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Tuberculosis Nosode, Bacil

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Below are the strongest indications of Bacillinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

A maceration made from a tubercular sputum. Historical dose: All potencies, 12c to 200c. Planets: Mercury, Saturn.
HISTORY - Bacillinum is a nosode of tuberculosis named and first described by Dr. Burnett, for whom it was prepared from tuberculosis sputum by Dr. Heath. As this preparation has been experimented with separately, its symptoms are given apart from the other nosodes of tuberculosis. Dr. Cartier has found it particularly useful in cases where there was excessive muco-purulent bronchial secretion threatening to occlude the lungs. It must be compared with Bacillinum testium, Tuber. Bovinum, Tuber. Aviaire and Tuber. Koch.
Dr. Burnett has shown that ringworm of the scalp and pityriasis versicolor on the body are indications of tubercular diathesis and they respond to this remedy. He cured a case of insanity with ringworm. Tuberculosis patients are better in dry sunny climates in mountains areas and in the pine forests. Sunlight helps to prevent tuberculosis, also there has been many cures of tuberculosis via sunbathing and the milk diet, which these patients crave.
HOMEOPATHIC -- Bacillinum has been used for the treatment of tuberculosis. Its good effects seen in the change of the sputum, which becomes decreased and less purulent. Tubercular meningitis. It has a disposition to catch colds and sore throats. Respiratory and lung weakness. Chronic reoccurring sore throats and coughs. Glands of the neck are enlarged and tender. Night-sweats.
Bacillinum is indicated for weak lungs of elderly people and for children with chronic catarrhal conditions and attacks of suffocation at night with difficult cough. Suffocative catarrh. Ringworm. The patient expectorates very little. Chronic catarrhal conditions of the lungs when bronchial mucus and dyspnea are present. Tubercular meningitis. Useful as an intercurrent remedy.
CLINICAL - Addison’s disease. Alopecia. Bronchitis. Coughs. Colds. Growth, defective. Hydrocephalus. Idiocy. Insanity. Joints disorders. Meningitis. Pityriasis. Pyorrhea. Ringworm. Scrofulous glands. Sore throats. Teeth, defective, pitted. Tonsillitis. Tuberculosis.
Constitutions - Tubercular constitutions. For cases stemming from a tubercular inheritance with extreme soreness of affected parts, patients of rheumatic tendencies with syphilitic taints in the bloodstream, general muscular soreness.
Modalities - Worse night and early morning. Worse from cold air.
MIND - Taciturn, sulky, snappish, fretful and irritable. Morose, depressed and melancholic even to insanity. Fretful ailing, whines and complains. Tendency to be frightened. Fear of dogs. Great weakness, did not want to be disturbed.
Abdomen - Abdominal pains, enlarged glands in groin. Tabes mesenterica, grinds teeth, indurated and swollen glands. Spleen region bulging out. Inguinal glands indurated and visible, excessive sweats, chronic diarrhea.
Back - Glands of neck enlarged and tender. Sensation of damp clothes on spine. Very sharp pain in left scapula, worse lying down in bed at night, better by warmth.
Chest - Sharp pain in precordial region arresting breathing.
Ears - Otitis after sore throats.
Eyes - Eczema of eyelids.
Face - Indolent, pimple on left cheek, breaking out from time to time and persisting for many weeks.
Food - Appetite poor.
Head - Severe headache, deep in, recurring from time to time, worse shaking head. Terrible pain in the head as if he had a tight hoop of iron round it. Meningitis. Ringworm. Alopecia areata.
Kidneys - Increased quantity of urine, pale, with white sediment. Rises several times in the night to urinate.
Limbs - Trembling of hands. Hands blue. Pain in left knee while walking. Tubercular inflammation of knee.
Lungs - Weak lungs. Humid asthma. Colds with sore throats. Hacking cough. Hard cough, shaking patient, more during sleep but it did not waken him. Catarrhal dyspnea. Muco-purulent expectoration of bronchitis. Congestion of the lung. Tuberculosis. Bubbling rales and muco-purulent expectoration. Cough waking him in night, easy expectoration. Expectoration of non-viscid easily detached, thick phlegm from air passages.
Rectum - Sudden diarrhea before breakfast, with nausea. Obstinate constipation with offensive flatus. Severe hemorrhages from bowels. Stitching pain through hemorrhoids. Passes much ill-smelling flatus.
Skin - Ringworm. Pityriasis. Eczema. Glands enlarged and tender.
Sleep - Absolute sleeplessness. Talks in sleep. Drowsy during day, restless at night. Many dreams.
Stomach - Windy dyspepsia, with pinching pains under ribs of right side in breast line.
Teeth - Pyorrhea. Favors falling off of tartar of teeth. Aching in teeth, especially lower incisors, very sensitive to air. Grinds teeth in sleep. Imperfectly developed teeth.
Temperature - Flush of heat, some perspiration, severe headache. Fever, with emaciation, abdominal pains and discomfort, restless at night, glands of both groins enlarged and indurated, cries out in sleep, strawberry tongue. Night-sweats.
Throat - Tickling in fauces, compelling cough. Pricking in larynx with sudden cough.
COMMENTS - In the provings, Bacillinum produced a severe headache, deep in, worse by motion, was a constant symptom, also a slight cough with easy expectoration of phlegm. In cases of acute tuberculosis it has not done so well as in more chronic cases.
Also they are leading indications for it when present in combination with other disorders. A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy. Pityriasis has been cured by it when all attempts to kill the body-lice by chemicals were useless.
Dr. Young has recorded the cure of several cases of cretinism. An inter-current course of Bacillinum will often make a wonderful change in patients who have a personal or family history of chest disorders.
Clarke has found an eczematous condition of the margins of the eyelids a strong indication for it. It is a miasmatic remedy of vast importance.
Grimmer uses it for cases stemming from a tubercular inheritance with extreme soreness of affected parts, patients of rheumatic tendencies with syphilitic taints in the bloodstream, general muscular soreness.
COMPARE - (1) Phos., Dros., Mercury. Its effects seem to be identical to that of Koch’s Tuberculinum. Both are useful in the tubercular diathesis before tuberculosis has developed. In the Early stages of tubercular disease of glands, joints, skin and bones. (2) Psor. (3) Bac-t. (4) Ant-t., Iod., Lach., Ars-i., Myosotis.
RELATIONS - Levico, 5-10 drops, follows as an intercurrent where much debility is present (Burnett). Complementary: Kali-c. Calc-p. goes with this remedy very well. Also, Lach.
SOURCES - Boericke. Clarke.


Bacillinum is not available to buy over the counter.

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.