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Child Asthma!

My 4 years old son was diagnozed with asthma last week. In February he was hospitalized with what they thought was accute attack of croup and was treated for accute laryngotracheitis (sp?)az a main diagnosis. Because of the accompanying wheezing in his chest he was also treated for bronchitis with Ventolin syrop. He has been coughing ever since with a barking cough which is worse at about 11 p.m.He also coughs after excersise.
I took him to the doctor because of the chronic cough and he said the child has allergic rhynitis because of the constant discharge from his nose (transparent or light yellow in colour)which makes him snore at night. One month treatment with Claritine made no change - nose still running,light yellow discharhe; still coughing).The doctor then gave him oral steroids for 5 days and the day after he stopped the steroids cough became worse, wheezing appeared and he was diagnozed with asthma.

As for him : he is a very restless child, always running, screaming, shouting; gets easily angry and irritated.When he is angry, he throws his toys or hits his little sister or even me.Very nervous and irritable during the day, very calm in the evenings.Goes to bed at 8 p.m. but falls asleep at 11 p.m. Wets his bed at night, otherwize sleeps well.Afraid of the dark. Likes anything with strong mint flavour, as well as sweets and chips.He is tall for his age, slim. Has pale skin with blue circles underneath his eyes. More attached to his father than to me.
Could you help me with a suggestion for homeopathic treatment please? Thanks in advance!
  Tanny on 2005-06-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am in my 30s, trying to reverse a lifetime of oral and topical steroids which were started when I was very young.
I know how easy and effective they are to use but, as you obviously know, there are other ways.
I am sure somebody on here will be able to help you, but I think a little more informations would be helpful.

What vaccinations has he had and did he have any obvious reactions to any of them?

Has he had any skin problems that have been suppressed (ie used steroids) in the past?

Also, has he been treated in the past with antibiotics? What for?

Best of luck!
kairos last decade
Thanks for your post!
I do not think his condition is related to a vaccination since he hasn't had any within the last year, and he never had any adverse reactions when he had vaccinations before. I guess it could be related to my husband having asthma as a young child (never had any simptoms since then).
Yes, he had a persistent skin rash as a baby which was treated with steroids.
And yes, he has been treated with antibiotics many times because of year infections and bad flue with high temperature.
Tanny last decade

Asthma in children is classified as a Sycotic Miasm in homeopathy. Natrum Sulfuricum can be very beneficial in these cases.

Natrum Sulfuricum 30C four times on a day.
Wait for two weeks
and repeat it again.

Let us know how your child is doing after four weeks.
Svara last decade
Thanks a lot! I'll try with Natrum Sulfuricum and let you know what happens in two weeks!
Tanny last decade
Dr Luc de Schepper visited Sri Lanka a few weeks ago and I was able to follow a few cases which he treated of Asthma in 6 adults.

I notice that Svara has adviced that you use Nat Sulph 30c 4 times daily but I believe that this could be an overdose.

For what it is worth I shall detail the treatment that Dr Luc prescribed for Asthma and you may use it if you so desire. All I can say about this therapy is that in all cases it worked like magic.

He used Nat Sulph 6c and used just a few granules or pellets which he put into a 500 ml bottle of water from which he decanted 100ml. The water is potentized with the remedy by succussing it by hitting the bottle hard on the palm or a cushion 4 times. The water must fizzle like when a bottle of soda is opened every time it is succussed. This raises the potency of the remedy ever so slightly and this is more effective that taking just a teaspoonful from the bottle which is kept in the refrigerator and can be used for months.

A teaspoonful of the water is taken from the bottle for a dose after succussion and this teaspoonful is stirred into half a cup of water and a teaspoonful of the water from this cup is sipped just once daily.

I must admit that I was very sceptical about the possibility of any positive result from this extended and complicated method of preparation of the water but believe me, I was flabbergasted to discover that all the people who were on Inhalers some twice daily and steroid pills had what I can honestly term a MIRACLE CURE.

I would suggest that anyone with asthma uses this remedy which may seem rather complicated in its preparation as it has to be succussed and then stirred into a half cup of water. This is however a small price to pay to replace the inhalers and tablets used for Asthma.

If anyone who reads this post decides to use Dr Luc's therapy, I would appreciate if he records his reaction on this forum.

This will help others who suffer from Asthma to change over to this therapy.

I might add that Dr Luc emphasized that he was not the person who invented this therapy. It was Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy who recorded this technique in his 5th edition of the Organon, the Bible of Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera,

I did not adivse to take Natrum Sulf 4 times daily. I have suggested to take this 4 times on a single day and wait for two weeks. This is the best way to treat a Chronic problem with a moderately high potency that can go deep enough to address the problem.


I hope I am clear on the dosage.

Natrum Sulfuricum 30C four times on a "single day".
Wait for two weeks
and repeat it again.
Svara last decade

My apologies for misinterpreting the dosage you suggested. I was too involved in my own post in which I wished to share the remedy that I had actually found worked like a charm, that I did not read yours carefully. Thank you for the correction.

It is interesting that both you and I thought of Nat Sulph although you suggested the 30c while Dr Luc de Schepper who as you may know is an internationally recognized authoriy on Homeopathy used the lower potency of 6c succussed in water while the dose was just 1 teaspoonful which was succussed and taken in what is known as the Split Dose which I believe is the reason for its efficacy in all the 6 cases that he treated which I followed up after he left Sri Lanka a few weeks ago.

I was witness to 6 cases of cures some of which were chronic and were of very long standing.
Joe De Livera last decade
Svara and Joe De Livera,

Thank you both so much for your suggestions!We'll deffinitely try with Natrum Sulph.Both of you have been very clear on the dosage, potency and preparation, thanks again.Since homeopathy is quite new to me I shall read some more on the net in order to make up my mind which of the two potencies/methods you suggested would suit us best. Whatever I decide, I shall make a post and let you know about the effect.

Tanny last decade
I hope your child is doing better now but it sounded like he has very severe asthma. And if he is still having asthma that bad you should see an asthma and alergy specialist and your son definitely needs to be on long-term preventative medication to be taken regularly. Getting a nebulizer might also help with sudden attacks and is usually more effective than inhalers. Your son should also take something before exercising. Again, if you haven't already, see a specialist because your son has very serious asthma and if not treated and managed can cause permanent damage to his respiratory system.
engage last decade
I was alerted to a post on this thread and shall be interested to learn from Tanny if you have used the Nat Sulph for your son and what his response has been to it.

I might also mention here that Dr Luc used 1 dose of Ars Alb 200 to clear the immediate problem in the event of a patient presenting with severe Asthma and inability to breathe. This remedy usually clears up the congestion in about 15 minutes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Tanny I am almost in the same situation is you. I was wondering if natrum sulph could work for my daughter?

She has been sick with what I call a bark for the last 3 weeks. I finally took her to a childerns hospital, were her asthma specialist is. All the gave her was albuterol for her nebulizer, and an oral steriod.

She is 7 years old and this is the first time it has been this bad. The Steriod nor other meds I have been giving her seems to work. She is constantly coughing except when she is sitting still. She is a very active child. So imagine trying to tell a 7 year old to sit still.

Any suggestions would help. Im at my wits end!! Thank You
whitedove last decade
Can you be more specific about your child's present ailment ?

Did she get her barking cough after a throad infection ? Did she have a fever when she first got her throat problem ?

Has she suffered from Asthma before ?
If so from what age ?

Any other illnesses ?
Joe De Livera last decade
she was diagnosed with asthma at 22 months of age.

She got a stomach virus, then two days later, ended up with a respitory infection. That was around Dec 12th. She has now been back to the doctors 6 times. all they want to do is put her on more steriods. I already discussed with the doctor the steriod did not help. Although she has a nebulizer, and it helps some.

The only time she ran a fever was when she had the stomach virus for two days.
whitedove last decade
Please follow the instructions I have given above detailing the Split dose method of using Nat Sulph 6c. This should hopefully clear up the Asthma in a few weeks as it has done in at least 20 cases that I have treated with the same formula.

If the Asthma calls for a nebulizer when the child cannot breathe, you can give her 4 Ars Alb 200c globules under the tongue and her attack will abate in about 20 minutes.

You have already seen that your doctor can only give you more steroids which will obviously cause serious harm to your daughter throughout her life and you can avoid all these problems by using the Nat Sulph 6c Split dose formula which she can safely use for as long as she get relief from it. When she is stabilized she can use it every other day as many of my patients are doing now although they are completely free of all asthmatic symptoms.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your help :).
whitedove last decade
I hope that you will post your child's response at least weekly.

I mention this as many who were helped by me and others on this forum, do not think that they (the patient) should report progress after they find that the remedy helped them, and we who care and have tried to help are left wondering what happened to that case we tried to help.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr. Joe,

I just have a couple of questions to ask, as I am a novice to the field of homeopathy.

1...What are the ill effects of taking Nat Sulph for an extended period of time (especially in children)even if the symptoms have disappeared ?
2...Would this medicine offer a permanent cure OR can the asthama symptoms relapse in their adulthood inspite of regular administration of Nat Sulph?

Thanks very much,

indrajeet02 last decade

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