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Psoriatic Arthritis

I am 34 years, male, married & have children. two years ago. I started feeling alot of problem in getting out from bed in the morning. felt too much pain in the morning & also felt cramps in toes in night. The pain was spreading in different parts of my bady.

Psoriasis / Psoriatic Arthritis
History of Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis: Since my teenage I started getting a lot of dandruff. & at the age of 29 years the dandruff changed from powder form to scales at different places in my scalp & soon it was spread in all over the scalp including inside ears, chest, & in the pubic area. I went to the dermatologist. Then I went to a homeopathy doctor who gave me medicine for it & it was cured in one year but at the age of 33 years I started getting the scales in the scalp again & feeling pain in my back. Or I would say whatever muscle I used; was painful the other day. the pain went on increasing with cramps in night & also in day time. I consulted rheumatologist who gave me some pain killer with methotrexate once in a week. After six months the pain disappeared & now I am only taking the methotrexate & accoding to the doctor I have to take it for life time.
The details of the pain are given below
Right Hip Pain Symptoms: Whenever I perform any sudden movement as sprint or perform a squat, I start getting the pain in my right side hip after the exercise and it last approximately for 15 days. The pain increases if I sit or bring my knee close to my chest.
Suffering since: Since my teenage or since I remember
Presently: No pain in hip joint

Left foot Pain Symptoms: Whenever I jog or run I feel pain in the sole or in the toe. Presently there is no pain. The pain starts as soon as I start walking briskly. Or when I sit on the left foot the pain starts and lasts for one week approximately.
Suffering since: For last 1 & half year
Right hand ring finger pain Two years back the last joint of my ring finger (joint after the tip of my right hand ring finger) swelled and I started feeling pain. The situation continued for more than 2 months so I went to the orthopedic doctor he prescribed me the medicine as well as physiotherapy. The pain and swelling went away but whenever I gripped or picked something up the pain started to come back again with swelling. But recently the swelling has increased and now it is also on the upper joint of my finger and the movement is also restricted. One thing more the pain and swelling is related to time it increases if I keep on using and decreases if I give it rest and ointment. Finally the finger is in the L shape.
Suffering since: 1 & half year
Presently: the middle finger of my left hand & thumb of left hand was also swelling but due to the use of methotrexate the swelling ended but still it differs in color from the other fingers. It is more reddish hot than the other fingers. The movement of this finger is also not that much normal as other fingers.
Note: There is no nail pitting in any of my nails ( which is normally in the case of psoriasis)
Upper back (under the neck Pain) Whenever I pick something I feel pain in my upper back. I am feeling it continuously for last one and a half year. This pain also increases with stiffness in the morning. The exact location is most of the times the right side of the spinal cord just under the neck. The pain increases as I pick something even my laptop.

Suffering since: 1year
Presently: I have started to move easily the pain is not severe but still there is not tickling sensation which keeps on reminding me of the pain & it increases if I do any heavy work.
Lower back Pain Whenever I lift some object from the floor I start feeling pain in my lower back specially on the extreme right side of the back. The pain is more in the morning as soon as I get up and decreases as the day starts.
Note: The posture of my body while picking any object is correct because I am myself a sportsman & I have done many courses on sports injury.
Suffering since: 2 years.
Presently: The pain is very less because I have halted all the sports & physical activities I am only doing some simple yoga posters to keep my joints moving. But as soon as I start doing any exercise the pain comes back.
Knee Pain Whenever I continue my exercise program I start getting the pain in my right knee. Again it is not due to incorrect posture because I have shown my posture during exercise to many physiotherapist & fitness trainers.
Suffering since: 1 year approximately
Presently: Mild pain in right knee with no restriction in any movement but it I put my knee on the floor & try to rotate I feel severe pain in the skin near knee. Which is not a problem in case of my right knee if I perform the same
General Symptoms One Year Back before starting using methotrexate:
In the morning I feel stiffness in the muscles all over the body, knees, foot, arms, back (previously lower but now lower as well as upper). The pain in foot is not letting me walk normally since last 2 month. Though I have always been athletic in my life but since last few months I feel major loss of strength in my muscles. That if I perform any exercise I will feel pain in the associated muscles. If I stand in the push up position my triceps muscles and shoulder also start to pain. I also feel pain in my lower back when I cough.
One more important point which I have noticed is that when I contract any muscle; I start feeling pain in that muscle. I get a lot of cramps in muscles like front of neck in the chin, abdominal muscles, hamstring, calf and also in the toes and sole of the feet & also in the pelvic muscle. Any abrupt muscle contraction causes severe pain in that muscle. After sneezing I feel severe pain in my pelvic muscle or abdominal muscle.
Morning stiffness still exist but not very severe. Stiffness is more in hands & feet then in other body parts. Only one finger is having deformity any other body part is not deformed.

Sir I am using methotrexate which is very dangerous for health. I use three tablets in one day only in one week & I start feeling nausea & vomiting for the whole two days. I cannot do any thing for theses two days. I have very young children who need my attention & am feeling that if this problem increases then I would not be able to continue my job. I have already lost a lot of opportunities & I have restricted myself to office work only I am no more going to any projects. Though my job requires a lot of travelling. Because I am very much fearful of strange places now. Many times due to methotrexate I had so much vomiting that I needed help from my wife & don’t want that I may face the same situation when I am travelling abroad. So I am not going abroad any more. Also I am afraid that if I tell about my problem to my employer he will fire me & I am not in a position to struggle a lot in a new company.
One important point to note is that the deformation & pain is Assymatric. means if the pain is in right knee then the left knee is free. right hand ring finger is deformed & left hand middle finger is deformed.

I can share the photographs of my deformed fingers if required.

I have contacted some of the most famous doctors in India & UK but none of them takes a case remotely. I really need your help.
  aksun on 2011-10-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Need to know some more information to prescribe.

1. Describe pain sensation and locations i mean what you feel now a days and which parts.

2. Describe your mental state completely, your likes dislikes most probably cravings, some specific things which can clarify your personality , your fears any? etc

Where do you live (country, can you easily get remedies)
comsite last decade
Dear Comsite,
I am thankful that you replied to my post.
I can also share the photographs of my two fingers & one thumb which are deformed.
Reply to 1. I do not feel any severe pain presently but at moderate severety I feel pain in my upper back under the right side of my neck & the shoulder. If I walk then I start feeling pain in my left foot big toe. also if I pick up some thing more than 5 kgs then I feel pain in my right wrist. And the pain after these activities is severe. I cannot continue any of the activity if that pain is present. But the deformation is only in the small joints. two fingers, one thumb & one big toe.

2. In the beginning my mental state was very disturbed, I was afraid of every thing, I wanted to live inside the house & stopped traveling, I used to feel suffocated in rooms, also in the aeroplane. But by the time I have improved now I can spend days outside, & I do not feel the same, but this situation can happen when I am stressed. I like good food & there is no specific dish but any dish which is good in taste I like it. I like to live clean. But most of the times my room is not clean I keep my books spread on the bed & on the table. Now I feel tired all the time.
I live in Karachi, yes I can get the remedies easily but getting a good doctor is a problem.
aksun last decade
Not enough not even near to what i want.

I want to know the exact sensation and your feeling both mentally and physically. Tell me in a that much explained way that i feel i have that pain.

Please clarify more about

'But most of the times my room is not clean I keep my books spread on the bed & on the table'
Doesn't that bother you?

How are you with people?

How do you deal with your issue/problems?

How is your morning?

Which part of day or night you feel worse and better?

Desribe your fears?

Any major diseases in Family?

What make your condition worse or better i.e cold,warm applications or massage etc.

How is your sleep?

Please express yourself (personality) as much as you can in your words.
comsite last decade
Sorry, but I will try this time to be more specific with my current situation.
Total areas of pain: upper right back muscles, left big toe, right knee, right wrist, left middle finger & thumb, right ring finger.
Type of Pain: In normal condition no pain at all, may be some time I feel I am alright except the pain in upper back muscles which is mostly there specially when I wake up from the bed. The fingers are swollen, red in color, & hot & tender when touched. When I sleep I feel that the blood circulation is not reaching at the fingers & toes so I also feel cramps in foot.
Overall pain is of stabbing type so when I grab some object tightly the pain starts & I have to leave it. In the morning I feel stiffness in all of my joints.

Clarification of 'but some of the times my rom is not clean I keep my books spread on the bed & on the table':
I am unorganized in setting my books and clothes. I keep myself very clean but The space where I live may be clean of dust but not clean in terms of papers & clothes. They are spread all over & I feel so organized then whenever I want some paper I can pick it up in dard also because I remember it is under 5 books on the east corner of my room. And it never bothers me, though I know it bothers others, but I always excuse them for that, my nature is research oriented I enjoy alot in reading & deriving equations.
How are you with people?
Two words are always with me thank you & sorry. I care alot for others. people enjoy alot with me. because I am a very easy going person. this seems false but it is true that I am married for 5 years but I have never quarreled with my wife :)
How do I deal with the issues?
I always want to discuss the issues in detail while sitting without shouting & creating problems. I do not like to prolong the disappointment, I settle the things with the people very soon.
How is your morning?
Stiffness all around. but mood is good. I always start my day with good energy. & always say I will do something good something new which can make me & my family happy.
which part of the day or night I feel worse or better?
After two days of taking methotrexate I feel very uncomfortable, so mostly I feel awake in the night. Otherwise I am fine.
Describe my fears?
Fear of strange places.
any major disease in family?
Yes my mother had arthritis. but it was not diagonosed properly so I cannot say it was rheomatoid or psoriatic. but she or any of my family members never had psoriasis.
What make my condition worse or better?
Any heavy or hard work. application of cold does not have any effect. but hot oil massage gives me relaxation with no effect on the swollen joints.
How is my sleep?
I sleep well minimum 7 hours. but the days I take methotrexate every thing is disturbed.
Express my self:
I have expressed myself in the above answers. further I keep myself polite all the time. & I avoid being problematic. So I have a very large circle of friends & family friends. I am always willing to help others & avoid saying 'no'. I like to keep myself clean & good looking. I like to socialize.
I hope this time I am specific.
aksun last decade
Some more things

1. Jealousy

2. Emotional Shocks etc

3. You said you are social so you like been connected like communicate, can you live without been social?
comsite last decade
Thanks for the reply & thanks for giving me time.
1. Jealousy:
I am a human, so truly speaking I might be jealous. But I try to control & most of the times I win in controling jealousy

2. Emotional shocks:
Very emotional in nature. Or you can say very sensitive in nature. I never use bad words for anyone but when I hear something about myself I feel shocked.
That shock may last for hours or a day. & I try to be alone at that time so that anyone else should not get hurt due to my feelings & expression.
3. I am social, & I like to be connnected. Its very hard for me to be without my social circle. But I can live without it. & I have been through this experience many times. & make new circle whereever I go though initially it is very hard but by the time I settle.
aksun last decade
by emotional shock i mean any incident in life e.g; death of any person, sudden business loss etc

Alright we are almost to a remedy just a few more things

how you think about yourself i will now give examples so you can understand correctly e.g you think you are better, ego, perfectionist etc.

Are you sensitive both mentally and physically?

how voilent are you?
How much you worry about your physical appearance?
can you bear tight clothing?

Anything else you wanna tell about yourself that make you different from other people?
comsite last decade
Well, I appreciate your analytical skills.
Emotional shock, yes death of any person or sudden loss is very painful but I would consider it as fate so by the time it settles.
I am religious, so I keep my self down to earth. but sure I do have ego, & being perfectionist. This is most of the times a problem for me. I always follow the rightest path to do any thing though it seems much longer but being perfectionist my mind never allows me to get the shortcuts.
Physically I have been very sporty I have competed in many sports at school, college & university level but now after this disease I am far away from any sports. So physically I have been very active cannot be called sensitive but mentally yes I am sensitive.
How violent?
I have good control over anger so cannot be counted in violent people. rather I would say i hate those people who are violent cannot bear their company.
Not too much worried about my physical appearance. If the clothes are clean thats enough for me.
I wear jeans & tight stuff in office or whenever required but I enjoy shalwar qameez & I feel more comfortable in shalwar qameez.
I like to feel different that makes me different from other people.
aksun last decade
Last thing what kinda work you do?

As you are on methotrexate so i think we should start with LM scale instead of C scale. Ask the pharmacy that can they arrange it for you. But we will reduce the dose of methotrexate with the time. We have to leave methotrexate permanantly as it causes severe side effects. Let me know will LM be handy? and if it is hard to procure LM potency then we will start with standard C scale.
comsite last decade
I am an engineer in a private company. So work hours are very high.
I have to find out LM potency. I would request you to please prescribe LM as well as C scale. I will try my best to get LM but if I am not able to find it then I will get C. I myself want to leave methotrexate as soon as possible but I have heard that if I leave it the desease will start acting again. & more joints will be deformed.
aksun last decade
One more thing. I still have scalp psoriasis as well as on chest
aksun last decade
I am waiting for your reply. I hope you will reply soon.
aksun last decade
Got some problem with my internet.

This case isn't seen completed, some more information is needed but lets start with taking a dose of sulphur 200c. I will need more information in future.

Dosage instructions are as follows.

1. One drop of remedy in some 100-120ml water in disposible cup and stir with disposible spoon and take a teaspon from there and throw the rest away.

2. Nothing should enter into mouth 20-40 minutes before and after taking the remedy.

Inform me the changes in two weeks. There may be some aggravation for some 3-5 days followed by some improvments. I also want you to monitor you mental state during the wait period. Some symptoms also pop out but not the new one just some old symptoms.
[message edited by comsite on Wed, 26 Oct 2011 05:33:45 BST]
comsite last decade
Two questions.
How many times aday & for how many days I should take sulphur 200c?
aksun last decade
Few more observations.
You asked me about fear. I am afraid of confined spaces. & also some times afraid of closing my eyes in night. These are rare symptoms which usually occur very rare. But mostly when I have cold or flu this happens often.
aksun last decade
As i state 'a dose' what i meant was to just take one SINGLE dose only, don't repeat daily just ONE single dose on one day only is enough and wait n watch for two weeks without any further doses.

Please read the intructions also regarding dosage you have to put one single drop of sulphur 200c in 100-120ml of water and ONE TEASPOON ONLY from there one single time only throw the rest water, disposible glass and spoon away.

Did you understand clearly?
comsite last decade
Yes Sir, Got it clearly. I am given the request, I will get the medicine today or tomorrow.
aksun last decade
Can you please share future plan. I dont want to ask what remedies you are going to prescribe me. But I want to ask what do you think how long it will take to come out of methotrexate. & do you think arthritis would be completely vanished from my body. I do agree that irreversable deformations cannot be reversed but the joints which are not deformed what about them.
Just want you to share some of your views.
aksun last decade
1. No homeopath is sure about future remedies.

2. If you ask me how long it will take to come out of methotrexate, i hope with this first single dose may be or may be within a month to three months almost or more. Not sure exactly. Usually my patients throw away methotrexate or painkillers within a month.

3. Yes i am sure about this arthritis will be cured, its not a problem, though there are chances that just psoriasis will increases as soon as arthritis disappears but that's not a problem because psoriasis would heal last. My Rheumatiod patients aren't taking any drugs as they don't have pain. Regarding psoriatic arthritis, its less harming than rheumatiod and for your interest i also was a patient of psoriatic arthritis and now i am completely off any medicines because of homeopathy. My pains and psoriasis are completely healed 100%, not even a little flare up of psoriasis.

4. The are also major chances that the deformatiy will also recover and the newer/other joints won't deform when we hit the right remedy.

Don't worry it will take some time to recover but will surely cure. Keep you mind stable, homeopathy treat the whole person not just some disease only you will feel better completely both mentally and physically. Now collect you queries for future just take the remedy today. Oh also if today is the methotrexate day then take it tomorrow.
[message edited by comsite on Wed, 26 Oct 2011 07:13:27 BST]
comsite last decade
I will take the medicine today evening. I take methotrexate on saturday evening so I will take methotrexate after two days from today.
I am thankful for your detailed replies.
I am seeing hope after a long time. Doctors told me that Psoriatic arthritis cannot be cured.
I would always remain thankful to you for this.
No more question! Just a request. Can I get your email? Or you would prefer to be on the forum.
aksun last decade
Yeah Orthodox system don't have treatment for psoriatic arthritis or Rheumatiod arthritis but homoepathy have huge hope and complete treatment for these kind of immunity diseased diseases.

I don't check emails regularly but will try be regular here on forum, not need to worry. Remember we have to dig deep into your case, the above information seems pretty incomplete. We will re-assess again if needed after sulphur.
comsite last decade
Sure, I am ready for any further analysis.
I have got the medicine & I am going to take it the way you told me.
aksun last decade
Some extra information which I realized about myself and forgot to tell you earlier.
I have craving of Sweets. I like chocolate, icecream & any kind of sweets. I love to eat sweets.
I normally get cold & flu 4 to 5 times in a year. The viral infection starts with a sore throat & then runny nose & cough. I also have sinus problem. One side of my nose is blocked it came into my information when a video camera was inserted in my nose by a doctor. He told me to get it operated but I never went for the operation.
I am also very shy of discussing my personal matters with any two. I feel comfortable if I am discussing with one single person but if it is in public then I always avoid.
aksun last decade

Need to wait more at least 5-6 days more. Note the changes and reply.
[message edited by comsite on Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:16:14 GMT]
comsite last decade
Hi I have written this feedback for last one week.
1. Little flare up of psoriasis. I am already having alot of it in my scalp so may be there is little change.
2. morning stiffness reduced overall in the body but not removed.
3. pain & swelling reduced from the left foot big toe, reduced at minor level not a big change.
4. pain minorly reduced from the right knee. But still I feel the pain & weakness of the muscles around the knee.
5. left hand middle finger & thumb are still swelling while having pain in movement.
6. upper back pain minorly reduced but still feel it clearly when I move.
7. right hand wrist pain still there with no change.
8. As I already told in the message that the pain is associated with the movement so it is still behaving in the same way.

1. May be it is due to some hopeful words by you. I am feeling less depressed overall.
2. Fear of closing eyes is reduced or I can say gone.
3. I had experience of one emotional shock but I was not driven by my emotions at all so I can say emotionaly I felt strong.
4. Increased sex desire :) I dont know the reason why.

Overall I would say, there is no major change. But at minor level I have felt it. on saturday I took the methotrexate. I hate taking this medicine.
aksun last decade

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