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Eczema on a 3 year old, please help Page 2 of 2

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yellowy clear, smells like an infection in a bad cut, but i know this is not infected, because where the skin is split, its red. but his dressings have a yellow transparent ooze on them, only after he has rubbed the skin really badly. otherwise his neck area looks wet and sore, and is wet and sticky to the touch. And he does not sleep through the night recently for the past 3/4 weeks he has been sleeping for 3/4 hours then up for almost 2hrs just scratching anywhere and everywhere. I think sometimes he wakes up itching and other times if he has had a bad dream then his natural reaction is to scratch, which then further aggravates any eczema already there. And yeah I use non bio washing powder, but for his bath I use a baby bath gel by molton brown because he has never reacted to that. And the creams that I use on him are from the lush shop and an elizabeth arden one, because I have tried everything, and these are the only ones he does not react to and he specifically asks to have them put on.
record last decade
has your homeopath prescribed kali-sulph or psorinum before? if not then have a read about them on this site and/or others. I think Kali-slph could be helpful.
While waiting/reading/deciding you can use the skookum still, as described below, but stop if it aggravates further:::
What you should do is throw away two thirds of the contents of the bottle and top up again with spring or filtered water then carry on as before - you can add a little more alcohol to preserve.
If by any chance the bottle looks cloudy don't do this - start all over again with a clean bottle, but before using throw away 2 thirds of bottle and top up - do this 'throwing away' twice in this instance so that you reach about the same dilution you would have had with the first solution.
After this use as you were doing.
erika last decade
kali-sulph and psorinum dont seem to ring any bells, so i will look at them.
record last decade
the indications for kali sulph did not seem to match as much as the indications for psorinum, but they do not sell it here, do you know of anywhere else that i can get hold of it, and what dosage should i start with?
record last decade
give psorinum 30c for one day only - two doses in this day (one dose morning, one dose afternoon).
If this helps you can repeat the dose when the effect of the first dose wears off completely. do not repeat dosage until the effect of last dose wears off!!!
You can continue for 2-3 weeks in this way as long as it is helping. If you find you are repeating more than twice a week then come back for advice to check it's ok to continue like this. come back for advice if problems.
if you cannot buy the remedy here then you can get it from helios pharmacy uk - they have an online service.
erika last decade
Sorry to sound silly but how will I know when the dose has worn off? and what effects am I looking for?

record last decade
When improvement stops will be the time when the effect of energy of remedy has worn off. Hopefully the effects you will be looking for and finding will be improvement in the eczema and general wellbeing.
erika last decade
Hello to update I did not get round buying the psorinum, because my son started having a cough to left him quite wheezy and rattly, at first I assumed asthma but he does not really have classic symptoms, so I had to go to the GP, where I saw a nurse who said that he has hayfever related asthma but wanted a doctor to listen to his chest. She noticed his neck and it was really bad, and she expressd quite a concern for it so much so that the doctor prescribed my son antibiotics a strong steroid cream, and a double base cream. I havent used the strong steroid cream and the double base cream cause he reacts to the cream and the steroid cream i felt was just too strong. Unfortunately I gave him the antibiotics and his eczema is SO MUCH WORSE now, I cant believe it, well I can, but I thought I would be helping him, but the eczema has spread everywhere and the hot weather has not helped and it just seems like i'm yo-yoing with his neck as soon as it heals even one minute by himself and he has scratched away all that has healed and more. I dont know what to do, and I dont know if i should order the psorinum. Please help because the sleepless nights are making us all angry and irritable and irrational, on top of that I really dont want this to have negative long term effects on my son because already he is missing so much nursery.

Again please can someone help me.
record last decade
It may certainly be worth trying the psorinum, yet another remedy may be more helpful at the moment - the new symptoms you report need looking up and checking out before a remedy is now suggested - also you need to check in and report your son's symptoms for help here -as I am away from the 24 June for one or 2 months I cannot check this out for you, so it would be good to wait for another response from a homeopath on this forum before going ahead with psorinum or another remedy that may be more suitable. take care, erika
erika last decade
ok thanks. Have a nice time away.

take care and thanks again for your time.
record last decade
I have a 3 year old eczema/allergy challenge also.
I have tried homeopathy with some small successes. The one thing that really helps control the eczema is a simple blood test called the Carroll Intolerence test. The doc will take a blood sample from a simple ear prick and send it in for analysis and the results will show 1 food and a combination foods that your child will need to avoid. You can research it online. It is different than an allergy test because you can then use NAET to rid the child of remaining allergies. You'll need to be very strict with the offending foods but it works wonders!! I also believe that the probiotics are great for replacing the bacteria that antibiotics killed.
allergymom last decade
Thank you allergymom, I have discovered what he is allergic to, and that is certain food colourings - but this is all due to antibiotics. As he never had them again his body was able to tolerate certain food colourings again, like M an M's chocolates, but earlier this year he had a short dose of antibiotics and it seems to have reset him, because he recently reacted to them, causing half his face to balloon and his lips and inside of his mouth were extremely swollen, it took over 24 hrs of the swelling to go down, and it was not peanut ones either - thats one for sure I know he is not allergic to. But I was not getting any success from the homeopathy and so I went to a Real healer, not someone who has learnt the art but with whom it runs in the family - his mother was a very powerful healer and he and his sister are healers, his children also have the gift but they are not interested. Anyways after 5 sessions his eczema was gone, it became extremely dry and the skin fell off leaving soft skin underneath. Unfortunately he has recently had a very bad flu, which aggravated his eczema and his asthma, this was also gone after the healing, but as he is getting better so is his eczema. So I am well chuffed.
record last decade
I wanted to find out how your son is doing. My 4 year
old son also has eczema and I just started the
homeopathic treatment.

My son is going through these cycles of red
inflammation, flakiness. I am not sure if these are
due to medicine or it is regular cycle of eczema. Did
your son had to go through these too??

Night time sleep - does it ever get better?

Any advice you can provide will be very helpful.

val0822 last decade
I would love an update as well. I can tell you val that my 14 month old daughter had "cycles" with her eczema as well... it would blister, weep then dry up and flake and then start all over again. We didn't use medicine at the time so I know it wasn't from that.

Right now we are using Sulphur which helped significantly but then she ate a food allergen and it flared. Depending on how it looks tomorrow we will try Graphites which also fits her situation as well. Hard to choose!

All I know is I'm so tired and stressed from watching my daughter suffer. We're hoping elimination of offending allergens will be the answer along with the homepathic.

Peace4you last decade

Thanks for the reply. If the cycle is same with and without medicine then what is the use of medicine?

How many dosage did you give of Sulphur? How do you know there is an improvement? Skin becomes smooth, it's not itchy etc. Trying to find out how we know something is working or not.
val0822 last decade
Hi Val...

You wrote "If the cycle is same with and without medicine then what is the use of medicine?"

I agree completely. :) By "medicine" I was referring to allopathic steroid creams and things like that which we weren't using.

At first I gave one 30c of sulphur because it is actually fits her constitution and the qualities of the rash... worse when it gets wet and also warm, etc.

The 30c sulphur resulted in amazing healing but it wore off after a couple of days so I tried Graphites and that didn't do anything that I noticed. I gave another sulphur and again things got a lot better... personality was calmer, her face was a lot less red... We saw the naturopath and he gave us lm 1 dose of sulphur to use daily which is typical to do when the remedy seems to work but doesn't 'stick.'

Now, her eczema is flat, pink and not itching her except a little when I have to wash or wipe her mouth. It is barely flaking at all anymore either... the moisturizer is actually doing something now.

The homeopath that you saw might not have been able to help you but that doesn't mean homeopathy won't. Have you elminated all allergens from his diet including wheat, eggs, soy, dairy etc? We eliminated the most common ones and I think that is a big part of her quick healing (one week!!!) along with the right remedy helping very fast healing.

I'm looking into NAET now for my daughter as they can do it with acupressure apparently... I knew about it years ago but thought it was only acupuncture. MANY people have had excellent results.

I think going on a hypoallergenic diet is key right now to get the eczema under control and then you can go from there.. I mean, give the kid plain chicken and rice for every meal if you have to! I'm sure it will be harder than doing it with my 14 month old who is totally HAPPY with eating rice chex for every meal (which meat babyfood or low allergenic fruit babyfood on them) right now!

The research I've read online says that homeopathy works if you can find the correct remedy for your child... constitutional remedy not a remedy just for the eczema... a good practitioner would be key in that. But, NAET has produced 'miracles' as well so that's another option. Their website lists certified practioners. I'm very hopeful about it.

Jen :)
Peace4you last decade

I think I still have trust in my Doctor and will give him some more time. He had told us in the begining that treatment would be atleast 6 months long and it has been only a month. I just get impatient due to condition of my son and lack of sleep. And time is moving so slowly !!!

It's good you saw improvement so quickly in your daughter. Reagrding food, my son is very picky eater. He eats only few things but I did stop giving him few things which I thought were making him more itchy.

Sorry for being ignorant but what is NAET? Accupressure is really good. I have a friend whose son was allergic to so many foods that she could not think of sending him to public school. Then she met this Nurse who knew accupressure and after few sitting he was enrolled in public school. I have not talked to her for a while now so I do not know if you have to keep going back for accupressure or it heals the body.
val0822 last decade
Hi... I hope we both see healing in our children as time passes. Thankfully my daughter sleeps, wakes once during the night and I am so thankful for that.

NAET is a technique to elminate the allergy. I've heard some great responses from people. We have an appointment for it at the end of april and I'm hoping it will complement the homeopathy. It should be a permanent healing although heavy stress or a lot of sugar can result in a need to redo the treatment for an allergen or whatever comes back. They have a website if you google naet it will come up. Namputripad's allergy elimination technique is what it stands for.

Good hopes for both of us!

Jen :)

PS. feel free to email me personally if you like.. peace_4_you at yahoo dot com.
Peace4you last decade

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