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Sequential Therapy

Dear All,
I have read about the sequential use of nosodes psor,med,tub and lueticum in high potencies, i would like to know how do you choose the remedy according to the moment or place in the year....i know that this is not classical homeopathy, but are looking for an input from someone who has used this therapy,
thanks a lot,
  Albert on 2011-08-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have never done this & shall not dare to play with pt's life like this.
Even the nosodes are to be given strictly as per the indications pointing to that particular nosode.
Otherwise it can do lot of harm.
daktersaab 9 years ago
i know that this is not classical homeopathy, but are looking for an input from someone who has used this therapy,
thanks a lot,
Albert 9 years ago
Dear Albert,
If this is homeopathy at all, it may be 6th or 7th edition /Organon/ ;-) but for what it's worth: The Swiss physician Dr. Jean Elmiger prescribes those four nosodes at the very end of his sequential therapy, after all the patient-individuated steps, to remove miasms he thinks he has found to be universal. In his book /Rediscovering Real Medicine/ (Element Books, 1998) he writes: "I usually start the EII cycle at the autumn equinox with Psorinum LM, then Tuberculinum LM at the winter solstice, Medorrhinum LM at the spring equinox and Luesinum LM to end the cycle at the summer solstice." Physicians trained in Dr. Elmiger's method are listed on his website.

So far I have "used this therapy" only as a patient treated by methods similar to those Dr. Elmiger describes in the book. I am interested in fostering discussion about this and other methods to address "layers" of pathology (cf. Tinus Smits, etc.) but it may be beyond the scope of this forum. Please feel free to contact me through my profile.

Dr. Elmiger is still alive, by the way, and recently responded to an email query of mine.

Best regards,
madscientist37 4 years ago

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seroquel 4 years ago
Dear Madscientist37,

Thank you for your post.In fact I came to know Dr. Elmiger because I tried almost every polichrest without succes.
My case is a complicated one.
As sharing an experiences i had, I consulted a very good homeopath in my country Argentine, who uses as follows, he determines the miasm you are "vibrating"/"resonating" with and along the constitutional prescription everyday from monday to saturday, the sunday he gives the proper miasmatic remedy in a degree less than the constitutional....for example I went to see him taking calcarea M and i got a prescription of carcinosinum 200 every sunday.

Please if you have any idea whatsoever to "move" a case, please let me know, my email is in my profile.

Good luck!

Albert 4 years ago
Dear Madscientist,

Do you have any other experience related to sequential therapy? I have just ordered "Rediscovering Real Medicine".
lajhar 4 months ago
Dear Albert,

I wonder, did you continue the sequential homeopathic treatment? I would be interested in the results, if possible.
lajhar 4 months ago
Dear Lajhar,
Really never got to try the method proposed...what I think that could be valid in reference to hom. nosodes is to identifiy wich one is the patient in it and use one dose before give the similar/simillimum.-But even tought is not clasical homeopaty....
Albert 4 months ago
Wow Albert, that was a prompt response to lajhar :)
maheeru 4 months ago
Yes Maheeru, It was!
Albert 4 months ago
Dear Albert,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Actually I do not care anymore if a method is considered "classical" homeopathy, I care about the long term results :)
lajhar 4 months ago
ps. I used to believe my former homeopathy teachers, who looked down every method which is "not classical" homeopathy: tautopathy, use of Bowel nosodes, sarcodes, the use of tissue salts, vaccine detox, prescribing two remedies at once, etc.
Then I realized that they treat people for years without any significant result. I even know a case, who has been treated for 10 years. So I have become somewhat skeptic and I am trying to look up "new" methodologies as well.
lajhar 4 months ago
I have been prescribed 2 remedies at ounce, sometime ago...it is very controversial the theme, especially for the more orthodox prescribers, but try to find the original paragraph 274b by hahneman and there you have it....Even using one remedy in a high centesimal potency and along other/s in low decimals potencies like schuessler,s salts or anthrposophy.....
Albert 4 months ago

I think I have found it, but only in the 5th edition:
"§ 272 Fifth Edition
In no case is it requisite to administer more than one single, simple medicinal substance at one time.1

1 Some homoeopathists have made the experiment, in cases where they deemed one remedy homoeopathically suitable for one portion of the symptoms of a case of disease, and a second for another portion, of administering both remedies at the same time; but I earnestly deprecate such a hazardous experiment, which can never be necessary, though it may sometimes seem to be of use."

Yes, I know a lot of homeopaths are against prescribing a "second" remedy, even if it is prescribing the first remedy in high potency, and the second one in low potency (eg. tissue salt, sarcode or drainage remedy).
lajhar 4 months ago
May I ask, did you experince anything peculiar when you were prescribed two remedies at the same time?
lajhar 4 months ago

Yes, I can comment on the "2 remedy theme" in my case.-I think I didnt feel any diff. because may be there were not the correct combination.What I found most usefull so far is using only one remedy (homeopathic one) and also a combination of anthroposophical nature (low decimal potencies together)

If you feel that I could help you , you can write me at beto241 in gmail.


Albert 4 months ago
Hi Alberto,

Thank you for your reply (Gracias).
Do work as a homeopath?

Kind regards,
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lajhar 4 months ago
Hi there!

No, I am not working as homeopath, Its only my hobbie, I wrote down my email adress in case you feel that i can be of free help for you.


Albert 4 months ago
Thank you very much.
Currently I am not looking for treatment.
I might write you later, if that's OK :)

all the best,
lajhar 4 months ago
Hi Lajhar

It'd be interesting to learn about Dr.Aegidi who almost got Samuel Hahnemann to revise Organon endorsing two remedy theme. But due to stiff resistance from the fraternity who did not want to compromise on ideology, it was dropped.

I have seen three or four nosodes given at the same time by other homeopaths and the results have been invariably uninspiring. But remedies have been used two, three, four at a time and people have seen results still. But two is good than three/four. When people know what they do even combination remedies have helped but can the process cure entirely is a moot question because closures always are single remedies.

Sequential therapy in some quarters is called Heilkunst and even classical homeopathy/holistic healing in german means Heilkunst. Well in sequential therapy, remedies including sarcodes and other preparations(even allopathic medicines/vaccines) are given to negate a lot of trauma in the reverse order they have appeared. But in normal homeopathy, when currently indicated remedy or remedies do not show results, homeopaths always try to unblock obstacles including trauma and Never Well Since themes. There is only a slight difference. Interestingly a few weeks ago, a client asked if I could treat her and her family in HeilKunst way and I said I would not do it for the sake of it, but if need be I would employ remedies to negate past trauma, she was not ok with my statement saying all she had read until that point had suggested that Heilkunst is 90% more efficacious than normal homeopathy so she would go to a Heilkunst practitioner :) People are so taken in by 'terms'.

P.S: There is a case of Burnett where he employed two remedies for trauma to cure tumour of which one was to treat a fall that occurred eight years ago.
maheeru 4 months ago
hi maheeru,

I have never heard of giving more nosodes at the same time, that sounds very strange.

Yes, I have read a bit about the Heilskunst approach of Rudi Verspoor, he has interesting ideas (I speak a bit German, so I know that originally Hahnemann called his method Heilkunst :-) ).
Although I am not sure how they manage to "unblock" every physical and emotional trauma that the patient has had so far. I mean, in some cases that might be a long list.

Well, could be that your client preferred Heilkunst to "normal" homeopathy, since she believed that is a more effective approach?

Thanks for the information about Burnett, I found the article, it is very interesting:

bellis-perennis-and-ceanothus-americanus/https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/abdominal-tumour-cured-by-two-remedies-bellis-perennis-and-ceanothus-americanus/ " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/abdominal-tumour-cured-by-...

In my country there are homeopaths who practice "clinical homeopathy" coming from France, as far as I know they practice polypharmacy.
lajhar 3 months ago
You speak German Lajhar, Das ist schön :), courtesy technology.

Yes the list would be long and many medicines could be used to undo past trauma/layers.

Yes like my would be client many people would be taken in by what they read or something that catches their fancy.

There are many schisms but I always consider diversity awesome and helpful.

Since you like Burnett's case I will also add another one that involves undoing things sequentially. It's a case from Canon Upcher and the case was reproduced in Clarke's prescriber. It was about a woman who was given up hopeless with the malicious cncer and based on just three questions he prescribed three remedies in succession and cured her. Questions were 1) Ever badly vaccinated? 2) Ever had a relative died from Tuberculosis? 3) Ever had a fall. She responded with 1) Yes with bad effects 2) Yes 3) Oh all the problem with the tumour started after that fall.

So the remedies used were: Thuja followed by Bacillinum followed by Bellis p.
maheeru 3 months ago
Haha, yes, schön, although my knowledge is basic. When I read about homeopathy in German, I have to use google translate to help me out :)

Thank you for the additional Burnett case. It seems Burnett practised also "sequential" therapy in a way :D
It's a pity, that in homeopathy school we did not study about Burnett.
Strangely, in my country a lot of homeopaths would not prescribe a miasmatic nosode only because one of your relatives died in a miasmatic diasease (which might be unfortunate for lot of patients).

Yes, diversity might be helpful.
But sometimes I also feel that the contemporary homeopathy is full of contradictions, and every homeopath who back up that their approach is working.
I have recently read more about the Banerji protocols. They are claimed to be succesful in 80%, but their dosing schedule seems to me a bit extreme. I mean, c200 every day twice? Whaaat? :)
lajhar 3 months ago
großartig technologie. I'm sure future Aritificial Intelligence can make us read, talk, write in absolutely foreign languages :)

Oops the case was not from Burnett, the case was from Canon Upcher. He was a lay homeopath. The approach would be close to Burnett though.

Banerjee protocols were evolved from what they were experimenting for cncer where medicines have to be given to overwhelm the spread/impact rate of the malicious disease. Sensitive people can not actually stand this kind of repetition. I have had a few people asking me to hand hold them for these protocols, but for most of them ultimately I had to devise a custom protocol in water so that they can withstand such frequent repetition. Most approaches work[the extent would be different], else there would be no proponent.

France has a limit for potencies and in the given situation only clinical/pathological/drainage approach can be done effectively. For other methods higher potencies will be needed.
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maheeru 3 months ago
haha, you might be right about the future :)

Yes, that is my concern with the Banerje protocols, c200 twice every day in dry doses seems too much for sensitive people.
I would not dare to try that. But maybe that's because I was taught that you should not repeat one dose of c200 in 4 weeks (although since then I have realized that lot of homeopaths prescribe remedies in c200 more frequently).
Their claimed success rate (80%) seems impressive.

So, actually you did kind of a "modified" Banerji protocol on the patient? Did it work?

This homeopath has an interesting post about the protocols:
https://www.villacortahomeopath.com/blog/the-banerji-protoco.... is strange for me, that there is a comment, saying the the person one experienced aggravation using Banerji protocol.

I thought in France they have at least 1M-s. A few years ago I heard that in France nosodes are prohibited - I still don't know if that's true.
In my country the most available homeopathic brand is Boir*n, here their highest potency is c200, and no nosodes.
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lajhar 3 months ago

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