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Rescued dog needs help please.


I’ve adopted a dog that has a lovely personality but he is fearful of people and situations new to him. He ran away from his previous foster and stayed atop a mound of dirt in the woods for a week possibly without moving. The second foster had to throw hot dog pieces just close enough to lure him down. He is now very attached to me and has to be near me whenever I am home. I’m sure he has separation anxiety when I am gone. He can grow comfortable with people given time, particularly if they are with other dogs, but he is very pensive. Is there a remedy I can give him to help with his fear and separation anxiety?

Thank you
  antied77 on 2011-06-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nat Mur 6x dose 3 tablets twice daily may help.

Report if it does.
Joe De Livera last decade
Excellent, thank you. so put the recommended number of pellets in his mouth, food or water?

Could I use either 200C or 30C? I have both of those at home.
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antied77 last decade
Hi dr. joe,

I've given the dog nat mur 30c ( three pellets), twice now and his behavior hasn't improved. can't suggestions? Do tou think its the potency?
antied77 last decade
Do you know anything about his history?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I only know that he has exchanged owners three times. He was in a high kill shelter until a foster took him in. He was kept in the back yard and climbed over the fence at night. The next foster searched for him for a week and eventually found him sitting atop a very large mound of dirt. He would not come when they called him so spent several hours eventually luring him closer with bits of hot dogs.
antied77 last decade
David ,

If you have a suggestion, I can buy it at the same time a the curare
antied77 last decade
need know state of health ,,,as well as behavior with others beside urself..as well thirst and eating habits and any thing else observed
John Stanton last decade
He appears to bw in good health. Checked out at the vet. Although he was fighting an infection. His lymph nodes were enlarged and the vet put him on antibiotics. Its possible he may have contacted lymes or another tick borne disease but I haven't done bloodwork. His behavior outside of our home if that he is very anxious and cautious.he is calm and confident when there are no unusual things or people around. He puts his tail between his legs when someone us standing near him and avoids going near. If someone tries to pet him he retreats or tries to run away. Someone can gain his trust however, if they go very slowly with a treat. However, he is often curious, sniffing behind someone once they pass andy is not afraid of cars.He hates walking in the street, preferring the yard or woods where there are no noises, people vehicles.... The moment he hears something nearby, he stops what he us doing and is on alert. He is terrified of bicyclists, trying to run and hide even if far away. He was even afraid of a turtle we came across yesterday and was curious for only a few seconds before wanting to leave. He LOVES other dogs and plays well.
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antied77 last decade
Lycopodium perhaps - fear of new situations and new people?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
yes that's it.
antied77 last decade
So far I've given him two doses of lycopodium 30c (3 pellets in his water) and nothing...except maybe his symptoms worsening.
antied77 last decade
Stop if there is worsening. The aggravation usually comes before the improvement, but you must stop.

How did you get him to take the dose, and how much did he get in the mouth?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I just dissolved three pellets in his water bowl which he drinks throughout the day.
antied77 last decade
He is being overdosed! He may be having dozens of doses a day. This is a problem. You must take that bowl away immediately. You could create permanent harm this way. Who has advised you to give animals a remedy this way? This is very irresponsible advice.

You should only be giving him a few drops in the mouth, once a day only for no more than 3 days. Everytime he drinks from his bowel he is having a new dose!
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh god. No one advised me. I was reading other threads and must have misinterpreted. I thought that the less concentrated the dose the stronger the effect so I did the opposite. Do you think I caused permanent damage?! Is there anything I can do to reverse it?!
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antied77 last decade
I doubt there has been permanent damage, but it is possible he will have a long aggravation now with so many doses.

Homoeopathic medicines are non-physical. How much you give is not as important as how often the person comes in contact with the remedy - much like a catalyst.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Excuse my intervention. I feel the aggravation if any will pass away soon pl do not get upset.After this he feels OK it would be great.
However, is he craving for sweet things?
Pl try feeding some sweet things & in case if he is found of it then possibly he requires ARGENTUM NITRICUM 200c just one dose (3-4 drops of dilution directly in his mouth). Arg. Nit is also a good following medicine to Lycopodium.
daktersaab last decade
Don't mix medicines. He cannot be both Lycopodium and Arg-nit at the same time. He might very well need Arg-nit instead, and that is certainly a valid idea. This was a prescription based on one thing - so I cannot be that confident in it.

Lyc is a great craver of sweets, so that symptom won't differentiate them. Arg-nit is generally worse for them though.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well. I think the aggravation has passed but he still has the fear.
antied77 last decade
Then Daktersaab's suggestion might be worth pursuing. Diarrhea and anxiousness and fear - they could easily lead to Arg-nit.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok I'll try it. thank you
antied77 last decade
Animals can be tough, especially when you are trying to prescribe on mental characteristics. So much guessing is involved in what is going on for them.

However I often find many owners of animals (I am not fond of that word by the way) establish a connection that allows them to express some of the deeper feelings of the animal. I often get the caretakers to give me as much of their 'intuition' about the animal as possible, and it often helps.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well, he appears to just be generally afraid of people and anything associated with them. He is afraid of men, women, people with bikes and on bikes, in cars, on motorcycles. He doesn't seem afraid of other types of things outside of things associated with people. Of course, he also doesn't like really loud noises. Its tough because he's just started to have these paranoias. Initially, he was a little skittish but functional. now, he only wants to go in the field and woods. He avoids where people may be at all costs. I definitely think he feels safest in the woods where there is cover. He appears to feel vulnerable in wide open spaces. I don't think he was ever really socialized with different things as a puppy excep maybe other dogs. Now his fear seems to be pushing him to aggression when a person is to pushy and gets into his space, which I'm definitely worried about. I think he is very sensitive to his environment. He's on alert 24/7. He gets fixated on things: the bus that pulled up, the person that got off, the girl standing there...as if waiting for them to turn towards him. He's always on guard, never relaxed. the only time he seems to relax is at the dog park playing with other dogs. last night, he let a woman pet him and actually wagged his tail. She greeted him in a high pitched voice smiling. He's seen her several times before. later a man was walking his little dog. I asked if he was friendly. He said yes so let Oliver go near. The dog proceeded to attack him. Oliver got excited and started running around like crazy. The man leaned down and extended his hand and Oliver started growling and barking but his tail was wagging. This morning when I tried walking him in that area he wanted to go back to his safe place where his is comfortable. He did not move forward. It seemed he associated it withthe bad experience. That's all it takes. He used to enjoy car rides. But now when he sees people outside he cowers and hides under the seat cover.

When I first had him we were walking on a nearby trail. He was doing well when a bicyclist came out of no where and terrified him. I feel like everything got much worse after that.
antied77 last decade
dear david, what is 1 dose is it 2 pellets or 3? I bought the arg nit in 200 ck
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antied77 last decade
That is some good description of the problem - I will look that over today.

Do you have a bottle and dropper to dissolve the pillules in? Do that - mix alcohol and water together in the bottle(1 part to 5 parts), dissolve the pillues, hit the bottle twice, and try to squirt a small amount in his mouth (or drip one-two drops into his mouth if he will let you do that).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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