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Need help with ADD, immune issues and herpes

Hi all,

I must apologize for the long post and I hope it makes sense. I am a 42 year old female. I received an official diagnosis of thyroid disorder (1999), suspected pcos (1997-8, diagnosed 99') test came back high for testosterone, ADD, herpes 1 and 2 (2005). I have no breakouts--I did have swelling at left side of genital area years ago but did not know for sure what it could be because I was so sick. I have recently had swelling in this area about 3 weeks ago. I did have two cold sores before I became sick with hypo, prior to this, I never had one before.

The anxiety and ADD which both have improved with the increases of my thyroid meds. Sometimes I think the ADD seemed more noticeable after my thyroid began to get better. However, I still have problems with writing and sometimes spelling. I sometimes feel myself acting less confident or timid and I’m not with and more at work and less often when I go out with others. At the beginning of thyroid this was a problem no matter what kind of setting I was in. Pre hypo diagnosis, I was out of work for 9 months because of the hypo and the extreme exhaustion, low moods, brain fog, and anxiety caused by the hypo.

At 17, I was put on birth control for severe pms. I was married at 23, I miscarried a pregnancy at 24, and had an ectopic pregnancy at 26. As early as 1994, began to complain of increasing symptoms such as frequent colds, sinus infections, change in hair texture and hair loss with itchy, tingly scalp-I had an area of no hair in a circle pattern and it was absolutely clean and at the right side of the back of my head. Soon developed hair loss that ran from the crown of my head on down. I had frequent leg pains and cramps, tooth aches, insomnia, severe acne and oily skin (had three course of Accutane that work for a short while), lack of motivation, low or no interest of pass enjoyments, blurry vision; pms with no period for at least a couple of times. At my most sickest with hypo, my period would last for about 7 to 8 days and sometimes longer. I had rapid weight gain in a short period of time although on my diet hadn’t changed and often exercised which I love. Hypo caused muscle weakness—I’d like to reverse this. I still have strong cravings for carbs and sweets but not as often and not always prior to pms—this use to be a daily problem. During this time, I also had severe anxiety and would startle out of my sleep. I suffered with problems swallowing, choking and chest pains--thyroid related.

I have a nice work environment and I do like what I do; however, this is not my career choice because of sickness. Before getting sick, I would often travel up and down the east coast alone to visit family and friends and voluntary to drive whenever I went out with friends. I taught myself how to swim at age 8 and loved to dive into a sixteen feet deep pool. I enjoyed all kinds of outdoor activities. I’d participate in different kinds of school sports and class office oriented activities. When I went to college, I participated in different activities. Since becoming ill, I have learned of my family’s history of thyroid problems and other autoimmune conditions. There are similar issues for both sides of my family with diabetes, stroke, heart disease, baldness for men at an early age (father’s side), hair loss and change in texture for the women and pms and a few cases of cancer. My mother had miscarried two pregnancies. My sister; two miscarriages, and myself one as mentioned before. My brother had symptoms of ADHD as a kid, and my sister has mild thyroid symptoms as well as mild ADD. Prior to the hypo, I was very outgoing, enjoyed school and learning, adventurous with a degree of competitiveness with myself to do well. This illness has drastically changed personality.

My biggest concern now is to find a homeopath to treat the anxiety, herpes and hair loss immediately. Please help and I look to hear your suggestions.
  Hilife on 2005-05-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Any problem such as yours arises from the application of allopathic supressive medication to a dodgy genetic hereditary structure.

The mention of cancer in your hereditary background suggests miasmatic treatment .

Do you have any warts , moles , birthmarks.

When a baby did you ever sleep with your bum in the air.Also did you have bluey whites to your eyes as a baby.

Do you suntan easily .

How is your short term memory.

Do you ever get a feeling that something is about to happen - and it does?.

Do you have a heart shaped face and long eyelashes.
passkey last decade
Hi,you say you have immune issues? Have you tried Mesosilver,beta glucan,chromium picolinate,or Moducare? All of these jump start your immune system and kill bacterial,fungal,and viral infections.
I suffered for 5 years with Lichen sclerosis untill recently. I am immune to anti-biotics.
I discovered Messosilver-and took that for a few days because my lichen sclerosis was causing bladder infections. Mesosilver got rid of that in like 2-3 days-but I took it for a week in a half-just to be safe. Then I discovered beta glucan and chromium picolinate.And I started feeling better in about 2 weeks-no more vaginal itching. My skin around my vulva had become thin and scared. Now it's back to normal! Supposedly the beta glucan also promotes heathly skin and tissue growth.
These may not be considered homeopathic-but go find these at your local vitamin store. Beta Glucan and Moducare also claim to cure herpes among many other diseases.

About the ADD-mine was really bad-I'd tune things out,had trouble focusing and concentrating and problems learning. I"m 33 and was barely diagnosed with ADD 3 years ago. As I child-doctors would say that only little boys get ADD-not girls-I was told I was just a slow learner.
Now I take the medication for it-Concerta-and what a difference! Now I can actually learn things and rember things-I cried for joy when the medication was working!
Roxy90 last decade
Hi Passkey,

To answer your questions. . .

I do have a mole and birthmarks.

I don't know about sleeping with my toosh in the air. I do recall growing up that I had to sleep on stomach to fall asleep. And, I don't know whether I had the bluey whites eyes as a baby. I think I was born with jaundice.

Yes, I tan or should I say my tans are greyish; not red/copper color.

Short-term memory is a problems ecspecially in stressful situations or situations of high importance. I do have problems with remembering names and will start out with a thought and cannot follow through and verbalize or as I start out it comes out nonsensical.

Whoa! I do have feelings or thoughts in my mind's eyes and it actually does happen. I don't like this much. As the situation actually ocur, I'll do something different than what I thought about to make it turn out differently.

My face is more narrow/somewhat oval at least when I'm sick. I did have very full long lashes growing up.

Can you explain miasmatic treatment? Thank you.
Hilife last decade
Roxy, I have heard of beta glucan and moducare. I'm not aware of chromium for immune issues but may have read this somewhere. I haven't tried the beta glucan but, I did try the moducare and didn't think it worked for me because of all the symptoms I had which turned out to be hypothyroid. On a deep cell level I was very sick. I also tried a silver. This may have worked because I didn't get a cold or anything for a while, but not sure.

With the ADD situation,I also would tune out. I didn't notice this growing up but I bet if I reflect on it would.

I do hope to get something that will definitely cure these things.

I'm glad you're doing o.k. What kind of problems are caused by lichen sclerosis?

Thanks for your suggestions.
Hilife last decade
Hi-my lichen sclerosis was caused by bacterial vaginosis. I took the anti-biotics which only helped some. But I would keep getting the bacterial vaginosis.Then I got an ear infection and none of the anti-biotics would work-I had to wait a month and a half for the ear infection to clear up. That's how I discovered I became immune to anti-biotics. I would constantly get yeast infections and bacterial infections. Come to find out I never really got rid of the bacteria in my intestines-so I figured it out. If you have a bacterial infection-every time you urinate it's touching the skin around the vaginal opening causing Lichen Sclerosis.
Roxy90 last decade
Hi Passkey,

How are things? I wondered if you had any other advice to add on suggested treatment. I've started to do research on m researching info on miasmatic treatment. And, whatis the significants of the questions regarding treatment, if anything further?

Thanks for your time.

Hilife last decade
Passkey, can you help with a few question? If anyone has any suggestions, please interject.

In that miasmatic relates to mental issues, would it be correct to treat the thyroid with added and or support specific for it? And, should the other conditions be targeted with specific treatment to anxiety and immune disorder? Also, there is no aversion to treatment to miasmatic problems. Initial treatment was with anti-depressants which did much of nothing. . . only after thyroid treatment(natural hormone was given) was any improvement made.

My questions comes up because the thyroid gland is a part of the endocrine system that effects the mental aspect of a person but not a mental issue alone. I do know the thyroid effects many other glands/organs that make up this system. These are the ovaries, pancreas, etc., plus the brain. I think there is a study that reports a large amount/hormones of thyroid receptors are found in the brain aside from other organs mentioned above.

On this basis, this would of course make for the brain to not behave as it should.

This would include any other glands/organs that are a part of the endocrine system, and how much/what kind of treatment is needed based on the severity of the disorder caused by thyroid insufficiency.

In MHO, treatment would be targeted to the thyroid. However, if the thyroid is being treated as well as is possibly capable, would this not garner a course of treatment separate for the anxiety and immune system, if even a miasmtic would be used for the anxiety? Based on my knowledge of homeopathy, why would miasmtic remedy alone be the treatment of choice if other conditions include anxiety, memory and immune problems?

I'm guessing that maybe I didn't get all of the recommend treatments possible.

Thanks for all your help.

Hilife last decade
miasmatic.constitutional treatment tries to relate the hereditary tendencies to homeopathic remedies.

In the main these are nosodes but there are many remedies that fall into these classes.

Sycotic.... Thuja, Nat Sul etc

Psoric ... Hep sul, Sulphur,etc

Tubercular ... Calc carb, calc phos, sepia etc

To me your mentals seem to add up to medorrhinum so read it up and see what you think.
keypass last decade
Hi Passkey,

Thanks a million. I will certainly read up on the items you suggested. It's funny how just having help without yet treatment of any kind can be a boost. Have a good day. Hilife.
Hilife last decade
Hi all, does anyone know where to purchase Medorrhinum?

Thanks much.
Hilife last decade
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/28654/ Original post of full symptoms.

In the email is the recommendation I received from keypass. At very bottom I add his quote of dosage recommendation.

Before taking remedy was not feeling well and worsening. Only lifestyle change was lowering of thyroid hormone. Have since worked to increase back up to level at which I was feeling better but not free of symptoms of anxiety, malaise,untidiness, and other symptomps posted in original email.

Problems noticed at least one and a half to 3 weeks before taking homeopathic remedy symptoms of soar throat, ache in neck like swelling achy feeling, run down. I have taken remedy and immune system is same weakness. Symptoms just appear to have waned a bit like cold and other symptoms have run its course on high but now a little milder but not much. Working on returning to working dose but not improving of run down symptoms, still have cold and redness of throat. Taking analgesic for this like ibrupropen.

Forgot to mention in original post--still presists with symptoms of anxiety, lots of saliva and more when cold comes on or soar throat and sensation of somewhat red swollen/warm at back of throat,tune out, attention problems, very nervous to speak in front of others at meetings--sometimes like this sometimes a problem even when talking to those I've known for a while, although I'm not shy, writing is bad if I'm being watched, this was also very nice and I have problems writing the letters/spelling although I know how to spell them, untidy, easily get things strown all over the place--before thyroid this was not problem and used to have nice order of things only had to clean up like dusting or maintanence of house.

Used to be adventurous person. Now have ongoing, although well before homeopathic treatment--persisting symptoms.

Here is keypass's recommended treatment that I have now completed. I took one dose 10m Meddorrhinum. No improvement.

"I think that your best bet -- going on the mentals you
list--is a dose of Meddorrhinum 1m or 10m.

Then wait a couple of weeks and judge results."

What treatment should I take now? I have waited two week period this Sunday coming. Really need help. I hope not to have confused anyone and apologize for long post.

[moved by moderator to original post]
Hilife last decade
I am female with iron store levels low--anemia, need to be increased, have oily, shiny skin, still a bit excess face hair. Starting to again to get more acne on chin and white pus filled--did have cystic acne first time ever sick with thyroid disorder now gone since thyroid treatment, hair on head will not grow but texture has improved also since thyroid treatment. Research does support all these symptoms of hypothyroid causing every aspect of the body's chemistry, metabolism, immune system to go completely crazy. Have much improvement from long time ago as mention first time ever sick with thyroid problem. But, really want help to improve on lingering conditions. Lowering my thyroid hormone I think put me back to more weak immune system again. I didn't catch any cold with increase thyroid hormone--and have already begun to return to increased dose that I stated first post today. Oh, and I crave sweets too.

[moved by moderator - it will be easier for people to help you if you keep all your symptoms in one post.]
Hilife last decade
my child is 3.5 yrs old. he falls to the attack of cold and flu every alternative months. his weight is 20 kgs.
symtoms are running nose leads to congestion and nose block. these symptoms leads to high fever for atleast 3 to 4 days.
can you help me in increasing his immunity to such conditions.
nildipa2006 last decade

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