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Eczema on a 3 year old, please help

My 3 year old has had eczema since he was about 2/3 months old, before he was weaned. I believe it was caused by antibiotics he was given intravenously when he was 3 weeks old, as he had a urine infection and septacaemia, which would have taken his life. He also suffered from chronic colic, even though he was breastfed, but again that was from the antibiotics, and I think the whole experience traumatised him so much that he was never able to sleep for more than an hour at a time, and even today he does not sleep through the night, and this has really put stress on me as I dont feel I am being the best mum for him. Because I am so tired, forgetful and irritable.
His eczema has also changed as he has got older, but everyone says he will grow out of it, but I cant see that happening if it was caused by antibiotics.
I tried homeopathy and the homeopath herself told me that there was nothing more she could for him after so many treatments. She was successful in bringing it out but that was it. I also tried a cranial osteopath who also brought it out of him, but no cure. I tried a different cranial osteopath, - no difference and then I tried radionics, which is a combo of osteopathy and homeopathy but its different, and they were again partially successful, crystal therapy calmed him down a little, but that was a one off.
PLEASE HELP I AM AT THE END OF MY TETHER AND DONT KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN NOW, safi and neem oil were suggested but i think he is too young for safi. Someone has to be able to help because I have been reading so many threads and there have been so many success's. oh by the way he falls ill really easily, catchs every cold and flu going, and any diarrhoea and vomiting bugs too.
  record on 2005-05-26
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Poor chap and poor mum!! can you tell us which remedies the homeopath has used already?
erika last decade
Unfortunately I did not write down what he was being given, but that was over two years ago now, and his eczema has changed and has travelled from his head to his legs, and sort of calmed down, but his body is covered in scabs from scratching and his stomach/abdomen area is full of tiny little spots like hives, but hes had them for 2 weeks, but they make him itchy and he scratches them and makes them bleed. His neck is the worst, because I have recently had to used a steroid cream with fusidic acid because the skin split so badly all over his neck it was at risk of getting infected, especially with his constant scratching.
record last decade
oh he also gets lots of high temperatures, recently he was ill with some sort of virus but it was a spiking temperature that just went really high to just above normal and this carried on for a week. Everytime this happens his eczema gets worse and he tends not to drink much fluid, especially cuts down on water, which is his main drink other than milk. and then his neck and skin just dries up, and we have to depend on creams to keep his skin as soft as possible, but his neck ends up looking like tissue paper.
record last decade
has he had vaccinations? did the eczema get worse straight after a vaccination?
erika last decade
He did have his vaccinations, and you know i dont recall his eczema getting worse, but I never looked for that connection. He has not had his MMR, just the Measles jab, which didn't make his eczema worse. But since then he has not had anything else, because hes been called for boosters, and I have not taken him.
record last decade
often the dpt jab can be associated with such an aggravation - when did he have this one?
erika last decade
I am only asking this to help find a remedy - if you don't have the info on when then don't worry!!:)
erika last decade
I think the dpt jabs he had at 2 months, 3 months and 4 months.
Oh he also had the BCG when he was 2/3 days old and he had vitamin k.

I hope this helps and thank you so much for your help, and your interest in this.
record last decade
ok - thanks.
even though we're not sure about vaccines having had an effect I consider it a high possibility. Usually I would treat with the homeopathic remedy made from the offending vaccine, but this needs constant attention and not advisable on internet forum.

My suggestion is that you try skookum chuck 6c - give this 3 times daily. I would give it in liquid form and shake the bottle before each dose. You can usually buy the liquid form but if not you can put 3-6 pillules in a dropper bottle with a little brandy or vodka and fill up with spring water - give 1 or 2 drops for each dose.
when the bottle has only one third of liquid left then top up the bottle with spring water and occsionally a little brandy or vodka to help preserve - you can do this any number of times. If any bacterial growths appear in the bottle you should stop using it (you can keep in fridge to prevent this). it is important to shake the bottle before each dose (preferably by banging the base of the bottle against the palm of the hand several times).

there are other remedies you could read around to see if you think they are more suitable (juglans cin.,silica, graphites, thuja, ars. alb.). You can see the eczema so you can judge this better from remedy description.
skookum chuck is specifically for eczema after vaccination.
erika last decade
forgot to say - reduce the dosage if there is an improvement.stop giving if it clears up completely.

If there is an aggravation also reduce the dosage and if reducing dosage does not help the aggravation then stop the remedy.
erika last decade
how much brandy or vodka do I add, 1 or 2 drops. And how long should I anticipate giving it, is there a time period, that I need to adhere to?
And also is it 15 minutes before and after food, that this needs to be given?

Thanks again.
record last decade
stop/reduce etc. if worse or better (as in reply above) but otherwise carry on for about 4 weeks and then come back and check out whether to continue. If there are any problems or worries come back sooner and we'll help you out. Also if no improvement whatsoever after a couple of weeks come back and get advice.
15 minutes before or after food is fine (I usually say 5-10 minutes).
In a 25ml dropper bottle I usually add one sixth or one fifth of alcohol, but if you think this is too strong then add less.
erika last decade
I am away for 3-4 days from tomorrow. If you have problems then I am sure someone else from here will be happy to advise.:)
erika last decade
i ordered the skookum chuck and it has arrived today. i will keep you posted. thank you.
record last decade
glad to hear remedy arrive. looking forward to hearing progress from you :)
erika last decade
just to update; some of his eczema seems to have calmed down, where he had raised lumpy patches that felt rough and dry to the touch seem to have become softer, and almost gone. Especially the top of his chest, because the last week and a half he had come up in pimples that were extremely itchy and the rest of his eczema had flared up, with raised patches in the sort of classic places, in his elbows behind his knees, but also in his armpits, and all over his forearms and wrists, and upper and lower legs. With the back not really affected. I think that may have become more aggravated by a bath emollient the doctor prescribed, which i really should not have used, because he has reacted to everything that he has been prescribed to, even aqueous cream. Also he has had a viral infection that has left him weaker than normal, which has also resulted in him having a yellow tongue, which he has never had before. Unfortunately his neck is the worst with the skin so thin that any rubbing causes it to split. So I have had to keep that covered just to let the weeping dry up.
The only problem I have is the itching, even where the skin appears to have healed, he is still scratching and tearing skin that looks healed to me and basically covering it in large scabs, which he will repeatedly pick off leaving so many scars. And there are only so many plasters I can cover him with!!!
Would love to hear what you think.
record last decade
sounds like there has been an improvement but the itch is not helping at all.
I would advise - carry on giving the remedy twice daily instead of 3 times daily - increase again to 3 times if improvement stops with the reduction.
to ease the itching try aloe vera (the fresh plant if possible, otherwise a pure gel with the least possible preservatives in it) - it is not worth trying creams on raw skin as there is usually no skin there to absorb the cream, whereas aloe vera can be used on the injured/damaged skin.
It is very important that he drinks enough water as it sounds like he is a bit dehyrated after the recent virus/fever - if this is difficult then make some ice lollies with mostly water and a tiny bit of fruit juice for flavour.
erika last decade
Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse. His eczema has become really bad, we only recently got hold of an aloe vera plant so we will apply that to the skin, but where there had been improvements those areas have now become much worse, he still seems to have the infection as his tongue is still slightly yellow/green. And I think he seems to have asthma this year, his chest sounds quite wheezy and rattley, but only when hes laughed a lot. Please advise on what to do next, I would have got back sooner but the sleep has been so bad, have just not been thinking straight.
record last decade
has this happened since reducing the dosage to twice daily?
erika last decade
Try graphites 30 twice a day in liquid form

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kalibrom last decade
I think he was only on the twice a day dose for two days. But the itchiness was a major factor. So I upped it back to 3 times a day. But the eczema had already got really bad, plus he had scratched at his neck so badly that it is still healing but its weird shortly after i posted that reply he got really bad. I dont know if he may have had something at nursery to eat or drink that may have reacted with him, but his teachers have been informed. I dont know I'm at a loss. But the aloe vera straight from the plant did seem to help with itching, he seemed to stop when it was applied to his really bad areas. But also it has become a habit so even when it is not itchy during the day he scratches out of habit, and likes to pick all his scabs off. But definately i will keep the aloe vera going.

Oh and the graphites; I'm sure when I first took him to a homeopath, she did give graphites and then she tried sulphur, I dont know in which order adn I dont know the strength.

Hope this helps and thank you to anyone who is trying to help.
record last decade
don't despair ...has there been any sign of improvement since upping the dose to 3 times daily again? I am not quite clear on this and it is important to be clear. :)
erika last decade
No there has been no further improvement. His upper chest area where it first cleared up from has stayed clear. But otherwise it has actually got worse, spreading to his hands and becoming lumpy around his inner leg area again. The eczema is like raised dry patches differing in size, naturally they become itchy so he scratches them and then they bleed and become scabs which he then later scratches off again and again. His neck has been the worse, the aloe vera helps dry up the oozing, and seems to give some relief but at night whatever has been healed during the day is basically destroyed during the night even with socks on his hands he rubs at the dressings on his neck so badly that he breaks the skin and makes the whole area oozy and smelly.
record last decade
could you describe the colour, smell and appearance of the oozy area on the neck more? what is his sleep pattern like? does he wake with the itching?
i am sure you are avoiding all soaps and using non-bio washing powder?
erika last decade
yellowy clear, smells like an infection in a bad cut, but i know this is not infected, because where the skin is split, its red. but his dressings have a yellow transparent ooze on them, only after he has rubbed the skin really badly. otherwise his neck area looks wet and sore, and is wet and sticky to the touch. And he does not sleep through the night recently for the past 3/4 weeks he has been sleeping for 3/4 hours then up for almost 2hrs just scratching anywhere and everywhere. I think sometimes he wakes up itching and other times if he has had a bad dream then his natural reaction is to scratch, which then further aggravates any eczema already there. And yeah I use non bio washing powder, but for his bath I use a baby bath gel by molton brown because he has never reacted to that. And the creams that I use on him are from the lush shop and an elizabeth arden one, because I have tried everything, and these are the only ones he does not react to and he specifically asks to have them put on.
record last decade

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