remedy which could help here? Maybe Cina?
Finchen last decade
If it came on soon after the accident, then the accident is the causative factor - this means an injury remedy like Arnica could cure it, since it can cure all consequences of physical trauma.

It isn't appropriate to mix remedies. One remedy at a time is the safest path to take, and allows us to judge the effect of each prescription clearly before moving on. Multiple prescriptions can cause side effects and interactions that can be difficult to sort out.

That is the correct way to make the bottle for dosing, yes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you Dr. David. I will start giving the Arnica D6 in wet form from tomorrow on and keep you updated.
Finchen last decade
My dog is having again severe diarrhea today. Everything comes out immediately after she has eaten. I don't know what to do. I have not started yet with the Arnica.

Her stool is slimmy (I assume this is from the Giardia). Her anus is red and sore.

What shall I do? Please help.
Finchen last decade
Arnica has those symptoms as well. I would just start giving the remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks Sir. I mixed 4 pillules + 70 ml of water and gave her two drops in the mouth. I wanted to use only 2 pillules like you suggested but got 4 pillules out of the bottle (I didn't wanted to touch them with my hands). Hope that was ok.

I do not have alcohol at home. Is the alcohol only for conservation?
Finchen last decade
Finchen last decade
Yes the alcohol is to preserve the remedy - it loses its ability to heal after awhile, although you can get at least a week out of it most likely.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok fine, I can make a fresh mixture every few days, that is no problem. Should I store it in the fridge?

Do you think it was ok that I mixed 4 pillules + 70 ml of water and gave her two drops in the mouth? Should I use only 2 pillules and less water the next time?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Finchen last decade
See how she reacts, dose size is individual, no way to tell yet how she will react.

Make sure you count the total hits of the bottle. When you make the fresh bottle, you must hit the bottle that number of times before giving the next dose.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks will do. Last question for today: Is it enough to give her the drops only in the morning and in the evening or can I give it more often (like 4 times a day)?

Thanks again.
Finchen last decade
Dosage has to be tailored to the patient. Without knowing what 2 doses a day will do, there is no way to judge the suitability of 4 doses.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear David, I have been giving her 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the evening. As you know two days ago (Saturday) she felt VERY bad. She had severe diarrhea for 24 hours. Everything what she ate / drank came out immediately.

I was so desperate on Saturday that I also gave her a small dose of Albendazol (against worms) and colloidal silver + grapefruit seed extract into her food. But it came out immediately after she ate it. It had no chance to work.

On Sunday morning she still had diarrhea and she didn't wanted to eat (she had stomach rumbles). I gave her colloidal silver + grapefruit seed extract and she also got the 2 drops of Arnica. One hour later she was hungry and also the diarrhea stopped completely.

Since then she is doing fine. The diarrhea often comes for one day, then disappears but return 1-3 days later.

So I hope this time it won't come back because of the Arnica. Today is the second day she is doing fine.

Tomorrow I will get the Arnica 200C. Should I continue giving her the Arnica D6 or should I switch to 200C? Please let me know, thanks.
Finchen last decade
The diarrhea was most likely part of a healing crisis. It is very important not to suppress discharges that appear after starting a remedy, or you will block the healing process the remedy is trying to instigate.

While nutrional supplements are not a problem, colloidal silver is highly suppressive and should not be used alongside homoeopathic medicines.

Stay with the low potency Arnica for the moment. When you say she is doing fine what does that mean?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for your reply.

When I say she is doing fine that means that she has no diarrhea and no problems with her stomach.

She has the diarrhea since more or less 2-3 weeks. When it started I gave her one dose of Albendazole (against worms). The diarrhea was gone but came back after 5 days. So she got another dose and it repeated that she was fine for some days but then the diarrhea came back.

Since one week the diarrhea is kind of severe, it stays for at least 24 hours and always returns after only 1-3 days.

I will stop giving her colloidal silver.
Finchen last decade
My dog is not doing good. She still has diarrhea, not every time, but mainly around noon.

We went to the vet a few days ago and he prescribed Baycox. She got 3 syringes (orally) with 4-5ml each on 3 days. After the first syringe the diarrhea stopped for one day but came back the next day. After the second syringe the diarrhea stopped again but came back some hours later. The same happened after the third syringe which she got yesterday evening.

But today it is even worser, this morning she had no diarrhea but she had stomach rumbles and didn't wanted to eat.

Now around noon she again has diarrhea and something strange came out of her anus, it looks like mucus.

I have stopped giving the arnica during she got the Baycox.

I have no idea what to do now. Please help. Thank you.
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Finchen last decade

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