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developmental delay in 3 year old- plz help

hi.my son is three years and three months old and diagnosed with developmental delay. his major problem is speech delay and some behavioral issues. he says a few words like mama,papa,kak(for clock),jaijai etc and a few other words(his own language ) to refer to specific things. he keepss good eye contact and has a cute smiling face. his second problem is his fixation wih fans(ceiling,exhaust,pedestal). he is simply fascinated with fans and keeps switching them on and off. he keeps pointing at the fan and shows it to everyone around him. he would be more interested in looking at a fan in a toy shop instead of taking interest in toys. he lacks initiative and is not experimental at all. he doesnt take interest in cycling,cannot jump or hop yet. he likes people around him but would rather be interested in playing alone. if taken to a park he would rather prefer looking at objects than playing. his receptive language is also not age appropriate. he still does not say yes or no to questions. he would point and indicate what he wants but wouuld not say yes if the question is put to him. he follows simple commands like open the door or put this in the dustbin etc but still does not follow multiple commands. if given a book he would keep showing things of his interest but not show anything which we ask him to(he used to oobey earlier though). his fascination for the fan started around 1 year and 2 months back when he started playschool and saw a big pedestal fan there. its increasing by the day now.
my pregnancy with him was normal with no nausea. i had a slightly high bp in the last trimester(140/90) and was put on mild tablet then. i had some minor tensions and an unknown fear of death in the last month of pregnancy. i did not get natural pains and had to be induced but after 17 hrs of labor opted for a csection. bsby was healthy at 3.5 kg and cried immediately . i had less breast milk so he had too be put on formula from week 2 and was also breast fed till 4 months. he had colic in the evenings for 2months but then settled. when he was 4 months old he had severe cough cold and fever and the paediatrician gave him antibiotics for nearly 2 weeks(with gaps). that did not help and he stopped gaining weight for a month. finally he was nebulised and recovered well after that. his milestones were ss follows:

turning(back to stomach)-4 months
rolling over - 6 months
teething -6 months
sitting - 6 months
skipped crawling but scooted on butt at 10 mths
standing with support and cruising along furniture at 13 mths
walking without support at 18 months

he started babbling at 9 mths and had his first words at 16 mths but thereafter the progress has been very slow.

he likes crispy and salty foods and sweats in his head. he is tall and lean with a round face and big eyes. looks very nice. he is very much attached to his mom ie. me. he likes to hug and cuddle his loved ones. he is not sensitive to noise or touch. likes going out. however he fails to take interest in new things and acts indifferent.he responds well to his name. his speech is mostly yayayayayeye or dededede. he can say most consonantvsounds but if showing a ball or ballion he says da. teaching him is difficult as he does not pay much attention. he is also timid and holds my hand wherever we go. not hyperactive at all. he eats and sleeps well and digestion is ok. he used to bang his head on frustration earlier but has outgrown it to a large extent now. he has also started sucking his thumb after turning 2.5(a habit he had given up long back). he sucks most of the day now.
he is taking homeopathy for 5 mths now but there is no improvement in speech. he is on thuja 200 and another medicine(one packet each night but the doc does not disclose its name). we gave him 3doses of nat mur30 each day for a week last week for speech and chamomilla 30 and cina 30 for behaviour .cant tell any difference yet.
someone plz help my child talk and get out of his fixation. thanx
  rashmiw on 2011-08-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You must see a good homoeopath in your area.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
From that description none of those remedies sound particularly valid choices.

A remedy like Baryta-carb could be useful for this situation, or one of the new remedies Helium too. The timidity and bashfulness, coupled with the inability to learn is consistent with the picture of Baryta carb.

The antibiotic treatment seems to have been a turning point in the disease though as well - that might have created a blockage in his health that may need to be removed. Many homoeopaths have noticed that certain medical treatments such as vaccines, antibiotics, steroids can halt or even reverse the development of children.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
thanx dr. nawaz. i too had a feeling that baryta carb would work for him. dont know abt helium. plz suggest how to move ahead. he is already on thuja 200 (once a week) and the undisclosed medicine he is taking every night is saccharum lactis(not sure why the homeopath chose that). plz help how to move ahead
rashmiw 8 years ago
If it was me you were referring to, I am not a Doctor, but I am trained as a homoeopath.

Has he been taking Thuja once a week for 5 months!? That is far too long. What did the homoeopath say about the lack of progress?

I would stop that firstly. Has the homoeopath only given that one remedy? I would suggest not abandoning a face-to-face practitioner too quickly. However, what I would want to know is why they have kept him on a remedy for so long that has done nothing. Has he been doing regular assessments - say every 2-3 weeks?
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
hi brisbanehomeopath(sorry dont have ur real name). he has been on saccharum lactis for 5 months with single dose daily. thuja was started 2 months bsck with the idea of paving the way for his regular medicine. he is being assessed every 2 weeks. he did show some initial improvements in behavior for a month but thereafter it stopped. infact there was again a relapse of previous symptoms as he was sgain withdrawn and took no interest in things. the doc said it was a bad spike and would go son. this phase lasted for a month or so and after starting thuja he improved a bit again as he seemed happy. however there is still a lack of interest in age appropriate activities and the obsesssion for the fan is at its peak.he speaks a few words in his ownn language which he repeats atleast 100 times in a day and gets the feeling that he too is talking. he keeps babbling a lot but nonsense. there is no improvement in speech due to the medicine. infact we tried nat mur 30 for a week on somebody's suggestion and that made him start babbling. we go back to his regular homeopath but want to express it to him thaat the medicine he is giving is ineffective.a
rashmiw 8 years ago
His name is David. I hope and pray that he extends sincere help as he is the only homoeopath in town. Misleading the parents of 3 years old child is a serious business.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
thanx nawaz. waiting to hear from david. i want genuine results. cant keep experimenting with my little kid anymore
rashmiw 8 years ago
Look, I think it is probably a good idea to persist with face-to-face treatment for the moment. A condition like this will not be easy to cure, and in my own practice I might need to try several remedies before getting a result. You can always come back here for advice if you need it, and I plan to stick around for a long time on the forum.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
thanx david. will do as u suggest. however i need one advice. am still doubtful of the benefits of saccharum lactis in this situation. do u think it works in such cases
rashmiw 8 years ago
I am going to reveal a secret, your homoeopath may not be happy that I am doing this.

Sac-lac is placebo. Sugar pills. It is given because patients expect daily medication, which is something we do not do in homoeopathy if we can help it. It won't do anything, because it is not meant to do anything.

Homoeopathic medicines work very well when doses are given one at a time, with long breaks between them, often weeks or months. However, most patients, who are used to the terrible things Allopaths do, are so used to daily doses that we are sometimes forced to give placebo to put people's minds at ease.

My personal preference is to educate patients rather than do that. It is only with the most stubborn patients who insist on more medicine given more often, that I need to restort to it.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
Dear Rashmiw, You are welcome!

In my opinion, the current situation as stated calls for a good homoeopath to treat your child. Please never self-prescribe as the homoeopathic remedies are very powerful with serious side effects. Please come back soon with updates and we can go from there.

Many prayers for your child's speedy recovery.

nawazkhan 8 years ago
thanx a ton nawaz and david. will keep u updated.
rashmiw 8 years ago
Dear David and Nawaz,

Am back with updates on my son.We had him diagnosed by the best paediatric neurologist in the country.He has been said to have mild pdd.The doc has prescribed supplents of magnesium,Vitamin B-12,Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C and B complex.He has also been asked to receive 2 hours of therapy daily. We have started with Occupational therapy 5 times a week.
Now as for homepathy,his homeopath had a psycholgical assessment and CARS test done for him. He was found to be on the borderline so they have decided not to put him as autistic right now. The medication continues to be the same with a different dosage.
Its been a month of new treatment plan and the observations are as follows:
1.Extremely reluctant to participate in therapy.
2. Lost in his own world most of the time.
3. Has started biting his shirt.
4.Reluctant to participate in any new game or activity.Complete lack of inner drive and interest.
5.Babbles all the time but mostly nonsense.
6.Responds to name only once in 5-6 times. Looks as if to say 'why r u disturbing me'
7. No interest in colours,puzzles or other age-appropriate activities.
8.Throws tantrums when anything goes against his wish.
9.Extreme obsession with pressure cooker and pedestal/table fans.

Good thing is that he has good eye contact and social smile.
The same homepathic remedy is being used in different dosages(name undisclosed to us) for the past 6 months with no improvements at all.Infact his condition is getting worse.The homeopath we are taking him to is supposed to be an expert in handling such cases but he has not been able to have a proper diagnoses till now.What do we do now?Plz help
rashmiw 8 years ago
How long has he been taking this undisclosed remedy? Please give dosage info. and other details. Is the remedy in pills or liquid form?
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Exactly 6 months as of today.Medicine has been in the form of powder.For the first 5 months the dosage was 1 packet of powder A for first night followed by 1 packet of powder B (i think saccrum lactis)daily for the next six nights.The same cycle repeated for the next week and then the follow-up with doc. Same medication for first 5 mths. During the last month he has been taking 3 packets of Powder A for first 3 nights followed by 4 packets of Powder B for the next 4 nights. Symptoms are worsening by the day
rashmiw 8 years ago
Please stop these powders. Let me study the case in depth.
nawazkhan 8 years ago

Please get Baryta Carbonica 200C in the liquid form. Please let me know when you get it? I'll give the dosage instructions.

More prayers for your son.

nawazkhan 8 years ago
Dear Nawaz,

I have got the Baryta Carb 200 in liquid form as prescribed by you.Kindly let me have the dosage instructions.

Thanx for ur prayers for my little child.
rashmiw 8 years ago
Dear Rashmiw,

Please give the beautiful innocent soul, 2 drops mixed in 1/4 cup of mineral water, Only One Daily Dose in the morning, for 1 week.

Report progress after 3 days. No other remedies please.

Many many prayers for your son's development and happy life.

nawazkhan 8 years ago
Dear Nawaz Khan/David(brisbanehomeopath),

Wanted to update u on my child.The last few months have been extremely tough for us.My son was finally diagnosed with mild autism and has been undergoing intensive therapy for the last 7 months.We took him to the best homeopath in town who is known to cure several autism cases. He is under this doc's treatment for 5 months now.However I am not seeing any improovements at all.Whatever improvements r coming with therapy are again getting diminished everytime he is given a new dose of medicine.There have been just 3 weeks in the entire 5 mths of treatment when he looked better but with a new dose again last week the effects r removed.Infact he has also undergone major regression and lost all his words.Every time he is given a new dose he either becomes very passive and withdrawn or keeps crying for days altogether and looks at me as if asking for help.My question to u is whether wrong doses can be responsible for his condition and if they can cause regression in an autistic child.He was far better till a few months back.Now we r seeing him displaying abnormal traits each day. He keeps chewing on to everything in sight be it shirt,pillow covers,belts,toys.He also keeps jumping all the time.Shud we stop his medication altogether and rely only on therapy.He undergoes 2 hours of therapy daily at one of the best centres in India.We r so worried abt our little child
rashmiw 8 years ago

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